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Welsh UFO Sightings 1969

Welsh UFO Sightings

Welsh UFO sightings from 1969. For sightings from other years please click HERE.

April 25th, 21:30

Sightings of a fireball were reported across the UK, explanations ranged from meteorites to pieces of Russian satellite Cosmos 265. Spacelink V6/N1 stated:

As for details of the fireball's landing-ground, the newspaper reports were very contradictory. There were reports that it had landed near Belfast, accompanied by an explosion which was thought then to be saboteurs blowing up water pipelines. According to RAF experts, several objects, believed to be meteorites or space debris, had fallen in Wales. It was also reported that authorities in Anglesey and Caernarvonshire had been flooded with reports of strange objects seen travelling low in the sky, and that two fire engines and two ambulances were rushed to a village in North Wales after a mystery object had crashed. Other sources claimed that a gorse fire in North Wales (presumably the same incident) had been started by a fragment from the mystery object, but it was later said that the blaze had started 15 minutes before the object was seen. The postmaster of a nearby village said, 'We felt a sort of shock wave in the village.'

July 7th, 21:50
Between Usk and Severn Bridge

Cigar shaped object. The UFO Register categorised the sighting as A, aka genuine UFO.

July 12th, 04:05
Near Borth Bog, Cardiganshire

Oblong shaped object. The UFO Register categorised the sighting as B, aka probable UFO.

July 18th, 22:30
Near Talybont, Cardiganshire

Plain surfaced spherical object. The UFO Register categorised the sighting as A, aka genuine UFO.


17-year-old Michael Davies, of Brynawel Road, Gorseinon was looking around at the sky from his bedroom window one evening in August 1969. He saw what he thought was an aircraft moving from what appeared to him to be the direction of the Townhill area of Swansea towards Pontarddulais. It had a white light.

He looked again a few moments later, but realised there were no red or green lights, and no sound. He had had the UFO under his observation for almost a minute when he decided to investigate and went for his telescope. But when he used it 15 seconds later, there was nothing to be seen.

Michael said that thinking back, the 'object' might have been moving fairly near the earth's surface, at between 20 and 25 mph. Its light was perhaps too bright for an aircraft, and just as he was getting his telescope there seemed to be something of a flash before the light disappeared altogether.

He thought perhaps the 'thing' was over enlarged when he first saw it, but admitted that the whole incident had rather surprised him.

Source: 'South Wales Evening Post' Thursday 7 August 1969.

Tuesday August 5th

Two uniformed police officers were among several civilian witnesses to a UFO seen hovering over Carmarthen. Initially spotted by several member of the public a motor cycle officer turned up at the home of a farmer and confirmed the UFO through binoculars. It was described as being spherical in shape and silvery in colour. Later a second officer observed the object. Checks with the RAF proved negative.

Thursday August 21st, 12:45
Waunarlwydd, Swansea

A. C. Williams of Caergynydd Road, Waunarlwydd: "At 12.45 p.m. on Thursday, August 21, while glancing skywards to estimate the weather situation, my attention was riveted on a small, but bright object at an elevation of approximately 80 degrees from the north western horizon (i.e. almost the zenith).

It appeared as a bright star or planet, except that it was set in a bright blue sky, and appeared quite stationary, well above the cumulus clouds travelling from a west or north-westerly direction. A pin head held at arm's length would have covered it completely and its altitude I judged as being very great indeed.

On observing it further with 8 x 30 binoculars, it appeared slightly larger, but no detail could be seen, except for a flash which occurred at irregular intervals from the lower left of the phenomenon. My view of the phenomenon was obscured at irregular intervals for about four minutes by the passage of a large cumulus cloud at relatively low altitude. When it reappeared it was apparently in the same spot.

At about 12.50 p.m. observing with the naked eye, the phenomenon became less bright and began to fade or disappear. On immediately using the binoculars I was amazed to find that there were now three smaller points of light instead of one, two above and one below, forming a sort of isosceles triangle arrangement with the points of light at the vertices. The points of light were not visible with the naked eye and remained more or less stationary save for a slight decrease in distance between the two above, which occurred in a few seconds.

After assuming a more comfortable position to observe the celestial trio of light points I inadvertently lost their position since even through binoculars they appeared small. There was no sign at all of the bright object I first observed, the sky remaining blue and clear in that spot. The object had apparently broken into three parts. The only explanation I have considered is that of a weather or research balloon that burst at high altitude.

Source: 'South Wales Evening Post' Tuesday 26 August 1969.

Late August
Landore, Swansea

Jean McDonald, 16, lived at 1206 Neath Road, Plasmarl with her mother. At about 10.30 - 11 PM one weekend night in late summer, she and her boyfriend, Frank, decided to walk down the road to Landore to a chip shop to get some curry and chips. It was dark, and very humid and warm. They had only gone a little way and were passing St. Paul's Church on the corner of Cwm Level Road, and saw, to the south-east of their position at about 11 o'clock at 45 degrees elevation, up above the Landore Viaduct of the South Wales main railway line, an object hovering motionless not much higher than the top of that part of the viaduct which crossed over the River Tawe. She said to Frank, "Look at that! It's a spaceship!" but Frank was strangely quiet.

The object was described as being about 1 to 1 1/2 times the length of a bus, a circular domed disc, shaped like an inverted deep soup bowl but with a high 'spire' on the top which rose to a point. It's flat bottom had a lit central area of a pearly white colour, surrounded on its outer edge by a ring of rectangular panel lights of all colours, which constantly flashed on and off. The body of the craft was of a silver colour, like metal foil which shimmered. There was no door, windows or markings or seams visible on the exterior of the object, which stayed motionless, not spinning, without a sound for about 60-90 seconds, while the two witnesses stared in amazement. Then the object moved upwards slightly before shooting off at incredible speed horizontally to the left towards the RTB playing fields and in the direction of Llansamlet and out of sight, without making a sound.

Jean remembers looking around and up Cwm Level Road, 'the black road', to their right to see if there were any other people who had seen the object. There was nobody else who had witnessed it, and indeed there was no traffic on the the roads either, and all was strangely quiet. Jean was blown away by the sighting and felt that the object wanted to be seen. They went to the chip shop as planned and when they returned to her home, her mother said she was mad - "must have been a helicopter" but Jean was adamant that it had not been a helicopter due to the fact it had made no sound. But Frank remained quiet and did not argue the point in her support. Jean made a drawing of the object shown.

Source: SUFON Files: Jean McDonald interviewed by Steve Drewson & Emlyn Williams 9 February 2017.

October 3rd, 23:59

Mr and Mrs Bate had just retired to bed when Mr Bate saw this object, he then drew his wife's attention to it. The object was elliptical in shape and coloured bright silver, it was the size of a penny. It hovered for about 30 seconds, then it suddenly disappeared to the right of its hovering. The object appeared solid and was sharply outlined. It was first seen in the N.W. and it disappeared in the N.E. (Awareness magazine, November 1969)

December 8th, 06:45

A woman in Pontarddulais saw a bright orange object. “It looked about the size and colour of one of those orange street lamps. With a red line behind it. I saw it for about four seconds,” she said.

Source: South Wales Evening Post Monday 8 December 1969

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