Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Winning Wishlist 2021

Winning Wishlist 2021

This will be my third one of these and, though last year was pretty light on wins, it did help focus my mind when it came to what I wanted to enter. So, with fingers firmly crossed, here are ten things I'd love to win in 2021:

☆ Money. Because, well, who doesn't want to win money?

Vouchers. AKA, the next best thing.

 Art and Craft Supplies. What it says on the tin.

☆ Hamper. I never say no to a hamper.

 School / Charity Stuff. In a perfect world I'd have the cold hard cash to donate, in this one if I can win some stuff to be used as raffle prizes, equipment, etc, that would be awesome.

 Phone. Because mine is ancient.

☆ Doll Stuff. I rarely buy any playline besides Barbie but that doesn't mean I don't want it...

☆ Cutlery. I've always wanted a posh canteen of cutlery but I just can't part with that much money for something which our value mish mash does just as well. If I won one though, that's a totally different story!

☆ Flowers. I love having flowers about, but I'm too much of a cheapskate to buy any.

☆ Kids Clothes, Books, Toys, Sundries. Anything for Marianna, really. It's my main reason for comping these days, to get the occasional surprise for M. <3

What are you hoping to win this year? Let me know in the comments. :) 

Comping Year In Review 2020

Last year's review was pretty dismal, but 2020's is a whole new low. I was very unwell for a few months with anxiety/depression and then, later, with coronavirus which meant I didn't do much comping this year.

Still, I did manage to scrape together a few wins:

★ Glitter Colouring Pens
★ Books
★ Nappies
★ Bristan Prism Shower Valve

Total Value: c. £300

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