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Celebration of Life Day

Celebration of Life Day

Celebration of Life Day has something of a chequered past. Originally called National Sanctity of Human Life Day it was an anti-abortion celebration proclaimed by President Ronald Reagan in 1984. Subsequent Republican presidents have kept up the tradition, though Democrats let it lapse and become a more general day of celebrating your life achievements. 

Approaching it in that spirit, and to counter some of my seasonal depression, here are 32 of my accomplishments - one for every year I've been alive!

★ Marianna. I mean, she's her own person, but I had to grow and deliver her. 

★ And, you know, continue to, like, parent her. :)

★ Being elected. It's like a job interview with all your neighbours. Thank you all! <3

★ Being chair of full council / education scrutiny committee. This time you have to be voted in by your colleagues instead.

★ Despite my deep fear of it, I have never yet got on the wrong bus / train / flight... Let's hope I haven't just jinxed myself by saying that.

★ Public Speaking. I was so shy growing up it was painful. So the talks I have done - back at my old school, my old college at Cambridge, for various groups, etc - were totally terrifying but did make me feel like I had taken huge steps to conquer the shyness.

★ Writing about 2 million words of fanfiction. It might not be in published books but, as hobby writing goes, I figure it's not bad. I finally cleared my prompt list too after some had been lingering for nearly three years...

★ Choir concerts. I did a whole lot of those back in school.

★ Catching 'em all. Who cares if I was 9?

★ Having my fifteen seconds of fame. AKA getting in the local paper and so on.

★ Getting into Cambridge.

★ Getting out of Cambridge... I scraped my 2:1 in the end!

★ This blog. Okay, it's not one of the big fish, but it is consistently hitting the top 100 on the Tots parenting blog chart and generally ticking over.

 Reaching level 6250 6251 on Gardenscapes. You may scoff but it won't take away from the pride, lol.

★ Finding someone to share my life with. Which is a way fancier way of saying I got married.

★ Plus all that accompanying stuff like moving out and general adulting.

★ Serving as Mayor. It was such a unique and wonderful thing to do! I was the youngest person to be Mayor in Torfaen and I think possibly the youngest woman in Wales.

★ DIY. Considering how bad I am at it, every project I complete feels like a major accomplishment.

★ I've regained my 100% positive feedback rating on eBay. 

★ Getting an A in GCSE Maths. Of all the grades I've ever received that's the one I'm most proud of. It took a lot of hard work because, as my maths teacher openly admitted to me, I know what I'm meant to do - I just never get the right answer.

★ I guess the rest of the exam results are achievements too. (Hey, I gotta pad this list out somehow.) I know I had all As / A*s, but I can't remember which was in which subject because I'm practically a fossil now.

★ This list is harder than I imagined... I'm gonna bung in A-levels, OCNs, and all the other random certificates I've ever done too!

★ Surviving 2020. Because, all joking aside, last year was awful and catching coronavirus was just the rotten icing on the cake.

★ Gaining 'BNF' status in a few of my fandoms. I will never not be overjoyed to see my name on a rec list. :)

★ I left a bad job. I felt like a failure at the time because my first instinct is always to see stuff through but, looking back, it was 100% the right decision.

★ On the flipside I landed a lovely job at the Journeys charity in Cardiff. I had to give it up eventually because I got elected and went back to uni (to do an MA I never actually finished...) but I really enjoyed my time there.

★ Becoming chair of governors at my old primary school. On the one hand it's a sign that nobody else wanted to do it. But on the other it's something I could never have imagined being able to do when I was actually a pupil there.

★ Effort competition wins. Most of my wins are just random draws which are great but not really an accomplishment. So the few creative comps I've won for writing, photography, etc, are extra special to me.

★ Volunteer work. I've done all sorts, from telephone helplines to charity shops to youth groups to serving as a trustee on different boards. Once Marianna's a bit older I'd like to go back to doing something more regular, beyond trustee meetings every few months.
★ Learning to speak another language. Not perfectly by any means, but I can speak enough Welsh to watch telly and enough German to read the online news.

★ Finishing this list. Hurrah!

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