Saturday, 9 January 2021

Mini Mart: MiniModernStyleShop

1/12 Scale Furniture from MiniModernStyleShop

Supplier: Mini Modern Style Shop
Website: Etsy Store

MiniModernStyleShop on Etsy


I was a little gutted to only come across this 1/12 scale furniture and accessories shop just before Christmas. Brexit VAT and customs have basically priced me out of my own hobby now. :( Still, I was lucky enough to be able to get a quick order in with some money Anthony's grandparents gave me as a present. I could have bought just about everything, to be honest, but I had to restrain myself to some shelving and bookcases.

I got a set of three very 1970s looking rounded shelves for £4.81, a set of 6 trapezoidal units for £12.50, and three 'seconds' bookcases for £6.25 each. These had a few little defects from the manufacturing process but, honestly, once they're in place they're barely noticeable. I glued a few of them together to make a big shelving unit for the dining room, and put the smaller bookcase in one of the bedrooms. I'm really really pleased with them!

Post and Packing:  £9.81 from Italy. Will be more expensive now as they'll only use registered mail for delivery outside the EU.

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