Saturday, 30 January 2021

Mini Mart: Teeny Tiny Things

Teeny Tiny Things Miniatures

Supplier: Teeny Tiny Things
Website: Teeny Tiny Things | Etsy Store

Teeny Tiny Things Minis on Etsy


I've bought from Teeny Tiny Things a few times because they're always adding cool stuff! I've got a doll house, a bunch of tiny storage boxes (from £4), ashtrays (£3 for 2), stationery sets, and even an awesome 1/12 scale desk (£15).

In the bottom pic the desk, pink storage box and pencil holder are all from Teeny Tiny Things. They also produce amazing 1/12 scale pram kits but they're a bit beyond my experience range. Maybe one day!

Post and Packing:  £2.50 within the UK.

Teeny Tiny Things 1/12 Scale

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