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My Favourite TV Detectives

My Favourite TV Detectives

I had the formatting all done for another post I'm working on, so enjoy a list of 30 of my favourite telly detectives... :)

#01. Columbo

I love Columbo. Not only are you guaranteed to always know whodunnit, the show set up makes you feel part of the action and able to fully enjoy Columbo's constant needling of the suspects. 

Columbo also has a mystery within a mystery... who is Mrs Columbo? Is she really the most accomplished woman on the planet? And does she ever succeed in getting him to part with the coat?

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries 
#02. Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

The glamorous 1920s setting is just the cherry on the cake of this excellent detective drama.

Life on Mars 
#03. Life on Mars

From the moment I saw the trailer I knew I would love this show. I'm still working my way through all the international remakes.

The Professionals 
#04. The Professionals

And now the theme tune is stuck in your head.

#05. Poirot

All the supporting characters are also perfection. <3

Quincy ME 
#06. Quincy, ME

It always makes me think of sick days off school getting to see what you would normally miss out on. Namely, decades old detective shows.

Midsomer Murders 
#07. Midsomer Murders

It's been going since the dawn of time - okay, 1997 - but it still makes for good viewing.

#08. Afterlife

The supernatural twist really makes this one stand out from the crowd.

Shakespeare and Hathaway 
#09. Shakespeare and Hathaway

Definitely one of the most light hearted on the list, but still eminently watchable.

Granada Sherlock Holmes 
#10. Sherlock Holmes

The Granada version is my favourite but they all have their charms.

#11. Kojak

From anyone else his lines would sound ridiculous, but Telly Savalas can pull it off.

Inspector George Gently 
#12. Inspector George Gently

The period setting always works really well in this.

Craith / Hidden 
#13. Craith (Hidden)

One of the very best shows of the last few years.

#14. Taggart

When I was at uni it was on in the afternoon slot, and it was like my reward to watch it and have it be my lifeline to the world outside the library.

Miss Marple 
#15. Miss Marple

I love how each version tries to reinterpret the stories too.

Murder She Wrote 
#16. Murder She Wrote

Otherwise known as 'Princess Jessica Fletcher' because, when Marianna was a little younger and even more princess obsessed, that was the only way I could get away with watching it.

#17. Grantchester

Not least because of James Norton...

Public Eye 
#18. Public Eye

Some of the episodes are now lost which is a real shame. Those that remain feel really fresh and new despite being over 40 years old. There is often no resolution at all, let alone a nice neat one with all the loose ends tied up. It feels very gritty and realistic for it.

Y Gwyll / Hinterland 
#19. Y Gwyll (Hinterland)

Scandi-Noir, but in Wales!

A Touch of Frost 
#20. Touch of Frost

I've seen some of the episodes upwards of 20 times but they still reel me in every time.

Father Dowling Mysteries 
#21. Father Dowling Mysteries

This one always makes me think of my nan because I only ever watched it at her house. <3

The Bill 
#22. The Bill

I never missed an episode for about six years... I've still not forgiven ITV for cancelling it.

Murdoch Mysteries 
#23. Murdoch Mysteries

I haven't actually seen it all the way through yet, but whenever I catch an episode I really enjoy it.

Starsky and Hutch 
#24. Starsky and Hutch

It's just distilled 1970s.

Inspector Morse 
#25. Inspector Morse

Lots of love for Endeavour too. Lewis, sadly, is just too tainted by Lozza these days.

Diagnosis Murder

#26. Diagnosis Murder

Two Van Dykes! How can you not love it?

Scott and Bailey 
#27. Scott and Bailey

I feel like this is one of the most realistic of all the procedurals on UK telly.

Father Brown 
#28. Father Brown

Definitely one of the better of afternoon TV's offerings.

Rosemary and Thyme 
#29. Rosemary and Thyme

It's pretty unusual to have two women as the detective team; Rosemary and Thyme shows why that really shouldn't be the case!

Jonathan Creek

#30. Jonathan Creek

This one used to creep me out quite a bit as a kid - which just made me want to watch it all the more!

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