Saturday, 13 February 2021

Mini Mart: Little and Big House

Little and Big House

Supplier: Little and Big House

RLittle and Big House 1/12 Scale


Huge range of laser cut furniture kits available in 1:12, 1:16 and sometimes 1:6 scales. They're really reasonably priced too; the bed cost me €9,95 and I also bought a sideboard and a couple of dressers. When they arrived I mixed and matched the pieces to make a phone table and a suitably retro looking sideboard for the living room.

I've also got a bookcase for the attic bedroom and a cot for my 1:6 scale dollhouse. The furniture didn't come with instructions, but it was easy enough to figure out. My staining could have been a lot neater but, ho hum, at least it's done!

Little and Big House Miniatures

Post and Packing:  I was worried I would get hit by customs for this but, thankfully, our lax systems meant it sailed through. At the moment they're only delivering to the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany though.

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