Friday, 12 February 2021

Review: #TheFoodieBag

Review of Paper Bag Co Instagram Bag

I was #gifted 'The Instagram Bag' from the Paper Bag Co to try out for the blog. They have teamed up with photographer Matt Inwood and stylist Sophie Purser to bring you everything you need to create beautiful food photography. 

And that's something I could really do with!

When it comes to this blog and photography, we're not a great mix. If it weren't for Pexels and its ilk there would be nothing but my poor attempts at the art. Even so, I would like to improve, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to get some practice in.

#TheFoodieBag Contents

Inside the sturdy canvas tote bag there is a 15-inch photographic reflector and diffuser, four background papers, and eight inspirational postcards printed with photography tips. 

I had the camera ready - my iphone 7 is still going strong four years on, though I can't say I'll be devastated when it's time for an upgrade... - so that just left finding a suitable subject to photograph. Anthony helpfully offered to cook some tagliatelle for the occasion.

Here's a photograph without any help or editing:

without #thefoodiebag

Then I tried again with a background paper, the diffuser / reflector, and a little basic editing:

with #thefoodiebag

More practice is needed, for sure, but it's definitely a vast improvement on the first picture!

If you fancy levelling up your own photography skills, you can buy #TheFoodieBag from the Paper Bag Company for £39.95, including delivery.

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