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Welsh UFO Sightings 1965

Welsh UFO Sightings

1965 sightings. For Welsh UFO sightings from other years please click HERE.

Monday August 23rd, 05:00
Mr. S. J. Yeates, of 49 Wallace Road, St. Thomas, Swansea, was getting up for work and saw through his bedroom window a moving object in the sky. The South Wales Evening Post of Saturday August 28th 1965 reported:

"It was not going too fast for the eye to follow. I called my wife who was equally surprised. I at once sighted my telescope on it and could see it was as bright as a star and moved from south to east to north."

Summer, 00:15
Pyle, Bridgend
A light was seen colliding with mist. A white and red spinning domed disc was seen.

Wednesday August 25th, 23:50
Plasmarl, Swansea
Extremely bright light approached and seemed to burn witness' skin and make it difficult to breathe.

The witness' mother, Vivienne Francis of 52 Ewenny Place, Clase, wrote a letter to the South Wales Evening Post which was reported on in the Friday September 3rd edition:

A young woman was standing by the windows of her home in Trwyddfa Road, Plasmarl when she heard a tap at the window. On looking up she saw a bright light approaching. It lit up the kitchen and was so bright she could not see anything in the glare. She said it seemed to burn her skin and she had difficulty in breathing. She was very frightened as her husband was in work and she was alone with her 16 month old baby all night. The next morning when she visited her mother she was still in a state of shock. At first she thought she had been struck by lightning but there was no thunder or lightning about that night. When she told a neighbour about the incident the neighbour recalled that her dog would not go out at the time of the incident and was very frightened. Ten minutes later the dog was willing to go out. According to the mother, the witness was not given to imagining things.

Flying Saucer Review V12/N2 (March/April 1966) had some further following a private letter to Mrs Francis from A.C. Williams of Swansea:

"I wrote to this lady, who was also kind enough to reply, and I found out that, when the bright light passed, her daughter, thinking it was lightning, reached out to turn off the electric light - but found she could not move. Mrs Francis writes: She tried again to walk to the switch (only a step away) but was rooted to the spot, and could not move a finger. This happened on August 25th. It seems that our Visitors are fond of using 'paralyzers'!"       

Friday September 24th, 12:35
Huge silver grey craft without wings.

The witness' brother, K.G.E. David, wrote a letter to the South Wales Evening Post detailing the sighting. They reported on it in the Tuesday September 28th 1965 edition:

14-year-old Michael David, of 4 Bryngwastad Road, Gorseinon, saw a huge object flying from the direction of Loughor towards that of Penllergaer (west to east). He heard the noise of an engine and looked up expecting to see the usual sort of aeroplane, but what he saw was completely abnormal to him. Directly overhead, flying between a break in the low cloud cover, was a huge object with a long, slender nose and only the smallest suggestion of a tail. 

On the square-like underside of this machine, were two cylinder-shaped black marks running parallel to each other, the whole length of its body. There were no wings and its general colour was silver-grey, even its engines emitted a peculiar sound. Michael was the only person to see the object, but his mother said she heard the sound it made, and it seemed unusual to her.

November, 18:00
Singleton Hospital, Swansea
During a dark, clear evening, the witness, Howard Middleton-Jones and three other people saw a huge object stationary over Singleton Hospital. Howard explains what happed: 

I used to live in the Swansea University Playing Fields, Sketty Lane, Swansea, adjacent to the then new Singleton Hospital, set at a 60 degree angle from the Sports pavilion where we used to live at the time (1965). The distance from the sports pavilion building to the Hospital building is approximately 186 metres. The sighting initially was seen from my bedroom window on the first floor of the Pavilion building, and a few minutes later, from outside on the actual Sketty Lane road, which is approximately 140 metres distance from the main hospital building. 

Singleton Hospital was completed in 1964 and at the time was one of the biggest self-contained buildings in Swansea, consisting of 12 floors, its own power generating system and approximately 145 metres in length. In 1965, Sketty Lane was in fact that, a lane, a narrow road consisting of a car lane either side. The street lighting was of the ‘old fashioned type’ consisting of a large bulb hung under the lamp holder, therefore it was only light around the vicinity of the lamps and light pollution was practically non-existent. 

Approximately just after 18.00 hours, one November evening in 1965, I was studying for my college exams in my room. My studying was broken by a feeling of a vibration or some form of frequency with no noise. I looked out of the window, and across to the new hospital and noticed many of the lights on all floors of the hospital were flashing on an off intermittently. I looked above the hospital and saw a large dark fat cigar shaped object which looked as if it were suspended over the building. 

I immediately ran downstairs to the outside and ran across to the middle of the lane where a car had stopped and noticed the anomaly. While it was dark, it was a clear night and due to the old type of street lights shining down to the floor we had a clear view of the unidentified object. 

The object was approximately 150-200 feet directly above the hospital and its length was at least the length of the hospital if not longer, so about 150 metres long. The object can only be described as like a fat cigar shape, very wide in the centre and narrowing to the front and rear. The height of the object, comparing with the height of the hospital was about the same – 12 floors. 

By now, after 10 minutes of watching this object, there were three other witnesses watching this object (the witnesses were much older than myself). The intermittent flashing on and off of all the lights on all floors of the hospital continued for about a further 5 minutes then stopped. The unidentified object looked as if it were painted on the sky, there was no movement and no sound whatsoever. After about 20 minutes, a thin bright luminous green band appeared and spread around the circumference of the object, speeding up at a pace over 15 seconds or so, until it appeared as a thin bright green band all around the craft. 

Suddenly, the whole craft shuddered slightly for 2 or 3 seconds and in a blink dematerialised. There were no lights, no bright flashes, no noise, nothing, it literally disappeared right in front of our eyes. As soon as it had disappeared there seemed like there was a dark space here it was ‘parked’ and gradually after 10 seconds or so the stars could be seen again. The other witnesses just looked at each other scratching their heads, got into their cars and drove away. 


Obviously, a sighting such as this has a profound effect on one, and for many years I have tried to get to the bottom of the event by searching out any other sightings in the area. The only activity I heard of in Swansea that year was of large balls of light flying over Townhill in the summer. 

Looking back on the incident, it could be that the craft, engineered by some form of ‘warp’ drive harnessed by a form of electro-magnetic energy, must have encountered an engineering problem and used the largest source of energy available in the area, Singleton Hospital. Having ‘charged up’ its drive, it went on its way. 

Unfortunately, I did not see the craft arrive, but I presume its arrival was in the same manner as its departure, materialisation and dematerialisation. To me this demonstrates some form of advanced (to us anyway) drive harnessing local and ‘cosmic’ energy with the ability to seek out ‘man-made’ energy sources. Was this some kind of warp drive using natural worm-hole technology? Who knows, but I have seen some strange sights in my time and nothing beats this one even after 50 years! 

SUFON Note: It might a significant link in that the South Wales Evening Post reported on November 10, 1965 – the same month as this amazing sighting, that there had been a massive power failure in the New York and 150,000 square miles of northeast United States and Canada during that city’s evening rush hour at 5.30 PM EST that day. The black-out had lasted 9 hours and 45 minutes. Could there be a link? UFO activity has, many times affected electricity supply, but it might not be a coincidence that the great American black-out and the Singleton Hospital sighting both occurred in the same month. Howard Middleton-Jones has not recorded the date of his sighting, but is sure that it took place in November 1965 [Emlyn Williams].

Gurnos, Merthyr Tydfil

Artist Jon Pountney came across a forgotten stash of 18,000 photographic negatives at Treorchy Library in 2013. The pictures had been taken by David Thickins for the Merthyr Express and covered the period 1963 - 1974. There were two negatives of this lady, named as Mrs James, with her drawing of a UFO.

Merthyr UFO seen by Mrs James

UFO Enigma V21/N10 featured this piece on ancestral memory that once struck Lt. Col. Charles E. Melchar of the USAF upon visiting Abersychan in 1965...

UFO Enigma
UFO Enigma

For more like this please click the image below:
Weird Wales


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