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Welsh UFO Sightings 1967

Welsh UFO Sightings

Sightings from across Wales in 1967. For UFO sightings from other years please click HERE.

March 14th, 17:20

Cigar shaped UFO. The UFO Register categorised the sighting as A, aka genuine UFO. Awareness magazine for 1967 wrote:

Cigar Shaped Craft Over Cardiff: Brian Wright, a zoology student, was admiring the view from the window of a university building in Cardiff at 5:20pm on the 14th March, when he noticed "an elongated brilliant white craft" in the sky. The colour, he said, "was similar to that of burning magnesium." The cigar-shaped object was approximately two miles away; he was unable to estimate its true size. After five minutes it began to move away, gradually fading and eventually disappearing over the television masts at Wenvoe. The object was in view for a total of eight minutes.

May 13th, 05:45
Lavister, Wrexham

Disc like UFO seen for around five minutes. Judged by witness to be about 45 to 50 feet in diameter.

APRO Bulletin for March / April 1969 reported that Anthony Pace, their English rep, was investigating this case that had recently come to their attention:

Mr. Martin G. Williams was in his car when he saw a brilliant flash of light just beneath the clouds. He noticed that an object was approaching his vicinity very rapidly, losing altitude and following an undulating path. It stopped and hovered at about 150 feet altitude without making any sound whatsoever. After a few seconds, "a bluish white glow enveloping the object dimmed to almost nothing," but it still appeared to be surrounded by a haze "though its solidness was very apparent."

Mr. Williams calculated the object to be about 45-50 feet in diameter and about 15 feet thick. It appeared to be a circular, metallic disk-shaped object "with a sharp-edged ridge encircling its circumference just below its widest point." Its color was described as bluish-grey above the ridge and dull-grey below it. The witness did not observe any windows, doors or openings although he was about 300 feet away watching from the interior of his car (window lowered), which was stationary. "Suddenly, the object became enveloped once again with the bluish-white light which accompanied its arrival and equally as suddenly accelerated at tremendous speed towards the direction from which it first came," Mr. Williams states.

The object gained speed, and grew much brighter before it disappeared. Mr. Williams calculated the time of observation about 5 minutes and he points out three aspects of the object that impressed him most: its size; its silence, and its tremendous speed. This observation is typical of many others received throughout the years, but few have been so carefully described as in this report. The witness states that right after the observation he was able to flag down a truck on route to Wrexham, but the driver was only able to confirm seeing an unusual and bright flash in the sky.

APRO Bulletin May - June 1969

APRO Bulletin March - April 1969APRO Bulletin May - June 1969

July 20th, 00:05
Pyle, Glamorgan
Saucer shaped UFO emerging from clouds, the UFO Register categorised the sighting as A - aka genuine UFO. The Western Mail reported on the sighting in 1970:

Very warm, still night, overcast and dark. 35-year-old Clive Menadue, living in Beach Road, Pyle, was putting the cat out. It was a pleasant night and Clive stayed for a look around. His wife, Sylvia was in the kitchenette washing up.

He then noticed, fairly low on the horizon, "something that looked like electric light reflected off telegraph wires. I couldn't quite make it out. Suddenly a red object about the size of a star appeared from the horizon to the left of the thing I was looking at. It was going at a terrific pace blurred for a moment and then stopped a little to the left and below this object. The red object started to flash red, white, red, white, for some seconds - flashing like the light on top of a police car. I called Sylvia out then and we just stopped and watched. There was nothing else we could do. There was a kind of bright, white, silent explosion and the sky was lit up with the kind of light you get from magnesium. It was one of the most horrible moments of my life. It sounds ridiculous, but I thought someone had dropped an atom bomb a long way off.

"In the centre of this expanding light there was a cloud outlined. Then the spreading light started to contract and through-out the sighting it kept up a steady rhythm of expansion and contraction. The light diminished in brilliance so that you could see the ground beneath clearly and the clouds above. In the centre of the light, I clearly saw one huge roundish cloud and a similar one attached to it at the top-right hand corner.

"Now it begins to be really unbelievable....but anyway, both these clouds began to spin in a clockwise direction. The smaller, right-hand one moved away from the large cloud some distance, and they were both gathering speed all the time. They were spinning like two very thick smoke-rings. The smaller one went back above the dead centre of the other one and became part of it. Then as the object was spinning, it appeared to take shape very much like someone forming something on a potter's wheel. It became a classic saucer shape. It became solid to look at. It had an opaque, glassy surface that reflected light, and it was still slightly spinning.

"By this time I was shattered. Sylvia was frightened and trying to pull me indoors, so I asked her to go upstairs and give me an old pair of binoculars, because I thought it would give her something to think about and take her mind off things. Not that the binoculars would have been of much use, anyway. When she was away millions of coloured lights appeared under the rim of the saucer. They were very rich crimson, gold and blue, such as you get from a firework.

"They began dispersing and when Sylvia came back there were just a few sparks underneath the rim of the object. Next a broken red or crimson line appeared on the saucer very close to the rim and began turning with the saucer. It just hung there in the sky....a perfectly black sky with no moon or stars to distract you. After a few minutes the light which had been expanding and contracting behind the saucer began to get dimmer and dimmer. It became so dim in the end that you couldn't really make out what was there. Eventually the light disappeared completely, and there was no sign of the saucer at all.

"Then the red, star-like object appeared again near the saucer. It flashed red, white again for some seconds. Then, from a standing start, it just shot back in the direction from which it had come and disappeared over the horizon."

He reckoned the whole episode took seven or eight minutes. Afterwards, they dashed over the road to his in-laws' house, but there was nothing to see by then. They were up until three in the morning, wondering what might happen. He made it clear that neither he nor his wife had been drinking. It was suggested that the red light was at the steelworks at Margam, but he said it was in the wrong direction and he was familiar with it anyway. He also ruled out the moon behind the clouds as he had seen that hundreds of times, and a helicopter.

Weekend 11/10/1987

Below is the same case as written up for A.P.R.O. (Aerial Phenomena Research Organization) Bulletin of November 1967. Based in Arizona, USA, the editor had no idea where Glamorgan might be and asked readers to clarify whether it was to be found in England, Scotland or Ireland...

August 5th, 14:00
Blackrock Sands, North Wales

Report from NUFON #40:  

NUFON UFO News #40

August 31st
Near Prestatyn

The UFO Register listed it as sighting type #57 "grid-like: Can be square, round, closed or open" and categorised it C, aka possible UFO.

Saturday September
Treboeth, Swansea

Tom James, age 21, was at home in Heol Cnap, Treboeth one Saturday evening in September 1967. It was a clear night with no clouds. He was just leaving the house with his girlfriend and her mother, and from the garden spotted 8 or 9 lights or flat discs in close formation moving directly over them, travelling towards Mumbles direction (north-east to south-west). There was no sound and they continued on a straight course to the south-west until out of sight. Tom admits that they may have been lights on an object, but he could not see the object, just the lights.

Source: SUFON Files: Tom James interviewed 15 September 2015.

October 9th, 2:30
Rhuddlan, Flintshire

Oval shaped UFO. The UFO Register categorised the sighting B, aka probable UFO.

Monday October 23rd, 20:50

Newtown factory worker, Mr Edgar Evans, of Oak House, Llandyssil said he saw a bright golden ball fly past him on Monday night (23rd) going in a southeasterly direction. "I left at exactly 8.45 p.m. to close the fowl-house," he said. "I was walking along when suddenly this bright golden light passed me. It was moving silently in a south-east direction and then seemed to rise to get over a hill. It was uncanny as it was an illuminated ball travelling at a tremendous rate and making no noise." Mr. Evans saw his UFO 24 hours before the flap hit the headlines with the sighting of the fiery cross by policemen in Devon.

Source: Montgomery Express (28/10/1967)

Wednesday October 25th
Over sea, off Rhoose, Glamorgan

Cylinder shaped UFO reported in the Western Mail of October 26th 1967. The UFO Register categorised it as A, aka genuine UFO.

Wednesday October 25th

SIR. - Why all this fuss about seeing objects in the air? I saw a light on October 25, at 6.40 a.m. Travelling at a fast speed it turned away in another direction and I lost sight of it.

Something like this was happening nearly 60 years ago, when there were no aeroplanes or anything about. It was said at that time it was a star falling. It was a very bright light travelling at ground level very fast. It used to be called "Seren a Chynffon."


Source: Western Mail Tuesday 7 November 1967.

Thursday October 26th, 07:00

Raymond Harwood, a 14-year-old paper boy went into the newsagents shop in Morriston where he worked and told his employer that he had seen 'those crosses' in the sky, which had been in the news lately.

His boss, Mr T. Morgan said, "I thought he was pulling my leg. But when I went outside, I saw two crucifix shapes about 50-ft wide over the BP refinery at Llandarcy [east]. They were at cloud level, well below the stars which were still out and very much brighter. I went back into the shop to serve customers and when I came out again, they were still there."

56-year-old Mr Morgan said that the crosses remained stationary in the sky for at least 20 minutes. Then one disappeared and the other faded with daylight. "I was certainly very surprised to see these objects. I was sceptical when I read about them in the newspapers and thought that they must be reflections. Now I am quite convinced that they are some kind of flying saucer. I have never seen anything like them before - and neither had one of my customers whom I showed them to."

The paperboy Raymond, who lived at Heol Tirdu, Cwmrhydyceirw, Morriston, took the flying crosses in his stride. He dashed off to Pentrepoeth Secondary School, Morriston, to tell friends all about it.

Source: South Wales Evening Post Thursday 26 October 1967.

Friday October 27th, 02:15

From the vicinity of the Vetch Field, Swansea, an unidentified flying object was spotted. It was described to the Evening Post as "a round, head-light effect with two rays shining ground wards." It was seen high in the sky in the direction of Port Talbot.

Source: 'South Wales Evening Post' Friday 27 October 1967.

October 29th, 14:00
Dyserth, Flintshire

Bar shaped UFO. The UFO Register categorised the sighting A, aka genuine UFO.

October 30th, 18:00
Gilwern, Breconshire

Round UFO. Reported in the Abergavenny Chronicle of November 1st 1967. The UFO Register categorised the sighting B, aka probable UFO.

Sunday November 12th, 21:30
Sully, Glamorganshire

Two girls, Heather Williams and Pamela Chamberlain of Smithies Avenue, Sully, were standing at the top of Burnham Avenue, Sully. They saw an object in the sky. It was described as a "huge silver-coloured object, far too big to be an aeroplane, flew at great speed across the sky in the direction of Ireland, or anyway, westwards."

Source: 'Barry & District News' Thursday 16 November 1967.

Monday November 13th, 18:20
Near Dyserth, Flintshire
Oblong shaped UFO. Reported in the Rhyl & Prestatyn Gazette of November 17th 1967. The UFO Register categorised the sighting A, aka genuine UFO.

Monday November 13th

8 PM. Raymond Patterson of 20 St. Luke's Avenue, Penarth saw 'a very bright object flying above the trees.' He told his friend, Mr T. A. Hague of 27 Hickman Road, Penarth, who had his own sighting later that evening (see next report).

After learning of his friend, Raymond Patterson's sighting at 8 PM, Mr T A Hague went home to 27 Hickman Road, Penarth, set up his camera in an upstairs room and waited. "At about 11 PM, I saw a yellow globe of light travelling above the roof tops. It seemed to sway to and fro, a very bright yellow light which then changed to orange. The amazing thing about it was that it did not collide with anything, nor did it light up the buildings." The object made no sound but Mr Hague recalled a strong smell of chemicals after the object had disappeared. Mr Hague took a photograph of the object over Penarth-Leckwith area.

Source: 'Penarth Times' 24 November 1967.

Tuesday November 14th, 19:50

Mrs M. V. Harfoot was in her garden at 2 Raglan Close, Dinas Powys, pegging out some clothes on the line when she saw what she described as "a big orange ball" in the sky over the Distillers in Sully [SW]. At first she thought it was a flame burning off excess gas at the Distillers, a sight with which all local inhabitants are familiar. Then as it moved she realised this was not possible, and called her husband. Mr Harfoot thought the object was too low to be an aeroplane; it descended lower and then moved upwards again, forming a semi circle.

A third person, Mr J. Davies of Barry, who was working at the Harfoot's house at the time, also witnessed the incident.

"The whole thing lasted only 2-3 minutes," said Mrs Harfoot, "it was just like the colours you see in the fire, yellow and orange intermingling but in a huge ball. I immediately rang the BBC and they phoned Rhoose and St. Athan, but they could not give an explanation as to what this strange object might be."

Barry Police were also contacted but apparently there had been no other reports.

Source: Penarth Times Friday 17 November 1967.

November, 22:30
Coedpenmaen, Pontypridd

'Upon arriving home from an evening at the YMCA, I was surprised to see my parents and about eight of our neighbours standing on the corner of Pleasant View and our road, known only as Off Merthyr Road. As I approached, my father pointed to an orange coloured light hovering over the north-eastern part of Coedpenmaen. My father told me that they'd been watching the object for nearly a quarter of an hour. 
I stood there with them and watched it for another 5 or 6 minutes, when suddenly the object turned a silver colour and silently exploded into hundreds of silver pieces, then it was gone. About a minute later there was a noticeable smell of sulphur in the air. the object/light appeared to be about 100 feet above the rooftops and trees, and estimate of size would be approx. 10 to 15 feet in diameter. It had a similar appearance to a flare, but without the tail, the circumference edge being undefined. It had not moved position from when it was first observed until it disappeared. the night was clear and the weather conditions were mild for the time of year, with barely noticeable breeze.'

Source: SUFON 2018.

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