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Welsh UFO Sightings 1990

Welsh UFO Sightings

Welsh UFO sightings from 1994. For sightings from other years please click HERE.

Thursday January 4th, 20:45
Bala Lake

David Heddwyn Jones was returning home from work on the Rhydmain/Dolgellau road, leading to Bala, when he saw a small triangular craft hovering about 15 feet above a sheep field. He stopped the car and walked closer, separated by four feet fencing designed to keep sheep from straying.

It was about 30 foot at the base where 'a white line of fluorescent like light' went across. It also had small green lights above this and at the sides. The craft was metallic grey, still and soundless, and appeared to have no depth at all. Eventually it started to move horizontally; 'it did so as though it was riding waves, and went quite slowly.'  

Margaret Fry investigated the case and submitted a report to Awareness V27/N4:

Awareness V27/N4
Cambrian Times 12/01/1990

January 11th, 20:45
UFO Register #20 reported that the witness saw a triangular UFO.

Sunday February 18th, 20:00
Cadoxton, Barry

The witness was at home in Cadoxton, Barry, on a clear and dry evening when they observed, through the window of a top floor flat, a circular object, with red and white lights over a church next to a hotel. It disappeared when the lights went out, around 2 minutes later. The witness reported it to RAF St. Athan.

DEFE-24-1939 130

March 25th, 23:00

Witness saw an upright saucer shaped object with multiple colours (red, blue, white, green) which changed constantly. It was stationary for some time then sank slowly to horizon. Witness saw the object with the naked eye and through binoculars, and thought it was the same as something they had seen two weeks previously.

Witness reported the sighting to RAF Valley who noted that ATC Valley observed an object matching the description immediately afterwards.

DEFE-24-1939 119

April 27th
Llanfair Talhairn, Clwyd

Margaret Fry investigated a series of small crop circles found at Voel Farm. Experts said they were caused by fungal growth. For more on this and other Welsh crop circles, I've got a dedicated post HERE.

According to the Wrexham Evening Leader (01/06/90) John Evans, a butcher from Rhos Road, Rhos-on-Sea, saw a UFO which he worked out on a map had disappeared above that area. He said: 

"It was not going as fast as a shooting star, and lasted maybe three or four seconds. I was sitting in my lounge with the curtains open. What I saw was too bright for a firework or rocket. The Met men told me there had been no sighting of a meteorite reported."     

Wednesday May 30th, 18:00

The 12-year-old witness was at Butlins Holiday Camp at Pen-Y-Chain to the east of Pwllheli, and saw a large cigar-shaped object to the east at a distance [which would have placed it in the Criccieth area]. The object changed colour from black to yellow to white. It's movement was steady then went straight up. The weather was cloudy. The sighting lasted around 5 minutes and was reported to North Wales Police.

DEFE-24-1939 64

July 28th, 23:30-23:59
Llanuwchllyn, Gwynedd

Witness and their husband, an ex ROC observer, saw two white lights and one red light in the clear night sky, first with the naked eye and then through binoculars. The object made no noise and had some vertical movement, but no horizontal. Witness reported it to RAF Valley.

DEFE-24-1939 5

Wednesday August 8th, 02:20

The witness and their mother saw a house-sized spherical red object which gave off a yellow glow at a position over the Cimla area of Neath, from their location in Longford, so was about three or four miles away from the observers. When viewed through a still camera, it was invisible.

DEFE-24-1940 147

September 6th, 17:00
Witness was outdoors when they saw a circle of white / blue lights in the sky over the centre of Cardiff. The lights moved in a continual circle, but only when in cloud - in clear sky they could not be seen. Witness reported the sighting to RAF St Athan and HTV (aka local ITV franchise).

DEFE-24-1940 120

Wednesday September 12th, 09:30

Witness saw a slow moving UFO with a white light at its centre and one at each tip. It travelled north to south and fired an orange flare. They reported the sighting to police and RAF St Athan.

DEFE-24-1940 117
DEFE-24-1940 118

Thursday September 13th, afternoon
Ystrad Meurig

A young man travelling by car saw a strange object hovering near a hillside. It was 'bright orange and shaped like a windsock.' The sighting lasted only seconds and then it disappeared slowly 'from the narrower end first.'

Cambrian News 12/10/1990

Tuesday September 18th

"A lady living near Tregaron observed a white moving light in the sky. She was looking east, over the Cambrian range, and the light travelled almost due south to due north. It was about the size of the planet Venus, its distance was impossible to judge, and it moved in a straight line through approximately forty-five degrees of sky before fading into the slight mist. Its passing took about 10 seconds." (Cambrian News, 12/10/1990)

Friday September 21st, 21:30

Lights resembling 'tongues of fire' were seen. They appeared to fall onto Borth Bog. (Cambrian News, 12/10/1990)

Saturday September 22nd
Capel Bangor

"A driver was surprised to see a 'sharply bright flashing light, something like a stationary beacon.' It disappeared for a short while only to reappear in the same place about 20 minutes later." (Cambrian News, 12/10/1990)

Friday October 12th, 21:15

A cigar-shaped object with 8 lights was seen over Ammanford, moving at very high speed towards Llandeilo (north), then disappearing instantly. It was reported to Ammanford police.

DEFE-24-1940 89

Saturday November 3rd, 22:15

Clear night – good visibility. A steady bright red/green light was seen to the south east of Bridgend. There was an occasional booming noise. The sighting lasted 30 minutes and was reported to police.

DEFE-24-1940 66

Monday November 5th, 17:00
Griffithstown, Pontypool

About 5 pm - getting dark.

15-year-old Lindsey Smith was with her 2-year-old brother at their home at 10 Spring Terrace, Griffithstown, Pontypool. They were looking out of the west-facing patio doors for fireworks when she and her brother saw a large object in the air over their garden. It's altitude was quite low, estimated at no higher than a plane, "as it was sizeable." She described it as a silvery-grey hexagonal-shaped craft, "...a bit like a 3d / 50p piece. It had coloured lights spinning/moving around the middle and bright white 'search lights' underneath that lit up our garden....The lights were really bright. It was like someone switching floodlights on our garden. I was so shocked I swore, which brought my mum running in from the kitchen - so she witnessed it with me."

They watched the object for about 5-10 minutes. Lindsey doesn't recall a noise coming from the object. She was too scared to open the patio door and she had had a feeling that they had been seen by the craft. The object then seemed to build up a momentum by 'skimming' in one direction a bit, "like a frisbee," then the other, and then moved in a fast diagonal upwards motion and shot off at incredible speed, without accelerating, over the mountain west of Griffithstown, above Penyrheol (Mynydd Twyn Glas), and out of sight.

SUFON sighting 05/11/1990

"I've always been amazed at how it moved and how fast it left," Lindsey added. "I have never seen any aircraft move so fast. We discussed calling the police but didn't think they would believe us. But the next day it was on the local news on the radio - had been reported by other people in the area. I would swear it was a hexagonal type of shape whereas my mum says 'saucer-shaped' That's the only bit we disagree on."

Source: SUFON Files; witness spoke to Emlyn Williams October 2020 and January 2021.

Thursday November 8th, 17:50
Devon - Bristol Channel - Wales

"Cloudy sky. A husband and wife with two friends were outside their house at Combe Martin, north Devon, when they saw two triangular shaped objects with lots of white lights around them and red lights on ‘cockpit’ and tail, in the sky above Combe Martin. They were slow moving and headed towards Chivenor and then out over the Bristol Channel towards Wales. They were viewed through binoculars. The wife reported it to RAF Chivenor the following morning. Chivenor had a helicopter up at the time of the sighting, but the pilot did not see anything." (SUFON summary)


DEFE-24-1940 28

Rhondda Valley

Matthew Williams - the first person to be convicted for making crop circles - gave an interview to UFO Review #16 in May 2006 about his own UFO sighting. He described it as a 'yellowish, orange shimmering' triangle he initially took for a forest fire, seen by both himself and the friend he was with at the time.

It was in something like 1990 I had a sighting of a UFO and it was in the Rhondda Valley where I lived. I was driving across the mountain road which goes from the Rhondda to the Bridgend Ogwr Valley. There was a friend of mine with me in the car and we were off to do some video editing in a little studio down there. He was in a band and I had done some video filming and he wanted to put a little video together so we were off to do this thing and as we rounded a corner of the mountain, there was this huge vista across to the opposite mountain and sitting on the side of this mountain was a large triangular shape which was quite big and there was shimmering on its edges. 

I was driving at the time and so I had to keep my eyes on the road and as I was looking at the road and then looking back across to this thing, I was thinking "Hang on, that's a fire". That was my immediate reaction. It was a yellowish, orange shimmering thing, a triangle, and I thought it was a forest fire. Actually, where I live that is quite a common thing. People set the mountains on fire all the time because of the steep incline angle; the fire just shoots up the mountain, and the kids like doing that sort of thing just to see the flames going up the mountain and causing all those horrible scorch marks.

Anyway, I'm looking sideways and forwards and after a while I began to have doubts as to whether it was indeed a fire. It looked quite solid and I'm thinking, "Hang on, this is quite weird. It's not got flames; it's just edges that are shimmering". I'm trying to focus on it to establish exactly where it is because there was something about it that was making it look as if it was actually right in front of my face, within 10 feet, then at the same time as my eyes are refocusing I'm realising that no, it's actually on the distant hillside.

Eventually I managed to work out that the bottom of it was behind the tree line because I could see these fir trees and it was actually behind those so I could see those against it, and the top of it was just poking out above the top of the hill. It managed to allow me to work out where it was but as I was just beginning to get to grips with that and how big it was, I passed a tree line which was on the road I was driving down and this obscured my view. I was worried that I would lose sight of it and so I put the brakes on on the car and put it into reverse to regain a view in the direction of which it was. When the trees passed so that I could see again, it had gone. There was nothing.

So I turned to my friend who was sitting beside me. I hadn't actually tapped him on the shoulder and said, "Hey, look at that" but I then said to him, "Did you see that?" And he said, "Well, what?" I told him what I had seen. He replied, "I saw sort of lights but I wasn't looking at that, I was looking at the hill". He was looking at the side of the mountain that we were actually driving down. I just shrugged it off. I had no interest in UFOs at that time or rather perhaps just a very minor one as I did subscribe to the Unexplained magazine but I wasn't really taken with all of the stories in there and took them with a pinch of salt. I was of the opinion that everything was explainable by science; that religion was for foolish people and that kind of thing. I had this attitude when I was younger but it was all really just probably a load of bollocks. I was quite arrogant about this.

Having had this strange sighting, I went down to the video studio that night and did my work and then drove home over the mountain and I quite clearly remember that I didn't bother even looking in the direction of where that thing had been. I had seen something but it hadn't really struck me as being highly odd at that time.

So I drove home and continued for the rest of the week doing various tasks and not taking any notice of what had happened that night. About five days later it was like somebody had literally chucked a bucket of water in my face. I suddenly had this waking realisation, "Oh my God. Five days ago I was driving across the mountain with my friend in the car and I saw something really strange. Why am I only thinking it was highly strange now?" And that I couldn't work out. I couldn't work out how now, five days later, my brain had kicked in to tell me that was a highly peculiar thing.

People put it to the back of their mind and maybe not even see the thing that other people are seeing because it’s maybe too odd a thing for their brain to absorb and it shuts off. Back then, being kind of sceptical, I thought that well maybe I had had an hallucination or whatever and if I had had an hallucination then it would have been something that only I would have seen. But I had had my friend Andrew with me and he had said that he had seen something out of the corner of his eye and so I rang him up and said, "The other night when we were driving across the mountain, do you remember me saying that I saw something?" He confirmed it and also repeated that he hadn't seen it properly.

So I wasn't imagining that I had seen this thing on that night. I found it very weird because I couldn't understand how to position the experience in my head. What should I think about this? What should I take from it? What does it mean? Am I imagining more than was there? Why was it there when it was very large as life and then the next minute it had gone and why, on the same night that I had actually seen it, did I not bother to look back in that direction when I drove home? Why was it so unimportant to me then that I didn't look and now it seems overwhelmingly important? It's like my brain was saying, "Hey, hang on a minute, why didn't you think about this on the night?"

This struck me as kind of strange reactions and I made my mind up to look into it further and that's what piqued my interest in re-reading some of the information I had on UFOs and then buying books on the subject and looking into it.

Eventually, I said to myself that I had to be sure about what I was dealing with. I was reading books that could be sensationalist and I needed to get a grasp of the subject and see whether people are being serious and that they weren't just wild claimed stories. I felt I needed to become an investigator and meet people and ascertain whether there was some truth to the subject. Are people seeing strange things or is it just hallucinations? That's what I wanted to do - I wanted to pin the subject down and so I started to become an investigator of the subject and met people and tried to gain an understanding of whether people were telling the truth. That was important to me; to try and be certain.

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