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Welsh UFO Sightings 1991

Welsh UFO Sightings

Welsh UFO sightings from 1991. For sightings from other years please click HERE.

Most of these come from the MOD files, though SUFON have collected two really interesting cases and the contemporary journals came up with a few more sightings.  

Wednesday 9th January, Night

Witness was driving when they saw a UFO in the otherwise clear sky. It was a white light c. 500ft above the hills, travelling quickly first easterly, then north, then south. The light turned orange and the object stopped. It came within 200 yards of the car.

DEFE-24-1953 59
DEFE-24-1953 60

Sunday 3rd February, 00:15
Waunfawr Road, Crosskeys

Witness was stood near Waunfawr Primary School in Crosskeys on a clear moonlit night when he saw a large white light in the sky, "3 to 4 times larger than a car headlight". The light had a cone shaped beam coming from it which appeared to be scanning the mountain top, with a smaller light plus cone shaped beam circling it. 

The lights merged together then separated again, remaining at the same intensity, before disappearing. There were no sounds of engines. Witness said he had consumed several pints of beer but not enough to become drunk.

DEFE-24-1953 29

Monday 18th February 1991

"A child reported a pulsating red patch of cloud moving up against the wind. This sounds like aircraft light through low cloud. The witness was only aged eight so the report was not followed up." 

From BUFORA UFO Times 17, 1992.

Thursday March 21st

Paul Ladd saw a shimmering light which hovered above the ground. It was about two feet in diameter and began to move towards him; Paul dived behind a tree near the church for cover. It began swooping at him through the branches. Confused, he made for his sister's house where he phoned his mother to come and feet him.

The same night a woman named Alison and her boyfriend watched the movements of several lights for over four hours.

Cambrian News 12/04/1991

Friday 3rd May, 18:30
Maerdy, Rhondda

Weather: fine with clear skies. A woman, her niece and two neighbours were standing outside in Maerdy and saw a round, bright orange ball, low in the sky, which came from the south, heading up the valley. It made changing movements and shot vertically above a plane. There was no sound or smell and the sighting lasted for two minutes. The woman reported it to police.

DEFE-24-1953 63

June, 05:00
Gwent, South Wales

Two uniformed officers, a police sergeant and a female police constable, were driving in the Blackwood area of Gwent in a rural location when they saw two orange UFOs circling above a farmer’s field. They stopped the vehicle and got out to watch. After about 10 minutes the objects disappeared in different directions. As the sun came up they saw a newly made crop circle under where the objects had been seen darting about the sky. Fearful of ridicule they made a pact not to report the incident.

Thursday 4th July, 09:45
Bryngwran, Anglesey

Witness was driving between Bryngwran and Gwalchmai on Anglesey when they saw a UFO in the otherwise clear sky. It was described as 'very fast, green tail, very bright' and travelling from the direction of RAF Valley.

DEFE-24-1953 115

August, 12:30
Ciliau Aeron, Ceredigion

Mike was living in a small trailer caravan outside his parents' house in a rural setting in the Aeron Valley, south-east of Aberaeron.

One night, around August 1991, Mike was in his caravan listening to the radio, when suddenly the sound went static. He heard clicks coming from it also, that turned into beeps of descending pitch all the way to subsonic, ascending back up to a high pitch, then clicks again. Listening to this, he started feeling a bit nervous, especially when he heard his dog in the nearby house porch, barking. He then heard a low rumbling outside, that gradually got louder and louder and he decided to go outside to see what it was.

In the dark, at first he could see nothing but then noticed a silhouette of what he thought was a large aeroplane with one wing pointing up and one pointing down at the ground, coming slowly over a hill and looking so low that he was sure it was going to crash. It was heading inland, away from the direction of the coast, in a south-easterly direction.

He could see no fuselage although he strained to look for it. The object was huge and moved overhead with a thunderous tearing of the air. No features were visible on it, as the object was dark. Mike could feel a kind of uncomfortable static in the air and he suddenly had a bad headache as he watched the object fly over him. It then hovered and seemed so large and slow that Mike was sure it was going to fall out of the sky.

Mike could next remember looking up and dizzily falling to the ground, and had a feeling like his head being momentarily stuck to the ground, like he had been unconscious.  He later had memories return in which he was crawling back across the field to his trailer, then struggling to walk straight and having difficulty opening the latch on the caravan door. As the massive object moved further away, it showed a red light on each side and Mike was for a moment convinced it was a large plane. But then yellow, purple, green and orange lights appeared in symmetry, making the object look more like an arc or an aircraft perpendicular to the ground.

Three years later, in 1994 Mike suffered injuries in a car crash and broke his neck. But before the crash, he had dreamt on three different occasions about the crash happening. In his last dream he said there was a pink flying saucer at the end.

During the crash itself, he was somehow inspired to recite the Buddhist prayer for peace - 'Om-mani-padme-hum' as the vehicles collided and he blacked out, feeling his car spinning. He then had some sort of vision or near-death experience. He felt as if he was lifted up into the clouds and looking about him he could see only brightness and a white mist-like being in an 'invisible plane'. Mike turned round to see a giant man, who was at least 9 feet tall when sitting down. Mike was scared but the man gestured with his hand, as if to say it was OK. The man spoke to Mike telepathically and explained that he could choose to live or die. Mike asked him for advice and the man just showed him images of friends and family mourning. Mike then saw his son at the age of two years come running out of nowhere, though at the time of the crash, his son was five months from being born (Mike later said that when his son reached two years old in 'reality', he looked exactly as he had done in this 'vision').

Mike then decided that it wasn't time to go yet. A door opened and he could see the wrecked car  below, with his body in it.

"I was kind of thrown back in and came around to hear the farmer telling his farmhands that I was dead and not to go look. I was a mess though. I think I've seen a couple of other strange things in the sky since due to an increased awareness of phenomena, but these were my most vivid experiences."

Mike was not aware of any missing time during his UFO experience, but was sure it was no normal aircraft, bearing in mind the radio interference, the dog barking, and the physiological effects he experienced which caused him to collapse.

He has also had a recurring vivid dream in which he is in an operating theatre-kind-of-setting and having long metal probes inserted behind his eyeballs, at which point he wakes up in a sweat  and short of breath. He thinks the dreams are somehow linked to the incident in his mind, although he has had no memory of anything like that happening at the time of the incident.

It is hoped that SUFON will be conducting a hypnosis session soon to help Mike recover subdued memories.

Source: SUFON Files - witness correspondence 2019/2020.

August, 23:50
Cray Reservoir, Brecon Beacons

After what had been a scorching summer's day, Brian Harry was driving a truck from Brecon to Swansea with a friend, Robert Griffiths, a primary school headteacher, who had come for the trip. At 11.50 pm they were driving along the A4067, passing a farm at Cnewr, known as Dirk's farm. Without any warning, they saw a massive orb of light over the Cray Reservoir, which lay in the valley the other side of the farm. It gave off an eerie, yellow light which illuminated the whole area like day. Sheep and cattle were visible in the fields around, and did not seem affected by the phenomenon. The orb was several hundred feet in diameter, and had a circumference of bright orange light, like a ring, the centre part was a deep orange-purple colour.

Brian drove on about half a mile while looking for a safe place to stop. Parking in a lay-by, both men got out of the truck to have a better look. By this time, five smaller orbs had emerged from the large one and spread to hang over the whole reservoir, each one still joined to the large one by a filament of 'energy'.

Brian had a feeling that they were drawing some sort of energy from the reservoir, and could feel a mild warmth from them. There was no sound from the static objects. The witnesses did not see the smaller orbs emerging, as their view was partly obscured by pine trees while looking for a parking place.

Brian had a definite feeling that there was an intelligence controlling the object/s and that the entire event was 'orchestrated'. Furthermore, he had a feeling that it had been cautious and was 'sussing things out' before projecting the smaller orbs. The whole area for miles around was illuminated. No cars passed them for the whole 8 minutes, which was timed from when they first spotted the light.

Without warning, all six objects blinked out as if someone had simply switched them off, and as they disappeared a flash of light spread across the ground for miles, starting at the central point, the location of the objects, the same colour as lightning, a silvery white.

There had been no effect on the truck's engine for the duration of the sighting.

Shortly after the event, a car appeared on the road from the Swansea direction. Both men were gob-smacked and could not explain the encounter in rational terms. Brian drew a sketch of the UFOs, shown below.

Source: SUFON Case Files - presentation by Brian Harry at SUFON meeting, 28 July 2015 and interview by Emlyn Williams 31 July 2015.

August, 21:15

Witness saw a spherical UFO. UFO Register #21 carried the eyewitness report:

I was sat in my boyfriends house in the kitchen looking out of the window the time was 9.15pm. My boyfriend was talking to a friend of his about cars so my eyes strayed over to the window looking out. As I was idly looking a large white circular object with flames streaking from the rear sped over just above the level of the house. 

The object was very bright white and measured an estimated 15-20 feet in diameter. There was no sound which I found surprising as the object was travelling very fast. I jumped up as it passed over the house watched it pass to the hills in the distance. Unfortunately the two other people saw nothing I did go outside to see if it had landed but it had not and stayed up for most of the night with no result.

August 15th

This letter was published in Flying Saucer Review V37/N4 (winter 1992):

Dear Sir, on Thursday 15th August I saw a black disc over Kimberly Quay, Dyfed. The craft approached from Ferryside and flew directly over Carmarthen Bay holiday camp, then it banked sharply to the right before levelling out and carrying on as before, at the same height and speed. The sun caught the underside and there was a bright flash as the craft banked over. It carried on a course above the shore over Cefn Sidan Beach, then went behind a small fluffy cloud and disappeared.

This area is used by the RAF for bombing practice, and we view them every day over our house. All their details can be seen from ground level, bombs and lights, etc. The disc had no details visible and it was silent. I would say it was half the length of a Tornado bomber.

Yours sincerely, Terry Baxter (57 Heol Morlain, Trimseran, Nr Kidwelly, Dyfed, Wales, SA17 4DP) November 9th 1991


Paul Murphy (MP for Torfaen) wrote to the Earl of Arran re. a UFO seen in Kent earlier in the year. Murphy said "surely, whatever criteria are used to judge them individually, the large accumulation of reports that the MoD now possess, demands a review of this phenomenon, its implications for air safety and the defence of the United Kingdom."

September, night

Kerry Blower of Cwmbran saw a UFO from the car window. The experience had a huge impact on her; she became an investigator for BUFORA, organised Welsh UFO conferences, and eventually moved to Wiltshire to be closer to the crop circle phenomena. [More on that in my Welsh Crop Circles post.] 

The South Wales Argus published the details of this sighting on November 1st 1995: 

I and my family were travelling along the Abergavenny to Pontypool road in two separate cars - there were eight of us altogether - and my husband Tom drew our attention to a gold and white ball that seemed to be stationary in the sky. 

So we stopped the car and we were awe-inspired by what we were observing. It was totally unconventional. The hairs stood up all over me. We observed it for ten minutes and suddenly it shrank within seconds to the size of a pea and then it just shot off across the sky from a standing position. It was totally amazing.

Tuesday October 1st, 21:20
Penparcau, Aberystwyth

A woman was hanging washing out in her garden in Penparcau to the south of Aberystwyth and looked up vertically while facing north to see a stationary object high in the night sky. She described it as a triangle of green lights which switched on and off independently when green lights off a large white flash of light appeared in the same position at ten second intervals.

There was no movement except the flashing lights. It was also seen by her husband. It was reported to RAF Brawdy. The CRO there put it down to green navigation lights and a high intensity strobe light of an aircraft or helicopter.

[SUFON Note: But there was no red navigation light reported, and what about the triangular formation of the green lights? - Also the lights stayed on for ten seconds intervals - navigation lights don't do that. -E.W.]

DEFE-24-1953 169
DEFE-24-1953 170
DEFE-24-1953 171

October 18th, 03:30

Two witnesses saw an egg shaped UFO. UFO Register #21 reported:

A female witness being a light sleeper due to pain she endures was often getting up during and night and sitting in her lounge looking over the sea and sky towards the "Little Orme in N. Wales. Around 3.30am on the 18th October she saw what she described as a very large bright light to the right of the Little Orme. She watched for nearly an hour and was very puzzled at this strange sight. She then decided to wake her husband who could bear witness to what she was seeing and he looked at the light through binoculars to get a better view.

What they saw they both described as an egg shaped craft with the top taken straight off and there were indented bays cut into the surface all over it. There was some activity underneath the object, with smaller objects with lights moving around it. It was very visible and quite sharply defined. After watching it for some time they finally they went back to bed not wanting to stay up any longer so they did not see it go away.

Mostyn, Flintshire

Witness and passengers were driving on the road between Mostyn and Penyffordd in Flintshire when they saw a very bright object moving behind the clouds and changing direction. They reported the sighting to the police. (Another scan of the MOD report shows the witness' occupation as taxi driver.)

DEFE-24-1953 174

Wednesday 16th October, Evening
Lower Cwmtwrch, Swansea

Weather was windy and cloudy. The witness, who, lived in Lower Cwmtwrch was in a car in the Swansea Valley and sighted an object above a hill, less than a quarter of a mile away. It was described as a main blaze of lights with two either side and a fluorescent banana-shaped arrangement of lights underneath the main section of lights. It remained motionless for about two minutes then shot straight upwards into clouds. The witness rang the police the following morning.

DEFE-24-1953 175

Friday 8th November, 22:00 - 23:00

Multiple witnesses across the county, including a police officer at Newtown Police Station, saw very bright red, white and blue laser type lights flashing backwards and forwards between two points. Red mist or smoke was also observed. Two separate mobile police patrols saw a huge light followed by an explosion.

DEFE-24-1953 188

Sunday December 8th, 16:50
Wales, Hereford, Gloucester, Etc

Various sightings were recorded across Wales, Gloucestershire and Herefordshire of a fiery object crossing the sky with enough force to shake buildings. The MOD explained it was caused by an F-111 aircraft returning to RAF Upper Heyford; it jettisoned some fuel which was then ignited by the plane's after burners.

DEFE-24-1956 229

Quest UFO Magazine V11/N1
Western Mail

For more like this please click the image below:
Weird Wales


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