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Welsh UFO Sightings 1994

Welsh UFO Sightings

Welsh UFO sightings from 1994. For sightings from other years please click HERE.

Public awareness of the phenomena seemed to be pretty high this year. Margaret Fry was regularly in the north Wales press asking for sighting reports, and she even ran an introductory course on UFOs at Llandrillo Technical College in Clwyd. On August 13th there was a conference on UFOs and other unexplained phenomena in Cardiff. This was arranged by Kerry Blower of Cwmbran, one of the big figures in the South Wales UFO scene of the early 1990s. 
Wales on Sunday 10/04/1994

SWALEC felt the public were at risk of thinking an alien invasion was underway when they installed new flashing devices on their powerlines... The Western Mail of 30/12/94 also carried a piece suggesting other explanations for UFO sightings, including transatlantic jets and farmers with torches.

South Wales Echo 19/01/94

January 26th
Ruabon, Clwyd

The silent copter is case 9436 at 18:00 on 26 January 1994 in Ruabon, Clwyd. Mrs B and two teenagers (one her son) spotted a light hovering over trees. It then passed overhead, very low down, and it was shaped like a helicopter but utterly silent. 

As it travelled above them it suddenly changed shape to become like a diamond with a hollow centre and lights at each apex. It then circled back over the house and disappeared in the direction from which it first arrived.

Margaret Fry submitted this report to Northern UFO News #171.

February 3rd, 15:00
Llandudno, Gwynedd

Beach comber concerns case 9438 at 15:00 on 3 February 1994. A nursing sister, Mrs R, was on a day trip to Llandudno, Gwynedd, with her husband. It was a lovely day and she spotted a strange object over the beach. It was just out over the sea and was like a rectangle with slightly rounded edges. One end was dark and the other a silvery white. 

She watched in amazement as it flew across the sky and was so stunned it took a while to nudge her husband and point it out. He only saw the last few moments as it disappeared into low cloud near the Little Orme - a local limestone cliff.

Margaret Fry submitted this report to Northern UFO News #171.

May 12th, 00:00

A friend from Scotland was visiting Alison, they bad a late meal and were in the kitchen chatting and washing up, there was a wide window above the sink. They both gasped as the entire kitchen window area was filled with the sight of a fleet of triangular UFOS over the wooded area of the hills above the Industrial Estate below them. Alison's house being on a hill slope, they were looking downwards. The Objects were hovering just above or on the tree tops and were white, they tried to count them, about 18 they thought.

An invisible line seemed to go across them dimming them as it went, as it got to the last one the Objects would vanish, then reappear in the same spot After 20 minutes of intently watching this performance, Alison ran to call her friend and neighbour Rhian, who ran back with her, her Scottish friend stayed by the window watching, but the Objects disappeared as they returned.

It should be explained that as they were on a hill, the gardens were lower than the bungalows with high fencing, from the garden they could not see the hilly area or Industrial Estate below. So that these Objects were really very low to the ground I went to Denbigh the following morning and spoke to Alison's neighbours one of whom said he saw this, also a Security Guard, at the Industrial Estate below. He said a number of people had reported this to him when it was happening. 

I put a lot of effort into this Investigation and it was frustrating, as although a number of people on that estate did see this, they were not willing to talk to me and the Security Guard said he would loose his job if I publicized it.

Margaret Fry submitted the report to Awareness V27/N4. The case was also mentioned in the Denbighshire Free Press:

Denbighshire Free Press 05/1994
Denbighshire Free Press 08/07/94

June 15th, 01:40
Penylan, Cardiff

A doctor of physics saw a large, very bright white object at 30-40,000 ft. It was travelling west with very sharp zig zag movements. The sighting lasted 5 minutes and was reported to Cardiff police.


June 15th, 19:00
Between Llanfihangel and Cerrigydrudion, Denbigh Moors

A nice clear light summer's evening. Huw Evans gives a good account of a R.A.F. war time Hercules type plane, no markings, which appeared in front of them, he was with his wife and family. It crossed from left to right in front of the car at l00 feet off the ground flying fairly slowly. It started to turn right as if to fly down by Llanfihangel G.M. At this point, the whole aircraft was clearly visible with the back drop of the hill behind it, when it suddenly seemed to "vanish into thin air"!

The whole family have gone over the events of that evening over and over again, but still cannot come up with any explanations as to what they saw. It was a dark coloured craft with no markings, and was soundless. It was also the size of a war time Hercules plane.

Margaret Fry submitted this report to SPI Engimas #39.

June 16th

The witness, 54 year old Brian Lomen, was very much affected after his sighting, suffering a rash and nausea for days afterward, as well as having pins and needles. The witness was wary of seeking medical help, fearing ridicule, only trusting UFO investigators. All of this was caused by Mr Lomen's sighting at l l.00am, as he walked over the Bangor to Holyhead bridge, watching the behaviour of a very strange cloud.

This cloud had a low rim beneath a dome, and its shape kept changing to a small round object, then elongating again as if it were made of dough, and this process was repeated continuously. As this strange object went overhead, Mr Lomen developed loud noises in his ears, and he fell to the ground feeling quite ill.

As he was on the ground, Mr Lomen saw another man coming in the opposite direction, who was also watching the object, and he too staggered and nearly fell. This other witness staggered past Mr Lomen, not acknowledging either Mr Lomen's presence, or the odd occurrence. Mr Lomen had witnessed a UFO before while working at Vauxhall's at Ellesmere Port, and now has taken a very keen interest in the subject.

Margaret Fry submitted the report to Awareness V21/N2.

Saturday 25th June, 15:30
Bristol Channel off St Athan

'My son and I were attending the annual airshow at RAF St. Athan, when in the afternoon a dogfight display were being conducted alongside the runway. A Spitfire, Hurricane and an ME109 were taking part, and during the simulated bombing run I raised my binoculars to my eyes to follow the flight of the Hurricane. 

As I was panning along the flight path, I was distracted by a black spherical object in the distance. I focused on the object which was hovering at a location that appeared to be over the Bristol Channel [about 10 miles south-east]. I watched the object which maintained a stationary position for a good few minutes until my arms started to ache and I had to drop the binoculars from my eyes. 

Note: when observing the object through the binoculars, I rotated the binoculars in case it was dirt or similar on the lens, but the object did not remain in the centre of the lens indicating it definitely was a stationary object. After about 20 seconds or so, I returned the binoculars to my eyes, but was unable to locate the object again. 

The weather conditions were fairly bright with some blue sky and mid to high level clouds. There was no wind, but an indication of a slight breeze coming off the channel. I would contend that this object was virtually identical to the pair of spheres that were observed over Lisvane, Cardiff in March 1988.'

Source: Michael Hopkins 2018, via SUFON.

June 27th

A woman saw orange and red lights which darted together over Moel Parc, Bodfari receiver mast.

June or July, evening after dark
Denbigh Moors

Ellen Ellis was travelling in her car from Cerrigydrudion across the Denbigh Moors. She was with her family and they all saw a large light in the rear-view mirror following them. They all thought it was an ambulance at first. After a while the light rose up and went over their car and then vanished.

Ellen spoke about her sighting to Margaret Fry as well as the Denbighshire Free Press:       

Denbighshire Free Press

Wednesday July 6th, 23:40

A disc-shaped object changed shape and colour to a cigar and to a delta over a 20-minute period. It had red lights on its edge.

Here's a write up of the sighting in the Llanelli Star:
       Llanelli Star, 07/07/94

Thursday July 21st, 23:27 Llanbister, Powys

Three non-flashing red lights in a vertical pattern were seen in the clear night sky. Witness was a journalist on a local paper and was driving near Llanbister in Powys. They pulled over to get a better look, estimating the UFO's height as 150 to 250 feet. They reported the sighting to police and the MOD.

DEFE-185 255
DEFE-185 256

Summer, 06:45
Townhill, Swansea

Mark Rayworth, aged 19, was driving his car to work, along Townhill Road, from Graiglwydd Square, towards the roundabout at the junction of Penygraig Road. It was already light with good sunshine. He witnessed a large shiny metallic ball, high in the sky, above and just to the right of Kilvey Hill in the east. 

The sun was reflecting on this object, and it remained stationary until he lost view of it. He heard from a person he met later that day that a similarly described object had been sighted just after he had seen it, hovering over the BP Oil refinery at Llandarcy.

Source: SUFON Files - witness interviewed by Steve Drewson 17 March 2016.

August 2nd, 09:55

A family saw a single, dark coloured 'spherical' object, described as being similar to 'a deflated balloon with two legs underneath'. The sighting lasted ten minutes, and the husband reported it to RAF Valley.

DEFE-185 226
DEFE-185 227

August 8th, 23:59

Witness was out dog walking when they three faint grey objects. They noted that they had reported a previous UFO sighting around three years ago. They would go on to make another report just a few days later.

DEFE-185 200

August 11th, 22:30

Witness was travelling in a car along Rhonda Valley bypass when they saw a very low UFO in the clear sky. It was large and square or rectangular, and very bright red, orange and white. The UFO was also seen by the driver of the car.

DEFE-185 195

August 11th, 23:55
Lampeter, Dyfed

Witness saw a faint dull grey UFO while out dog walking. They had reported a similar sighting on August 8th 1994.


August 13th, 20:30
Getty Park Avenue, Swansea

Witness saw a silver oblong UFO in the clear sky.  Their sighting lasted 3 to 5 minutes, and they reported it to Swansea Police.


August 13th / 14th

David Dunlevy was camping with two of his children, 6-year-old twins, Jonathan and Jamie. They were in a field near Furnace and had seen some shooting stars. 'Then we saw it. Jamie pointed it out to me. We had seen satellites, which move in a regular way, but this thing was zig-zagging backwards and forwards, in all kinds of patterns,' Source: South Wales Evening Post, 16 August 1994.

As the clipping makes clear, David had been a repeat experiencer from a young age:       

South Wales Evening Post 16/08/1994

Friday March 17th, 20:50
Corwen, Clwyd  

A young man from Chirk had visited his girlfriend in nearby Corwen. He was cycling home when he was forced to stop due to massive vibrations on the road and saw two UFOs in the sky. One slowly approached him. He described it as looking like a 'long car' which let off sparks in the air when it hit the road.

It then came along the right hand side of the road below a forested area, stopping opposite to where he was standing in a lay-by. He described eight 'strange men' in the craft, varying in height from 5'7" to 6'6", dressed in leather thigh-length jackets. They had different faces - as humans do - and, based on a drawing the witness produced, appeared to be middle aged to elderly.

Two beings then climbed down from the craft and spoke to him, so that 'he froze with fear'. The beings spoke a foreign language, but somehow conveyed that they had lost someone and needed his help to locate them. The next thing the man remembered it was 22:30, almost two hours later, and he was 50 yards further along the road with his bicycle. Shaken, he went to Llangollen and phoned his mother.

Eric Morris of the Cheshire based UFO Studies Group investigated the case and found more than 20 trees that had been broken at various points along their length. Ron Lalek, another member of the group, subsequently saw the man on a number of occasions and was convinced he was telling the truth.

Margaret Fry wrote about the case in her book, Who Are They?

On Friday 17th March 1995 the Denbighshire Press printed an account about a youth from a village called Chirk near Corwen. He had been on his cycle, returning home from seeing his girlfriend, about 8.50p.m. 

On the A5 between Llangollen and Corwen, there are high-forested mountains, rising steeply from the road. At one point there is a distinctive scree, with a maintenance hut or building just below it on the road, above all this is a reservoir. 

It was here the youth stopped to watch a long strange craft descending from the top and along the scree down to the road. It was what he could only describe as a long car, which when it hit the road, let off sparks in the air. It then came along the right hand side of the road below the forested area, and stopped opposite him where he was standing at the lay-by. 

There were eight Beings in this of varying heights 6ft 6inches to 5ft 7inches. They had different types of faces as humans do. Large foreheads, smaller or larger noses, thicker lips etc. They were dressed in leather thigh-length jackets. From the excellent drawings the youth did, they all looked middle-aged, to elderly. Two Beings got out and approached him and spoke to him in their own language, but it seemed to be conveyed to him that they had lost somebody, and required his help to locate him. 

The events after this were hazy for the youth, at one stage he seemed to think the whole ‘long car’ went up into the woods in the mountain above the road. The trees are densely packed there, so did it shrink to nothing in order to achieve this? 

The young man then found himself and his cycle 50 yards further along the road, and he noted it was 10.30p.m. he was feeling shaken and went into Llangollen to phone his mother. He had lost 1 hour 50 minutes he could not account for. This occurred in September 1994. 

I do not get this local newspaper, so the first I heard of it was through The Cheshire UFO Studies Group. Eric Morris is a psychiatric nurse, and his Group members and he thoroughly investigated the case. They felt that as this youth was an unsophisticated village boy he would not have invented such a story. He did not refer to these Beings as Aliens, but as strange men. 

Later at one of our three monthly Social Evenings, Eric came and gave the Welsh Federation of Independent Ufologists, North Wales branch a full account of what transpired. Ron Lalek one of the Investigators, now our WFIU representative in Flintshire, discussed this case with me in depth.  He subsequently saw this youth on a number of occasions, and believes this did happen to him and thought I should write about it. 

Gary Rowe, long time researcher and co-founder with me of the Welsh Federation, and I felt peeved that we had not been invited at the onset to investigate this with the Cheshire Group, for they had come over the border to visit this young man. 

Since the advent of the Internet, more UFO Conferences in major cities of Britain, and glossy UFO Magazines on bookstalls, Ufologists all over Britain have more access to other county cases. It should still be a courtesy to contact the local Investigators and inform them of what has occurred in their own backyard, and offer to conduct the investigation with them. 
Even if the witness or abductee do not wish to see more than the initial person contacted, the courtesy to inform the local investigator should be extended before rather than after the event. 

Denbighshire Free Press 17/03/1995


Margaret Fry told the Denbighshire Free Press of 28th October: "I saw a UFO over a friend's house in Rhyl about two weeks ago. There are sightings of them all the time."

October 11th

A man saw a triangle shape floating in the sky near the Shell petrol station in Denbigh. The sighting was mentioned in the Denbighshire Free Press:

Denbighshire Free Press 25/11/1994

October, 19:00

Milkman, Colin Gabe, then 46 years old, was in his Volvo estate car on his way home after doing his money collection round on this Thursday evening. He was heading north along Glynhir Road on the northern edge of Pontarddulais. With ribbon-developed bungalows and houses on either side.

As he reached a gap in the development, with fields on either side, to his left, in the gap in the houses just before the farm track leading to Ty'n-y-Bonau farm, about 100 yards away, at an altitude of about 300 feet, he saw an oblong-shaped object with flat sides, bright yellow/orange in colour. There were about 6-8 square panels along its side. It was moving parallel to his car, in the same direction, at about 30 mph, the same speed he was doing. The whole body of the craft was lit up, there were no flashing lights, and no sound was heard above the sound of his car.

Colin said it was was about the size of a large van - about 20 feet in length by 6 ft high. It was moving in-line end to end - horizontally on a level course. He could not remember what shape the ends of the object were, whether flat, pointed or round, as he only saw the object for a matter of 5-8 seconds before it was obscured by more houses when he reached them at the end of the gap. He couldn't believe what he had seen, and a few hundred yards further along the road, he turned right into Pant-Y-Felin Road where he lived and went in to tell his wife. He was shaken by the experience and to this day, it's been on his mind as to what it was that he had seen.

Source: SUFON Files - witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams 12 June 2020.

November 1st, 22:25
Wenallt, Cardiff

Witness and their girlfriend saw a UFO with bright white and orange lights. It hovered steadily for a couple of minutes then moved rapidly in a SW direction.  

DEFE-185 11

November 16th, 21:55

Witness and their friend saw a small very bright white UFO in the sky. The sighting lasted around 20 minutes.  


November 21st, 19:00

Witness was outside in the garden when they saw a 'pyramid of three red lights, with leading smaller red light.' The object was stationary, then rotated 360 degrees and moved quickly east to west. The sighting lasted 15 to 20 seconds.  


December 1st
Upper Bangor

Witness saw a bright light - described as 'blue/green/white' - hovering high in the sky. They said it was 'too big to be a star'. 

December 5th



Four WW2 searchlight beams were used for a Hollywood themed 18th birthday party in Cardiff... Reports of UFOs soon came flooding from across south Wales, jamming Gwent Police's switchboard. By 9:45pm the police had ordered them switched off.

South Wales Evening Post 1994

For more like this please click the image below:
Weird Wales


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