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Welsh UFO Sightings 2003

Welsh UFO Sightings

Welsh UFO sightings from 2003. For sightings from other years please click HERE.

Saturday January 4th, 21:15
St Clears, Nr Carmarthen, Dyfed

Witness and their neighbours watched a white object with vivid flashing green, blue and red lights through binoculars. They telephoned the RAF and police.


Tuesday January 7th

Witness was driving along the A55 towards Bangor when they saw two very bright white lights which later became a shade of blue. One was stationary, the other was heading towards it. The second light then began to circle the first in a clockwise direction, before stopping and remaining stationary for a short time. One light then moved upward and disappeared, the other moved slowly away to the witness' left before gathering speed and disappearing.

Although close to RAF Vallely, witness was confident the lights were not helicopters or jets. When they arrived at work, two colleagues mentioned they had seen blue flashing lights as they were driving down the bypass from Caernarvon. The witness reported their sighting, which lasted around 15 minutes to NUFORC the following day (08/01/2003):

"Two very very bright lights white/blue in colour which were going around each other and then disapeared. as i was driving along the A55 expressway towards bangor and caernarvon area i noticed there was two very bright lights,one was stationary ane the other was heading towards it,the second light started to circle around the first one in a clockwise direction,it then stopped,and they were both stationary with a small gap between them,then one light started to move upward and just disapeared,the other moved slowly away to my left gathering speed and then disapeared,R A F valley is only a few miles away but these lights were not helecopters or jets,there was no flashing lights they were just very bright lights white in colour and changing to a shade of blue when i arrived in work,two people i work with also mentioned they saw what they said was blue flashing lights,as they were driving down the bypass from caernarvon,which drops down a mountain onto level ground and into banger,they didnt think they were planes or helecopters."

Jan 15th, 22:10
Penllyn, South Glamorgan

Witness saw 'a large round disc, slightly smaller than the moon'. It was a creamy white then changed to green. It moved towards the moon and made a whizzing noise. They reported it to RAF Police, St. Athan.


March 2nd, 15:54
Ynysbwl Pontypridd, Mid-Glamorgan

The witness saw a silver object shaped like a dart positioned 2 miles from their home in Ynysybwl. No other information.


Monday April 28th, 20:00

While driving home from work, Mr Marcus Warner saw a blue flashing light in his rear-view mirror. He pulled to the side of the road in Pontypool, and stopped his car's engine. he was then approached by some men in black suits resembling businessmen or government agents. At this point his memory began to fail, but he recalls one of the men leading him to an open area near the local 'Burtons Biscuit Factory' [this is located in Llantarnam, Cwmbran - 4 miles south of Pontypool]. 

He then had a feeling of weightlessness and an intense feeling of calm. He remembered seeing a formation of figures, arranged into a ten pin bowling formation. He has a recurring image of a needle piercing his left eye. He has no recollection of driving the rest of the way home, but arrived there somehow. He has not, to date [2003], undergone hypnosis in an attempt to recover the events that occurred during his amnesia.

Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 2003, citing I was - with notes from SUFON.

Monday May 5th, night
Milford Haven

Clear sky with few clouds. No wind. The witness went outside for a cigarette and looked up at the stars. Attention was drawn to a single cloud and the witness then noticed an acorn-shaped object which seemed to be darting in and out of the cloud, as if 'playing hide and seek'. The witness went back indoors to bring others out to see it. At first they thought it was a joke but changed their minds when they too could see the object. (SUFON summary)

Witness reported the sighting, which lasted 20 minutes, to NUFORC on the same day:

"diamond shaped object using cloud as disguisethe object was ,as i described when i fist saw it "an acorn shape" it was a clear night with very few clouds in the sky,i went in doors to tell other people to come and look at what id seen,i weent outside too have a cigarete and happened too look up at the stars,there was a singular cloud which drew my attention .whilst looking at the cloud i noticed an object as i said was an acorn shape,(from an oak tree).the "acorn"shaped object seemed too dart in and out from the cloud ,there was hardly any breeze ,it was cold but still ,when other people came outside ,they too could see what i had told them,aT FIRST they thought it was a big joke until they saw for themselves what i was talking about,the object semmed to be using the cloud as cover,as if trying to play "hide and seek" . Still myself and others remain spectical as too what it was.((NUFORC Note: Witness does not specify location of sighting. We have imputed a location, based on his residence, and based on his comments above. PD))"

June 9th, 00:31

Witness was looking out of his window and saw a bright object to the south, a few miles in the distance. He stated: "It was stationary and much too big and bright for a star. After a few minutes it moved very quickly in the opposite direction to me, still silent, before vanishing after a few more minutes. I was terrified by this time."

Source: UFO Updates, July 2003.

June 14th, 21:35
Llandrindod Wells, Powys

Witness and his wife were outdoors at their home when they saw 'very big red light balls' hovering in the clear night sky. One red light hung smaller and then dropped out. The sighting lasted a few minutes and a report was left on the CRO Wales answerphone.


Sunday July 6th

Witness and their friend were walking through a park 'after a night on the tiles' when they heard a strange sound above them. They looked up to see a flashing orb of many colours. The sighting lasted around a minute and the witness reported it to NUFORC on Monday 7th July 2003:

"Looked up to see a flashing orb. Me and friend walking through a park after a night on the ties when we heard a strange sound above us. We looked up to see a most extroadanary site it wa s like a flashing orb of many colours. we can only explain it as a UFO!!!! ((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous.))"

Saturday July 12th, 22:05
Rhonda, Mid-Glamorgan

Two witnesses, were outdoors some three miles north of Llantrisant, when they saw two black round objects with legs. They appeared to be spinning and were observed through binoculars. The sighting lasted ten minutes and was reported to RAF St. Athan.


Saturday August
Whiteford Point, Gower

Morning, blue sky. Elizabeth was with her husband, two daughters and three dogs and staying at their caravan at Whiteford Bay in Llanmadoc. They often went down there at weekends, and one hot Saturday morning in August 2003, they went for a walk towards the lighthouse off Whiteford Point. Paddling over the beach most of the way there and back.

Elizabeth decided to go into the water for a swim. She swam out and around, out further then turned to swim back to shore. It was then that she saw what at first she took to be a plane, high up in the blue sky. It was bright white like an ordinary plane shape, but she couldn't make sense of it due to its large size. It was moving slowly, without any sound.

She understands lack of sound due to it being so high up, but its huge size meant her think it was not a plane. She compared it to, "one of the old zeppelin shapes but thinner". 

She had stopped swimming by now and just looked at the object. Then she was startled to realise that it had stopped moving. Her husband was too far away to hear her trying to call to him to look. She pointed but he didn't look up.

"Then this enormous puff of white smoke appeared to the back of the plane thing and my heart sank thinking it was going to crash. It wasn't like the smoke trail planes leave in the sky, it was the size of 'cooling tower' smoke. My mind was racing, get out of the sea, get up to the mountain as it would crash there, got to get help. I felt helpless, yet it was still motionless in the air." 

30 seconds after the smoke had appeared it vanished completely, and so did the white smoke. 

By the time she had got back to her husband to tell him, all there was was blue sky. He believed her as they had seen odd things before. After this experience, her husband called the area from the mountain along Broughton Sands, 'Alien Point'.

Source: SUFON Files: witness email 16 December 2017.

Tuesday August 12th, 21:00
Heol-y-Waun, Penrhys

About 20 people were having a barbecue in a Penrhys garden while watching a meteor shower. At about 9pm they noticed an object with green and red flashing lights which hovered noiselessly over the area for the rest of the night. One witness described them as looking 'like disco lights in the sky'. Another attempted to film the object but was unable to get it to appear on screen, despite being able to focus on other objects in the sky.

They reported the sighting to Cardiff Airport, which said they had picked up nothing on radar.

A police spokeswoman said their helicopter was not operating in the area, but they had received a report of a man shining a torch into the sky from the top of Treorchy mountain. The Rhondda Leader opined: Perhaps he was trying to guide in the spaceship for landing.

Rhondda Leader, 28/08/2003

Wednesday August 13th, 22:55
Maesteg, Mid-Glamorgan

Witness watched a roundish, football shaped object from their front bedroom window. The object had flashing multi-coloured lights, first on top and then moving around the object. They observed it with the naked eye and binoculars, and recorded 30 minutes of video. When the witness reported the sighting to RAF St Athan at 00:40 on August 14th, the object was still visible.


August 14th, 23:00
Lloyd Avenue, Crumlin

Witness was out on their patio on a clear still evening when they saw an orange circular object. They had seen the same thing the previous evening, but this time reported it to Gwent Police. The MOD report notes that it may have been Mars. 

(The object was also seen by their neighbours. I'm not sure if the RAF report is referring to the same witness, or one of the neighbours. Either way it states that the witness was a 96-year-old lady who rang the police '5-6 times' and stated that the object seemed to be moving towards her. She said other witnesses included a 92-year-old lady and a neighbour had seen it the previous night.)


Tuesday August 27th, 22:30

Witness was in their back garden with their girlfriend and neighbours when they noticed a strange light in the clear sky. It looked like white, red and green lights stacked on top of each other. At first they thought it was a helicopter but it soon became apparent they were wrong. The light began to pulse bright and dim, and move from left to right at a medium speed but with no slowing or stopping between changes in direction for about 30 minutes until it became obscured by cloud.

Later, at around 23:15, the girlfriend's sister visited and they saw the object again, in the same area of the sky. This time two aircraft seemed to be approaching it and its movements became erratic before it vanished. The witness said, 'I come from an engineering background in the Armed Forces and have witnessed many aircraft in flight, this object was not something I can readily explain.' They reported the sighting to NUFORC on Monday 9th September 2003:

"Stacked pulsating lights. Very strange occurance viewed from my back garden by myself, my girlfriend and our neighbours. Approx 22:30, clear sky with approx 1/10 high level cloud. Noticed a strange light in sky approx NNE from our position at about 20deg elevation. Lights appeared to be white, red and green stacked ontop of each other. At first put this down to helicopter (live near to the Breacon Beacons and area used for military training). However soon became apparent that we were not witessing a known form of aircraft. Light began to pulse bright and dim and move from left to right at a medium speed but with no slowing or stop between changes in direction. This continued for about 1/2 an hour. Object became obscured by cloud. We all seemed to have seen the same thing but were lost for a sensible explaination. Girlfriends sister visited us at about 23:15 and object was again visible in same area of sky. This time two aircraft seemed to be closing and movements became erratic before vanishing. I come from an engineering background in the Armed Forces and have witnessed many aircraft in flight, this object was not something I can readily explain."

September 24th, 19:25

Witness saw an unusual object, falling from a cloud, like it was burning, and was very fast. Was viewed for five minutes.

October 3rd, 19:45

"Upon returning home with the family from late evening shopping at a local supermarket, as I got out of the car I noticed a pair of lights approaching on a flight-path approx 300 yards behind my house. I pointed the lights out to the family then ran into my house to retrieve my works digital camera. 

After returning back outside, I took a number of photographs of the objects, but as there was not a night-time setting on the camera, the images indicate some evidence of camera shake. The two objects remained in unwavering formation for the entire time of observation - they could have been a single object - appeared at a very low altitude - I would estimate no higher than 1000 feet. My location is approx 425 feet above sea level. 

They moved along their trajectory quite slowly for modern aircraft, and seemed to emit a low whistling sound - similar to a jet engine idling, but very much of a lower frequency. As the craft/s passed directly behind my house [towards the south-west], it was observed that the two undersides seemed to be illuminated with a green tinge which enabled some sort of apparatus and pipework to be seen. 

After unloading the shopping from the car I immediately phoned RAF St. Athan to see if they could help in identifying the craft. I was told that as it was a Friday, the radar had been turned off for the weekend, and there were no flights due to land at the base. 

(RAF St Athan was a repair facility and only needed radar when aircraft were arriving or departing the base. Friday, Saturday and Sunday were classed as the weekend). 

I then phoned Rhoose (Cardiff) Airport and got through to the control tower. I was informed that their radar showed no commercial or private aircraft in the Pontypridd vicinity at the time. Because of the jet-like sound I assumed it/they were an RAF aircraft and so decided to contact the MOD, to which I received a reply on 14 October. It appears that they did not read my letter properly."

Source: SUFON Files via Michael Hopkins.

Tuesday October 21st, 22:44
Maenclochog, Pembrokeshire

Lucy (25) was woken by a bright light outside her house, which lit the fields behind the house as if it were daytime. This soon disappeared and then she saw white lights flickering on the furniture in her bedroom. She looked out of the window and saw three oblong shaped lights in the sky, similar to stars but arranged above each other 'in a tower'. Possibly there was another light to the right, but none were visible for very long. Duration of sighting: 20 seconds. 


November, 05:15
Port Talbot

Witness: Carl. 'While walking from Hafod Street, across Dan-Y-Bryn Road, towards Hill View Terrace (a walk I took every morning at the same time) I had a fearful sense. I looked over my left shoulder and saw two lights just above the gardens of 1 & 2 Hafod Street.

These lights although very bright to look at didn't shine on any surroundings like it should have with a light that bright. All I could see was a couple of bright lights which seemed to obscure an object that surrounded it. These lights were round, circular, approx. 10 feet apart and extremely bright. As I sensed this fear I didn't hang around. This object was too close to me, about 30 feet.

Just before I moved onwards I saw a cyclist coming down Dan-Y-Bryn Road towards Tan-Y-Groes Street and he saw what I saw above the gardens and he fell from his bike. I didn't hang about. I didn't feel safe and the cyclist made a quick exit as well. Wish we'd known each other as we seen this strange thing at the same time.' 

 Source: uploaded by witness: 23 August 2011.

Sunday December 14th, 23:00

Witness was outside in their back garden and noticed an enlarged star in the sky. As they watched it receded very fast, too fast for an aircraft, until it disappeared. Witness reported the sighting, which lasted 10 to 15 seconds, to NUFORC on Wednesday 17th December 2003:

"a disappearing star in the night? i had been outside in back garden, at 23:00 and glanced up at the sky and noticed a enlarged star in the sky, size approx, if you place your little finger up in the air and look through one eye it was the size of the your little i watched it receded very fast, too fast for any type of aircraft we possess, until it disappeared, definately moving away from earth. i have thought of the possibility of a star dying, but have checked the net for sightings or confirmation of this and found nothing. its easy to say it was a reflection of a car headlight or some other rational explanation, but then i thought i wanted to leave the explanation open to other possibilties? i,m not sure what i saw but its made me think and consider that there may be more to life than we think there is."

? 2003
Rhuddlan Estate, nr Rhyl

Margaret Fry investigated the various UFO sightings and general paranormal experiences of Sylvia Wells and family, submitting her reports to Awareness V26/N4 (summer 2004). One sighting by Sylvia's 17-year-old grandson Daniel took place during 2003, when he saw what he described as 'a long round rod, if you can picture the ends like a toilet roll base, in this was a lit up disc.'

Awareness volume 26 number 4

For more like this please click the image below:
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