Monday, 12 April 2021

Boy George Dolls

Boy George

Boy George is a British pop star who made it big in the early 1980s as the lead singer of Culture Club. LJN Toys Ltd. produced a lookalike fashion doll in 1984.

Boy George Doll

★ Boy George - box front / box back.

The doll stands 12 inches tall (compared to the 10" prototype), has a twistable waist and bendable knees, and wears a replica of the Colour By Numbers outfit. It came with a blue plastic microphone and a yellow plastic doll stand. The Celebrity Doll Museum has lots of great close up shots, and Boy George Fever has lots of info on fan made costumes, etc.

Apparently LJN originally planned to release a set of four accompanying fashion packs in 1985, but poor sales meant they never made it into production. 

Boy George Rag Doll

LJN also produced two rather creepy looking Boy George rag dolls, one with brown hair and one with red hair, and also a Boy George Snoopy plush which was sold at Macys. (Click here to see the Toy Fair prototype.)

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