Monday, 26 April 2021

Dragon in Dreams

Dragon in Dreams Palm Hero

DiD are one of my favourite action figure companies because of the amazing detail in their clothing and accessories. Now they have branched out into 1/12 scale with their Palm Hero range. (There is doubtless a joke to be made there but this is a family friendly blog!)

So far they have all been WWII themed, DID's speciality, but hopefully the line will last long enough to expand into new territory.

DID 101st Airborne Division Ryan

101st Airborne Division Ryan

Released in winter 2020, the figure came with a Matt Damon head sculpt and retailed for $80. 

DID Private Ryan

DID Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill

The Winston figure comes with two hyper realistic head sculpts - one with cigar and one without - and various accessories including a BBC microphone and a British bulldog on a leash. Mini Winston was released in winter 2020 and retailed for $90.

DID Palm Hero Winston Churchill

DID WWII German SS Hauptsturmf├╝hrer

WWII German SS Hauptsturmf├╝hrer - Michael Wittman 

Scheduled for a summer 2021 release, this figure is set to retail at around $100.

DID Michael Wittmann

British MI6 Agent Jack DID

WWII British MI6 Agent Jack

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