Friday, 23 April 2021

Marianna's Manifesto

My Manifesto

Inspired by this awesome post I saw on @CountBinface's Twitter account - and the relentless drive to find something to blog about - today I present you with Marianna's Manifesto. If she were in charge, Marianna would pledge to...

1. Ban all spicy candies.

2. Give children the coronavirus vaccine.

3. Have people stay two metres apart forever because it's a very good idea.

4. I wouldn't let anyone have half days in school, but there would only be four days instead.

5. Give houses to homeless people for free.

6. Have at least five flowers in your house.

7. If you're over 89 you don't have to go canvassing.

8. Make everyone eat fruit at least three times a day.

9. Put Boris Johnson in prison. And Donald Trump.

10. You can't teach about scary things to children.

I was honestly kind of surprised with what she came up with. #9 is basically a straight copy from the original post, but the others seem to have come from her own imagination. #7 especially cracked me up because she was asking me the other day at what age you're too old to go electoral canvassing, and I said you could be 110 and it still wouldn't exempt you. It clearly made an impression! xD

Sadly #3 means the human race would die out in a generation or so but, hey, at least we'll all have some nice flowers to look at...

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