Saturday, 3 April 2021

Mini Mart: Bromley Craft Products

Doll House Emporium Mountfield

Supplier: Bromley Craft Products
Website: Craft Products

Bromley Craft Products


Bromley Craft Products are known for their various doll house exterior products - tiles, brick finishes, etc - and back when I originally bought the Mountfield house I got a brick stencil (£7.95) and a bag of realistic brick compound in terracotta (£11.95). I'm not sure why I didn't go with the red brick finish but, you know, it's too long ago to remember now!

Anyway, today I finally put them to use. Anthony very kindly spread the compound on because of my very ridiculous - but still very real - fear of chalk, sand, and similar textures. Because the terracotta dries quite dull I wasn't too worried about the detail; it'll likely get more treatment in the future. What I most wanted was just a lot of texture on the walls so the house looks less like a plywood box. 

It's still drying at the moment but I'm really pleased with the difference already. You can best see the contrast in the picture below of the chimney stack. 

Post and Packing:  £3.95, or free for orders over £40.

Bromley Craft Products Brick Finish

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