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Welsh UFO Sightings 1992

Welsh UFO Sightings

Welsh UFO sightings from 1992. For sightings from other years please click HERE.

Friday January 10th, 00:00

11.59 PM on the 9th January and 12.04 PM on the 10th January, a red, blue and yellow object was seen flying round in circles. The witness was indoors, saw the object with the naked eye, and went on to take a photograph.

DEFE-24-1954 252

Saturday 11th January 

Witness was driving between Fishguard and Cardigan when they saw two dark spherical shapes with thick black vapour trails above the mountain line. The shapes were moving inland NE. Witness did not see objects land, but did observe an aircraft in the area after they had disappeared from view.

DEFE-24-1954 249

Wednesday 22nd January
Caerau, Duffryn and Cymmer

Psychic investigator Tina Laurent saw an object approximately three houses in width, with large, white flashing and revolving lights. She didn't believe they were solid objects piloted by extra-terrestrials, but rather some kind of psychic phenomenon. 

The Bridgend Recorder covered the story and, on February 28th, published a short follow up from Tina, trying to trace a mystery man who said he had also seen the UFO.
Bridgend Recorder Jan 31 1992

Sunday 9th February, 05:00 - 22:34
Llangurig and Llanidloes, Powys

Multiple witnesses saw one round, blue, very bright UFO with the naked eye. Its movement was steady, but it changed direction erratically. The sky was cloudy and they noted no unusual sound or smell. 

UFO Magazine V11/N1 from March 1992 published a short piece on this sighting on page 10:

A telephone message [to the Quest International 24 hour hotline] from two security guards working at a sensitive establishment in Wales, afforded the following information.

The location of a major event, was in the area of Llangerig and Llanidlos, Powys, mid-Wales. At 5.00am on Sunday 9th February 1992, the two security guards first observed an object described as 'glowing bright blue' and of the classic 'saucer shape, with a dome on top.'

The witnesses stated that at the time of the observation, there had been a total power failure in the area as the object hovered nearby. Whilst they continued to observe the disc, both witnessed the device perform manoeuvres, first flying to their left at great speed, and then turning quickly to their right. The object was within a 1/4 mile, and visible for some 30 minutes.

Some five hours later, the object returned, this during our conversation. The gentlemen terminated the call, because they were afraid of being traced by the authorities.

DEFE-24-1954 233

Tuesday March 10th
St Dogmaels, Pembrokeshire

Gary Price, then a 24-year-old builder living with his parents at Heol y Felin, Penparc, saw a UFO while walking to his girlfriend's home. It was an egg-shaped object moving very fast across the sky, from the direction of the sea and over the hills towards Moylegrove.

Gary's mother, Gwennie Price, told their local newspaper:

At first he thought it was a shooting star but it continued to move very fast straight across the sky. It was shaped like an egg and left a trail of light behind it. It was travelling faster than a jet. It really shook Gary up. 

It certainly looked as if it knew where it was going. Gary was rooted to the spot - his girlfriend's mother was watching him from the window and she couldn't understand what the problem was. 

When he came home that night and told me what had happened he just couldn't get over it. He'll certainly take more notice of UFO sightings in future!

Cardigan and Tivyside Advertiser

9th May,

Jacob Morgan, aged 20, was having a cigarette break looking up at the single large cloud in the clear blue sky. Suddenly a bright white 'bird shaped' UFO appeared which hovered and moved slowly towards the cloud. It had no contrail and was very large. Jacob called a colleague who agreed it was not a plane. The sighting lasted around six minutes.

"This UFO was a bird like shape and it was bright white and hovered more than flew. it didnt have any fuel lines behind it and it just appeard from nowere.and the sky was clear blue so i could see it clearly and it was very far away so it must of been huge. | it appeard from nowere then just hovered away. | i was just having a fag brake , i looked up at the sky and it was clear blue but there was this massive long cloud you couldnt see any of the ends of it and there was nothing else in the sky and then all of a sudden this bright white bird shaped UFO appeard and was hovering towards the cloud , so i immedietly called one of my workmates to show him and he said "ahh its just a airoplain" but i explained to him it had no fuel lines or anything and then he had another look and he said "HOLD ON.. its huge in comparison to the cloud and the way its moving is like an airballon it can't be a airoplain" i have looked up ufo's and there is nothing been sighted like this, and im 100% sure it couldnt be anything human."


June, evening

Ambrielle Jones was staying with Tim, a colleague while they attended a business course together. One evening he suggested a walk on the Gower peninsula as it was a lovely summer night and they had been indoors on the course all day. Ambrielle agreed, but when they got into the car which she was driving, she suddenly felt impelled to go to the stone circle on Mynydd Carnllechart north west of Pontardawe instead. Tim was unhappy with the change of plan and tried to persuade her to go to the beach as arranged, but she would not be swayed and was insistent that it was important that they go, but she did not know why. 

She drove the car as far as they could up the mountain and then walked the rest of the way to the top. After a few minutes a light suddenly appeared in the distance on the mountain opposite them. It looked like a motorcycle headlight, but as it travelled towards them in a straight line she realised it must be flying as it came straight across the valley between two hills. 

Tim stood behind her on the grounds that it was her invitation, not his. The light stopped about two feet in front of Ambrielle and just hovered without moving. It was more of a glow and not dazzling and she described it as about 6 inches in diameter and of a golden colour. She felt as though it was scanning her. She thought, am I about to be abducted? Then it just flew off darting suddenly to her left and disappearing into the night. 

They ran back to the car in case it should re-appear. It was getting dusk by this time and they did not want to be there in the dark. The car was completely dead, no lights or engine power. After some argument and discussion, they decided to walk back down the road to find a phone box to call a taxi. 

It had taken them some time trying to get the car started before they had abandoned it and then they had to make their way cautiously down the mountain in the semi-dark and had to walk about two miles to the phone box. They waited around half an hour for the taxi. They did not think about the time as they were too frightened by their experience, but Ambrielle thinks that there could have been missing time. 

In the morning they returned with a mechanic but he could find nothing wrong and the car started first time. Ambrielle has always been puzzled why she had been impelled to go there when it cost her quite a bit of money in taxi fare and mechanic's fees. She has never considered the possibility of missing time until recently (2017). The whole incident had seemed to have gone out of her mind.

Source: SUFON Files - Ambrielle Jones interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams, 21st March 2017. Ambrielle had a previous sighting in February 1978.

Friday June 12th, 18:05
Graigwen, Pontypridd  

Michael Hopkins was at home in Graigwen, Pontypridd: 

'I had just sat down on my sofa to have my tea on a tray, when I glanced out of the window and saw what I thought was an aircraft flying above Cefn Eglwysilan Mountain on the London to New York flight-path. Taking a second look, as something didn't appear quite right, I noticed that the long silver-white cigar shaped object was about the same size as a trans-Atlantic aircraft, but had no wings. I lay my tray aside and went outside to confirm what I saw, and watched it for a minute or so, until it started to turn in a 90 degree southerly curve virtually above my house. 

I ran upstairs for my binoculars and when I returned outside I found that the object had seemingly changed into a disk shape. I assumed that the object had rotated into the vertical position and I was looking at what would have been the back of the object. I called my neighbour, J, to look up and confirm that the object was now disk shaped, which he did. The sky was mainly clear with some minor cloud, and there was no noticeable sound coming from the object whatsoever. The speed of the craft seemed to be around the same as a trans-Atlantic aircraft would be travelling as viewed from the ground, i.e: slow and graceful.' 

The object had approached from the east to the north of Pontypridd and turned left, curving around to the south and passing over the centre of the town.

Source: Michael Hopkins, 2018, via SUFON Files.

Saturday June 13th, 01:15

'I had just collected my wife from Porth Rugby Club where she'd spent the evening with friends, and as we were getting out of the car outside our house in Park prospect, Graigwen, my wife said to me, "What's that?" 

I immediately looked in the direction that she was pointing only to observe a pattern of lights slowly, without any sound, gliding across the houses at approx 30 feet above them. We watched in amazement as the "craft" slowly headed in an easterly direction towards Cefn Eglwysilan mountain. I said to my wife that I thought it was going to collide with the mountain, but it appeared to increase it's altitude to avoid it. We continued to watch the "craft" until it had completely disappeared over the mountain. The night was quiet and cool with no noticeable breeze. Could this have anything to do with the object observed earlier at 6.05 pm?' 

 The object had one large round white light in the centre of its side. Michael viewed it through binoculars and saw that the white light was made up of a lit centre, surrounded by four lights within the circumference. Other lights on the craft included four small lights arranged two either side of the central large light, with a small red light at front and back.

Source: Michael Hopkins, 2018, via SUFON Files.

June 25th, 23:45

UFO Register #21 reported that the witness saw a spherical UFO.

June 26th, 23:45

UFO Register #21 reported that the witness saw an irregularly shaped UFO.


Witness saw a light streaking across the clear sky. Two pieces broke away but the front piece continued travelling until out of view.  

DEFE-24-1954 151 DEFE-24-1954 152

Monday July 27th, 23:50
South Wales

At the request of his wife, Mr. W Price went into the garden to bring in the washing. He commented that it was a beautiful clear night with no clouds in the sky and thousands of stars visible.

As he looked into the air his attention was taken by four orange coloured lights which were moving in a delta shape across the sky. At first he thought that the lights were on a passing aircraft, but suddenly a fifth light approached from the rear at very fast speed to join the other four. When the fifth light had joined the formation, the others started to move in and out from each other.

During this time there was no sound from the lights and Mr. Price, who had now been joined by his wife, watched until they disappeared into the distance.

Investigated by Alun Meredith and featured in Australian UFO Bulletin for June 1994.

August 16th, 22:30 - 00:00
England and Wales

Bright balls of light were seen streaking across the night sky by hundreds, if not thousands, of people across Wales and England. Awareness V18/N4 published a round up of local news articles based on the sighting. (More clippings at 1 | 2.)

Awareness Vol 18 No 4
County Echo, August 1992
Daily Post

August / September 1992
Pen-y-bont, nr Llandrindod Wells

Circular white light with a horizontal black bar across the centre.

DEFE-1964 285 DEFE-1964 284

Monday September 28th, 10:30
Tirydail, Llandeilo

A reddish coloured object with a white and pink tail was seen moving erratically at a great speed in a clear sky. The two witnesses were located at Tir-y-dail railway station and watched the object above mountain tops at a distance of 5-6 miles, in the north east, travelling from Llandeilo. No sound was heard.
  DEFE-24-1954 95

Saturday October 3rd, 05:00

Three very bright large round red lights were seen above the witness’ house in Heol Brynna, Cimla, Neath. Moving steadily, then moved off at high speed. The witness rang Swansea Airport.
  DEFE-24-1954 94

October 3rd
Mr. David Heddwyn Jones, a chiropodist, had stood against the barbed wire at the road side leading to Bala, when he saw a small triangular object, with about a 30ft base, hovering just a few feet above the sheep field along side.  

He tried to peer towards the back of the Object by walking to the left and right; the wire was preventing him from entering the field. He felt very puzzled that the Object seemed to have no depth at all, and when it left it appeared to be riding water waves, he said.  

Whether described as water waves or the movements of a kite in wind, the motions are much the same. 

Source: Link To The Stars by Margaret-Ellen Fry. 

October 26th, night
Glascoed, Pontypool

A husband, wife and child witnessed two star shaped objects with three very bright yellow lights on a clear night. Witnesses were indoors and observed with the naked eye; they noted no unusual sounds or smells.

DEFE-24-1954 71

Ruthvin, Clwyd

Mrs Evans, a farmer's wife, went out into her back yard, and with the leaves off the trees, saw an odd object in the woods. It was very like an old-fashioned jelly mould, with scalloped edges, and was a dull grey, but had brighter raised lines running down it. The object also had a number of small, bright silver oval objects circling above it, which were glinting in the sun. Mrs Evans had been watching this incredible sight for 5 minutes before realising that there was a camera just inside the kitchen, but having run for the camera, she found that the object shot up and away before she could get a photo. 

*The Clwyd Mountains do have a fault line running along their base, so there could be a connection to earthlights.*

Margaret Fry investigated the sighting and reported it to Awareness V21/N3.

Thursday 19th November, 18:15

'I was returning home from Valle Crucis Abbey, Llangollen, after attending a meeting in my role as Project Manager employed by CADW: Welsh Historic Monuments. As I was passing through Welshpool, via the town, as the A483 bypass had not been constructed at this time, I was aware that the five or six cars in front of me were slowing down. I could not see anything on the road ahead that would be causing this, but I noticed that the driver of the car immediately if front of me was looking to his left. Almost at a standstill, I looked to my left and saw three coloured lights, red, white and blue in the formation of a triangle just hanging in the air above some trees. 

The triangle formation began to fall like a falling leaf. It then began to rise in two steps. The formation undertook this falling and rising sequence a number of times before, for some unknown reason, I looked to my right and upwards. There, slowly travelling across the sky in a north-easterly direction, was an orange light. After observing the orange light for about 10 seconds or so, I turned my gaze back to the left where the triangle formation had been performing, only to find that it had gone.' 

 The location where Michael had stopped is just outside the south side of the town. 

 Source: Michael Hopkins, 2018, via SUFON Files.

December, night
Hollybush, Cwmbran

Witness and their mother-in-law were outdoors when they saw a crescent shaped brilliant white light in the sky on a clear starry night. It was a similar size to the moon, but witness was adamant it was neither the moon nor its reflection. The UFO travelled very quickly then seemed to disappear into thin air. They reported the sighting to RAF St Athan by letter.

DEFE-24-1954 16

Monday December 7th, 16:30

A husband and wife, their neighbour and a paperboy saw a single brilliant light, saucer-shaped with a slightly orange glow. It appeared to be in 'orange-like segments'. It was located above the mountains, in which direction is not reported, but probably to the north-west or north, as Newport is bounded by the sea to the south, low hills to the east and west. The object, which was moving very slowly in one direction, was also viewed through binoculars and a photograph was taken.

Tuesday December 15th, 17:10
Glyn Ceiriog

Teenager Simon Roberts was driving a car through Glyn Ceiriog and for two or three minutes was followed by a large bright green ball which he could see in the wing mirror. It then quickly came to his side of the car and stopped, hovering in a field to his right hand side. It hovered at about ten to twenty feet above the ground for two or three seconds. 

 "It looked like a giant green football but it was bigger than a house. I would say the radius was more than 50 feet [might mean diameter?] and it was the same height 50 feet. It then vanished and reappeared again on the other side of the valley where I lost sight of it. It was heading in a southerly direction towards the Oswestry area."

December 21st, 18:30
Bodfari, Denbigh

Two witnesses, Richard Rolands and Matthew Emmone, were cycling along the A543, below the site of the TV mast on Bodfari Hill, when they saw a ball-shape object between 100-200' off the road. The boys cycled on, and this object seemed to be replaced by a large blue / green triangle which was descending slowly, with small blue / white sparks coming out of one side. The two boys got home as quick as they could, and the object had just blanked out. 
Later on that same evening, around 7:00pm, the two boys were out near the village, when they saw another triangle, this time white, higher up in the sky. This triangular object emitted a smaller, star-like object, which itself split into two, and these two flew around before joining together prior to joining the main object again.

The event was covered badly by the local press, and the two boys were ribbed unmercifully at school, even though their names were not published. Eventually the parents refused to allow the boys to talk any more about their experience. However, Margaret Fry was able to find out that Richard Roland's father had several UFO sightings in his own childhood, so there may be some sort of family connection.

Margaret Fry investigated and sent her report into Awareness V21/N2.

Denbighshire Free Press 22/01/1993

December 28th
Bodfari, Denbigh

Richard Rolands and Matthew Emmone saw another white triangular object.

Late December

Weather conditions - cloudy and dry. 

During Christmas week, K. Owen was walking his Alsatian dog in the town car park near Llandovery Castle and spotted something in the sky high above the Castle Hotel. He described a triangular-shaped object displaying amber lights, hovering motionless in the air under the clouds. It was in position for minutes before one 'wing' folded on top of the other and with no sound, disappeared into the clouds.

Source:, reported by witness on 22nd July 2011.

For more like this please click the image below:
Weird Wales


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