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Welsh UFO Sightings 1993

Welsh UFO Sightings

Welsh UFO sightings from 1993. For sightings from other years please click HERE.

Sadly the proposed UFO centre for mid-Wales never made it past the speculation stage... 

Wednesday 13th January, 01:40

1.40 AM. Very windy. Two witnesses, a husband and wife, were in bed at home in Llanedi, near Pontarddulais, when they were woken up by a blue light which flashed when airborne and became very bright when landed about 200 yards away. It also hovered, creating a floodlight, which they watched from the bedroom window. It is unclear from the report if they saw it before it landed, or afterwards, or both. There was no sound or smell. Duration of sighting: 5 minutes.

Friday 16th January, 22:00
Ynysddu, Gwent

Mr Parsons, a gardening contractor, observed a UFO whilst walking his dog at 22:00 at Ynysddu, north of Cardiff. He described it as a big orange round glow that moved slightly one way around Wattsville Mountain, then seemed to circle back. He reported it to the police who investigated but found no explanation.

The South Wales Argus reported that Mike Parsons of Glenview, Ynysddu was taking his dog for a walk when he spotted a large orange and red light hovering in the sky. He stated that the large object was:

".... perfectly round and about 15 feet in diameter. It couldn't have been a plane's lights because it was too big. It moved across the sky one way and went out of sight behind some trees before coming back. There was a big red glow and then it went black", said Mike.

Blackwood police confirmed that they had received reports of a strange light in the area.

At 23:00 Mrs J. Hurford from Ty Sign, Risca, later reported having seen the same object, hovering by the mountain for a long time. Her letter was published in the South Wales Argus of February 17th:

On Saturday, January 16, at approximately 11pm I went to draw the curtains and saw this huge round red object tinged with orange behind the trees on the crest of the mountain. It was very strange, it was there for a long while and it was really massive.

I told my family at the time, and made a joke about it, saying perhaps it was from outer space, but I didn't see any little men about. ... I hope Mr Parsons will now feel better, knowing someone else also saw it at the same time, same night.

Leyton Williams-Davies of BUFORA was contacted by Gwent Police and determined the object was, in fact, Venus.

South Wales Argus 02/02/1993

Sunday 17th January, 21:30
Trefnant, Clwyd

At around 9.30pm, near the disused rail tracks at Trefnant, Roger Jones was travelling by car on the A525, in an area of scrubland, he became aware of lights where there were usually none. He noticed a pedestrian looking intently at the lights, but was unable to immediately stop due to another car being behind. Mr Jones had to turn the car round, and when he returned to the spot, he saw a self-lit helmet-shaped object approximately 30m from a farmhouse. 

The witness turned off the main road, and onto a farm track to get closer to the object, but he found two other parked cars in the way. Light rippled over this object, which had two rows of square windows in what seemed to be a darker main body. A bright searchlight scanned the ground beneath, going around the lower perimeter. Another car came into the lane, but Mr Jones did not attempt to speak to the other likely witnesses, as he was already late for a concert that he was performing in, so he reluctantly reversed back into the main road and drove off.

Margaret Fry submitted this report to Awareness V21/N2.

Friday 22nd January, 22:00

Mrs B from Wattsville spotted a bright red light flooding through the curtains. Her husband and her son saw it too. The object did exactly the same circuit around the mountain as that seen by Mike Parsons on January 16th.

Leyton Williams-Davies of BUFORA determined the object was Venus.

Caerphilly Chronicle 25/03/1993

Friday 29th January, 17:35
Bodfari Moel Parc, Clwyd

Mr and Mrs Evans, and their two sons were in a car travelling to Denbigh at about 5.35pm, past the TV mast on Moel Arthur, when the eldest son excitedly shouted from the back of the car. They all saw a very bright yellow object, slowly moving away from beside the mast, and moving up it until it seemed to position itself on top of the mast. They all had a very clear view of the object, which had very clear darker orange lines visible across it, defining an almost cockpit-like shape. The object suddenly vanished, as if it had been switched off.

*Margaret was unable to visit the site at night, but notes that it was the second sighting at the same spot in just over a month, and challenges the likes of Paul Devereux to explain the sightings away as ball lightning or earthlights. Unknown to the Evans family, there had been another car following, whose occupants also saw the object at the TV mast.*

Margaret Fry submitted her report to Awareness V21/N2.

March 8th and March 9th, 18:30
Croesyceiliog, Cwmbran

Mr Cox, a retired gas fitter, spotted a brilliant light over Croesyceiliog, Cwmbran, with neighbours. The following night he saw it again, this time shooting 30 minutes of film with his video camera, including an aircraft passing in front and under 36x enlargement. The object remained in view until 20:00 when the sky clouded over and obscured it. He passed the video over to Gwent Police who admitted to being 'amazed' by the footage.

The video was then shown to astronomers in Cardiff who identified the 'UFO' as Venus. The same conclusion was drawn by Leyton Williams-Davies of BUFORA who was contacted by Gwent Police to look into the matter. Williams-Davies' short report on the affair was published in Northern UFO News #161, June 1993.

Cwmbran Star 19/03/1993

South Wales Echo

The Monmouthshire Free Press of March 19th 1993 also carried the story, as did the South Wales Echo (March 10th, March 11th) and the South Wales Argus (March 10th, March 11th, March 22nd, April 1st).



Rhyl and Prestatyn Visitor

Wednesday 31st March, 01:10
Various Locations

Two bright lights were seen travelling in parallel across the night sky. Sighting reports poured in from across Ireland, Wales and the West Country, and is believed to have been the spent rockets from the launch of a Russian cosmos 2238 satellite.

Read on for reports - 

At Moelfre, Abergele, wrote Margaret Fry to Awareness V21/N2: "Harry Bartrum, and his friends Malcolm and Frank, were at a mobile home park near Moelfre, and had heard the radio reports, so were scanning the skies. They saw two large lights crossing the sky, which were reported as emitting blue beams."
DEFE-2086 116
DEFE-2086 117
defe-24-2032-1-1 271
defe-24-2032-1-1 272

Cardigan and Tivyside Advertiser, 02/04/1993

At Rhos-y-Rhandir, Welshpool, Margaret Fry told Awareness V21/N2: "At around l.00am, in a clear sky with a bright moon, the witness saw two large, bright lights travelling in line abreast moving from NW to SE. Trails were visible from each of the lights, which were larger than aircraft lights, and were steady, and made no noise, despite being quite low. The two lights had been in sight for about 2 minutes. The witness did not relish reporting her sighting, despite hearing the radio reports of similar objects over Ireland and South-West England that same night."

At Treharris Police Station, Perrot Street, near Merthyr, multiple police officers saw two bright white circular objects, flying low as they travelled slowly overhead. The sighting lasted some two to two and a half minutes. 

There was a sighting from Haverfordwest timed at 12:15am which may have been related

defe-24-2032-1-1 280
defe-24-2032-1-1 281

April, 15:45
Dee Estuary, Flintshire

The following report was published in Northern UFO News #177 (October 1997):

Mr G had been metal detecting on the beach and was on the promenade leaning on the railings looking south west across the Dee Estuary towards Flintshire in North Wales.

It was 15.45 on a clear day when he spotted an object moving between fluffy clouds and heading westwards towards Point of Ayr. It had an elongated shape but was neither an obvious aircraft nor a helicopter and moved too fast for an airship. Suddenly, whilst over the estuary the object changed direction and plunged at a 40 degree angle into the sea. It fell into the water but left no trail of smoke.

Mr G was at first convinced he had seen a plane go down but there were no such reports in the media and now he is baffled by what he did witness. Readers of 'Alien Contact' (the first book with that title in 1981!) will recall that Gaynor Sunderland - star witness in these Flintshire close encounters that this book describes - had a rather similar experience from near her home in Flint as a child. 

However, she was able to see that the object that fell into the estuary clearly was an aircraft. Checks later revealed that a plane had indeed gone down here - but during World War Two. This provoked the speculation as to whether Gaynor had witnesses a timeslip replay of this historic event. On the other hand - as the book further shows - this part of the North Wales coast is awash with UFO activity.

Intriguingly, there are obvious similarities here with the UFOs seen (and March 1997 'sky crash') above Dark Peak east of Glossop. As we have reported in the last two issues this area is also filled with sightings of a crashing aircraft that 'replays' a May 1945 event.

Neyland, Pembrokeshire

Date of sighting is approximate. The sighting lasted a few minutes.

The orange light passed directly over the house, humming and vibrating the window frame. It travelled north slowly. I was unable to get out of bed. An orange light moved over my house from south to north, there was a low humming sound, the object moved quite slowly... perhaps 20mph.

The memory of this only surfaced recently, after I heard a conversation between two other witnesses. I have since heard a story about a ufo that apparently travelled through Wales, across the Bristol channel to Cornwall, turned around and retraced it's path back north. I have been searching for collaboration for months, this feels like a memory that is somehow partly erased, this I don't understand as I'm a very observant person.

Source: UFO Hunters citing NUFORC. Uploaded by witness on 4th February 2002.

July 8th, 23:30
Rhosneigr, Anglesey

At 11.30pm, the witness had finished work in a hotel, and had gone out into his garden to relax, and perhaps watch any aircraft flying from nearby RAF Valley, so he is quite familiar with low flying aircraft. 

On this occasion he noticed a bright light flying low, thinking it was a helicopter, but as it came overhead it was grey and totally soundless. The witness then saw the grey object was followed closely by a golden ball, and both flew over him and continued out of sight to the East. 

The witness wrote to Patrick Moore, and Jodrel Bank radiotelescope, to report his sighting, but perhaps not surprisingly got no response.

Margaret Fry submitted this report to Awareness V21/N3. Possibly the case mentioned in this clipping from the Wales on Sunday:

Wales on Sunday 22/08/1994

Thursday August 5th, 21:00

The witness was outside and saw a flashing green light in the clear sky, which rotated then stopped and flashed green and red. The witness viewed the object with binoculars and thought the lights were on a structured craft. It darted around the sky in a random manner.

DEFE-24-1959 242
DEFE-24-1959 243

Sunday August 8th, 04:00 - 04:30

It was a cold clear night with few clouds when two friends saw three soft green, ball shaped glowing objects. They observed the object with the naked eye and through binoculars for some eight to ten minutes, moving at a steady course, on an east-west bearing, at a 70-degree elevation, about half mile plus away.

Witness reported sighting to RAF St. Athan, noting that initially he thought they might be seeing satellites. He went on to say that he thought it interesting that ten minutes later three 'jet' aircraft flew by fairly low, displaying blue and red flashing lights.

DEFE-24-1959 240
DEFE-24-1959 241

Thursday 12th August

Lorraine Fox, her children Neville and Sarah, and Diane Jones and her son Nicholas were travelling in Lorraine’s car, a C reg. Rover. They had spent an evening in Mumbles and were returning home to Carmarthen. Just after leaving Swansea, travelling down Carmarthen Road, Lorraine was the first to spot an object in the sky.

“I noticed it round about the Smiths factory although there was a lot of street lighting. At first I thought it was car lights. It was a circle of light on the right of the car. It didn’t seem to be moving around, but as the car moved it seemed to move with us. When we got to the motorway it was still there so I said to Diane: ‘Can you see what I can see?’ It came into the car, lighting up the inside so I thought somebody had turned the light in the car on and I went to turn it off. It was very bright and yet we were not straining our eyes,” she said.

It finally left them at Llanddarog.

“It shone on to the children, they said it seemed to come down on to them,” said Lorraine. When they arrived home, they discovered that they had made the journey in just 26 minutes. This, they say, is impossible, particularly as they had taken a detour through Swansea.” Lorraine said she had not been speeding.

Despite a badly-fitting car door, the car seemed to travel along without any sound. After the journey there was a strange smell around the car.

The following day they found they had unusual symptoms. Both women had earache, Diane had swollen eyes, 15-year-old Neville had burn marks under his watch strap and 10-year-old Sarah had a rash on her chest. Since their experience, the children have been too frightened to go to bed and the women say they feel they have been suffering from shock.

They would all like to believe that what they saw was part of a laser light show taking place that night in Crosshands, but, when they reached the area, the lightshow and the light that followed them from Swansea were different.

Source: Wales On Sunday, 22nd August 1993 – report by Caroline Evans.

Wales on Sunday

August 16th, 20:45

At 8.45pm, Ms Karen Armitage, and her friend Mr R Archer-Jones, both witnessed an object at the TV mast on Prestatyn mountain. Mr Archer-Jones was very precise in his report, which does differ from that of Ms Armitage, but it should be stressed that he saw it before her attention was drawn to it. 

The two witnesses had been in a car outside one of their houses, when Mr Archer-Jones saw an object something like an egg-shape, but with the top broke off, it was white with green streaks in it, and it was falling slowly. Ms Armitage was alerted by her friend's exclamation, and she saw a bright fiery red/orange ball falling quickly. Either they saw two different objects, and the sketches indicate they were in a different place, or the one object had changed shape dramatically within a couple of seconds. 

The two friends stayed up later in the night to watch the predicted Perseid meteor shower, which looked nothing like the object they has seen earlier that evening.

Ms Armitage had witnessed a metallic hatshaped object in 1970 while living in the Wirral.

*As a follow up to this event, Margaret Fry and Mr Archer-Jones were invited onto a BBC Wales programme, but the witness chose to call his sighting 'a meteor', being uncomfortable with the concept of it being a true UFO.*

Margaret Fry submitted this report to Awareness V21/N3.

Near Bridgend

Witness saw one very bright white light with a vapour trail. The object passed overhead at very high speed, ten times faster than a high speed aircraft, heading towards Ilfracombe. Witness reported the sighting to Cardiff ATC who saw nothing on radar.


Thursday August 26th, 15:40

"One white oval shaped object, like an egg, but more flat at ends. No noise. V approx size of penny held at arm's length. Seen for a few seconds."  

DEFE-24-1959 215
DEFE-24-1959 216

August 29th, 22:30

Light in the sky.

August 30th, 19:00
Plocaenog Forest

Witness saw two yellow cigar shaped objects. They reported the sighting to police.  

DEFE-24-1959 207

August 31st, 18:40
Cwmdu, Black Mountains

Witness was sat outdoors when they saw a large black object in the clear sky. It moved steadily overhead, accompanied by a high pitched sound. The sighting was reported to Brecon Police.

DEFE-24-1959 205

Thursday 2nd September, 20:30

A witness located indoors on Penarth Head, saw a large and long, bright gold coloured object in the cloudy sky. The sightings lasted for 5 seconds, with the object moving steadily over the Bristol Channel.


Four teenagers saw a grey/white milk-bottle shaped UFO in Newport. Another sighing of a circular object with bright lights all around it was reported from Rogerstone.  

South Wales Argus 18/09/1993

September (Sunday - so 5th, 12th, 19th or 26th), afternoon
Conway Estuary, Gwynedd

Douglas Braisby was on the shore at Deganwy on a clear sunny Sunday afternoon, watching all the boats bobbing in the water, when he saw what looked like a giant shiny silver coin standing on its edge, which remained stationary for over 20 minutes.

Margaret Fry submitted this report to Awareness V21/N3.

Saturday 25th September

Witness saw a white oval shaped UFO. It moved slowly across the sky for two minutes, then changed direction and picked up speed, finally disappearing out of sight after three or four minutes.

DEFE-24-1964 45
DEFE-24-1964 46
DEFE-24-1964 47
DEFE-24-1964 48
DEFE-24-1964 49
DEFE-24-1964 50
DEFE-24-1964 51
DEFE-24-1964 44

Rhos-on-Sea, Clwyd

The witness, a retired man, was walking along the North Shore Road. It was a clear, sunny, but windy day, and to his amazement he saw what in his words was a 'flying bedstead'. It was oblong, with a squat leg at each corner, and was silver all over, but seemed to have a trellis-like pattern over its surface.

*Margaret Fry had an almost identical report from a retired Naval Officer in June 1993, who lived in the Wirral.*

Margaret Fry submitted this report to Awareness V21/N3.


Wales on Sunday 10/10/1993

November, 19:00
Townhill, Swansea

7 PM one evening, conditions dark with street lighting on, weather, dry and partly cloudy. Mark Rayworth, aged 18, was standing in Powys Avenue, Townhill, and looking in the direction of Swansea city centre (south-east), when he saw a black triangular shaped object at a height of about 300 feet. 

It was travelling at a very fast speed, maybe 100 to 200 miles per hour, from over the city centre towards his location. It then veered sharply to its left towards the direction of Mumbles, disappearing into clouds. He stated there was no sound, and no trail left behind. The triangle had a white light on each corner of its underside. He could not estimate its size. He saw it for only a brief few seconds. He stated that he did not believe the object was of this planet. when they

Source: SUFON Files - witness interviewed by Steve Drewson, 17th March 2016.

Monday 22nd November, 17:35

Bright lights seen moving erratically in the sky above Pontllanfraith Civic Centre. The South Wales Argus of November 26th reported:

Roy Lewis, of Pentwynmawr, was driving past in his car when he spotted two lights in the sky about half a mile above the council offices at 5:35pm on Monday. He stopped and watched what he believed to be a flying saucer flying away.

He said: "It seemed to be hopping, travelling about 500 metres each hop and flashing like a star. But there was no sound, so I don't think it can have been a helicopter or a plane. It was just so stunning to watch and so bright. It was something out of the ordinary, but I don't know what."

Victoria Davies, who was in the car with him, said: "I have never seen anything like it - it was so odd. The speed it travelled was incredible, yet it was so quiet."

South Wales Argus 26/11/1993

December 21st, 00:45
Maindee, Newport

Witness and her boyfriend were in a bedroom in Maindee, Newport, when they saw a UFO in the clear night sky through the window. The object was huge, some 100 foot across, and consisted of large circles of light. There were 4-5 rings, two spinning in one direction, the others in the opposite direction. The outer rings were dimmer than the others, though all lights were steady. 

The object was surrounded by mist and moved slowly across the sky then as object became more distant the lights turned into lines then disappeared. Witnesses noted no unusual sounds or smells. The sighting lasted 15 minutes and was reported to the police.  


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