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Welsh UFO Sightings 2017

Welsh UFO Sightings

Welsh UFO sightings from 2017. For sightings from other years please click HERE.

2017 was the 40th anniversary of the Broad Haven sightings so most of the UFO related press coverage involved that. SUFON held their summer conference on Saturday 10th June which also generated some coverage. 

Cambrian News published a story about a MUFON poster put up at Morfa Dyffryn and Benar Beach. The Metro then picked it up under the headline: 'Pervy UFOs ‘keep being spotted’ near Welsh nudist beach, experts claim' Indeed! 

Aliens often seem to have an unhealthy interest in human sexuality – just ask any alien abductee who’s been ‘probed’.

This time, the dirty little green men seem to have an alarming interest in a popular Welsh nudist beach – with craft showing up repeatedly.

The beaches and sand dunes at Morfa Dyffryn between Barmouth and Harlech in north Wales have been noted as a place of interest for extra-terrestrial activity by US-based MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network).

The organisation logs reported UFO sightings and has put up a helpful poster, telling people to watch out for aliens.

Monday 2nd January, 17:30

John Ceciliato saw a constant star like light moving towards the moon. It did not reappear after reaching it. John reported the sighting to the UK UFO website on 4th January 2017:

"I was walking with my dog at Swansea Marina the weather was unusually clear so much so because only small crescent of the Moon was visible but the light reflecting of the Moon plus nearby Venus made it shine like a full Moon. I sat with my dog looking at the Moon, then I noticed a star like object moving ever closer to the Moon the subject did not appear to be moving at great speed I tracked it and it was definitely heading toward the Moon the light did not flash suggesting an aeroplane it was constant. I lost visual when it moved into the small crescent of the Moon which drowned out the subject with it’s greater luminous I continued scouring for a continued 20 minutes the subject did not appear again on the trajectory that it was moving on. I believe that the UFO landed on the Moon. That is what I witnessed, if you have any explanation of what I saw please inform me."

Tuesday 3rd January, 17:10
Heath Park, Cardiff

Witness saw a large very bright orange glowing sphere in the sky. It was travelling very fast and made no sound. Possibly a meteorite. The 20 second sighting was reported to MUFON on the same day.

"I was walking through the heath park playing fields in cardiff south wales, the time was 17:10. the sky was beautifully clear and was looking at a bright crescent moon and a planet shining brightly (not sure which one). i noticed a large very bright orange glowing sphere in the sky, it was travelling very fast from about half way up from the horizon in an extended arc right down to the tree line. at first i thought this must be a plane crashing but there was no sound coming from it. there was a plane also in the sky a little higher thsn where i first spitted the ufo but lights from the plane were flashing. i imagine it could likely be a large meteorite, bigger than any shooting star i have ever seen; i am reporting my sighting because if it was a meteorite that size it looked like it reached the ground although i can't confirm this as it went behind the trees and i couldn't say where it could have hit."

Wednesday 4th January, 02:00
Brynmill, Swansea

Witness statement:

"I was outside in the back garden smoking a quick cigarette before bed, and I noticed how clear the skies were, with the exception of a few clouds and the stars were magnificent. Absolutely clear constellations . Suddenly a shooting star appeared and fizzled away. I thought to myself how wonderful it was to see one before bed when all of a sudden around the same area of the sky where the meteor had fizzled out, I noticed bright light moving. After watching it for several seconds I realised it wasn't moving like a plane. It was darting back and forth, up and down. The light was circular, very bright yellow.

The thought occurred to me it could have been a drone, when I noticed it started to fly amongst the clouds. As it was, the light shinning off the clouds and there was no shape, it was almost as if the whole UFO was the light. I noticed that the light shinning onto the clouds was not the same colour as the light on the UFO but that could be because of how the light reacted to reflecting off the clouds.

This carried on for about 10 minutes. During those 10 minutes 2 more meteor showers occurred, one to the left and one to the right of the UFO. The distance between them was quire far but seeing 3 shooting stars and a UFO. It was a lot to handle, I blinked a lot and looked away and back and forth to make sure I wasn't losing the plot.

The clouds were around 10,000 ft (I checked online on cloudwatch) so it could be a top quality drone. But to see the shooting star and UFO appearing was truly spectacular.


February, c. 18:00
Brandy Cove, Gower

A couple were out walking with their dog at Brandy Cove. They had been on the beach and were standing on the cliff path having a breather and taking in the view when they saw a dark - matt black object come across the bay from the direction of Pwll Du (from the west) and just off the coast, so was over the sea, continuing in the direction of Caswell.

It moved very slowly and was described as sausage shaped - so a cigar and solid. About the size of an old style single decker bus. It moved slowly without any sound or lights. Altitude was not high - about the height at which a helicopter would fly.

It was about the same day as the sighting in West Cross, but the witnesses are not sure which day.

Source: SUFON Files

Tuesday 7th February
Neath, Swansea

I was sitting outside our back garden. The skies were beautifully clear. There were 2 Aeroplanes in the sky, but no-way near what we sighted. There were 3 orbs at a very high altitude, they seem at first to be in a triangle formation ducking in and out of each other. 

Then they seem to go in different directions briefly before what seemed to be follow the leader heading towards the Brecon Beacons. We watched them for what seemed ages but it was less than 5 minutes. There was no actual colour as the sun was deflecting making it seem they were silver. 

I know it seems mad but at first I thought they were birds weaving in and out until my husband said that it was far to high altitude.

Source: SUFON Database.

Wednesday 15th February, 22:45

Witness was driving the mountain road from Maerdy to Aberdare when they saw a large orange sphere hovering on the horizon. Witness watched it for about four minutes before it disappeared. They reported the sighting the same day to MUFON:

"I was driving over the mountain road from maerdy coming into aberdare. as i reached the top of the mountain there was a large orange sphere hovering on the horizon to my left. i watched it for 3-4 minutes and then it just disappeared."

Monday 27th February, 18:30
West Cross, Swansea

Dark, cold and raining.

June Davies (81) and her husband Balf, had been for a meal at Dick Barton's chip shop in West Cross, Swansea. They left at about 6.30 pm and went to wait for a bus back to their daughter's house in Mumbles, where they were staying. They were sitting at the bus stop on Mumbles Road near the West Cross Inn, on the seafront, facing inland. They saw an object in the sky in front of them (11 o'clock) at an elevation of 45 degrees, in line with the nursing home but further away. It had white lights all around it and was like an elongated oval in shape. There were about 6-8 large bright white lights around its circumference. They could only see the lights on their side of the object and June presumed that there were other lights all the way around, even though they could not be seen.

The object was just hovering without a sound. June said she had never seen anything like it before. It was large, and she said it would have taken two hands-lengths at arm's length to cover the object. It was moving at a very slow speed sideways from left to right. It then moved or darted a short distance and hovered again. A cloud came and covered it for about three minutes, but when it passed the object was still there. It was quite high up, but mainly below cloud level. There was no sound audible. She could not see the body itself, only the lights which outlined the shape. There were no flashing lights.

She felt that it was watching her and had an eerie feeling. She felt drawn to it, and knew that it was odd. She also felt exposed and scared by it, and was quite shaken by the experience.

She desperately wanted someone else to see it, but there was nobody about. They waited for 45 minutes for a bus and because of the cold decided to phone for a taxi, by which time it had moved to a position of about 2 o'clock and was now over Dick Barton's chip shop (line of sight) but further away. It seemed to be moving away from them, going inland, when the taxi arrived ten minutes later. She did not point it out to the taxi driver however, despite wanting others to see it, and regretted this in retrospect. It was still visible, hovering when she left the area, but it had moved further inland over West Cross.

When they arrived at her daughter's house in Mumbles, she excitedly told her all about it.

Source: SUFON Files - June Davies interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams 13 March 2019.

Thursday 16th March, 23:32
Graigwen, Pontypridd

Michael Hopkins was heading home to Graigwen, Pontypridd.

"I was returning home along the A470 from a friend's house in Cardiff, and as I approached the off-slip for the 'Sainsbury' interchange, I observed a single green light apparently stationary over Graigwen. Just after exiting the interchange, I stopped the car and wound down the window to get a better view. 

As it was 11.32 pm I was not causing a traffic obstruction. I watched the green light, which was, in fact, stationary, for approx 20 seconds or so, when suddenly it turned red and immediately shot off at tremendous speed to the north-east."

Source: SUFON Files - report received from Michael Hopkins 2018. 

Thursday 23rd March, 21:46
Witness was in their back garden when they saw two objects hovering over the oil refinery for about 30 minutes, before vanishing. One object was large with pulsating red, blue, green and white lights. The smaller object was like a saucer with flashing lights. 

Witness reported the sighting to MUFON on Sunday 9th April 2017:

"I was out the back yard with my dog when 2 objects appeared. they hovered over the oil refinery for approx 30 minutes then vanished. 1 object was bet large and had a weired shape to it and the 2nd smaller object was like a saucer with flashing lights. the larger object has pulsating red, blue, green and white lights. it made no noise. 

it could not have been a helicopter as it was too big. they just hovered typewritten gone. it was strange. i didn't feel frightened was curious as i watched a satellite's over and a plane fly above the object and it never moved. the larger object was like a straight line of lights across with a line of lights going downwards and a line going above but not like a cross."

Saturday 25th March, c. 15:30

Kris Prevel was with her husband Phil, sitting outside the Coffee Tavern in Cambrian Place, Saundersfoot having a cup of tea when she saw a small object, about three to four feet long flying in a straight line over Saundesfoot, passing just to the north of her location. It was heading from the north-west to south-east towards the sea. The object wasn't very high, some seagulls were higher than it and some lower.

It was shaped like a dumbell and was travelling lengthways. Its colour was silver in the centre with dull dark or black ends. The sun glinted off the silver portion. There was no noise and it travelled fast, and was visible for only a few seconds. Phil did not see it however because by the time Kris drew his attention to it the object, it had moved out of sight behind the cafe building.

Kris said: 'Definitely not a bird, definitely mechanical. If you saw the speed and straight line it took. It struck me that if it failed and fell out of the sky it would make a huge hole in someone's roof or kill a person, surely the military wouldn't send something like that over such a crowded area? It's hard for me to judge distance, height etc. You couldn't put a person in it, far too small but saw it well with the naked eye, it wasn't flying that high, which also surprised me, as I say, seagulls were flying much higher and some lower.

If it was on the ground the same size I could probably have managed to hold it with two arms outstretched, but it was higher so probably bigger than I think. There were airlines in the sky, but considering how packed Saundersfoot was on Saturday, I felt that whatever it was too low for comfort, it was going at a controlled speed and course over the village and out towards the sea'.

Source: SUFON Files - Kris Prevel post on Facebook SUFON group page, 25th March 2017. 

Sunday 2nd April, c. 02:00
Swansea Bay

Richard Woodfield, Georgia Thomas and Tilana McIntosh were on Swansea beach at Singleton, around a camp fire. They were just about to head home when Georgia spotted a solid dark object in the sky to the south-east, over the sea, at an elevation of about 30 degrees.

It made no sound, was motionless and had no lights. It was fairly hard to make out, but it was possible to make it out against the darker sky behind it.

It was impossible to gauge the distance of the object, but it was higher than the clouds and the size of possibly two thumbnails at arm's length. Shaped almost like a rectangle but with round edges, the object had a deep dark grey colour. 

Tilana tried to take a photo on her phone but for some reason the whole screen was white. They could not confirm that it was a phone fault or not. A cloud passed in front the object and around two minutes later, when the cloud had moved away, the object was no longer visible.

Richard said: 'When we noticed it, it was there for about 30 seconds tops before the clouds moved in the way, but it could have been there all evening.' 

Source: SUFON Files - Richard Woodfield via Facebook, 3rd May 2017. 

Thursday 6th April, 11:20
Townhill, Swansea

SUFON's own Mike Maunder was walking his dog in Townhill, Swansea and was heading home in Gwent Road, looking at the view to the north from his position high on the hill.

He noticed what looked like a white or silver disc-shaped object to the north-west, over the area between Fforestfach and Penllergaer Woods, or even a bit further. The object was 'whizzing in and out of a cloud (as if using it for cover), about six or seven times.' It was moving at speed and making some really sharp turns, covering distances rapidly, only visible for short periods before diving back into the clouds.

He is sure that it was not a bird or anything like a drone. It's size he compared to a motor bike or large trailer. He stood, watching the object for about a minute, then it disappeared or stayed in a cloud. He waited for two minutes to see if it came out again but it didn't.

Mike took a photo on 3 May 2017 to illustrate the view that he had. He said: 'As it happens there`s a cloud roughly where I saw it (smaller one of the 2 ). The cloud was higher on the day and I`d say more or less over Penllergaer woods area.'

Source: SUFON Files

Wednesday 26th April, 22:00
Swansea Bay

SUFON's own Laurence Lowe was out for a walk with his camera and was in the middle of taking a long exposure shot of Mumbles from his location on the seafront near Blackpill. He noticed two white star-like lights moving together in unison, silently across the bay. He was looking towards Port Talbot (east) and the lights were at about 45-50 degree elevation, moving from left to right (north-south).

He was unable to take a photo as he was in the middle of the time exposure. When he was finally able to take a photo they dimmed out. Laurence said: 'I've seen enough planes and helicopters so I usually know when its a "natural" phenomenon.'

Source: SUFON Files

Sunday 30th April, 03:54
Swansea University

3.54 AM. Excellent visibility, wind from the east: 30-45 mph.

Liam Williams was with two friends doing some night fishing at the lake in Singleton Park, Swansea, near the Pub on the Pond. Liam said they were having a few beers and talking when he decided to look outside of the bivvy (fishing tent). He saw four white lights in the sky to the north-east at a 40-45 degree elevation, in the direction of the university buildings, and about a mile or two away. When he first saw them they were in a square formation moving to the right and upwards diagonally.

As soon as he saw them, he screamed to his friends to 'shut up' at which point they became silent and he listened. There was no sound, and about 5 seconds after he had first seen the lights they broke formation. Three of the lights (the top left, top right and bottom right) started circling around the bottom left one whilst still moving in the same direction then 10 seconds after first sighting them they all completely broke formation and started crossing in front of each other and moving erratically before shooting directly upwards from an elevation of about 50 - 60 degrees.

There had been no flickering or flashing lights visible at the time the lights were in view, just the steady white lights. Liam then started walking towards the university to see if he could see them again or even see anything that could have caused it, such as a drone. He found that there was nobody around nearby. Total duration of the sighting: 14 seconds. Photo: looking east - the lake can be seen bottom right.

Source: SUFON Files - witness message via Facebook, 30th April 2017. 

Wednesday 3rd May, c. 23:45
Graigwen, Pontypridd

Mike Hopkins lives in Graigwen, Pontypridd and just before retiring for the night, he decided to go out into the cool night air on his patio at the side of the house with his binoculars.

"My patio, for the most part is sheltered from the street lights, which is an advantage for sky watching. I sat on a patio chair and scanned the sky. After a few minutes I was aware of a red light on a north-westerly heading. As I followed it through my binoculars, to my amazement, it passed two white lights in formation, one slightly ahead of and to the side of the other.

As they passed, it reminded me of cars on a dual-carriageway! Could they be satellites I thought? Are satellites available in different colours? Do satellites travel in strict formation? Would satellites travel in opposite directions? I don't know.....I can only state what I observed." 

Source: SUFON Files - correspondence by email from Mike Hopkins 2018. 

Thursday 18th May, 06:10

Witness was out walking their dogs when they saw a bright light approaching from a northerly direction. They watched a solid dumbell shaped or disc shaped object descend into the field in front of them, c. 50 to 100 feet away. A panel in the craft opened to reveal a very tall woman with long blonde hair.

The woman beckoned to the witness, who felt as though their body 'had been taken over'. The dogs ran away and the witness blanked out, waking up to find themselves 'on a cold flat table like structure'. They then blanked out again and woke in the field, sitting in an upright position. The craft had gone but the witness found they were cut and bleeding slightly.

They reported the experience to MUFON on Thursday 18th May 2017:

"I was out waking my dogs just north of my home town llangollen in wales, when i started to see a bright light coming towards me from a northerly direction. as i watched a solid dumbbell shaped or disc descended into the field in front of me about 50 to 100 feet away. 

a panel or door opened and a very tall women's with long blonde hair appeared. she beckoned me over and it was like my body had been taken over. my dogs ran away and then i must of blanked out as i woke up lying on a cold flat table like structure. i felt a tingling sensation in my lower spine and rectum area and my head hurt.

then i blanked out again and woke in the field sitting in an upright position. the dumbbell disc thing had gone but my jeans were wet on the backside area, and in closer inspection i found that i was cut and bleeding slightly. i managed to get home although it took me about an hour and went straight to bed as i felt exhausted. 

i'm scared to tell the doctor or authorities as a suffer from a mental condition and they will just think that it's that. can anyone help or advise as there have been some weird events in and around llangollen and the locals are all scared. i'm scared and so is my gwendoline..."

Saturday 20th May

Witness saw a dark oblong object appear from behind a small white cumulus cloud. It misted away from the front, quickly becoming invisible. The sighting lasted a few seconds and was reported to MUFON on Friday 9th February 2018:

"after a wedding lunch on 20th may 2017 at a private property near brynteg, on the isle of anglesey, wales, uk. i went outdoors alone and looked around. it was a sunny day with a few white cumulus clouds. i looked all around. in the sky to the west a dark oblong object appeared from behind a small white cumulus cloud. whether the cloud or the object moved i cannot say. from my perspective it moved to the right, eastwards, but it may have been the cloud that moved. i did not see it go behind (or into) the cloud before that. it misted away from the front, quickly becoming invisible, cloaked. i only saw it for a few seconds at most. i was gobsmacked and quite thrilled! i have been interested in ufos for many years and this was my first sighting. i just wish i had been able to get a photo, or at least another witness."

Wednesday 24th May, night

Witness saw a blue ball of light travelling across the sky. It changed to a white glow and disappeared behind a woodland area. Witness reported the sighting, which lasted 5 minutes, to

"A clear starry night I observed a blue ball of light travel across the sky changing to a white glow and disappearing behind woodland area. I wasn't sure if I was seeing things as there were so many stars in sight... However, this light was the only thing my phone picked up."

Sunday 26th May, 10:00
Waun Wen, Swansea

Cloudy, fine, light wind.

The witness, a 50-year-old man, was walking up Carmarthen Road from Swansea city centre towards his home in Waun Wen. He had just passed the Dyfatty area, and was walking on the left hand-side of the road. He spotted an object flying past him about 100 feet above the ground coming from behind him and following the course of Carmarthen Road on a steady level course at speed towards the north-west.

At first he thought it was a drone or plastic bin bag being carried on the wind. However there was no sound, so that ruled out it being a drone. There were no lights visible. It was roughly round, and he compared it's shape to a piece of paper which has been scrunched into a ball. About the size of a washing machine, he said it was black and white in colour, and because it was not spinning, he could see that the patches of black and white areas all over it were distinct from each other.

It was travelling at speed, roughly 60-70 mph, and he had the impression its flight was controlled and powered. When it reached a position further up the road, over the Cherry Tree pub, it suddenly turned 20-30 degrees to the right (due north) and started climbing, with a rolling or wavering motion from side to side slowly as it went. He finally lost sight of it due to a tree blocking his view of it. Duration of sighting - 7 or 8 seconds.

Subsequent weather research has ascertained that the wind direction at 6 am that morning was from to the west, veering to north-west by 12 pm. Roughly the same direction as that taken by the object. However due to the fact that wind was only blowing at a speed of 17 - 22 mph, was far slower than the 60-70 mph described by the witness.

Source: SUFON Files - witness report by telephone, 1st June 2017. 

Saturday 3rd June, 22:15
Pembroke Dock (SA72 6BQ)

Witness was walking their dog when they noticed strange lights in the sky. It was a central light with two small lights at either end of the object, and it made no noise. The sighting lasted about six minutes, the object flying at a constant speed until it completely disappeared out of sight, and the witness reported it to MUFON on the same day:

"I walk my dog the same route every evening and as i was walking home across a small field i noticed a strange lights in the sky at first i thought it was a plane but there was no flashing light on this just a central light with two small lights on either end there was no noise as you would expect if it was a plane and it flew at a constant speed until it completely disappeared out of sight. i just thought it was strange enough to inform you about."

Possibly linked to this sighting:

Saturday 3rd June, 22:30

Swansea UFO Network were having a skywatch on the top of Cefn Bryn, Gower. Steve Drewson, Laurence Lowe, Gary Paul were at the carpark, Mike Maunder and Emlyn Williams were about half a mile away to the north at a stone cairn near Arthurs Stone (burial chamber).

An object flew over travelling west to east between the groups of witness`s, about 200 feet in altitude and moving about 50mph with no sound. It displayed three large white round lights arranged in a straight line and flew sideways (lights were alongside each other) but the central light was constant but the other two seemed to be going off randomly.

There were no flashing navigation lights. It continued on a level course to the east of the witness`s until moving out of sight.

Source: SUFON Files.

Saturday 3rd June, 23:00
Brecon Beacons

A couple were camping in the Brecon Beacons when they saw an object flying directly overhead, completely silently. It was very bright, quite fast, and then disappeared behind a hill. They posted about the experience on Reddit:

I had just asked my partner the time (11pm) and I looked up and saw it. It flew directly overhead, was going quite fast but no sound at all. It was flying west to east. I don`t think it was a plane as there was no sound, it was deathly quiet that night. Also larger plans had flown over during the day at much higher altitude and they made a very audible rumble. Whatever this was was much lower in the sky. We only saw it for a few seconds before it disappeared behind a hill.

I`ve checked the ISS tracker and that was flying over South Wales 10 minutes before. However this was much larger and we were about 40 miles north but this thing was overhead. It glided overhead just a silent line of lights in the sky, i`ll also add that this thing was very bright and the outer lights were much larger than lights on planes wing tips.

Source: SUFON database via Reddit.

Tuesday 13th June, 22:45
East Swansea

Mike Maunder was outside his house with his dog, in Gwent Road on the north side of Townhill, Swansea. He looked at the red light on top of the mast on Kilvey Hill to the east, as he often does and then noticed another light to the left of it. He watched what looked like an orange orb, about the same size as the red light, about a mile to the north of Kilvey Hill over the Bonymaen or Winch Wen area.

It was a couple of hundred feet higher than Kilvey Hill (633 ft). Mike said that it didn't look like it was moving and faded after a minute. He's sure it wasn't a Chinese lantern. The bright orange light had just appeared and disappeared. He waited to see if came back on for a couple of minutes, but it did not.

Source: SUFON Files - Mike Maunder posted on facebook, 13th June 2017. 

Thursday 15th June

Witness was napping in their parked car, c. 23:30, with the sun roof open. They awoke with a jump to total darkness in spite of being in a built up area. They got out of the car to find they were on a motorway layby. They used the emergency telephone and asked the operator where they were.

The answer they received was Port Talbot - 40 miles away from where they were, even though they had a low fuel warning before falling asleep. The witness saw a mustard yellow sphere in the air with small lights darting about it - it then disappeared. The operator told them they would send a police officer to pick them up but, fearing accusations of drink or drugs, the witness checked the time - 3am - and chose to find a fuel station instead.

A similar event took place a few nights later, this time the witness finding themselves 25 miles away in Brecon, and about a week later they saw another sphere. The witness reported their experience to MUFON on Tuesday 17th December 2019:

"I parked my car in a quiet place as i often do when i have trouble sleeping. sun roof open because it was a nice clear night and seat reclined, staring blankly up at the stars. the car fuel warning light had been on for a while and knew that i barely had enough to reach the fuel station, about a mile away but was not too concerned at this. this was about 11:30pm, on a clear but reasonably warm dry night.

i must have fell asleep because i awoke with a jump, looked around and saw i was in total darkness, which was unusual because i had been parked in a built up area with street lights etc. i got out of the car to see what was happening and immediately saw that i was in a layby, on a motorway (no lighting at this part of the road). i then noticedone of those luminious orange emergency phones mounted on a poll.

i called the operator and asked where i was. he was understandably confused by my question, after trying to explain the situation, he told me that i was in port talbot, south wales. i am now about 40 miles away from where i started, have ing no fuel to have made the journey. as i heard the operator telling me he was going to arrange for a police officer to pick me up, i glanced across the bushes at the edge of the layby and saw a ball in the air. this looked strange because it was a yellow/mustard sphere and had small lights darting around it, sometimes entering the sphere, sometimes exiting the sphere.

i looked twice and thought that i was being stupid because it was only the moon. i looked across the darkened sky and saw the moon in the sky, its normal size and colour. looking again at the sphere, i realised that this was not the moon but something else entirely. the sphere then just disappeared. i am not sure if it moved off at such a speed that i couldn't see it move or that it just simply disappeared.

i checked over the car best i could in the light, discovered that the fuel warning light was still brightly illuminated with the guage reading zero, as it was earlier. checking the time, it was now about 3am (just gone actually). i decided not to wait for the police as they would think i was on drugs or drunk. i decided to try to drive to a fuel station (if there was one locally). the problem was that i hade no money. i found one, the car was complaining about the lack of fuel but i was forced to put fuel in the tank and take my chances! i put enough in to get home and drove off.

this self same event occured again a couple of nights later, only this time i found myself in brecon, some 25 miles away! about a week later, i was driving down a familiar road when i saw this sphere again, travelling low over the south wales valleys. i thought 'here we go again' but nothing happened on that occassion. my conclusion - i could not have reached port talbot with the fuel left in my car, i was pushing my luck already without driving the distance to port talbot. the car would not have made the journey. i did not have money or cards on me to pay for additional fuel. i cannot remember anything else but the only explanation is that my car was moved 40 miles away by some other means.

Monday 19th June, 17:10
Llanelli (SA15 1NP)

Witness was in their garden with their family, watching planes fly overhead, when they saw an egg shaped craft. It was flying in the opposite direction to the planes, traveling at least three times as fast as them. It produced no sound and no vapour trail. Witness reported the minute long sighting to MUFON on Tuesday 25th July 2017:

"Me and the family were in the garden on a sunny afternoon, we saw planes flying over with vapour trails, all of a sudden we saw this egg shaped craft flying in the opposite direction to the planes that we saw it was traveling at least 3 times as fast as the planes were. there was no sound and no vapour trail. totally stumped as the what it could have been. please check out my video. thanks. "

A video was recorded - link, converted to GIF 11/06/2021 - the video seems to show a white or silver disc-shaped object flying at high altitude. SUFON has checked commercial flights for that time and day, and there were no flights going over Llanelli at that time. Isolation of a frame from the video shows a disc or oval shaped object, with no wings.

Monday 19th June, c. 22:00

David Pearce was outside the front of his house in Bolgoed Road, Pontarddulais at 10 pm and saw an object coming towards him from the west-north-west. It seemed to be a vertically-oriented short cylinder with a bright white light shining from beneath. It stopped and changed direction towards the south. 

David ran through his house to the back garden and managed to capture it on video. He ran up the garden to take more footage but the object had risen at an accelerated rate of speed and disappeared into cloud cover. The object made no sound.

Source: SUFON Files - emails from witness June 2017. 

July, c. 20:30

Michael McShane was with his young son playing football in Cwmdare, Aberdare. Michael was in goal and told his son to kick the ball. But his son told him to look up. He walked to his son, turned and looking up, saw a black object shaped, "like a rugby ball" about "two houses high" above their heads. It stopped and tilted at the witnesses before moving on across the valley in the direction of Merthyr Tydfil.

Michael's son commented to the fact it had no wings and made no noise, and it had just come out of nowhere. Michael's mobile phone was flat so he was unable to take any photographs. They watched the object for about two minutes and the boy was still able to see it after Michael had lost sight of it.

Michael said, "....we saw it like a car passing on the road - it was beautiful."

Source: SUFON Files - witness email, 16th December 2019. 

Friday 21st July, 21:45

A woman who wishes to remain anonymous was sitting in her home in St. Davids Close, Hendy. She was in the living room looking out of the window, which faces east. She saw a number of very fast bright round objects moving very low in the sky towards her house. She grabbed her husband who was sitting on the settee, telling him to look out quickly, and they opened the patio door and went out into the garden.

Her husband ran back into the house to get his phone to take a photo, while his wife carried on watching. The objects changed direction and shot off high into the clouds, as the husband returned with his phone. He managed to take some photos which indistinctly records them. The objects looked red and yellow according to the witness, but this has not come out in the photos. There was no sound heard and the whole sighting lasted a few minutes.

The woman remembers asking her husband if he saw them, to which he answered yes. She then told him to listen, as the neighbour's dogs were barking.

The woman explained features in the photos [not displaying]: 'If you look closely above the house on the left with lights on above this is a circular mass which we saw moving around extremely quickly like nothing that seems possible. 

Also if you zoom in and look at the middle of the photo above the middle tree in the clouds you will see about four to five smaller round masses which were moving at speed below the clouds but went into them when we took the photo. They look like white circles in the photo as the colour not shown. To the eye they were red and yellow but you have to zoom in to see all circles.'

Source: SUFON Files - witness emails July 2017.

Sunday 23rd July, 17:06
Amlwch (LL68 9SA)

Witness reported a UFO seen on photographs they took to MUFON on Monday 24th July 2017: "Only seen object on two separate pictures from myself and my partner when we were cross checking our photos we cannot make any sense of the picture - initially thought ufo."

MUFON - Amlwch 23/07/2017
MUFON - Amlwch 23/07/2017

Monday 24th July, c. 23:00

Giles Brown was at home in Wildfield, Broadlands, Bridgend and saw an object through his bedroom window to the south. It was at about 40 degrees elevation and was moving erratically from the west to east. He said it was in the southern part of the sky, rather than overhead, and guessed it would have been going from Porthcawl to Cowbridge areas.

By coincidence the International Space Station passed over traveling west to east at 11.05 pm, but at a much higher elevation, and Giles is positive that this object was not the ISS, which he had seen many times before.

'This wasn't the ISS I've seen that before and it moves quite fast , this definitely stopped and started and while moving was fairly slow. Definitely triangular as well as it had lights around the edge and sort of formed a A in the sky. I live very close to the flight path of Cardiff airport so I'm used to seeing aircraft takeoff and land at night and this was nothing like that. The other strange thing was I observed this for around 4 -5 minutes from my bedroom window, as it moved out of sight I moved into the living room to continue to view the object in the direction of travel (a matter of seconds) and the object was gone, not in the distance as you'd expect but gone completely. Very strange.'

He described the object as triangular with 6 maybe 7 white lights underneath and moving in a stop start motion or appeared to be. It was hard to judge the distance away but he assumed it was Jumbo Jet sized and probably 5 miles away. 

Source: SUFON Files - witness contact via facebook. 

Wednesday July 26th, 22:30
Trussell Road, Cwmbran

The informant - a child - was sitting on a bench with her parents. The child and her dad were looking up at the stars. The child said “look dad a falling star” and explained before he/she makes a wish, asked the father what a falling star looks like, because he/she had not seen one before. The dad replied that a falling star was a fireball that falls to the ground. The child then asked “does it have rings” the dad answered that they don`t have rings and he/she probably saw a UFO.

The witness explained that the object had 5-6 glowing rings and was moving in a circle, from side to side and some lights. It stood in the air between 5-10 seconds. At that point the witness thought it might have been a helicopter but then it moved really fast and disappeared west upwards.

Other details recorded were that it was blimp shaped, had a dome and patterned surface and was over 500ft in altitude. (SUFON summary)

The witness reported the sighting to MUFON on July 27th 2017:

I was sitting on a bench with my mom and dad around 22:30 hours. my dad and i were looking at the stars but he didn't see what i did. "look dad a falling star!" i said. before i will make a wish i asked my dad what a falling star looked like, because i have never seen that in my life. he said it was just a fireball that falls fast to the ground. then i asked "does it have rings?". then he said that it doesn't have any rings and that i probably saw an ufo. it had glowing 5-6 rings and was slowly moving in a circle. from the side it had some lights. this was standing in mid air between 5 to 10 seconds. but i didn't suspect that it was a ufo. i thought at the moment that it was probably some kind of plane or helicopter. then it moved really fast and disappeared west upwards. it was dark so i couldn't see anything more than that. i hope you enjoyed reading this and thank you for your attention :d

Saturday 5th August, 21:13
Between Cardiff and Bridgend

The witness, an amateur photographer was en route as a front seat passenger in a car between Cardiff and Bridgend, travelling west on the M4. He was taking random photos of the sky as he went, taking a particular interest in light against clouds.

'First it was through glass, but I was getting a flashback as it was getting darker.... so I opened my window to get a clearer shot of the full moon.'

Afterwards he noticed in one shot taken towards the moon, a long, linear object below it. The moon had risen two hours previously and so would have been in the south-eastern sky, as in the photographs. The object is seen to the left and below the moon.

Source: - reported by witness, 12th September 2017.

Tuesday 8th August, 06:30
Mumbles, Swansea

Witness was fishing by Mumbles Pier with their father when they saw a bright orangey white light moving very fast just above the clouds. 

"i seen it tuesday 8th (green light) comeing from the same direction at about 6.30am i was fishing by mumbles pier with my dad when we saw it the sun was up aswell and the object we seen was a bright orangey white light moveing very fast just ubove the clouds"

Source: SUFON database

Wednesday 9th August
Cefn Coed, Merthyr

A couple from Cefn Coed, near Merthyr have been in touch. At about 10.32pm on Wednesday the 9th of August 2017 they witnessed what was described, as a bright orange light crossing the sky over Cefn Coed. It travelled from the northwest to the southeast, in the general direction of Cardiff.

At first the object appeared to be oblong in shape then seemed to change to a round shape as it passed over. It was estimated to be approximately 2 - 3,000 feet in height, making no sound. They had it under observation for approximately 40 seconds. 

It doesn't appear to be the I.S.S. although this was visible that evening, but at about 10pm and not travelling in the direction described. Perseids would not be visible for 40 seconds or at that height.

Source: SUFON database

Wednesday 9th August, c. midnight
Llansamlet, Swansea

"Hi there I've seen a bright green object roughly around midnight tonight travelling really fast near Llansamlet area looking out my window. It split into two then it was gone in a second. It was triangular looking. Couldn't believe my eyes if I'm honest. I'm wondering if anyone else seen it tonight."

Source: SUFON database

Thursday August 10th - 11th, c. 00:00

Clear night with a little cloud.

The witness, a woman, was in the back bedroom at home in Lon Enfys, Trallwn, looking out of the window. She suddenly saw a very bright green object travelling really fast at cloud height. It was triangular in shape and travelling on a straight horizontal course from Morriston to Clydach direction to her west on the other side of the Swansea Valley about two miles distant (her left to right). It split into two then it was gone in a second. It did not leave a trail and there was no sound.

'Couldn't believe my eyes if I'm honest. It was super fast and my eyes couldn't even see what direction they shot off, but the direction it was heading over was above morriston /ynysforgan roundabout way. It was level, with no trail behind it.

Source: SUFON Files - witness report via Facebook. 

Sunday 13th August, 14:00

Richard Farrant in Cardiff, saw the shadow of an elongated triangular-shaped object on light patchy cloud as it was travelling west to east. When crossing the cloud break, the object was not visible. It made no change in direction and made no sound. No contrail was visible. It travelled at a constant speed and altitude as the shadow it made on the clouds remained the same size.

Source: via SUFON database.

"Elongated triangular shaped object, although not visible it was causing a shadow on the low light patchy cloud travelling west to east. The object did not make a change of direction and no sound or contrail were witnessed. [Just for clarification, did you see an object, or just a shadow?] Just a shadow, between the cloud break I could not see an object. The object was travelling at a constant speed and altitude as the shape caused on the cloud remained the same size during the siting"

Tuesday 15th August, c. 17:30
Caswell Bay, Gower

My husband and I were driving down the hill towards Caswell Bay yesterday evening 15/09/17 around 5.30pm. I was the passenger.

Caswell is at the bottom of a steep valley. When we got to the bottom of the hill near to the Bishopswood Countryside Centre/Forest School, I looked up and saw a small silver sphere above the tree-line, maybe about 10 metres up above the tallest tree, though hard to tell how big it was and how high it was.

My husband didn't see it, the object was high up in the windscreen and I had to lean forward with my forearms on the dashboard to continue to see it.

We reached the bottom of the hill and I lost sight of it. Here the road begins to rise again, and as we gained height, I looked back over my shoulder and from out of the rear passenger door I saw it again, it had moved up the valley. Lost sight of it again as we drove up the hill, the view obscured by trees/topography.

Have tried to indicate where we were when I first saw it (orange), and the location of the UFO (yellow).

We did a circuit through Bishopston, Murton, Manselfield, and back down to Caswell Bay road to see if we could see it again but no joy.

I went online this morning to see if there was anything similar sighted in the U.K. recently, it looked exactly like the silver sphere videoed by a man in Leeds in July this year. Kept blinking out a little bit, same motion, same speed, same size. Very shiny like chrome, with a darker ring around it where it was backlit by the sun setting in the west, suggesting it was a sphere and not a flat surface.

Source: Beams Investigations.

Wednesday August 23rd, 22:00
Storey Arms, Brecon Beacons

Andy of Brecon was walking his dogs next to the river Usk, along the Promenade in Brecon. He saw a light in the sky to the south, in the area of Storey Arms in the Brecon Beacons, 3 to 4 miles away. He watched it for about ten minutes then filmed it on his mobile phone. 

The light seemed to change colour from white to red at random, pulsing on and off and moving horizontally back and fore, sometimes above the horizon and at others below the horizon but in view, with the mountains behind.

'It definitely was not a plane or helicopter...... way too big for a drone. No sound at all.'

Source: SUFON Files - witness correspondence via Facebook, December 2017. 

Thursday 31st August
Gendros, Swansea

Susan of Gendros Avenue East, Gendros, Swansea:

'I woke up at 3.58 this morning and lying on my bed looking out at the night sky through my semi-open blinds. Gendros Avenue East overlooking Penlan [north]. I noticed a large silver object in the sky, to the right of Gendros Avenue West.... I grabbed my mobile phone and clicked record video. I tried my best to get a shot of the object by the time I reached for my phone the object had changed to an orange coloured ball then a smaller object which was red.'

The video shows actually two objects in the sky. Eventually it went out of view.

Susan added that the shape of the object when first viewed was a bright silver cylinder or oblong object with a flat circular 'hat' shape (similar to a flat cap) with large antenna-like spikes. There was no sound at all and it changed shape several times. The colour changed too, from silver to yellow and to a bright orange ball. As it went into the distance it became multi-coloured. She then noticed a smaller red flying object, then two.

Source: SUFON Files - witness emails September 2017. 

September - Sunday, evening
Pembroke Dock

The witness was with his girlfriend walking their dog on a quiet Sunday evening on a golf course on the top of a hill [this would be the South Pembrokeshire Golf Club - EW]. He noticed an object in his peripheral vision, due to the sun reflecting and glinting off it. As the object approached from the south-east in the direction of Pembroke, he thought it was strange as it didn't resemble a plane or helicopter.

The witness described the object as, 'silver and reflective, like a dull chrome or brushed aluminium,' and egg-shaped. It was quite large, 30 or 40 feet across, and travelling in a straight line quite fast into the wind which was constant and strong at ground level. It's speed was 30 mph and was coming in straight off the sea in a south-west direction [?- EW]. The object was at about 1000 feet in altitude. He viewed it for about 20 seconds, his girlfriend slightly less at 15 seconds, as he had seen it first.

The object passed in front of them, as they stared at it, stunned. There was no sound and left no vapour trail. It was illuminated, as the sun was shining directly on it. There was a clear, constant band of square or rectangular windows with ribs or frames between them. These were in a belt around the centre of the craft, and appeared to be not as reflective as the body of the craft. The craft was also described as totally sleek and smooth.

The object headed straight for a huge area of grey cloud, and entered it. The two witnesses scanned constantly around the edges of the cloud mass and also tried to see another glimpse through the cloud. The cloud was breaking up due to the high winds and the sky had large areas of blue sky. But the craft had completely disappeared.


Saturday 2nd September
Talybont, Barmouth

Witness and three friends noticed four 'puffy' clouds over the sea and took photos. When they checked them they saw the orb which was not visible with the naked eye. Witness reported their sighting to MUFON on Tuesday 5th September 2017 following reports of orbs over Dyffryn:

"Standing on our caravan holiday plot in talybont, wales, uk, when myself and 3 friends noticed 4 'puffy' like clouds directly in front of us over the sea. myself and friend took photos on our camera phone, when checking the photos we noticed the orb so quickly took other photos. the orb was only visible when looking through the camera phone, not with the naked eye. the orb moved in a fast upward downward movement on the phone. a third friend took photos but no orb was visible. we thought it could have been a trick of the light as we were shooting into the sun. after approx 10 mins we forgot about the orb so don't know when or if it disappeared. my friend phoned me tonight to say that orbs had been seen over dyffryn which is a very short walk away from where we were. it was very exciting reading the reports on the internet of these sightings and felt i would like to report ours. many thanks for allowing us to do so."

MUFON - Barmouth 02/09/2017

MUFON - Barmouth 02/09/2017

Saturday 2nd September, 01:20
Graigwen, Pontypridd

Calm dry night with no noticeable wind. Michael Hopkins was home in Graigwen, Pontypridd:

"As I was locking my front door before going to bed, I heard a deep humming with a slight whistling sound that felt like it was going over my house. I quickly unlocked the door and went outside. Just passed over my house I could see three off-yellow lights in line with a flashing red light immediately below the middle yellow light, heading east toward Cefn Eglwysilan Mountain.

It seemed to be the rear end of something but in the darkness no craft shape could be seen. It appeared to be around the altitude at which the police helicopter would be flying when passing over my house. I watched it until it disappeared over the mountain. The aircraft was not visible on flightradar24."

Source: SUFON Files - report received from Michael Hopkins 2018. 

Saturday 2nd September, 19:01

Witness was filming over a lake with their a drone. When they played the footage back they spotted a UFO. The object was bright white and no more than two feet. The object flew towards the drone at incredible speed. Witness uploaded the footage to YouTube and reported their 7 minute sighting to MUFON on Tuesday 19th September 2017:

"1) filming over a lake with my drone. 2) when i played back the footage i noticed it. 3) i did not know what the object was when i established it could not have been an insect or a bird. therefore, a ufo.

4) the object was bight white no more than 2 feet i would say looking at the closer footage. looked elongated because of the speed which i was recording at and the speed it was travelling at also. and could be seen in the footage coming from over 100 ft away, it first appears at the top of the tree line moving towards the camera on the drone swooping down to about 2 mtrs. above the lake where the drone was stationary. then swooping up. the object flew towards my drone from over 100 ft away at incredible speed 19 frames in total i filmed at 30 fps. so it completed that distance in just over 1/2 second. faster than any known insect or bird known.

5) i did not see this object at the time as i was 300 meters away, it was the drone footage i saw after when editing and i was somewhat shacked that i captured not just this one but a further 4 objects two of which left a trail. i have uploaded the footage to youtube with various speeds to the footage to/for analyses. 6) the object flew out of camera shot and lost sight of it on the recorded footage.

Sunday 10th September, evening
Pembroke Dock

Witness and their girlfriend were walking the dog when witness noticed an object in their peripheral vision, due to the sun glinting off of it. It approached from the SE and didn't seem to match any known aircraft. It was 30 to 40 feet across, egg shaped, and looked like it was made of dull chrome or brushed aluminium. It travelled silently without a vapour trail, at about 3 or 4 times the top speed of a helicopter.

The object had a band of possibly windows or vents around the centre, and its body was sleek and smooth. The object headed straight for a huge cloud mass, seemingly purposely, and did not reappear. The witness reported their 20 second sighting to MUFON the following day, on Tuesday 12th September:

"My girlfriend and i where walking the dog on a quiet sunday evening. on top of a local hillside, that is a golf course. noticed the object in my peripheral vision, due to the sun reflecting and glinting off it. as the object approached from the se. i thought how strange as not like any plane or helicopter? i have seen many types of aircraft. also read lots of books on aircraft. nothing at all like this. the object was silver and reflective. like dull chrome or brushed aluminium. egg shaped. it was quite large. 30 to 40 feet across.

it was traveling in a straight line quite fast into the wind. which was very constant and strong at ground level. 30mph straight in off the sea in a sw direction. the object was at about 1000 feet up. so wind would be far stronger at that altitude. it was traveling at about 3 or 4 times the top speed of a helicopter. i had a view for at least 20 seconds. my girlfriend for about 15seconds as i had seen it first. it passed in front of us both. we where both totally focused on it and stunned.

it was silent and left no vapour trail. it was illuminated, as the sun was shining directly on it. as if it was in a spotlight this enabled details to be seen. there where clearly a constant band of square or oblong windows with ribs or frames between them. or may have also been vents? these where in a belt around the centre of the craft. these appeared not to be so reflective as the body of the craft. the body of the craft was totally sleek and smooth. the craft headed straight for a huge cloud mass which was a bit grey as if a shower cloud.

it entered the cloud purposely, as if they knew they where exposed and on full view from the ground. we both scanned constantly around the edges of the cloud mass also tried to see another glimpse though the cloud. the cloud was breaking up due to the high winds and the fact the day was one of big areas of blue sky with big fast moving fluffy clouds. when the cloud started to fragment. the craft had completely disappeared??? we could only ascertain that they had used the cloud as cover in order to gain altitude into the stratosphere and beyond? we both then discussed and confirmed what each other had seen.

we also looked around the area for other witnesses. however there was nobody around until at least five minutes after. another couple out walking. we told them what we had just seen. they had not seen anything and thought we where a bit crazy. we did not care as we where both 100% sure of what it was we had seen. not what we thought we had seen? we would both without hesitation would testify on under oath in a court of law to it. we both felt excited, privileged, a little bit unsettled. later, we both felt it was a life changing event. as it changed our believes and understanding of what we thought we knew for sure.

it has opened up or minds. it has also allowed us to discuss all the possibilities that this raises. of us not being the only ones in the cosmos. also there are beings far more advanced than us, visiting our planet watching us. we are unable to do anything like. it makes our space exploration look pathetic. we have not even explored our front doorstep in comparison. the reason i have reported this on here also on another site called ufo clearinghouse? the post has also appeared on facebook? is surly somebody else locally had seen this? as the craft would have had to pass over a small neighbouring town called pembroke. it would be nice to have this sighting corroborated.

i have reported this quickly and accurately while all details a fresh in our minds. i have not reported anything like this before? i have not really believed or give this any real thought before this happened. i am not a person who sees ghosts or believes in paranormal stuff. i have absolutely no reason to hoax, or want publicity or get any financial gain from this, i just felt i had to share a such a mind blowing encounter.

Monday 11th September, 23:55
Vale of Glamorgan

Witness report: '.... I let my dogs out the back garden before bed. I looked up as I tend to do at the stars and admired how clear the sky was and how the sky was full of stars. I caught what I first thought was a shooting star to the left of my eye sight. I looked towards the direction I thought it had travelled and to my shock there was a round ball of white light stopped there.

It moved very fast back to the right and stopped again, there was no noise. My first thought then was to film it. As I am thinking this it darted again to the left, stopped, then with a short burst, disappeared to the left. There was no cloud though so I have no idea where it went.'


Thursday 14th September, 13:15
Ebbw Vale

Witness and their daughter saw a grey disc moving quite slowly in a south westerly direction. They reported the minute long sighting to MUFON on Wednesday 30th January 2019:

"I was sitting at the dining table facing the garden where i like to observe the birds. it was a day of sunshine with broken cloud. A grey disc appeared in a break in the clouds exactly in my eye line. it was moving quite slowly in a south westerly direction and although my view lasted only seconds i have a clear recall of the object. my daughter was sitting to my right and got a glimpse of the object before it moved behind the cloud again. neither of us had seen anything like it before. we were amazed. it was a solid object moving horizontally across the sky."

Friday September 15th, c. 17:30
Caswell, Gower

A married couple were driving down Caswell Road towards the bottom of the hill, heading west. When they got to near the bottom of the hill, near to the Bishopswood Countryside Centre, the woman (passenger) looked up and saw a small silver sphere above the tree-line on the hill facing them, maybe about 10 metres up above the tallest tree, though she admitted it was difficult to tell how big it was and how high.

The man didn't see it, as the object was high up in the windscreen and the woman had to lean forward with her forearms on the dashboard to continue to see it. When they reached the bottom of the hill, she lost sight of it.As they reached the bottom of the next hill on the other side of the narrow valley, to start to ascend again, she looked back over her shoulder and through the rear passenger door she saw it again, and she noticed that the object had moved north up the valley a little way.

She lost sight of it again as they drove up the hill, the view obscured by trees. She provided a map indication where the car was when she first saw the object (orange) and the locations of the UFO (yellow). The couple drove a circuit around the area, and back down to Caswell Bay to try to see it again, but without success.

The woman described the object as being like chrome, with a darker ring around it where it was back lit by the sun setting in the west, suggesting it was a sphere and not a flat disc.


Thursday 21st September

Mike Maunder, from Gwent Avenue, Townhill, saw an object going over the Landore area heading east, away from him, towards Bonymaen. He described it as a cigar-shape with two lights, and looked like it was spinning. He had never seen anything like it.

Source: SUFON Files

October, c. 03:00

Approximately 3 AM. Cloudy sky with breaks. Geoff Simpson was doing a spot of sea fishing on the island at Mumbles Head at low tide. He said he saw a large triangular-shaped craft hovering above him at about 1000 feet altitude.

"...looked around the size of a UK football ground in length. It was there for around 3 minutes in an eerie silence, and then just went up vertically until I lost sight of the craft."

He added that there were no lights on the craft, and despite there being no moon and very dark could see it clearly.

"It sort of just made me look up, and I could see it plain as day! Although that night on my own I wasn't frightened by what I saw, more frightened by a fox that crept up on me trying to steal my bait."

Source: Facebook: UFO Sightings in Wales, England and Scotland - posted 18 September 2020.

Sunday 1st October, 19:45

The witness, Dee looked out of the window to see two bright lights in the sky. She described these as like landing lights on a plane. She and her son watched these for about one minute before they disappeared behind clouds. At first she thought maybe it was the moon behind the clouds until the moon showed itself to the left and higher up.

She explained: 'These lights looked as though a plane was about to land straight over my house but it was silent, the lights did not move they were completely stationary. I live next to a motorway [M4] so anyone going eastbound would've seen these too. Me and my son are gob smacked after just witnessing this, I'm glad he seen it too or else I would've questioned myself. I hope someone else comes forward to report this also as it was unmissable to the naked eye (massive). I also checked Flightradar24 and there were no aeroplanes in the vicinity.'

Moon rise on this date was at 5 pm so the moon would have been in the south-east at 7.45 pm. If the lights were visible to the right of it, that would have put them to the south.

Source: posted by witness 9 October 2017.

"Look out the window to see this two bright lights in the Sky. The only way I could describe these are like landing lights on a plane. Myself and my son watched these for briefly 1 minute before they disappeared behind the clouds. At first I thought maybe it was the moon behind the clouds until the moon showed itself above to the left quite a way up. These lights looked as though a plane was about the land straight on over my house but this was silent, the lights did not move they were completely stationary. I live next to a motorway so anyone going eastbound would’ve seen these too. Me and my son are gobsmacked after just witnessing this, I’m glad he seen it too or else I would’ve question myself. I hope some else comes forward to report this also as it was unmissable to the naked eye (massive)"

Thursday 5th October, 10:15
Pontlliw Area

Steven McCrossan was driving west on the M4 about two miles from the Llanelli turn off (Junction 48). On his right hand side he saw what he first thought was a light aircraft at 30 degrees above the horizon approaching from the west. He originally spotted it about 12 miles away because of the reflection. As the object got closer he could see that it was a shiny dome-shaped craft with lights, not a fixed-wing aircraft.

About four miles away it started to turn but whereas a conventional aircraft would have its underside showing to make a 90-degree turn to the right, the craft showed its top side, which was very shiny chrome-coloured and clearly dome-shaped. It had no edges. Steven said it looked approximately 30-40 feet in diameter. Its relative speed looked no quicker than a normal aircraft, "but it moved with grace."

As it made its turn it passed behind Steven and he eventually lost sight of it. Steven said, "I'm absolutely ecstatic that this is for real unless some other explanation is forthcoming.... I should add that I'm a trained Helideck landing officer, so I do know what I'm looking at. I spent twenty years offshore landing choppers. The object was very distinct and the sky clear. I have no question whatsoever that this was not a conventional aircraft and it was too big to be a drone."

Source: SUFON Files - witness emails, October 2017

Thursday 19th October, 19:10
Graigwen, Pontypridd

Michael Hopkins was at home in Graigwen, Pontypridd:

"I was in my house on my computer when I heard a weird droning noise passing overhead. I went outside to see three non-flashing red lights in a triangle formation heading west. 

The strange thing about the triangle was that contrary to videos of flying triangles that I have seen, this triangle formation appeared to be flying in reverse, i.e: the two red lights leading instead of trailing! 

Perhaps it was not a triangle, but an aircraft with lights on the wing-tips and below the tail. Due to it being dark, the craft shape could not be seen. The aircraft was not visible on flightradar24.

I have done some research regarding aircraft navigation lights on military aircraft, but have not found any light patterns that consist of solely non-flashing lights."

Source: SUFON Files - report received from Michael Hopkins 2018. 

Sunday 22nd October, c. 22:16
Swansea (SA72 6BQ)

Witness saw a triangle shaped object with four white lights - two on each side and a red light on top. There was no noise as it passed overhead, then changed course. Witness reported the sighting, which lasted around nine minutes, to MUFON on Monday 9th July 2018:

"I take my dog’s on a short walk in the evenings around 10pm and in this perticular evening i was walking past the local catholic school [presumably St Mary's RC Primary?] and i looked up into the night sky and saw a sort of triangle shaped object there were 4 white lights two on each side and there was a red light at the top of the object there was no noise and as it passed over my head it changed course and flew away into the distance then disappears from view."

Monday 30th October, 11:30

Witness, a qualified commercial pilot, was working on a roof in the Swansea area when they saw a bright pulsating white light in the sky. It seemed cylindrical but tapered in the middle. After a minute or so it moved, first as though it was tumbling then, after stopping, it moved slowly off to the right. It stopped again for a few minutes before moving slowly into the higher cloud where witness lost sight of it. They reported the ten minute sighting to MUFON on Friday 3rd November 2017:

"We were working on a roof in the swansea area. I usually scan the sky's as i have an interest in aviation. Being a qualified commercial pilot. I have an app called flight radar 24 which i occasionally scroll through to identify aircraft types. but noticed and object very high up. Based on the app and the airliner height of approx 35,000 i would say this a little higher.

I noticed it because it did not move but was bright. Partly from the reflection of the sun glare radiating from it. And i noticed a bright white light pulsed. Occasionally from one end. It seemed cylindrical but tapered in the middle. It started to move after a minute or so. It looked like it was tumbling. Then it stopped. Then moved slowly off to the right. the flashing white light appeared not to be consistent but random. It then stopped for a few minutes before moving away slowly into the sun. that's where i lost it. it was very high.

I attempted to film it with my smart phone but due to its distance from me, keeping the phone steady when filming was very hard. I did film it for a while but the results were a little disappointing. i also took a picture. i became very excited at seeing this as it was very unusual. A colleague thought thought it could be the space lab? but i ascertained that that would follow a gravitational orbit. Its movements did not suggest anything related to that.

I lost sight when it moved further south into the higher cirrus cloud and direct sunlight. it also bares a striking similarity to a video posted on the swansea ufo network a couple of weeks before. Although it appeared to be moving all the time. It was not. It was difficult to hold the phone still due to the distance.

Wednesday 1st November

We recieved a msg via Facebook early on in the morning:

Have you had any reports of a strange craft over cardiff this morning about 6.10 am, coming down from the darkness of the sky about south west and then leaving south east direction, very little sound. I can only describe it as triangle and gave off the biggest orb like glow in the center of it, very bright indeed. I am in the llanrumney area of Cardiff near llanrumney hall. as I stood in the back garden with the dogs it was south west in the sky. I can not over emphasize the size of the orb, which appeared like a hug burst of energy, It was high in the sky and still appeared large, sun like even? Most odd. My feelings on the matter is it could perhaps be a TR3B type or more advanced. ,it was there maybe 3 mins, then glided off.

Throughout the day there seemed to be a build up of military activity (in the sky) but thought nothing of it, then about 10 30 pm we had a flurry of messages saying there`s something going on over Garth Mountain, we were then sent a few pictures.

Source: SUFON Files.

Sunday 5th November, 16:05
M4, Cardiff

Witness was driving from Cardiff to Newport when they saw a white object in the sky. They took two photos with their iphone 7 and reported the sighting, which lasted two minutes, to MUFON on Wednesday 8th November 2017:

"I was travelling east on the m4 motorway between cardiff and newport in south wales on sunday 5 november 2017 at approximately 4.05 pm. in the sky to my left was a white object which did not appear to be moving. i took 2 photos on my iphone 7 but they are not very clear. once home, i enlarged the images and saw that the object was definitely nothing i recognised, appearing as 4 vertical rectangles side by side. had i been alone i would have pulled off the motorway to view the object further, but unfortunately this wasn’t the case."

Thursday 9th November, 21:01
Cardiff (CF11 8DF)

Witness was in their garden when they saw a light moving in the distance. They reported the sighting, which lasted 15 seconds, to MUFON on Saturday 18th November 2017:

"I was out in the garden having a cigarette when i saw a light moving in the distance. i wondered what it was so i took a photo and showed my girlfriend. and after this i a allways been looking up when i go in garden. also i zoom in to the photo and to me it looks like something i never ever seen before."

Tuesday 5th December, 20:30
Port Talbot

The witness was travelling home with son and partner and noticed an odd object hovering without moving in the sky. It was described as having red lights which flashed in sequence in a diagonal formation. Lights flashed top, middle, bottom, bottom, middle, top, top, middle, bottom continually.

The son and partner were dropped home and the witness then returned to see that the object was hovering and seemed to be moving exceptionally slowly in the smoke above the chimneys of the steelworks. The witness then videoed the object. The object moved around through the smoke and out towards Margam Mountain in the east, then towards North Cornelly in the south-east and out of view. (SUFON summary)

Witness reported the hour long sighting to MUFON on Thursday 7th December 2017 (plus short video):

"Travelling home at night on 5/12/17 at around 8:30pm when i had noticed something very odd unusual in the sky that does not look manmade but this was large. all man made flying vehicles have a colour coded law on what lights have to be used. flying vehicles here only use white red and green thats all i ever known but this flying thing just had red flashing lights in a sequence at a diagonal position. 

lights flashed top mid bottom bottom mid top top mid bottom continusely. it was hovering still in the sky no movement no lean not a slight movement. if it was a hicopter it would have a slight lean and movement. no manmade vehicles can stay hovered in sky without moving. when i dropped my son and partner home i cam back and noticed this thing was moving exceptionally slow id say 1mph. 

it was hovering in the smoke of the steelworks above the chimney at port talbot south wales. thats when i videod it and its not tge best camera quality but did my best. this thing then moved round through smoke and then out towards margam mountain way then back towards north cornelly. from there i went home as it was getting late."

Wednesday December 13th, 19:30

7.30 PM. Broken cloud, but clear in area of the phenomenon.

The witness was putting the rubbish out at his home in Penyrheol, Caerphilly, just off the B4263 which lead up to Abertridwr and noticed in the south-west sky in the direction of Nantgarw and Trefforest, a horizontal line of white light shining over the mountain, going right across the south-west sky. It was long and thin and of the same width all along its length.

It was there for a few seconds, then intermittently a few times more, similar to a searchlight, but horizontal rather than vertical. It was at an elevation of 45 degrees and each time it was visible, was in the same position. There was no sound apparent. He had never seen anything like it before. NOTAM info has been consulted and no laser display was listed in the area at the time.

Source: SUFON Files - witness report via Facebook. 

For more like this please click the image below:
Weird Wales


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