Monday, 3 May 2021

Doll Guide 18 - LIM TOYS


LIM TOYS are one of my favourite action figure companies - their sculpts are always spot on, and they have really cool accessories too. They focus on video game characters and retail at anywhere between £70 and £150, depending on the figure.

I was super into Detroit: Become Human fandom for about a year or so, so their RK800 and RK900 figures will probably be forever on my wishlist until I come into riches! (Seriously, VTS released a figure at the same time and there is just no comparison. The LIM TOYS version is perfection.) I am also coveting the 1/12 scale Elly figure because it's so rare to see well articulated and detailed kids in twelfth. 

LIMTOYS Metal Gear Solid 1/6 Scale

Metal Gear Solid 1/6 

Guilty Butterfly. (Head sculpt and costume.)
★ Sinful Butterfly. (Head sculpt and costume, deluxe version.)


LIMTOYS Detroit Become Human

Detroit Become Human 1/6 

★ RK800 and RK900 Double Pack.

LIMTOYS Detroit Become Human 1/6 Scale 

LIMTOYS Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid 1/12 

LIMTOYS Metal Gear Solid 1/12 Scale

LIMTOYS Peter Parker

PS4 Peter Parker 1/6

Peter Parker Head Only.

LIMTOYS All That Remains

The Last of Us 1/12 

★ Double Pack.

LIMTOYS All That Remains 1/12 Scale

LIMTOYS Outlaws of the West

Outlaws of the West 

★ The Gunslinger.

LIMTOYS Gunslinger

LIMTOYS Resident Evil

Resident Evil 1/12 

★ R.P.D. Officer A Version.
R.P.D. Officer S Version.

LIMTOYS Resident Evil 1/12 Scale

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