Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Dream Seekers Dolls

Dream Seekers Dolls

Dream Seekers are a plush doll line from Character Options - they're basically the modern equivalent of Bedtime Sindy or Pretty Dreams Barbie, a fashion doll you can cuddle up to in bed. The original packaging was in the shape of a dream catcher the dolls could sit on, and kids were encouraged to write down their dreams and store them inside the packaging so the doll can protect them.

Launched in late 2020 they retail for £19.99 each and, according to Toy World magazine, are gearing up for a second wave in July 2021.

Dream Seekers Dolls

The November 2020 launch line up consisted of three dolls.

Bella - box front / box back.
Hope - box front / box back.
Luna - box front / box back.

Moose Toys Dream Seekers Dolls Updated Packaging

Spring 2021 saw a new doll join the range, and a change in packaging.

★ Zara - box front / box back.

The second wave is due to hit stores in summer 2021.

Toys N Playthings Dream Seekers
Dream Seekers

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