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Welsh UFO Sightings 1995

Welsh UFO Sightings

Welsh UFO sightings from 1995. For sightings from other years please click HERE.

Margaret Fry helped establish the Welsh Federation of Independent Ufologists this year. As a write up in the Wales on Sunday (01/01/95) put it, "after a personality clash at BUFORA, which culminated in its director being ousted, Margaret and a number of her friends have left to establish the WFIU." Meanwhile, Kerry Blower of Cwmbran had set up the Alien Acknowledgement Committee:

Western Mail 04/02/1995

Kerry's South Wales UFO Group built on their success of the previous year to host another conference. Here is the advert from BUFORA UFO Times #34:

South Wales UFO Conference 1995


This is the tale of a sighting that wasn't! Witnesses reported they saw a UFO with windows... it turned out to be a dirigible from Anglesey with lettering on the side.  

Margaret Fry wrote up the case in her book, Link to the Stars:

My friend Christine Rowe of Rhyl has poor eyesight. She was taking her dogs for their morning walk in 1995 when she saw a strange object gliding slowly just above the roof tops of the houses to the side of her. Rhyl, North Wales is a busy seaside town and one of the largest in North Wales. 

Christine could see it had huge windows. She stopped a road cleaner on a bike and asked him if he could see it, he refused to look up and mumbled that it must be a balloon, and the condition of these roads is shocking, potholes etc…  

Her husband, being my fellow colleague and UFO investigator got the local newspaper to print a small piece about it. A couple, who were on holiday in a caravan site at Prestatyn responded and said it was a dirigible; they had seen it, but no one else had apparently noticed. 

Gary went to considerable trouble to trace this dirigible to having been manufactured in the Isle of Anglesey. What Christine’s poor eyesight had mistaken for windows was huge raised lettering. This dirigible was travelling at a height of 70 feet off the ground, through several North Wales seaside towns, the Isle of Anglesey, Abergele, Rhyl, Prestatyn and as far down the coast as Holywell, yet only 3 people saw it! 

Few people bother to look up into the sky and note what is there, they then plaintively ask, ‘why don’t I see UFOs?’ So that when people do, they can easily mistake dirigibles for UFOs. On the other hand what a person might think is a dirigible turns out to be a UFO.

January 6th, 00:30
The witness went out into his garden at 12.30am to call in his cats, and his attention was grabbed by a bright light zig-zagging going towards Liverpool Bay, where it stopped. The witness called for his daughter, and she went out with binoculars. 

The object was visible as a large triangle with many lights, which still remained stationary over the bay. The object remained for 45minutes until it ascended at tremendous speed.

*Think of the date - at 6. 48pm a brightly lit triangular UFO buzzed the now famous flight into Manchster. *

Source: Margaret Fry investigated the case and submitted her report to Awareness V21/N4.

January 16th, 22:45 
Llanyravon, Cwmbran

A boomerang-shaped craft was seen moving over Llanyravon, Cwmbran, displaying orange lights.

January 19th, 18:30
Llanbadoc to Usk

A serving Gwent police officer was driving when they saw a 'rocket like object maintaining a horizontal flight path'. The car in front stopped to look, and the officer reported the seconds long sighting to Gwent Police control room.


March 10th
Johnstown, Wrexham

A woman saw a UFO in the skies above the village and reported it to the British UFO Studies Centre at Winsford in Cheshire.  

Wrexham Evening Leader 13/03/1995

March 12th, 22:20
Fairwater, Cardiff

Witness, along with their two neighbours, son and daughter, saw a spinning top shaped UFO, as bright as a star but bigger. The centre of the object was spinning with red, blue, green and purple lights. They reported the sighting to Cardiff police and were given an incident number.

The MOD report notes that nothing was seen on radar.


March 12th, 22:30
Merthyr Tydfil

Witness saw a very bright, stationary UFO in the night sky. The object changed colours, and made no sound. They reported it to South Wales Police.  


March 19th, 23:00

Witness was sat with her young son in a stationary car at Hermon, a village near Crymych, when she saw a bright light in the sky. When her husband and friends reached the car they also saw the object; the sighting lasted around 30 minutes.


March 22nd, early hours

Witness saw a bright white object in the sky. It remained static with strobing red lights beneath it, flashing from side to side, until a jet aircraft approached. The object then moved off at high speed. Witness reported the sighting, which lasted some 15 minutes, to North Wales Police.



"Mrs Patricia Jones, with her husband and two children in Llandrillo, saw lights above the Bronwen Mountain to the south east - then there was an explosion and all the lights in Llandrillo went out and the village was plunged into darkness. The lights looked like a gas explosion. Apparently the lights in Bala went out as well." 

 Source: SUFON via Margaret Fry - 26 August 2007.

April 16th, 00:30

Witness was driving along Anthony Drive Lodge Hill in Caerleon when they saw a white triangular shaped UFO. It was high in the sky, brighter at the corners, and appeared to be over the town of Usk. It travelled at high speed towards the Bristol Channel. 


May 5th, 14:00

Witness saw two slow moving clusters of lights containing approximately 20 tiny stars each, and three separate larger stars moving erratically. They were white and very bright, with one cluster moving north and the other east. Witness reported their sighting to the Met Office, ATC Cardiff, and the South Wales Echo.


May 10th, 00:35

Witness saw two lights joined and a wispy figure of eight outline.  The lights were square shaped and orange / white. It was a clear night and they watched them travelling west to east with the naked eye, and through binoculars. No sound was heard.


Tuesday May 30th, 23:15

'Going outside to check on the sky, as I do most nights [Park Prospect, Graigwen]. I was scanning the night sky, when suddenly, to my right, approx South-West, I observed a deep blue spherical object heading vertically towards the ground leaving a bright yellow/white tail behind it. 

It appeared so large, vivid and close that I waited in anticipation for an explosion - but no untoward sound occurred. Due to the time of this observation, the night is naturally very quiet in this area. It was a clear starry sky and the sighting lasted approx 4 seconds.'

Source: SUFON case files.

June 22nd, 00:12
Port Talbot

Witness saw a disc shaped UFO in the clear sky. It had a dull white glow and 'multi lights', and was travelling north bound from the sea. They reported the sighting to Swansea Police.  


Sunday July 2nd

Chard & Ilminster News (05/07/95) reported that Sue Hembury-Kellow, an investigator with the Somerset UFO Research and Investigation Network had heard of a sighting of horizontal lines of light in Llangollen. Similar reports had come in from England and Scotland.

July 28th, 22:15
Witness and their neighbours saw three small round UFOs, in orange, yellow and blue, with the naked eye and through binoculars. The sky had a few clouds but was mostly clear, and the objects were generally stationary and in sight for three hours. They reported the sighting to South Wales Police and ATC Bristol.


August 6th, 21:15
Trefnant, Clwyd 

Two witnesses, brothers in their 20s - one of whom was a qualified audio visual technician - were watching a commercial airliner in the sky. They then became aware of a small semi-circular object, roughly a quarter the size of the plane's tail fin, about 1000 ft above the aircraft. 

This object moved rapidly, flying past the aircraft, circling its fuselage and zig zagging away form the wings. It then u-turned and flew away at high speed. They saw the object again a few minutes later, this time flying slowly. Each sighting lasted only a few seconds, and they were unsure if the object was silver or dull grey.

Margaret Fry investigated the case and submitted reports to Northern UFO News #177 (October 1997) and Awareness V21/N4:

Northern UFO News #177 Awareness V21 N4

August 15th, 22:00

Witness was outside on a patio in Caerleon when they saw a very big UFO with very bright lights, which tapered at the rear. The object made no sound.  The sighting lasted around 8 seconds and the witness reported it to Bristol Airport.


August 17th, 00:30

Witness saw a white light which accelerated very quickly, then glowed red and appeared to break up and disappear. The sighting lasted around 10 seconds and no sound was heard. Witness reported the sighting to RAF Brawdy who noted there had been a lot of meteorites that night.


August 20th, 21st, 22nd
Ystrad Mynach

Witness, a local authority workman and aviation enthusiast, saw a very bright white UFO, three times the visible size of the brightest star in the clear night sky. It moved at medium speed in a gentle zig zag. Witness saw it on three consecutive nights between 21:55 and 23:00, and reported it to Cardiff Airport. The report notes that nothing was seen on radar.


August 26th

Witness saw a very brightly lit ball shaped object with tail. It moved from east to west in a straight line, and at a constant speed. It was reported to Air Force ops who noted the witness 'seemed thoroughly genuine.'


August Sunday 26th

Clive Topper, a Neath taxi driver, was dropping off customers at 2.30 AM, when he saw a big green luminous ball with a vapour trail. He expected it to burst into bright light like a flare, but the vapour trail disappeared and the object sped away fast in the direction of the Swansea Valley to the north-west. Clive’s sighting was corroborated by another driver, Ken Jarrett, who had also seen the object.

Tuesday September 12th, 18:00
Miskin, Mountain Ash
The witness, living in Thomas Street, Miskin, Mountain Ash, was alerted by a neighbour who knocked the door. The witness's dog was howling and lights were flickering. On going out, about 30 or 40 of the inhabitants of the street of terraced houses were outside. They were all in the street looking up at a craft directly above them, at an altitude of no more than 500 feet. Circular lights were pulsating in a circular motion. The craft was hazy as there was a layer of strange fog or mist between the street and the object. The witness said it was too low for natural cloud and the outline of the craft was blurred, but it was huge, covering the whole street, and of a dark colour.

There was a very low bass humming sound and everyone was asking what the thing could be. They all stood around watching the craft for about 40 minutes. Then it suddenly took off straight up, disappearing in less than a second. Many of the witnesses reported the sighting and they were all told that there was a local fun fair in Aberdare and the lights were a reflection of lights in the fair. The witness researched this later and discovered that there had been no fair in Aberdare and anywhere nearby on this night.

[This case is very similar to the sighting which occurred on the following night in Waunarlwydd, Swansea and which also had dog reactions reported - E.W. of SUFON]

Source: MUFON via SUFON, reported by witness 23 December 2019.

The original report reads: 

My neighbour knocked my door and asked me to come out and see something. my dog was howling which was unusual for him and lights started flickering. i went out to see most of the street outside in the street looking directly above into the sky. there were circular lights pulsating in a circular motion, it was hazy as there was a strange mist or fog between it and us, too low for natural cloud and it blurred out the outline of what was causing the lights. 

it had a very low bass tone humming, everyone (about 30 or 40 of my neighbours) were all asking what the heck it was - my immediate thought or feeling was of dread and a feeling of "oh not again" but was feeling safer due to everyone being out looking at it - we all watched this huge craft which seemed to fill the sky above us, it was dark colour and its outline was blurred by the fog/mist between us and the object. 

we all continued watching it for over half an hour (40 mins approx) when it suddenly took off in a 90 degree angle straight up and out of sight in less than a second. myself and many of my neighbours reported the sighting and we were all told that there was a local fun fair in the nearby town of aberdare and it was the lights reflecting from this funfair - not able to argue until i did research the fact, but found there was no fun fair in aberdare or any nearby town on that night, so we were left with unanswered questions.

Wednesday September 13th, 22:00

Ruth Petherbridge of Swansea Road, Waunarlwydd, and her neighbours, Jonathan and Tracy Shepherd, were walking their dogs when they saw white lights over Waunarlwydd Rugby Club field. Ruth described it as a huge black object as big as the rugby pitch, with flashing lights around it and a circle of light in the middle. 

The dogs, Prince and Fudge, got excited about the lights and had to be put on their leads. They went to get a neighbour, Julie Wagstaff, to show her. Julie described the object as like a giant transparent jellyfish pulsating in the air. 

It was suggested that what they saw was a laser light show that was taking place in Crosshands, but this was about ten miles away.

Source: South Wales Evening Post, 15 September 1995.

September 15th, 05:30
Cyncoed, Cardiff

Witness was standing in their back garden, near the door, when they saw an unfamiliar aircraft. It was totally white and luminescent, with a flashing head lamp but no navigation lights. It had no engine noise and was flying very low. The report, made to RAF and Cardiff Airport, noted that the witness 'knew her aircraft' and that it 'certainly was not a military or civil aircraft.'

September 23rd, 05:00

Margaret Fry submitted this report to Northern UFO News #177 (October 1997):

Case 9544 involves a couple who were parked in a car around 05.00 on 23 September 1995. Being at Prestatyn they had a fine view across the Dee Estuary towards the Merseyside and Lancashire coast. When they saw some unusual lights out to sea they at first thought it was Blackpool illuminations - then possibly an oil rig. There was, in fact an exploration rig 15 miles off the Dee Estuary at this point so that idea must be considered. However, the couple claim that the lights were very strange indeed.

They saw a 'round yellow glowing object' and 'bright white stars' either side of it. To the right were 'eight dull tadpole shapes' and behind them several 'strange vehicles in the sky' (kite shaped). These all had multiple coloured lights. The couple were by now quite frightened having watched the lights for up to two hours. They drove off from the car park in trepidation.


Philip Young, 27, of Summersville Close, Connah's Quay, was driving on the Ewloe to Northrop road when two bright blue lights passed overhead in the direction of Halkyn Mountain. The car stopped dead as they did so.

On hearing that the Cheshire based British UFO Studies Centre wanted to investigate the case, Mr Young said: 

"I'm quite surprised to hear that a national organisation wants to hear my story. I hope that they will be able to come up with answers. I can't explain what I saw as it was so strange and frightening. I've taken quite a lot of stick about this, but I've also been contacted by someone who also saw something strange that night."

Wrexham Evening Leader 18/11/1995

Tuesday October 17th, 20:30

Witness, I.A., was driving her car home to Llanarmon when she noticed a UFO which seemed to be coming towards her. It stayed above her car, at approximately tree-top height, for a further two miles along the A5. I.A. described the object as round with a cloud around it, and it was spinning one way inside and the other way on the outside.

It then simply disappeared. I.A. stressed how unusual it was to see no other traffic on the road - she had never driven the A5 and seen none - and felt as though 'life stood still' throughout the experience. Billie Devlin of BUFORA concluded it was most likely a laser light show from Vic's Nightclub in Oswestry, the source of multiple UFO reports on October 18th.

BUFORA UFO Times #39

Wednesday October 18th

Two shocked witnesses reported seeing a ring of bright white lights in low cloud to Gwynedd police. PC McCloud and a colleague attended, all four witnessing lights in the sky which appeared to be sometimes low and sometimes high up. The police received nine other calls in relation to this sighting.

But, when out at the scene, two other people amusedly told them that it was just a laser light display from Vic's Nightclub on Brook Street, Oswestry.

Thursday October 19th, 19:20

A 'polite and articulate' witness reported a UFO sighting in Bridgend to RAF St Athan. The sighting lasted around 15 minutes, the witness standing outside their house watching with binoculars. They saw one large object which split into two, they were circular with a glow that was not dazzling.

The bottom of the objects was 'like ET's spaceship', aka round circles that had a green light. They swirled around each other anticlockwise in a circle, and had a slightly sparkling effect. The witness estimated the smaller objects to each be 30 to 40 ft across, and noted that they were also seen by their neighbour, a police constable.

DEFE-24-1974 DEFE-24-1974

November 10th, 17:55 
Little Orme, Llandudno

"A man and his girlfriend were the witness to a white light over the Irish Sea. After hovering for several minutes at 18.00 it shot away. Later a brilliant white light 'several times brighter than Venus' was seen above Ross Point. Both witnesses were adamant it was unlike any normal star or planet as they studied astronomy."

 Margaret Fry investigated and submitted her report to Northern UFO News #177 (October 1997).

Sunday November 19th, 23:25
Sully, Penarth

"An off-duty police officer saw a small, very bright, circular object, displaying the colours, red, blue and yellow, circling south of Sully, around 1 to 1 ½ miles distant, in a clear sky with good visibility. There was no sound or smell associated with the object. He watched the object for 20 minutes. When he reported it to local police at 11.50 PM, he refused to leave his name and address." (SUFON summary.)


December 5th, 08:00
Conwy Mountain

Witness saw one very bright light. It moved very fast and flashed on and off. It dimmed as it moved, around 4 miles in 5 seconds, from west to east. Another person was present but did not see anything. Witness reported their sighting to RAF Valley.


December 25th and 26th, 20:30
Twm Barlwm Mountain

Martin Tolley was standing at his kitchen window in Laurel Road, Bassaleg, Newport when he saw three coloured lights in the shape of a triangle. They were revolving and hovering above the mountain. Kerry Blower of the South Wales UFO Group said it might have been Venus, but Martin's description was of multiple objects:

"It was unbelievable. It almost looked like they were talking to each other. I'd had a couple of cans but I wasn't drunk. I went back an hour later and the lights were still there. The next night I saw them again. They were moving in a different way this time and gradually, over the course of about three hours, they moved from one side of the mountain to the other, then disappeared.

My brother-in-law, who's in the RAF and works with planes everyday, said he'd never seen anything like it. I've got lots of books on UFOs and they say first encounters always involve lights. They were so bright they could not have been torches."
South Wales Argus 30/12/1995

For more like this please click the image below:
Weird Wales


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