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Welsh UFO Sightings 2002

Welsh UFO Sightings

Welsh UFO sightings from 2002. For sightings from other years please click HERE.

Jan 9th, 23:30
Skewen, Swansea

Witness saw a green, circular object through a telescope. It was hovering in position. They reported the sighting to Swansea Police.


Thursday January 17th, 21:25
Sarn, nr Bridgend

Roger F. was travelling by car through the village of Sarn with his son when they noticed a red glowing stationary object, quite high in the sky. Roger described the object as "bright red, practically round in shape. Height about 100 feet (30 metres) although difficult to tell, as it was dark and only briefly seen between houses." He said:

"The object was spotted briefly by myself and my son as we passed a row of houses. After descending a hill shortly after, we stopped near the railway station to scan the sky but could not see the light where we thought it should be. It was not a plane (navigational) light as far as I could tell, just something unusual that we believe needed explaining."

Mount Snowden
The Daily Post reported on January 24th that a 20 metre long trench had appeared in the side of Mount Snowden.

"The gash, about 2,500 feet (764 meters) high, between Moel Eilio and Snowdon, starts amid a cluster of smashed rocks, ending in boggy ground close to a fence. Astronomers were last night investigating the possibility the gouge could have been caused by a meteor smashing into the earth. Another less likely theory is that it may have been caused by a lightning strike. One expert told the Daily Post yesterday (January 23, 2002) 'It is all fascinating stuff, and if it is eventually found to have been caused by a meteor, it will be virtually unique in Wales.'"

Sunday January 27th

Witness was walking home on a cloudy day when, looking up to the sky, saw a low flying bright shining object. No shape could be made out, but it was a solid object. It disappeared and reappeared three times quickly, and then disappeared completely. Duration of sighting: 5 seconds. (SUFON summary)

They reported the sighting to NUFORC on Thursday 31st January 2002:

"low flying shining disapearing flying object. I was waling home on a cloudy day when i looked up to the sky whee i saw some sort of flying craft it shone brightly and i could not make out a shape but it was a solid, it appeared abd disapeared 3 occasions quikly and then disapeared completely."

Feb 24th, 19:00

Witness was outdoors on Chepstow Road in Newport when he saw one large and three smaller triangular UFOs, with bright red and blue flashing lights. They moved from above the Severn Bridge, over Newport, and towards Cardiff. Witness watched with the naked eye and through binoculars, and even took seven photographs.

He reported the sighting, which lasted 30 minutes, to ATC Cardiff, telling them he felt as though he was being watched during it.


Friday March 15th, daylight

Witness was driving home from a shopping trip with his wife and two-year-old son, it was clear daylight with a few clouds broken up across the sky. Their attention was caught by a spherical 'very shiny silver object in the sky'. It moved slowly and left no trail, eventually (after about 10 minutes) disappearing into cloud and failing to re-emerge. 

Witness reported the sighting via NUFORC on Sunday 24th March 2002:

"Silver ball in the sky hides in a cloud. I was driving home from a shopping trip in Aberdare (A small town in Wales, UK) with my Wife and 2 yr old son - when a very shiny silver object in the sky caught our attention. It was clear daylight with a few clouds broken up across the sky. The object was spherical in shape and moved slowly across the sky. It didn't leave any trail behind it and we watched it while we were in traffic on a slip road. It went behind one of the few clouds in the sky and we waited for it to emerge from the other side of the cloud. All the time we were watching (about 10 min) we couldn't understand why it hadn't emerged since the clouds weren't moving much and a plane would have continued on a path and emerged from the other side of the cloud."

Monday April 8th, 08:35
Cymmer, Afan Valley

8:35 AM. Very clear sky. The witness, of Port Talbot, was with three others in a car. A large, round, very bright green object was seen going very fast in an easterly direction between Cymmer and Abergwynfi. One other person in the street saw it also. Duration of the sighting was 2 to 3 seconds, no sound or smell. The witness rang Cardiff Airport. (SUFON summary)


Monday May 27th

Witness saw a circular UFO for around 10 seconds. They submitted their report via NUFORC on Tuesday June 4th 2002. 

Saw a bright light in the sky. 

On my way to work I saw a bright light in the east. I thought it looked like a large star only it was to large. My next thought was it was as if someone was shining a mirror from the sky. The thing moved on through cloud and after leaving the cloud looked like a small dot. 

Maybe a plane very high up. I think it must have been the reflection of the wing or window of a plane. However it did seem to last too long for this. 

Got out of my car and told a lady who was walking a dog to look out for it. She laughed at me and walked on.

June, c, 02:00
Bristol Channel off Slade, Gower

Exact date in June not known. Calm, clear night. 

Jason Moore and a friend, C. F. were fishing at Slade, Gower in the early hours when all of a sudden they saw a beam of white light straight out at sea to the south, described as being like a searchlight from a helicopter or a torch beam, shining straight down, without a sound, which pooled on the surface of the sea and lighting up a large area. 

It was about 1000 yards out and the light stayed there for a couple of minutes. It then retracted to a spherical ball which shot straight up into the sky at tremendous speed, again without a sound. It ascended until appearing like a star in the sky, and changed into three separate 'stars', each going off in different directions from the same point. One went north, the other two east and west. 

Jason said, "I've spent many hours fishing at night. Seen shooting stars, but this memory has always stayed with me to this day." 

Duration of sighting: 3-4 minutes.

Source: SUFON Files via witness submission on website December 2020.

June, late afternoon on a weekday
Winchwen, Swansea

Weather - hot. Rob Gaynor (26) and a friend, Jason Osbourne (28) were standing near the Halfway Inn in Winchwen, having stopped at a lay by to make a phone call. 

A huge thunderstorm came over from the south-east, and they looked up to watch it. There was a lot of thunder, and floating underneath the storm clouds and moving along with it towards the north west was a very strange object. It was at an altitude of about 2000 feet but low enough to see clearly. 

Rob said the only way to describe it was a mass of aerials and scaffolding connected by ladders – a bit like the International Space Station, but much more intricate and more slender, and without any solid mass of a body or fuselage. His first thought was ‘how in the hell can a shape like that be able to float?’ 

It seemed to have more aerial shapes on one side than the other, some protruding out further than others, but on the whole it was cubic in shape, with longest bits on top and bottom, although these were fewer than those around the sides. They could see through it as it slowly tumbled gently on its way. 

Rob explained: “It tumbled ever so slowly, which made me think at first it must have been some kind of inflatable sucked up into the air with the storm.... but as it was overhead we could see it was definitely metallic due to the light reflecting off it. It was larger than a house... and didn’t change direction. It travelled the same speed as the storm.” 

It passed by quite slowly without any sound and emitted no light that they could see, and the two friends watched it in bafflement. It headed towards the Black Mountain in the northwest and they watched it for about 5 minutes until it became too small to observe. 

UK’s weather in June 2002 was indeed hot and interspersed with summer thunder storms, so Rob’s memory is correct in this respect.

Source: SUFON Files via Rob Gaynor correspondence with Emlyn Williams, March 2016.

Tuesday June 4th, 22:40

Mr Fuad Abbas was looking out of his window towards Risca when he saw a 'luminous object about the size of a football.' He said that 'for a second the [orange] light became intense like a projector then it suddenly zoomed away shrinking very speedily in size and intensity, disappearing completely in about three seconds.'

South Wales Argus 07/06//2002

Tuesday June 4th, 03:20
Llansamlet, West Glamorgan

3:20 AM. The witness, a man, together with his colleague, saw six rectangular objects emitting a bright, white light, travelling over the Travel Inn, in the general direction of Pontardawe (NNE). Each appeared to be flying in formation, and there was a definite gap between them. 

They travelled at a slow, steady speed, maintaining the same altitude, and no noise was heard. The objects would sometimes form an arc, or the top and bottom objects would move forward to be joined by the other four in the formation, which was just off 90 degrees with the top object being in front. 

The objects were in view in the witnesses’ field of vision for about 6 minutes. The witness who reported the sighting to the police, stated that judging by the height at which the objects were travelling, they were approximately 15-20 feet in length. (SUFON summary)


Tuesday June 11th
Johnston, Dyfed

Witness was travelling as a passenger in a van when they saw a rectangular light in the sky. At first they assumed it was something on the window, or perhaps part of the moon, but they watched the object stay in the same position for five minutes. It then disappeared. The witness reported their sighting via NUFORC on Saturday 9th November 2002:

"Rectangle object in sky seen in Wales, UK. The sky was a grey/blue with a few clouds, good visibility, no rain. Travelling as a passenger in a van, i seen a light rectangle in the sky in the distance. At first i thought it was something on the window of the van, then i thought it must be a part of the moon or something, but it was rectangle. 

The object never moved in the sky as we turned a corner and i watched it out the open window of the van. It was there for 5 minutes, then it vanished and i spent another 5 minutes looking for it but it was gone. 

It looked like one of them home made movies of someone filming a UFO, and you go yeah right thats a fake, well that was what it was like. There were no flashing light, just one continous lightness through the whole object. There were other people in the van with me but i felt stupid suggesting it was a UFO."

Autumn 2002, 18:30
Colwyn Bay

Margaret Fry investigated the various UFO sightings and general paranormal experiences of Sylvia Wells and family, submitting her reports to Awareness V26/N4 (summer 2004). One sighting took place on the drive home from a meal in autumn 2002, when a four foot long 'round black bar with solid oblongs' at both ends passed over the bonnet of their car. It was described as having 'two small lit-up oblong windows in both ends.'

Awareness volume 26 number 4

Autumn, 19:30
Llandarcy, Neath
[Could be 2003 as witness not sure.] 

Clear sky. Jonathan Austin, 39, was going for an evening walk to Skewen from his home in Trallwn, and was proceeding along Crymlyn Road. He was near the bridge over the Swansea District railway line when he saw two very bright white lights hovering over the BP Llandarcy oil refinery on his right hand side, at an elevation of about 45 degrees. 

 The lights were side by side and moving very slowly up and down in a floating motion whilst moving slowly away to the south towards Swansea Bay. He watched them for a few minutes as he walked along, until he was no longer in sight of them. There was no sound or flashing navigation lights apparent. 

 A few days later he said there was a report in the South Wales Evening Post relating how others had seen it but it had been explained away as a helicopter. This explanation does not fit what he saw, in his view, due to the fact that there was no sound or flashing navigation lights. 

 We can establish the correct dating of this sighting once the referred-to newspaper article is found.

Source: SUFON Files via witness interview with Emlyn Williams, 4 March 2016.

Saturday November 2nd, 23:00
Llanerchymedd, Gwynedd

Witness, a 78-year-old aircraft enthusiast, saw a light in the night sky through his kitchen window. He described it as 'round, about the size of a football with an opaque brownish colour. It was eerily still as if it was staring at me so I went for my binoculars.'

Through the binoculars witness observed the object move to his right and out of sight behind a rise in the ground. Seconds later he saw it rising gently over the sea. Witness described it as now being 'lit by unbelievable white light that created an aura around it like fine mist, this enabled me to observe the large object as being saucer like in appearance and aluminium greyish white in colour. It had windows around it.'

The following morning witness mentioned seeing a strange light in the sky to his milkman, who told him he had been driving through Rhosgoch the previous evening with his son. Just after 7pm he had elbowed his son and said 'what the hell is that silver thing in the sky?', but wasn't able to keep sight of it because of the terrain. 

After receiving the form letter from MOD, witness replied to say he was certain he had seen a structured craft - not a natural phenomena or, as suggested on the MOD report form, a firework - and asked them to check if anything had been caught on radar.


November 28th, 14:26
Cardiff Docks

There were two sightings over Cardiff Docks of objects of different colours, moving up and down. Contact International reported them to London ATC.


Tuesday December 3rd, night
Llandrindod Wells

Witness was star gazing on a clear night when she noticed a 'spiralling cone vortex of lights' on the western horizon. She rushed indoors for binoculars with which 'she also saw blue flame like emanations around the whole vortex.' Her friend reported the sighting, which lasted around 45 seconds, via NUFORC on Tuesday 10th December 2002.

"My friend noticed that it was clear night and as she lives in rural locastion with little light polution she decided to view the stars. On the Western horizon appeared a spiraling cone vortex of lights., not space junk comet or over flying passenger craft, she ran into house to collect bins and was back toot sweet, by the time she had returned light where on the eastern horizon. With the aid of binocs she also saw blue flame like eminations around the whole vortex."

Thursday December 19th

Witness saw a triangular / teardrop shaped object streak across the sky for around 20 seconds. It had a large trailing, fiery plume behind it, made no sound, and travelled at a constant 'extremely fast' speed. It seemed much closer, brighter and faster than a plane which was travelling in the opposite direction. Witness reported the sighting later that day via NUFORC:

"One teardrop-shaped object silently streaked across the sky trailing a fiery plume. I saw 1 object, which looked slightly triangular/teardrop in shape streak accross the sky approximately north-east to south-west with a large trailing, fiery plume behind it. It moved at a constant, speed which seemed extremely fast and there was no sound. At the same time there was a plane in the sky travelling in the opposite direction. The object seemed to be much closer, brighter and faster than this plane."

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