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Welsh UFO Sightings 2004

Welsh UFO Sightings

Welsh UFO sightings from 2004. For sightings from other years please click HERE.

2004, c. 23:00
Baglan, Port Talbot

One night, Lin Thomas (aged 18) of Port Talbot was with her husband, and they

 were leaving the Apollo Cinema in Aberavon when they saw a big orange orb over the mountain above Baglan to the north. It was a perfect circle, bright orange, about 1 sixth the size of a full moon. They could see it was lighting the top of the trees on the top of the mountain. 

The object was motionless at first, then moved up slightly and then made fast erratic movements in different angles, 'skittishly'. Then it dropped fast into the the trees, lighting the forest up. The light then went out. The witnesses were 'freaked out'.

Source: SUFON Files - witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams, 20 August 2016. 

January, 18:30-18:45
Merthyr Tydfil

Exact date in January not known - witness thinks it could have been 2005. 

Dark. Low cloud - had been raining. 

Gari Jones was on his way home from work, having got off a bus and was walking down a hill, with a girl a short distance behind him on the path. Looking up, his attention was drawn to something in the sky. He could see five huge round glowing lights in a 'V' formation. Between the lights he could just make out a dark V-shaped object against the sky. 

Gari estimated that the object was at least 400 feet wide and 5-600 feet in length. The front of the object was the point of the 'V' and five circular lights were arranged at equal points along the body. At first it was about a mile away, and he watched it get nearer and then fly directly overhead, then continue on into the distance before it was lost in cloud. It was moving quite fast, about 300-400 mph. 

Duration of the sighting was about 12 seconds. There was no sound. After the object had disappeared he turned to the girl behind him and asked her, 'What on earth was that?' They then discussed what they had just seen. 

Source: BUFOG Files: Dave Hodrien / witness interviewed for SUFON by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams 2015. 

Feb 18th, 16:02
Rhyl, Clwyd

Witness saw a large black object over Rhyl and reported it to police. The MOD report notes that a police helicopter was up at the time, and they also spotted a civilian aircraft in the area.


Friday February 27th, c. 17:20

Michael Hopkins: "I was making my way home to Pontypridd after finishing work in Cardiff city centre, and as the traffic was heavy on the A470 direct route home, I decided to bypass the traffic and drive along Caerphilly Road instead. 

As I approached the crossroads with Ty Wern Road and Maes-Y-Coed Road in Birchgrove, I noticed a strange looking object in the sky in my 2 o'clock direction. I turned into Maes-Y-Coed Road and after about 150 yards, stopped the car. 

I took my camera and started to take photographs of the object as it slowly glided in a south-easterly direction towards the Bristol Channel. The object had the appearance of a hot-air balloon that had deflated in a tall vertical fashion connected to a shiny metallic area below it. I remember thinking how could a deflated hot-air balloon still fly? 

By my reckoning it could have been approx 60 or 70 feet in height and appeared to be about 6 to 8 miles away. The weather was quite warm for the time of year with no noticeable ground level breeze." 

 Source: SUFON via Michael Hopkins. 

April 18th, c. 19:00
Three spherical objects were seen, moving in a triangular formation. They were silver in colour, as reflected in the setting sun. The lower rear object broke away and moved in front of the other two objects at high speed before disappearing. The other objects disappeared two seconds later.

Source: Bufora Jan 05 and Australian UFO Bulletin June 04.

Tuesday June 1st, 23:00
West Carmarthenshire

Holly Kenyon (23) saw an orange coloured light which resembled a star, moving fairly quickly and silently. It increased in size as it approached and suddenly stopped for approximately 4 minutes while a beam of white light came out from it, shining behind in the direction from which it had come. The object then appeared to tip so the beam went up into the sky. It began to move again very slowly in its original direction in this position until it went behind trees and out of sight. Duration of sighting: 15 minutes. 


Monday June 14th, 18:00
Upper Boat

Michael Hopkins was on the A470, going home to Pontypridd: "On my way home from work in Cardiff, I called into Tesco in Upper Boat to get some money from the ATM cash point. As I was walking back across the car park to my car, for some reason I looked up to the sky. 

Directly above me was a white disc-shaped object, travelling south-east at a constantly fast speed. I stood there observing the disc for around 8 or 9 seconds before it disappeared above the distant clouds. The weather was warm with some scattered cloud and no noticeable breeze." 

 Source: SUFON files via Michael Hopkins. 

Monday June 14th, 23:15
Brackla, Bridgend

Witness saw an object in silhouette with very brilliant white lights. It was about 70 ft long, then changed shape before it was lost to sight, travelling at high speed to the south.


Friday August 6th

Allison Moore (26) took a video of a strange object seen above her house in Trehafod. It was visible for hours, moved quickly and changed colour. University of Glamorgan's astronomy department said it might be Venus.

Rhondda Leader 12/08/2004
BBC 06/08/2004 BBC 06/08/2004

Sunday September 5th, c, 03:00
Rowen, Conwy

G.B. woke up at her home in Rowen, in the Conwy district of North Wales, UK. She reported seeing "three lights, one very intense--not coloured--and two faint lights. The intense light and one faint light were in the same general direction, one much nearer than the other. Even the nearest must have been some distance away because it occasionally disappeared behind a bank of low cloud."

"I woke my husband to see them at 3:05 a.m.," G.B. added, "We watched the disc-shaped lights through binoculars. The faint lights went out soon after 3:05 a.m. The brightest object disappeared at 3:18 a.m. It was not an aircraft or a helicopter."

Sunday September 5th, 15:20

Clear sunny day. The witnesses were sitting in their garden in Barry when they saw an object described as a bright light at first and then looked like a box kite. There was no sound, wings or fuselage apparent. It was at an altitude of 2 to 3,000 ft as it flew towards them, over their garden and then due west over Cardiff Airport.

Visibility was excellent and they could not mistake it for a plane. ‘Was definitely something you could not explain.’


Monday September 6th, 07:46
Seven Sisters, Neath

Lee Antell (25) was driving in Seven Sisters in Neath & Port Talbot and saw two metallic silver objects, about 30-35000 ft in altitude at an elevation of 40-50 degrees. Both objects were disc-shaped but too distant to see any markings. They were roughly fifty feet in diameter. The two objects were travelling north from a southerly direction. 

They were zig-zagging on east-west plane in formation whilst travelling north. At no time did they seem to get near to a jet which was also visible, and at no time did the jet take evasive action. Lee watched this for roughly 2.5 minutes before they disappeared from view. (SUFON summary)


Tuesday September 7th, 23:30
Holywell, Flintshire

Margaret Fry investigated and sent her report into Awareness V27/N1: 

Mr LS was sitting with his wife in their back garden when he saw the moon shining approaching mid-day. As he was looking at this, two silver objects, which seemed very high, passed in front of the moon. He noticed that these were travelling very fast and every 2 seconds or so came together and then pulled apart very fast. 

He ran to the front of the house and by the time he had done so they were at the far end of the horizon. His wife was unable to see them as she was not wearing her spectacles. He was amazed at the speed they were travelling and was convinced that nothing on this earth could travel that fast. He thought they looked silvery in colour and though they were very high he thought they looked cigar shaped.

The sighting was also reported to the MOD:


Wednesday September 8th, 20:15

Large flash of light which turned into a grey object descending over Cardiff Bay, with trailing smoke behind it.


September 10th

Witness was walking their dog when they saw an 'unusual light' they initially took to be the moon behind some clouds. Then the light source moved and grew brighter. After this stopped a dullish glow came from under the object. Witness reported the sighting which lasted around 2 minutes to NUFORC later that day:

"Bright lights followed by dimmer lights. After lights came a glow. No noise hovered. Lasted about 2 mins.took dog out for a walk, looked towards hills,saw an unusual light and thought it was the moon behind some clouds. Then saw the light source move and got lighter. As the lights were getting brighter the following light dimmed. This took place for est. 1.5 mins. After lights stopped a dullish glow came from under object. Could not see any objects in the sky. It was a clear night where the stars were shinning, but in the direction of where the lights came from I could not see any stars at all. These light came from a source that had no noise and kept its position for the duration of time. As stated could not see any object but where the loights were there are no buildings as it was sighted above a hill over looking the Towy Valley."

Sep 14th, 06:30

One object that looked like a disc, with a tail and was shiny.

Sunday September 19th, 00:45

Beverly Heron was "on the beach and sea at Towyn, North Wales," UK, when "a small light was seen to speed across the sky at great speed. Then a V-shape of light followed at great speed. There was no sound. We watched the V-shape for about 15 seconds; then it disappeared. But we knew that it wasn't any kind of plane we were seeing." 

"The sighting was witnessed by myself and my husband. It left me stunned." Beverly described the UFO as "a V-shape outlined in white lights. Very high speed and on approach was moving in the sky faster than a normal plane and without any sound." 

Friday September 24th, 06:30

Clear in local area. The witness, from Newport, was outdoors in Newbridge and saw a shiny disc-shaped object with a tail heading west to east for a few minutes. 


Thursday October 14th, 22:00

Mark A:

I was driving along a fairly busy road heading west just outside of Cardiff city. Something caught my eye, so I pulled over. I also noticed that other people, about 15 other drivers, had done the same and were now outside their vehicles looking up at what I just couldn't believe. 

At about 3000 feet was the largest flying object that I have ever seen. Something like, say the new Airbus A380, not yet in service, or a Boeing 747, that would have been dwarfed by it. The crazy thing was absolute silence! 

We stood dumbstruck as this (UFO) thing moved slowly through the air almost directly above us. There was also complete silence from everyone observing this amazing event from the roadside. Other drivers were also stopping, and people were getting out of their cars to take a look. 

I am a pilot and have a fairly good idea of how motions of normal aircraft can 'trick' people into seeing a UFO. This was in no way normal. There is an international airport located about four miles west of the sighting site. My next move was to telephone the Control tower at the airport and ask if anything unusual had just taken off. Air Traffic control said that a (Boeing) 737 had just departed a few minutes ago. This object was too big and too silent to be a 737. I then asked if they had anything on radar. "Nothing" they said. 

This thing was about the size of a very large container ship. It didn't have any visible wings or any other way of showing how it could stay in the air. If I saw it on the ground, I would bet money that it would not be able to fly.' Mark then called RAF St. Athan. 'Again, "nothing". The weather was good with ten miles' (16 kilometres) visibility. There were light clouds at 500 feet (150 metres) and very light winds. I watched this object keep the same speed and height (altitude) and then it passed behind some mountains to the northeast of Cardiff.' 

[Later] I saw a friend and told him about the sighting. He was almost speechless when I started to describe the same thing that he had seen moments after me. He had been out with a girlfriend and was driving home when he spotted the object from her passenger seat. They both got out of the car, along with the other road users who had stopped their cars. Almost a reconstruction of what had happened five minutes ago, only it was happening now to the northeast of Cardiff city. His account is identical to mine in the size and height of the object, speed (about 50 knots). 

I would love to know what I and everyone else that night had seen. Colour/shape: the colour is hard to describe. Imagine seeing a car with dark paint, dark green or navy blue. Then imagine it at night in a dimly lit parking lot. That's about as close as I can get. It didn't have any lights but somehow it really stood out against the night sky. It was strange. The size was close to a large freight ship or oil tanker. 
This is the hard bit, the shape. I can only describe it as being like the bottom of a boat. Sloping out from the centre and sloping out towards the rear end in a sort of V shape. It had rough edges with different sized parts of tubing sticking out from the sides.' 

Mark saw the object approach from the west and saw it depart to the north-east, disappearing over the mountains to the north of Cardiff. 

For more like this please click the image below:
Weird Wales


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