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Welsh UFO Sightings 2011

Welsh UFO Sightings

Welsh UFO sightings from 2011. For sightings from other years please click HERE.

Huge number of reports but mostly LITS, self reported to the UK UFO website. Other accounts include a missing time episode in late summer, and a report of a sheep being taken aboard a UFO in Llanybydder...   

Winter 2010/2011, 20:00
Penisa'rwaun, Caernarvon

Dark, dry wintery night.

Roger Harris was at his small-holding in Pen isa'r waun, near Llanrug, Caernarfon. He went out to clean out the horses and was pushing a wheelbarrow filled with manure past a row of stables on the way to tip it at the manure heap. As he got to the end of the stables, suddenly, everything lit up like day. The whole area was awash with white light. His immediate thought was a helicopter and he looked up to find it. As he did so, in a split second, the light went out and everything went black again.

Looking straight up, he saw an object, roughly 200 - 500 ft in altitude, shaped like a "square block of flats" - 3D and tall, not horizontal - and as big as the Lysaght Institute in Newport where he was as he related the tale to Emlyn Williams.

However his view of the object was very brief - about a second. It just went off. He thought it might have shot off to the south but it was so quick he wasn't sure.

The following day on the radio, they were asking if anyone had seen anything.

Source: SUFON Files - Roger Harris interviewed by Emlyn Williams at Newport UFO & Paranormal Conference, 9th June 2019.

Monday 3rd January (? date uncertain)

Witness saw an orange glow moving rapidly towards them. Other witnesses saw it and also dismissed chinese lanterns as an explanation. Witness reported the ten minute sighting to NUFORC on Wednesday 5th January 2011:

"Hy, I will check the date as I did report it to a local spotter after some research on web, I wouldnt have bothered but with you asking for sightings earlier in the year so here goes, On leaving my local watering hole (will supply name if needed,) I spotted an orange glow moving rapidly towards us at quite a speed, called the steward & anither chap to come quick and we were witness to this object, it was travelling roughly west to east at quite a rate of knots, we dismissed chinese lanterns immediately as this was moving, fast, but pretty high up as it was midsummer with a very clear sky & no wind unless it gets windy higher up, anyway object vanished into the distance, said our fair wells and off home, no sooner had I gone around the corner, still looking up another one appeared, same direction , same speed , definately NOT a chinese lantern as they do appear quite regularly, rather a lot New years eve, anyway there we are, object from the ground was the size of say the space station that I see occasionally passing overhead, or maybe slightly larger,((NUFORC Note: We have assigned an arbitrary date above, until the source of the report sends us a corrected date. PD))"

8th January, 17:30
Crosskeys - above Machen Mountain

Alex Rondel and his father were leaving Alex' grandmother's house when they saw a bright red and yellow flashing light. It suddenly disappeared.

Source: UK UFO - reported on 8th January 2021 at 21:19.

"When i left my nans house i saw a bright light flashing red and yellow.At first i thought it was a plane but it suddenly disappered.My dad also saw this strange encounter."

Monday 10th January

Witness saw a number of red lights in the sky just to the NW of Swansea City Centre area, at a height of no more than 500 feet. After ten minutes or so they seemed to fade. Witness reported the sighting to NUFORC on Monday 10th October 2011:

"Multiple red lights in the sky above swansea, uk. During a fishing trip from the Mumbles lighthouse in Mumbles, Swansea I winessed a number of red lights in the sky just to the nw of the Swansea City Center area, no more than 500 ft. they was no movement for about 10 minutes until they seemed to fade. I dismissed it at first until I saw the picture of what was reportadly sighted across america on the 3rd and 4th of july. this is what I saw.Due to the distance of the sighting and the quality of my camera I was unable to take a clear photograph of the incident."

20th January, 22:56
Mid Powys: looking south-west from A44 between Llanfihangel Nant Melan and Llandegley, at the Radnor Forest bends

Lis D was driving on the A44 when they saw 'a collection of about a dozen equal sized static orange lights just above the horizon'. They stopped the car and watched as they faded away, one by one, over the coure of about a minute. They drove on and noticed some of them had reappeared in roughly the same location.

Source: UK UFO - reported on January 21st 2011.

"This evening 20 January 2011, just before 11pm, driving on A44 between Llanfihangel Nant Melan and Llandegley, at the Radnor Forest bends, I saw to my left a collection of about a dozen equal sized static orange lights just above the horizon, probably above Franksbridge, Hundred House or direction of Aberedw. It was a clear moonlit night and I am familar with the landscape, so I know they were just above the skyline, not on the land; anyway, there is no hilltop town there! I stopped the car and as I watched they faded one by one over the course of about a minute. I drove on, and noticed that some of them had reappeared in roughly the same location. There was nowhere to stop, so I just drove on."

23rd January, 00:30

Lee Cutforth saw a bright orange/red triangular object moving across the sky, about the size of a plane but travelling slightly faster.

Source: UK UFO - reported on January 23rd 2011 at 18:44.

"orange/red bright object about the size of a plane but triangular moving across the sky slightly faster than a plane and maintaining its speed and direction until out of sight. did anyone else see it?"

23rd January, 19:40
Penylan, Cardiff

Teresa McCarthy, along with her sister and brother-in-law, saw a bright orange/reddish light moving very fast through the sky. It stopped then another shot up very quickly, directly under the first one. They hovered for a while then disappeared into the distance.

Ellis commented on the sighting (07/04/2011) "I also saw the one over Cardiff. Thought at first it was a satellite, but when [the] second one appeared and stopped below [it] changed my mind." Source: UK UFO - reported on January 24th 2011.

"Over the Penylan area Cardiff. A bright orenange/redishlight spotted by my brother in law moving very fast through the sky. He came to get me and my sister, and we saw the light stop in the sky. As it did I spotted another one shooting up which moved very quickly until directly under the first one. Then they hovered about for a while and disappeared into the distance."

Thursday January 27th

While searching for 2011 cases I found this video uploaded to dailymotion by +ovnis_et_fantomes. There are no further details given, so I just made a gif of the clip:

UFO activity over Wales Jan 27th 2011

Thursday 27th January, 21:00 - 21:20

Shaun and Susan Moore were in their back garden when they saw a large circle of very bright spinning white lights. Three other commenters on UK UFO said they also saw these lights, but offered no details on where, etc.

Source: UK UFO - reported on January 28th 2011.

"went out our back garden to put rubbish out and as we looked up into the sky we saw a large circle of lights may be a 100 feet circle there were small circles spinning around i tried to film it and take photos wont know yet if they came out but the circles were very bright almost like small white clouds spinning very fast i watched them for about 20 min i dont believe in things like that but seeing is believing."

Friday January 28th, 06:20

Steve reported his sighting to UK UFO on January 28th 2011:

"Driving to work, I noticed an object in the sky with a green/yellow unnatural light. I couldn’t gauge how far away it was or what speed, but it was very fast. I looked at it for 2-3 seconds then it very rapidly accelerated and disappeared going westerly. I'm well used to seeing ‘normal’ aircraft as I’m ex-RAF, this was unlike anything I have seen before."

Thursday 2nd February, 09:15
Dow Corning, Barry

Nicole and Sandra Jones were driving when they saw a bright metallic object in the sky. It grew dim, disappeared, then reappeared 15 seconds later in a different spot in the clear sky.

Source: - reported by witness on 7th February 2012.

"We were driving away from Barry and we saw over the rear of Dow Corning we winessed a bright metallic object about a mile in the sky. The object was glowing like a very bright star it got bright went dim disappeared then reappeared 15 seconds later in a different spot. It was a clear sky, no clouds and was most deffinetly not a plane or star there was a plane flying up higher at the time this object stood out differently. I live near Cardiff airport and familiar with the types of planes landing and taking off around the area. We are very normal people (not mad! Hopefully) to see this was amazing it was very beautiful and peaceful. hopefully who ever they were they come in peace & we welcome them! x did anyone else see them?"

Saturday 4th February, c. 18:30 - 18:45
Bodelwyddan, St. George area. North Wales

Lois and her husband were travelling by car when they saw a very bright white circle, followed by a white expanding circular flash of light which looked to be just above eye level. It lasted one to two seconds at most.

Source: UK UFO - reported on February 6th 2011.

"We were travelling in the car on the Rhuddlan by – pass looking towards the Bodelwyddan, St. George area, when my husband and I saw a very bright white circle followed by a white expanding circular flash of light , but it did not light up the whole sky, it was not high up in the sky either, it looked like it was just above eye level. The light lasted approximately 1-2 seconds at the most, then it could not be seen anymore."

Monday February 7th, c. 18:00

The witness, Kristian Davies, with his family was driving between Llansamlet and Birchgrove. They saw three lights moving slowly in a circular motion, but the witness said they moved pretty quickly from one side ofthe road to the other. Then they disappeared one by one as if they turned their lights off. 


Tuesday 8th February, 03:40
Cwmbwrla, Swansea

'a lien' was woken up by a 'Dr Who flying saucer noise'. They and their wife looked out of the window and saw nothing, and the noise stopped after about ten minutes. At 06:20 their four year old son woke up and told them he had seen a space ship outside their home.

Source: UK UFO - posted on February 12th 2011.

"at about 03.40 early tuesday morning above cwmbwrla i was awoken by wot can only be described as dr who fling saucer noise i got out of bed and looked out of the window but couldnt see anything except the noise was still there i awoke my wife and again she could here it but nothing was visable it stopped after about ten mins and we both couldnt explain it so went back to my son woke up early as normal about 06.20 and woke us up saying hes just seen a space ship outside our home he’s four and has not been told of what me and my wife heard early tuesday morning.spooky or what!"

13th February, 20:00

Simon Ward took pictures of two disc shaped objects in the sky, as reported to UK UFO on January 16th 2012.

13th February, 22:40
Rhydlewi, Ceredigion

Julie and Richard Gerrity saw a bright orange ball of light, flying quite low on a straight course heading north. It passed silently over the house with no discernible shape of a craft, but nonetheless seemed powered by something.

Source: UK UFO - reported on February 16th 2011.

"As i looked out of the bedroom window i saw a bright orange light that seemed to be heading for our house. I called my husband to have a look. We opened the bedroom window and watched it flying quite low on a straight course heading north. It was like a large round ball of orange light as it passed the house there was no noise, and you could not see a shape of any craft around the light. It was just a light. It was obviously being powered by something but not an engine. It was not a chinese lantern as it was travelling to fast."

Friday February 25th, 02:30
Swansea Bay 

Witness, Ashleigh, was out with a friend on the beach near Blackpill taking long-exposure night photographs of the locality. Looking north-east towards the city centre. She reported her sighting to UK UFO on March 2nd 2011:

"I was out photographing with a friend and although I didn’t actually see anything at the time an odd light appeared in one of the photos I was taking. The camera was on a tripod, the exposure time would have been about 4 minutes, long enough to see the movement of the stars. In the top right corner there is a very bright, apparently static light.

I don’t think I was facing in this direction for much of the shoot, I was talking to my friend and making sure I didn’t walk into the camera in the dark which might explain why neither of us noticed it. I just wondered if anyone would have any ideas of what it was. For any of you who know cameras, mine was set at F10 with the ISO set to 100 so for any flash of light to record it would have had to be very bright."

Multiple commenters cited lens flare as the explanation.

Swansea Bay 25/02/2011

Friday February 25th, 18:15

Witness: Rob.

"I was driving home from work past Llangynnor towards Cross Hands on the old A48 and had the impression I was about to be overtaken as the right side of the car and road became bright. I looked to my right and saw a large green light in the sky travelling in the opposite direction back towards Carmarthen. It looked like a ball in the sky and the same colour as the Sony Ericsson logo. A few minutes later when on the by-pass I again felt something was overtaking and saw the same light parallel to my car. I slowed down to have a closer look, and could see it was not attached to anything and more or less hovering. As I was watching it, it just disappeared, but I felt it was looking back at me! I have not seen it since and travel that road twice a day."

Source: reported on July 2nd 2011.

4th March, 19:00

'Gpetuk' saw a bright object pass over a plane, glowing brilliantly, and then seemed to change course to the south and climb. After about 5 seconds it started to fade and shrink, and then just disappeared.

Source: UK UFO - reported on March 5th 2011.

"I went outside for a cigerette and coffee and facing south was looking out up at the early night sky and noticed a plane come into view from my right. As it cossed directly in front of me, what I assumed to be a bright star and then a satelite moved across my field of vision from the left paralell to the plane as they mereged I thought it was another plane turning on its lights because the light intensified.It glowed briliantly as it passed over the plane and then seemed to change course to the south and climb. For about 5 seconds after it started to fade shrink and then just disapeared."

7th March, c. 19:00

Anonymous reported to UK UFO on March 8th that they saw two strange lights in the sky which changed direction before speeding up and vanishing.

"Saw two strange lights in the sky definitely not planes, helicopters or chinese lanterns, first spotted one, then a second appeared, slightly larger behind, they appeared to be coming towards me at first, but then changed direction and headed back out towards the sea, the distance between staying the same the whole time, before suddenly appearing to speed up and vanishing!!"

7th March, 22:20
Bettws, Newport

Dave and Mike were walking through the woods behind their houses when they saw a bright white light moving silently across the sky, c. 150 feet above them. The object was oblong and had a huge blue flame trailing. A blue spotlight shone on them, causing one of the witnesses to instinctively duck, before the obect sped away. The two witnesses ran from the woods in fear.

Source: UK UFO - reported on March 8th and again on April 6th 2011.

"Me and my mate went for a walk through the woods behind our houses. As we was talking away i could see this bright white light moving across the sky behind the trees (about 150feet above us). The white light went off you could see the shape of the object was oblong and a huge blue flame shot out of the back of it, not making any sound and it accelerated away at seriously fast speeds. As i seen it about to shoot away i pointed up and simultaneously my mate ducked because he seen a blue spot light shine on the two of us, he then turned around and looked up and seen the object shoot away. we both ran out of the woods and back into the street out of fear. I have never seen anything like this before and it was a massive wake up call to other life existing in our vast uinverse. So in some respects i’m glad i seen it."

Friday 18th March

Witness was in their back garden on a mild, clear night. They first thought they had seen a shooting star to the WSW, then they saw a yellowish-orange round light. It was travelling steadily towards the witness, in a straight line at a height of 200 to 300 feet. As it moved it 'morphed' into a light aircraft with engine noise and a long cylindrical light or beam in its centre. It travelled at around 40 mph until it was out of sight. 

Witness reported the sighting, which lasted two minutes, to MUFON on Tuesday 22nd March 2011:

"So I was standing in the back garden of my house for about half an hour since 8pm, and it was a clear, calm, mild night. I thought at first I witnessed a shooting star in the West South West direction as I was standing by the back door of my house. I thought, 'did I just see a shooting star? or was it just the bright star to the left of Orion which was in the vicinity of West South West too'. I also heard one dog barking nearby just prior to witnessing this object.Not too long after this, I believed that I saw something round, shining or brightening up in the distance. I believe it was yellowish-orange in colour. I first thought it was just a chinese lantern rising up but I wondered how it would move with zero wind, and why is one floating about in March, that's why it got my attention. I felt sure that I witnessed a yellowish orb powering up or brightening up in the distance.

Anyway, something kept my attention so I made sure I paid attention to what it might do next.I believe the actions and motions of the object made a steady motion towards me, in a straight line probably at a height of about 200 -300 feet, speed about 40 mph I would guess, and perhaps it descended slightly in height over its trajectory. At some point from watching this, I became aware that the object had changed or morphed into what I would describe as a light aircraft. I also heard the sound of what seemed to be an engine. I would describe this sound as a drone noise as opposed to a piercing or vibratory noise which I believe a real light aircraft would emit. I clearly remember that this object had a long, cylindrical light or beam, I believe in its centre, from front to back. I think it was white, or maybe light turquoise. I also remember one light flashing which may have been yellow. It may also have had a small side light on each wing, I don't know the colours.I sincerely cannot recall what shape it was, because I was surprised at the long thin white beam on the object, so I do not want to hazzard a guess. The object came over just to the left of my house, perhaps 100-150 feet above the ground. I just watched it fly past thinking, 'no way is that a plane, that is NOT a plane :)'.

Then I quickly moved to see if I could follow its trajectory as it passed by. I would say it went at a fair speed, say 40-50 miles per hour. I believe it covered a distance of about 1.5 to 2 miles from its start point to when I lost sight of it.My feelings as I saw this was just that there was something not quite right about this scenario. one, because it was supposedly a light aircraft flying low over my house, and two, it was mid evening. So as it came nearer to my house I thought with a smile 'no way can this be a plane'. When I thought it could have been a UFO, I got a little anxious and nervouse at that point. I wondered if it could have been an A.I. controlled object, whether it knew I was standing below it, or even whether it put on some display for confirmation, I cannot answer the real motive here. Other than what I have described I had no other reactions. I had a wry smile on my face watching it.

So absolutely no telepathic communication going on, no electrical or radiological discharge or anything, no tractor beams, fancy light display, no missing time (I believe) or timelessness, no altered or heightened state like love or fear etc. I finally lost sight of the object because it disappeard into the darkness in about 5 seconds. I don't know if it literally vanished, went invisible or shot off into the sky. I just can't believe noone else may have seen it. So what I remember most of all is this long thin white beam on the object and one flashing light, maybe yellow, and of course the sound of a light aircraft passing close at low altitude over my house. I cannot remember the shape of the object, nor the size, perhaps it was the size of a light aircraft.The frustrating thing was, I did not have any instruments at hand to record it, view it or even signal to it. It caught me completely off guard. So I have no video or still photo as further evidence.

21st March, 20:47

Mike (NE 43? from 53.339094,-3.402831) saw a big black triangle heading 72? E silently with white lights in each corner fading in and out of clouds.

Grey Cloud
Temp: 10?C
Wind: SW 9mph 14km/h
Hum: 83%

Sighting reported to UK UFO on March 30th 2011.

22nd March, c. 21:30
Drefach Felindre Llandysul

Caroline Hartley was sat in the front of her van when she looked up and saw three bright orange lights in the sky, about the size and brightness of a street lamp, c. 10 feet above the telegraph wires. The lights appeared to be moving and Caroline realized they were part of the same large object. She could make it out as a dense black triangular shape against the sky, about the size of a small mini car. The lights then faded out.

Source: UK UFO reported on March 29th 2011.

"I was waiting for my husband outside our local shop, I was sitting in the front of our van. I looked up and saw 3 bright orange lights in the sky about 10 feet above the telegraph wires, they were about the size of a street lamp and easily as bright, they were in a line separated a little like the orions belt star thing, I thought this as initially I was staring up at it for about 3 mins trying to work out why there was what seemed like a string of lights so high up and infact how, and why if on a wire were they not moving independently in the wind I kept staring at them trying to work it out when one of the lights seemed to slowly move toward the other, really slowly infact at first I thought my eyes were playing tricks.

I kept looking but also occasionally looking through the side mirror wishing my husband would come and see, I wasn’t going to go in the shop and embarrass myself and I didn’t want to miss it. Any way I quickly began to realize that the light was definitely moving so I stared intently not believing my eyes when I realized suddenly that these lights were not in a line but it was one object. as the object was turning it made the light seem as if they were moving closer together. It became obvious they were a part of something much bigger. I began to see a dense black shape triangular against the blue black sky about the size of a small mini. I searched frantically in the glove box for my husbands camera phone but later realized he had it in his pocket.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. The lights slowly began to fade all at the same time I kept staring at them just wishing my husband would hurry up. I had just given up hope as the lights were fading out of view but this black shape was still there. It wasn’t moving the lights were just going out. I had one last look for my husband and when I looked again the dense shape had completely vanished. Its funny really as about 2 weeks prior to this I told my family how I had seen 3 orange lights over the park slowly go down behind the hedges to far away and dark to really tell what it was and then this. I am a pragmatic sensible person and this is true to the best of my recollection.

28th March, 20:30

Lorraine Pritchard saw a large saucer shaped object with ice blue light around the perimeter. On March 31st Nathan commented to say that he and his mother had seen something similar in Barry at 20:30 - saucer shaped object with blue lights around the perimeter - but on March 29th.

Source: UK UFO - reported on March 29th 2011.

"can anyone explain the large saucer shaped object over penarth with ice blue light around the perimeter. i know there has been an airship over cardiff yesterday wondered if this object was that or something more mysterious someone else must have seen it it was massive."

Saturday 2nd April, 22:00
Mostyn / Holywell

Clare reported to UK UFO on April 3rd 2011 that she had seen "a stationary multi-coloured twinkling star-like object, in the same place for about 30 mins."

Sunday 3rd April, 17:30

Jonathan was with his wife in their car driving through Cwmbran on a fine afternoon. They spotted what he described as a silver disc motionless in the sky and quite low altitude. He said its underbelly was bright white. They saw it clearly as the car was stopped at traffic lights. (SUFON summary)

Source: - reported by witness on 8th April 2011.

"I was in cwmbran on the sunday 3rd there was a silver disc with bright white underbelly it was quite low so saw it clearly so did the wife, it was stationary in clear blue afternoon sky. We were driving so no chance to take any pictures, saw it when stopped at traffic lights. Did anyone else see this?"

7th April, 08:30

Ellis Brock saw wht looked like a star moving from side to side. It also seemed to stop, go backwards, and then move forwards again.

Source: UK UFO - reported on April 7th 2011 at 21:54.

"looking up at the sky i witnessed what i first thought was a star in the sky after scouring the sky for a while i noticed the original star was moving at a consistent pace towards the ocean. it had no distint colour just looked like a star i then thought it was a shooting star but after watching it more for a while i started to notice that it wasn’t ?moving in a straight ?line it seemed to be curving from side to side which could have just been my eyes, i also noticed that it seemed to stop go backwards and than go forward again. as i watched it i started to noticed while getting closer to anouther star the other star started to move and they seemed to get very very close and then both started moving in the same direction one much faster. It all seems very far fetched to me as im not really a beliver but i know what i saw was no plane purely by the lack of flashing lights and the obvious distance from us."

Brian Tripp commented on April 8th: I live in Bristol and at about 8:30 I was locking my van on my drive when I heard aloud crackling sound and looked up, at first I thought I was having double vision as I could see an orange sphere with a forward radiating glow, it moved across the sky from south west to south east and was not in a straight line and didn’t seem to go at a constant speed it seemed to slow down then speed up again and it faded into a small shooting star size after a while.

Saturday 9th April
Bryncethin, Bridgend

09/04/2011 Bryncethin

Neal saw a darting light in the sky and managed to capture it in a shot taken with their mobile phone. However Emlyn Williams of SUFON said on 03/01/2018, "Don’t want to pour cold water on this – but if you examine the photo it is obviously a lens flare as it matches the shape of the setting sun."

Source: UK UFO - reported on April 18th 2011.

"My name is Neal and back last Saturday i spotted a darting light near to where i live, in a place called Bryncethin, Bridgend, South Wales. The light moved in a strange and not ‘normal’ way, and also appeared to appear then dissapear ??? My partner was driving across the common and i managed to take a few shots with my mobile phone but only managed to catch one of the darting light. Not sure if there is an explanation for this, but would like to know if anyone has seen anything similar to this before."

Saturday April 9th, 23:00
Solva, Pembrokeshire

Christopher McKeown was out walking his dog whilst visiting grandparents and noticed what he at first thought was a satellite.

'Direction of travel became highly erratic, whilst at some points almost stopping. Light doubled back on itself, still erratic travel, and came back to approximately its starting point, becoming significantly brighter, before fading away rapidly. Seen later that evening again, about half an hour later by another member of the family, similar erratic pattern of travel, sharp double back in direction seen again. Object on both occasions had the appearance of a satellite, but for extreme erratic travel path, and increase in luminosity.'

Source: UK UFO - reported on April 14th 2011.

11th April, c. 22:05
FForest, Pontarddulais SA4 0TY

Christopher Rees saw a white light which crossed underneath the path of an eastbound passenger jet at a much higher speed. It appeared to accelerate further rand then disappear.

Source: UK UFO - reported on April 13th 2011.

"White light travelling South to North (approx). The light crossed the path of an eastbound passenger jet, it appeared to pass underneath the jet and appeared to be travelling at a far higher speed. The jet appeared from my standpoint to have travelled about an inch, whilst the light had covered several feet in the same time. The light then appeared to accelerate further and disappear. In size comparison from my perspective the plane appeared to be the size of my index finger the light appeared to be around a tenth of the size of the plane."

Tuesday 12th April, night

Witness was taking in washing from the line when they saw a 'bright star' in the distance, heading roughly NE - ENE in a straight line. As it got closer they noticed two smaller rectangular lights behind it, and a relatively quiet jet engine noise in relation to its perceived low height. Concentrating on the object, they saw a triangular shape form through the black of the sky - it had no flashing directional lights. Witness eventually lost sight of the object over the hills and later reported the sighting to MUFON on Wednesday 20th April 2011:

"My partner asked me to fetch the washing in off the line just in case it rained through the night and wet the clothes, while pulling the clothes from the line I happened to look up at the beautiful clear night sky. As I SCANNed th stars I noticed a bright star in the distance, being quite keen on looking at the stars, returning to finish pulling the washing off the line I wondered briefly on what it could be, star i've not noticed or planet, I turn back to check again.

It is then I notice this bright light is slowly moving, it must be a satellite I thought, but no, I've seen those plebty of times, this was brighter. Maybe the ISS, but I've seen that plenty of times and it's not even going the same direction that the ISS follows. This light was heading roughly NE - ENE in a straight line.

In this time that I've been trying to reason with myself, this vehicle is now pretty much on top of me, it is here that I notice 2 smaller rectangular lights behind (relative to direction of travel) the brighter circular light I first noticed, and a jet engine noise a lot quieter than it's height seemed to be, (although I'm no expert in telling the height of planes and jets, I can tell if they're low or high, this object was pretty low!) this instantly made me concentrate on the object deeper.

As I concentrate on this object, I start to see a shape form through the black of the sky... It's triangular in shape, I think that this object has to be a jet of some kind, but there are no flashing directional lights that are on conventional aircraft, this really sets my mind spinning, at this point I lose sight of the object over the top of my house. I rush around the side to catch it out front, and I keep visual contact with the object until I lose sight of it over the hills opposite my house.

As soon as I lose sight, I get in touch with my friend who lives further up the valley in the direction the craft was heading, he looked out for it but saw nothing. Seeing this object didn't seem to leave me feeling any different, until I recounted the experience with my brother a few days later. When I think about it, it left me quite shaken, purely because the craft I saw was a definate unknown to me!

Friday 15th April

An individual reported a disk shaped UFO above 667 Dark Street, Haverfordwest on Google Maps to NUFORC on Friday 4th July 2014. They included the maps link but it only brought back a blank page for me.

"UFO spotted in Google Maps image over Wales.We did not see this personaly, however I was looking at 667 Dark Street, Haverfordwest, Wales, United Kingdom on Google Maps and saw what I believe to be a UFO when I tilted the view upward. Here is the Google Maps URL:,52.431407972307575,,0,0"

24th April, c. 22:45
Nant Gwynant

J and W Abbott and J Goodwin were with four children aged 10 to 15 when they saw a bright white light moving slowly and silently overhead. Once it had passed it grew rapdily smaller and turned red before vanishing. After reporting it on the UK UFO website other people came forward with their own sightings.

Shawn posted on April 28th at 20:27 to say "We were camping near aberdaron and witnessed the object however it was far away, it travelled straight accross the sky at a steady speed. As with the other post it was bright and large at first slowly shrinking into a red dot and vanishing. There were 6 of us who witnessed it and discussed satellites, shooting stars, etc and could not come to a conclusion. Kind of glad we were not the only ones to see this object."

Jack Kirwan posted on April 29th at 11:45 with, "I am working in Swansea in a little village called Kittle. I saw something similar to this wednesday night. It was moving very steadily, we are stopping right by Swansea airport and I know it doesnt operate on the night time. This light which was slightly elongated glided across the sky and seemed to get smaller and smaller untill it was gone."

C. Durkin posted on May 1st at 12:28 - "Also saw something on the 24th at around 22:45. Happy that someone else noticed something really. We were outside enjoying the visibility at llanelidan few miles down the road from Ruthin.

My mother, a friend and I witnessed a very bright white/blue object moving at steady speed towards the east (with the naked eye). The object made no noticeable noise and lacked the flashing lights found on civilian aircraft. The object disappeared from view and then a minute later reappeared going in the opposite direction (now moving north-westerly). The object moved along a non-linear path and seemed to slightly bob up and down as we watched it. We’ve seen satellites before and also do not believe that is what we observed.

Logically we are at a loss to explain it. At the time we jokingly said we must have spotted the new US space plane flying about. It looked really high up and in that case looked to be huge in size. It changed from a blue light to a very bright white.

Also saw a couple of other objects which could have been space debris or satellites. We all think that we observed something out of the ordinary with this object however." Source: UK UFO - reported on April 27th 2011.

"a bright white light moving slowly overhead,when it had passed it started to rapidly get smaller turning red at the same time until it noise at any time with clear skies and stars visible behind .we have seen before satellites,space station,chinese lanterns,it was not any of these."

To the suggestion it was Venus, J Abbott replied: "sorry man in black [commenter's username] but we have also seen the morning star ,and this was not it."

27th April, 02:00
Pen y Parc, Anglesey

Lynn B was camping with her husband when she was woken by a sheep. She went outside to see what was happening and saw 'a near full circle of pulsating red and white lights floating in the sky above the mountains'. They remained stationary for five minutes. Then a very large red light came in from the north and seemed to join the other lights. It stayed next to the first one for about a minute, then slipped behind it. Lynn then became frightened and returned to the tent.

Source: UK UFO - reported on April 30th 2011.

"I was camping with my husband when I was woken by the sound of a screaming sheep at about 2am in the morning, I went outside to see what was going on and when I looked over towards Lampeter way I saw what looked light a near full cirlce of pulsating red and white lights floating in the sky above the mountains, they didnt move from this position for the 5 mins that I was watching them, then a very large red light came in from the north and seemed to turn into the same shape and pulsating lights that I had been watching, it stayed next to the first one for about a minute then slipped behind the first one, all of this time the lights were pulsating from red to white. I realised I had been witnessing some UFO, I got very frightened and got back into the tent worrying whether I would be safe there."

28th April, 20:27

Philip R was camping with 5 friends when witnessed a bright object, large at first and slowly shrinking into a red dot and vanishing as it travellend across the sky at a steady speed.

Source: UK UFO - reported on April 30th 2011.

"we were camping near aberdaron and witnessed the object however it was far away, it travelled straight accross the sky at a steady speed. As with the other post it was bright and large at first slowley shrinking into a red dot and vanishing. there were 6 of us who witnessed it and discussed satalites, shooting stars etc and could not come to a conclusion kind of glad we were not the only ones to see this object."

May, c. 04:00

The witness was in bed and woke up in the early hours feeling distressed. '..... my room was filled with red, white and blue lights and I could hear a whirring noise out of my window. I could not move. The lights stopped, the whirring noise moved away quickly and I had a vivid memory of something coming out of my index finger.' (SUFON summary)


12th May, 23:58

Kristine Carroll saw "a gold orb appeared mid horizon travelling south to north shot into an arc, dipped down and vanished. it left an instantaneous gold trail behind that disapeared immediately.

She reported it to UK UFO on May 16th 2011.

21st May, 21:45 - 22:00
Caerau, Maesteg

Laura Kelley saw an orange light travelling horizontally across the top of the mountain at some speed. It was big, bright, and flying low.

Source: UK UFO - reported on May 22nd 2011.

"We were sat watching a film in the house when from out of the trees shout a orange light travelling horizontal across the top of the mountain at some speed … we ran up stairs to see where it had gone but it had disappeared. It was not aplane as it was big and bright and flying too low it also wasn’t a lantern as it was flying across not up…i’m posting this as i just wanted to know if anything simular to what i saw had been reported."

Friday 3rd June, 23:40

Martin Lamb and his wife were in their back garden when they saw a bright light travelling in their direction from the southeast. Wwithin a few seconds they could make out a flat triangular shape with four dim orange lights per side and three on the back. As it flew overhead he could see it had one dim white light in the centre of the underside; the rest was black with no solid outline. It made no sound, was fast, and was massive.

Source: UK UFO - reported on June 4th 2011.

"At 11.40pm on Friday 3rd of June 2011my wife and myself were having a cigarette out the back garden. As i looked up in the direction of Cardiff i could see a bright light coming our way from the southeast. Within a few seconds i could make out a flat triangular shape which had four dim orange lights per side and three on the back . As it flew over head the underside had one dim white light in the centre the rest was black with no solid outline. It carried on travelling in a north west direction. It’s speed was faster than an any jet i’ve seen. The strange thing was, there was no sound. It might be worth checking out this. At the same time i seen a jet fliying at about 30000 feet east to west their paths crossed .If this UFO was in the atmosphere then it was massive. I know my millitary jets and have an open mind to all things but this time i just know it was not of this world. The facts:- It was flat, big, fast and made no noise at all plus for a change i had someone with me. Please get back to me as this is not my first sighting."

9th June, 03:30

Sara Evans saw a bright light, white but tinged with a light green, cross the sky through her bedroom window. It made no noise, and moved from west to east over the Rhiwbina area.

Source: UK UFO - reported on June 11th 2011.

"I randomly woke at 3:30am, and sat up to take a drink of water. Approximately 5 minutes later, I glanced through my bedroom window and saw a bright light, white but tinged with a light green, cross the sky. It was certainly not an aircraft, as it crossed my field of vision in no more than 2 seconds. It made no noise, and moved from West to East over the Rhiwbina area. The direction and speed also ruled out any firework or laser. I saw no other lights."

9th June

Anonymous reported a sighting to UFO UK:on 11th June 2011.

"Extremely bright, very orange ‘flare-like’ object very low over fields and hills, faded out of sight as soon as I saw it. Single lights, slow moving (just stayed in one position at first).

At around 6 it was still light, so it was clear that it was not a Chinese lantern or similar. Later on the same thing was seen a few times more, this time it moved to the left while staying at the same height. I could no longer see it, so I did not know when it faded out after that, but it seemed to fade first and then get brighter before moving.

This was over fields where many military helicopters fly to do exercises so this was probably some military flare training, but I do not know of what kind of flares move like that; any info would be great! I am curious.

10th June, 01:40 - 01:55
South of Boncath, Pembrokeshire

Paul Wynter, a private pilot, saw a bright white light in the sky. It went on and off a couple of times and moved slightly in position. It had no navigation lights and Paul eliminated stars and satellites. He was left with the conclusion it was either a military aircraft (with no engine noise) or a UFO.

Source: UK UFO - reported at 20:39 on June 10th 2011.

"(air still high pressure, stars visible, no noise) I went outside at about 1:40 am to switch some external equipment off as I do radio research work here in external buildings, I noted a bright white light like an aircraft landing light at about an angle of 40 degrees relative to my position, it was brighter than any star field object (we live in total darkness here) I watched it for five minutes it stayed in the same sector and move only in an arc of about 10 degrees. The light went on and off a couple of times and moved slightly in position. there was no way of judging distance out – except it looked very high. It was south of the normal air corridor overhead and usually there is no traffic at this time. My immediate reaction was what’s an a/c doing at this time. I could not see any standard red/green nav lights and it was not an a/c strobe as it was steady on during the time I saw it.

I then watched ISS come over and went indoors to check on the web that this was ISS as the orbit was directly above me. This gave me an exact time reference, I was not looking out for ISS so this is pure coincidence. I don’t look out for UFOs either and only in the past did I have an interest in satellites as I developed tracking equipment for the uk navy. I am also a private pilot so from experience I can differentiate between most airborne objects. In my own mind I eliminated satellites, stars, and am only left with the feeling that this could be a military aircraft but who is doing this at 1 am and why no engine noise or other aircraft practising something with it.

(When I moved here about 15 years back I saw above my house the same type of mystery object but much brighter or perhaps nearer, again no red/green nav lights or tail strobe. It too did a few manouvres then increased speed and disappeared vertically. Very memorable ) I then asked my wife about this who was in another part of the building and she too stated that she had recently seen the same sort of object/behaviour and in the same southerly direction, we don’t sleep in the same room so she had not reported this to me. I am very intrigued by this and I wonder if anyone else saw this object. Thanks

22nd June, 23:20

Kerry saw 'a very intense steady bright silver light travelling across the sky heading south east'. It was silent, moving slowly, and looked to be about the altitude of normal air traffic. The sighting lasted at least 5 minutes and definitely wasn't the ISS.

Source: UK UFO - reported on June 26th 2011.

"I saw a very intense steady bright silver light travelling across the sky heading south east. The best way I can describe it’s size was about four large bright stars put together. There was no sound and it was going at a slow pace. It looked around the same altitude of normal air traffic but it was quite hard to tell. The sighting lasted at least 5 minutes. The only thing that sprung to mind was the possibility of it being the space station although seemed way too large. I looked online after the sighting and at that time it was over Saudi so it ruled that out. Very strange."

30th June, 21:20

Baronne saw a bright silver orb. It changed direction then moved slowly across the sky, and produced no trail. A better view revealed it looked like two adjoining spheres. It vanished, then reappeared later moving in the opposite direction.

Source: UK UFO - reported on July 1st 2011.

"I saw a bright silver orb which at first I thought might be a satellite catching the setting sun. It disappeared behind some houses, but then momentarily appeared in view on the other side of the houses in a very short space of time. It then changed direction and moved slowly across the sky. A better view revealed it looked like two adjoining spheres. There were no trails like the other planes in the sky were producing. It then vanished, and I ran to the front of the house and it was gone. I was chatting to my neighbour about it and then as I was going back inside I saw it again moving in the opposite direction back towards the sun. It changed direction yet again, and finally moved slowly out of sight into the distance."


1st July, 23:45
Between Kinmel Bay & Bodelwddyn

Terry Jeffries and his wife observed what he thought at first was a helicopter hovering at an estimated altitude of about 5000 ft. It was stationary and no noise was heard. Colours of the light were a mixture of reds bordering orange. He observed the light through binoculars for a time before it suddenly ascended vertically at speed, taking approx 4 seconds to completely disappear at high altitude.

Source: reported by witness on 7th July 2011.

"My wife and I observed what we thought at first was a helicopter hovering. We do have police ‘copters locally. This object was stationary,no noise.Colours were a mixture reds bordering orange.I have a pair of good quality binoculars and I continued watching.The object then ascended at tremendous speed and I watched until it became a tiny speck and then gone.The vertical speed could not be matched with any known aircraft.It took approx 4sec’s to travel from say 5000 ft to infinity.Obviously 5000ft is my reckoning it may have been less but I dont think anymore."

Saturday July 2nd, 02:45
Usk Reservoir, Trecastle

Approximately 2.45 AM. Clear sky no clouds.

Paul Rogers and Jade Mayor were on a camping and fishing trip to the Usk Reservoir near Trecastle, at the western end of the Brecon Beacons National Park. At around 2.45 AM on 2 July 2011, they were sitting next to a campfire chatting and watching their rods when a reflection in the water attracted Paul's attention. He looked up to his left and saw an outline of a "saucer with several bright individual lights in a lateral line."

The disc-shaped object was hovering and moving left to right, and it was ascending and descending randomly quite high above the dam of the reservoir. It stopped and two "stems" of yellow light protruded from the top of the object and at the same time different parts of the valley around it were being lit up by a white strobe effect.

The craft then faded away and reappeared much closer, around the centre of the reservoir within a few seconds and continued to move about silently.

Paul said: "The movements were very sudden and almost too fast for my eyes to follow - it would then stop instantly. The whole time I was asking for reassurance off my partner and asked her to commentate each direction it was moving. This continued for what seemed a very long 15-20 mins before it faded away for good." (SUFON summary)

Source: uploaded by witness 4 July 2011.

"on friday the 1st of july me and my partner decided to go on a bit of a camping/fishing trip to the Usk Res, Trecastle. At around 2:45am me and my partner were sitting next to our small campfire chatting/watching the rod tips when a reflection in the water took my attention, i looked up to my left and there was an outline of a saucer with several bright individual lights in a latral line, it was hovering and moving left to right, and it was acending and decending randomly quite high above the dam of the res,when it stayed still two stems of yellow light perdruded from the top of the craft and at the same time diffrent parts of the valley around it were being lit up by a strobe effect white flash it was a very clear sky with no cloud so it couldnt be lightning. The “ufo” then faded away and re appeard much closer around the centre of the res within a few seconds and continued to manouver about silently. The movements were very sudden and almost too fast for my eyes to follow it would then stop instantly, the whole time i was asking for reassurance off my partner and asked her to commentate each direction it was moving. This continued for a what seemed a very long 15-20mins before it faded away for good. I am (was) a bigtime sceptic and so is my partner. This was a very detailed sighting, it went on for a long time and was blatently an advanced air craft. Any info out of curiousity??"

In response to suggested explanations Paul posted on March 12th 2013: "No way was this a disco light! It was manouvering over a large distance & with the silence in that area i would’ve heard music??? Me & my partner wasnt on shrooms/pills!! This was’nt following the laws of gravity. So easily dismissed yet i watched it for a long time, explain the cloaking device when it slowly faded away!?"

Thursday 7th July, c. 01:00
St Athan

The witness was driving a car with friends, on a country road parallel with the RAF base at St. Athan in the Vale of Glamorgan, heading north-west, away from the village. The road was edged by hedgerows. An object was seen hovering low (about 5-10 metres) over a field about 100 metres square on the left of the witnesses. 

The object was described as being a gigantic diamond jewel-shaped object 'upturned with the point cut off flat edge down.' It was matt white in colour and stationary. It measured about the width of the field and about 5 metres in height. There were very bright spotlights coming out at various angles. 

 The witness said: '... during the sighting I was driving the car, I was so fascinated at the time that I was staring at the object not concentrating on the road. I slowed down but did not stop to get out and look closer, something just kept me driving. I also managed to cross my lane onto the other side of incoming traffic, but at this time of around 1 am there was no other cars.' 

 Duration of sighting: 30 seconds. (SUFON summary)

Source: citing MUFON. Reported by witness 8 July 2015. 

"Shape: Diamond | Duration: 00:00:30 

I was at a friends house with 2 of my friends. My friends house which we were at is opposite the RAF base St Athan, Wales UK. After leaving the house we drove parallel wth the Air Force Base, after leaving the small town of St Athan we entered the "Lanes" (which is the described for countryside roads with hedgerows commonly found in the UK). 

As we passed the Air Force base on the left of the road entering the "Lanes" car heading Aprox NW there is a field which is surrounded by hedgerows, I could not describe the size of this field as I do no longer live in the UK, but it is larger than 100m2 from memory. In the field there was a gigantic object which was not a farming vehicle, not a plane or helecopter.

The filed was designed to hold livestock so it wasn't a combine harvester which some people may have suggested. The object was the width of the field, measuring Aprox 5m high (floating, hovering, stationary) off the ground Aprox 5-10m.It appeared to be MATT WHITE, and there where very bright spotlights coming out at various angles, the object was shaped like a typical Dimond jewel shape, upturned with the point cut off flat edge down.

There where no military personal around, which is surprising considering that it was not even 1km away from one of the largest RAF base in the UK. I have always wondered what this object could have been, there was no other sightings recorded or documented in the area of where my friends and I had seen it. I have searched the Internet and I have never seen an object of the same shape, or have I ever seen anything close to its size which was "landed"

Another point to make was that during this sighting I was driving the car, I was so fascinated at the time that I was staring at the object not concentrating on the road, I slowed right down but did not stop to get out and look closer, something just kept me driving. I also managed to cross my lane onto the other side of incoming traffic, but at this time of around 1am there was no other cars and I was not drunk.

The reason I have left this information here is that I want it documented as it was part of my life, I had never witnessed a flying UFO. Nor was I interested in looking for xI do believe that we are not alone, and I have ever danced been interested in conspiracy theories and other Unexplained events. Thanks."

8th July

Fleur commented on the 1st July sighting by Terry Jeffries on July 8th 2011 at 23:21 to say: "Just saw one that looked that like that here (Ceredigion). We were driving along a hill road and then saw a small orange light in the sky coming towards us, and then it just blinked out, as if it had been switched off instead of going a different direction. It was quite bright, like a miniature sun."

17th July, 01:30
Rhydymwyn, Flintshire

Jake Harris saw a single bright orange light silently moving north. It turned at a sharp angle and then dipped into cloud.

Source: UK UFO - reported on July 20th 2011.

"I was outside having a cigarette on the balcony of the local B&B facing south(approx) when a single bright orange light was moving towards north. The light source appeared to be incandescent, and not a aircraft navigational light, moreover , and it did not produce any sound..the flight also turned at an sharp angle, and dipped into the cloud. I would definantly rule out ‘chinese lantern’."

31st July, 03:15

Andrew Williams saw an object shaped like a T square below the cloud base. It had 5 blue/white lights (light the light fiven from a modern LED torch) on each leg, and turned 90 degrees. It travelled slowly for about 4 minutes before finally disappearing behind cloud, backlighting it for a minute.

Source: UK UFO - reported on 1st August 2011.

"I don’t sleep so well because of my illness & often stand outside smoking. Last night staring at the skies, I saw an object below the cloud base, shaped like a T square turned 90 degrees with 5 blue/white lights like the light given from a modern LED torch on each leg. I had no referense to size or speed, but, it appeared to be huge,moving very slowly. I watched this for about 4 mins & had to walk away from my house to follow it’s path. It finally disapeared behind cloud, backlighting the cloud for a min."

5th August, 01:00

Craig saw a bright white light travelling in his direction through the bedroom window. Suddenly it stopped, wobbled, and moved in small bursts. He went down into the garden to get a better look and saw a bright white light xi over the neighbours' house in 'an arc motion - like a firework'.

Source: UK UFO - reported at 20:31 on 5th August 2011.

"DO YOU KNOW WHAT?……The only thing that drew me to this website, was a daytime sighting i had several years ago inwhich i submitted earlier this year, and have scrolled this website quite frequently since!……..And I have to be honest…i genrally skip past the ‘night time sightings as there are so many possibilities of what they could be. 

However..last night, at around 1am, I got into bed..and always leave the vertical blinds open at an let the air in..and have a clear view of the night sky…i was led there for about 5 minutes, when I noticed a bright white light travelling towards me..looked alot like the ISS, and probably about the same height, when all of a sudden it stopped..moved a little bit..and sought of wobbled…and moved in small bursts. 

IT WOULD SOON BE OUT OF VIEW OVER MY ROOF, so i threw on the his & hers dressing gown and slippers and darted downstairs and out through the back door…….but there was nothing..until all of a sudden..a bright white light zipped over my neighbours house in an arc a fire work work..and was alot lower than the sighting from my bedroom window. 


…..Oh !..and by the way….when I said earlier about throwing on the ‘HIS & HERS’ dressing gown….it was the ‘HERS’ gown I realized I had on outside in the back garden! it was a bit tight under the armpits and a bit short in arm length!..Hope the neighbours didnt see me!..Imagine trying to explain that one!"

Saturday August 6th, 21:30
Port Talbot

Steven Griffiths was travelling west on the M4 at dusk, heading west on the way to Llanelli. He noticed a light just ahead of him at quite a low height. While passing Port Talbot, he said it went over his car and then saw it through the side window just before it disappeared over a mountain on his right.

He described it as being triangular in shape with about 5 large circular yellowish lights along the leading edge and one further back on what might be a tail. He added that the lights were "very bright and very large, nothing at all like navigation lights. It was lit in a way that seemed to want to attract attention."

He said that he was certain that it was not a helicopter or commercial aeroplane. (SUFON summary)

Reported to UFO UK on 8th August 2011: 

"Travelling west on the M4 at dusk. I was on the M4 heading for Llanelli. Saw a light just ahead at quite a low height. It went over my car and then i saw it through the side window just before it disappeared over a mountain. It was triangular in shape with (I think) 5 large circular yellowish lights along the leading edge and one further back on what might be a tail. The lights were very bright and very large, nothing at all like navigation lights. It was lit in a way that seemed to want to attract attention. Very bright lights. I\’m certain it was not a helicopter or commercial aeroplane."

Sunday August 14th, 22:05
A40 Carmarthen

J. Miles was driving along the A40 about 15 minutes after Carmarthen (does not say what direction!) when a large, 'vivid' blue light was seen on the left hand side. It was quite large, although it was quite distant. A definite shape could not be discerned. The light suddenly dived at speed. Located over farmland. No other information. (SUFON summary)

Source: - reported August 29th 20ll.

"Was driving along A40 about 15 minutes after carmarthen when i saw a vivid large blue light on the left hand side.It was quite large although it was quite distant. Couldn’t make out whether it was any sort of shape . The blue light suddenly dived and I mean suddenly and it was so fast not like a gradual or steady descent but immediate. It was in an area where there is a lot of surrounding farmland."

17th August, 21:50
M4 near Junction 36

Ieuan Evans was driving home from Cardiff when he saw 'a gold flare like object shooting above me'. It came from behind the car, travelling forward, about 50 to 100 metres above. It seemed to glitter and had a trail - similar to a shooting star, but much too low.

Source: UK UFO - reported on 18th August 2011.

"I was driving home from Cardiff heading towards junction 36. The road is not lit by any form of street light. Roughly 50-100meters above me I noticed a gold flare like object shooting above me. It was heading in a forward direction and didn’t come from my left or right but came from behind the car and towards the direction I was going and passed roughly 50-100 meters above. The object was a gold like color and ‘glittering’ with what seemed like a trail following behind. It looked similar to a shooting star but was much to low to have been."

18th August, 23:15
Magor Services M4

Mr Ashley was stretching his legs at the services when he saw a white dot roughly 800ft - 1000ft in the air. As it was passing over it vanished, though there were no clouds and no engine noise. Other people reported seeing something similar on Twitter.

Source: UK UFO - reported on August 20th 2011.

"Was looking through Twitter and noticed this article about sightings, whilst at work parked up having a coffee at the services I decided to get out and stretch my legs. On looking upwards I noticed a white dot roughly 800ft-1000ft in the air, first of all I thought it was an aircraft but there was no wing tip lights and no flashing warning lights just a steady white light. As one of the other statements said I first thought it was the ISS as it was travelling at a consistent speed, I didn’t take my eyes off it at all, as I was looking pretty much vertical and this white dot was passing over me it just vanished. There were no clouds so it didn’t vanish behind a cloud and there was no engine noise either. I cannot explain what I sore but I’m glad I am not the only one."

19th August, 22:00
Coedpoeth, Wrexham

Karen Burbridge saw a 'massive roundish bright orange light hovering across a field' through her bedroom window. She watched it for a while until it disappeared 'to a tiny pin prick'.

Source: UK UFO - reported by witness on 22nd August 2011.

"just finished watching big brother while lying in bed wen i saw a massive roundish bright orange light hovering across a field ….i watched for a while then it dissapeared to a tiny pin prick….i put it on facebook to see if anyone else saw it…….WEIRD!!!!!"

20th August, 21:20
Whitchurch, Cardiff

Benjamin Andreas was standing in the small park next to Whitchurch library when he saw 'three small orange circles in an unnaturally precise triangular formation'. The lights moved silently and steadily in formation until one light disappeared then reappeared. About 30 seconds later the formation ascended quickly until it was out of sight. Around a minute later the lights returned in the same triangle formation, disappearing again after another minute or so.

Source: - reported on 21st August 2011.

"i was standing in the small park next to the library in whitchurch which is just next to the main road. i had just left the house and was stretching in the park near the railings of the childrens play area, the park is very dark at night so i couldnt seemuch around me, however this also meant the sky wasnt obscured by surrounding light. there was also very little noise from the traffic.

I looked up whilst facing towards the road and noticed three small orange circles in an unnaturally precise triangular formation. the object appeared to be hovering and very stable, it did not shake, but slowly and fluidly moved across the sky. it appeared to be several hundred metres up as far as i could tell, and i witnessed it for a minute or so, keeping its formation at all times, then one of the lights disappeared, this light then returned and after 30 seconds more of movement in this formation it ascended still fluidly but at a seemingly fast pace, until it was out of sight.

i kept looking at the same section of sky, and after what i perceived to be around a minute the lights returned in the same triangle formation and again after around a minute they disappeared. the object appeared to make no sound. This was odd because if it had made any sort of noise, i believe at the altitude it was travelling it would have been audible, if it were say an aeroplane or helicopter . I am not ruling out the possibility that it was a test aircraft of military origin,or perhaps weather balloons, satellites etc, but i would say that the object did appear to have some sense of direction, or intelligence, more so than i would expect of a randomly moving object.

the sky was reasonably clear and my view of the object was virtually unobstructed, I also tried to be as objective in my analysis of the sighting as I could, and I am not trying to say that I witnessed an alien craft. I am merely relaying the course of events that i witnessed this evening which I can not explain. I f anyone has any further information for me or can explain my sighting with a simple explanation, this would be most welcome. I would also like to add that I am for the most part a skeptic and believe that the majority of ufo sightings can be explained away by either natural phenomena, or military air craft, etc etc, and so I have a relatively clear and objective grasp on this sighting.

Saturday 20th August, 22:15
Broad Haven South

Cloudy. The anonymous witness was fishing with two others at Broad Haven on the South Pembrokeshire coast (not the Broad Haven on St. Brides Bay). Strange lights were seen for approximately two minutes. The lights were described as being similar to the northern lights but white in colour and appeared as they were shining through the clouds from above. They stayed in position for a few seconds then appeared in a "completely different part of the sky." (SUFON summary)

Source: posted by witness 22 August 2011.

"Strange lights observed whilst fishing by myself and 2 others for approx 2 minutes i can only describe as being similar too the northern lights but white in colour, the weather was cloudy and these lights appeared as they where shining through the clouds from above them, the lights stayed in one position for a few seconds then appearing in a completly different part of sky."

21st August, 21:30

Angelina went outside to get some plants and 'had that feeling to look up at the sky'. A huge ball of very bright light approached her. When it was directly above her she could see it had points, possibly triangular or star shaped. Her partner came to witness it too, and they watched it get further away. They then saw another object which was smaller and less bright (possibly as it was at a greater distance) which crossed diagonally in front of the larger object. The larger object sped up and then both disappeared.

Source: UK UFO - reported on 23rd August 2011.

"I went outside to get some plants in and had that feeling to look up at the sky. As I did I saw a huge ball of the brightest light I’ve ever seen. I watched it aproach me, then when it was directly above me (at a slightly higher level of when planes come in to land) I could see it had points, it was possibly triangular or star shaped , very, very bright with a round bright glow around it. It moved slowly at first with direction. It went over my kitchen roof out of my sight so I moved down the garden to carry on watching. I called my patner and he witnessed it too. There was no sound at all coming from it, as it got further away I saw another one, it was smaller and less bright (possibly as it was further away). The smaller one crossed diagonally infront of the larger one, the larger one sped up and then they both disappeared. I have read a lot of recent postings on here about white or orange bright lights so surely we’re not all mad!"

21st August, 22:51
Lleyn Peninsula

Pete Wilkinson was star gazing and a cluster of three bright lights. They appeared to rise up and move apart, fading, then moved apart rapidly. The sighting lasted 10 to 25 seconds.

Source: UK UFO - reported on 29th August 2011.

"Taking a moment star gazing, and commenting how clearly visible the Milky way was. A cluster three bright ‘lights’ , mistaken at first as bright stars to west of Irion .Close together at first, and in fixed position. Then appeared to rise up moving apart, then fading, then seperated moving apart rapidly, Two of us obsereved this event which lasted 10 – 25 seconds. (not candle lanterns. Not aircraft (no noise, no nav lights.) certainly worthy of noting. continuing to watch, we noted two satellites cross (dim). and few aircraft in the skys (nav lights)."

Monday August 22nd, 23:00
Margam, Port Talbot

Haydn had just finished cleaning and was taking the rubbish bags out round the side of his house in Margam. He glanced up at the mountain which lies to the north-east and spotted an orange light coming down over the mountain.

He didn't think much about it put his bags in the bin and walked back to his house. Before he got to his door he saw the bright orange ball of light go over the houses. He walked around his house and followed it up the street a way. He watched as the light headed towards the west over the steel works, in the direction of the sea. It disappeared quickly.

Source: - reported on 8th March 2012.

"Over the past few years ive wittnessed about 4 UFO,s My most recent was Last year 22/08/2011 over margam, i had finished cleaning my house and took the bins out round the side of the houses, i took a glance up towards the mountains and seen an orange light comming down over the mountain, not thinking much of it i but the bags in the bin and walked back towards the house, before i got to the door the bright orange ball was just going over the houses. i walked around and followed it up the road and watched it head towards over the steel works, and as quick as it came it was gone."

Tuesday 23rd August, c. 21:00

David Williams was stood at his back door and noticed an object flying against the wind, from east to west, at cloud height. It had an amber coloured light at its front and some kind of structure behind. He watched it until a tree blocked his view. While trying to get another look he 'was shocked to see a large triangular object drop at speed'.

Source: UK UFO - reported on 24th August 2011.

"i was smoking a cigarette at the back door and noticed, flying, against the wind from east to west at cloud height, an object which i first thought was a light aircraft. At its front was an amber coloured light there was structure behind this light, so i ruled out it being a chinese lantern, there was no sound and no other lights so i thought this odd. i observed this object until a tree at the end of the garden blocked my view. trying to catch a further look, i was shocked to see a large triangular object drop at speed at, i would guess, a 60 degree angle ,black in colour, behind a ridge of trees about a mile away i expected to hear an explosion but it never came. im puzzled."

Tuesday 23rd August, 22:00
Rogerstone, Newport

J.Jones reported to UFO UK on August 26th 2011: "I was walking home with 6 friends and I saw a strange large object with orange lights in the sky, it accelerated off at an unbelievable speed up the valley."

Tuesday 23rd August, c. 22:55
Swansea East

John James: "My wife and myself were in the garden having a cigarette tonight as we often do. We agreed it was quite cloudy but thought the clouds seemed very bright and assumed the moon was shining through them, having said that, it looked a very strange colour.

We were looking in a south westerly direction. Within 5 minutes of looking towards the sky, we both saw what looked like a very bright star. It flashed, and then it moved from the west towards the huge bright patch in the south west area of the sky, before disappearing out of sight!

At this point we waited for the clouds to have a gap and reveal the moon, as the brightness of the patch in the sky seemed too unusual to ignore.

We both still can’t believe what we saw with our own eyes, but it was as if someone had switched a light off! The large bright patch in the sky went out! As if someone had flicked a switch! We had watched this for 15 minutes approx. The clouds broke....and the scary part was that there was no moon. We have witnessed other sightings before but never reported them. This one tonight really was something we thought should be told."

Source: - reported on August 24th 2011.

Wednesday August 24th, 22:10
Meliden, Prestatyn

Christopher Cooper, an amateur astronomer, saw a static, pure white object in the sky. It began to move slowly south, and he realised what he had thought was a star was actually in front of a trirangular object. It appeared to go higher until he could no longer see it.

Source: UFO UK - reported on August 25th 2011.

"On WEDNESDAY 24TH AUGUST 2011 at 2210 hours I went outside for a cigerette. I have a interest in Astronomy so I’m always scanning the sky at night. I was looking SOUTH and at approximately 50 degrees in the sky I saw what I first thought was a planet, but as far as I’m aware no planets are at that height or direction on the ecliptic line which made me a little confused at the time and what made me look at it. It was static in the sky and it was a very pure white. I continued to observe it and thought maybe it was a star at approximately a magnitude of -0. I observed it for approximately 5 seconds and then it began to move at a slow/moderate rate SOUTH towards GWAENYSGOR. It was at this point that what I thought was a star was infact the front of the object and I could make out that it was triangular in shape. It then appeared to go higher until I could see the pure bright light go higher and higher until I couldnt see it anymore."

Thursday August 25th, 22:45 - 23:30

Clear, few clouds. Liam Doran was standing on his friend's roof, smoking and looking at the sky. Suddenly he saw three dull orange lights coming from the direction of Wrexham (south), moving 'extremely fast' - about 200 mph.

"They were all travelling together but were definitely separate objects. As they flew past they were revolving around each other.... imagine three flying light bulbs - that's what I saw."

The objects headed to the north-west towards Ewloe. Liam watched them until they were out of sight. Duration of sighting: 20 seconds. (SUFON summary)

Source: - reported by witness on 26th August 2011.

"Standing on my friends roof smoking I was looking at the sky, apart from a few small clouds the sky was very clear, thousands of stars visible. Anyway, I suddenly see 3 dull orange lights over my right shoulder moving extremely fast. They were all travelling together but were definitely separate objects. As they flew past they were revolving around each other. they came from the wrexham area and were heading towards the A55 at ewloe. I watched them move through the sky for about 20 seconds then they were out of sight. Whatever I saw could not possibly be mistaken for a plane or helicopter, even fighter jets or military planes. Imagine 3 flying lightbulbs, thats what I saw. Tho they were dull and orange much like the colour of lanterns, unless there was a wind speed of 200+ mph or they had turbo’s then they weren’t lanterns. I was speechless."

27/08/2011 Martin Laurance asked: "You say they were dull lights, were they actually emitting light or just reflecting light. I have seen birds fly in rough formation at night that reflected the orange street lights below and flew around each other as they flew overhead. As they were quite low, they gave the impression that they were moving really fast."

28/08/2011 Liam responded: "I appreciate your insight Martin thankyou. Its hard to describve how ‘low’ I meant. Id say Low for flying craft but high for birds. No chance of them being birds. The speed and syncronicity of the lights were far superior to anything I have ever seen in the sky, they were travelling at great speed (one side of the sky to the other in about 20 seconds) however it was the way they moved around each other as they passed which was truly incredible. Like they were all part of one, but not one solid object."

August 29th

Report of white lights in the sky around Newport army barracks.

"Did anyone see lights around the army barracks last night around 12ish? They were whitish lights around 10 same distance apart circular then another lot around the first lot around 20 circling the first lights etc spread as far as the eye could see amongst the clouds!! They were moving around and up towards a central point and then back down! You would have to properly look to see, first i thought it may have been a sort of vortex that was sucking the clouds into it making the light then i thought of the northern lights which would swirl around these lights were definitely sequenced and moving in order. Both my partner and son studied them for at least an hour. We even flagged a car down with some young boys in who said' Oh fuc.....g hell Aliens!' My son rang my daughter who was in Abercarn and she facebooked her friends who saw the lights even in Malpas. I don't go on face book but if you check it i'm certain others must have seen them." Source: SUFON database. Perhaps linked to this case is this sighting reported to UFO UK on August 30th 2011:

August 29th, 21:00 - 21:15

Mr Lloyd: "Noticed 2 unusual shapes in the sky flying together in the same direction. Both were glowing orange and each vehicle had 2 red lights. Similar in shape to a lampshade and appeared to be bobbing up and down. I will also state I have seen 6 of these recently, seems to be a lot of activity going on in the skies around here."

August / September, 21:40

David had been to Maesteg to visit his mother and was returning home to Pontarddulais. He was approaching Bryn on the B4282 and was passing Maesteg Golf Club when he saw on the left hand side of the road, hovering in the sky towards the south, three lights arranged in a triangular pattern, a large off-white light at the top, an orange/red light next to it and a turquoise light.

He stopped the car by the Royal Oak pub to watch it. It then disappeared. He then drove off, and whilst driving through Bryn he noticed the time was now 10.15 PM. He had left Maesteg at 9.30 PM. He got home at about 11 PM. 

The journey had taken 90 minutes when it normally takes only 40. So there was 35 minutes unaccounted for. Also he didn't feel right. His wife looked him over and found that his chest and neck were red and blotchy.

Source: SUFON Files - witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams, 30th October 2015.

6th September, 21:20
Whitchurch, Cardiff

Julia Hopkins saw bright orange lights moving in the sky, matching the earlier sighting of Benjamin Andreas on 20th August.

Source: UK UFO - reported on 16th September 2011.

"Exact same description of Witness name Bejamin Andreas – 20th August 2011. Intelligence correct. Co-ordination triangle correct. size of orange objects – very large. skies clear. wind low. accurate description, could be simple explanation by natural phenonema or military aircraft ? objects moving in co-ordination. No sound. Brightest orange lights. Sense of direction moving from SW to SE direction."

22nd September, 01:30

Huw Brickell saw a triangular formation of lights - two orange and one white - not much higher than the roof of the Punch House Hotel. It moved like a helicopter, but was silent and too big.

Source: UK UFO - reported on 27th September 2011.

"I have been working nightshifts in Monmouth town centre, refurbishing a bank. It was 01:30hrs on 22 September 2011, when I was looking at the Punch House Hotel in Agincourt Square. A triangular formation of lights passed from right to left over the hotel, at not much higher than the rooftop. They moved quickly together, and looked as if they were at the three points of a triangle, two orange lights and one white. It moved like a helicopter, but was silent and too big, even for a Chinook. Don’t think we are too far away from the SAS in Hereford, and don’t know if they have any massive, silent running helicopters? The whole sighting lasted maybe 5 seconds, as the lights went past the roofs by the Iceland store, but it was very close. Did anyone else see this?"

28th September, 10:00
Pill, Newport

J. Matthews was in their back garden gazing at the sky when they noticed a huge long white cyclindrical object 'like a tube or cigar'. It was at least 5 times as big as the plane if not more.

Source: UK UFO - reported on 29th September 2011.

"Was in my back garden this morning and gazing about (and in the sky) because it was such a beautiful day. I noticed an aeroplane passing overhead and watched for a few minutes then noticed a huge long white cylindrical object like a tube or cigar shape also travelling across the sky. It was on a different path to the plane and was at least 5 times as big as the plane if not more."

29th September, 20:30
Garndiffaith, Torfaen

Stuart Verren and Janine Waite were watching the sky at The British when they saw 4 lights moving quite quickly. They didn't flash, then aligned into an arc shape and stopped. Seconds later they saw a flash and a ball of light - orangey red on the outside and white in the middle - fall towards earth, lasting about 2 seconds before disappearing. It was too large and close to be a shooting star. The arc of 4 lights was still in place when they left at 21:00.

Source: UK UFO - reported by witness on 29th September (22:06) 2011:

"Whilst watching the stars and satellites from the mountain,(The British) where there is no light pollution, we noticed 4 lights in the sky, which we thought were satellites moving quite quickly. They weren’t planes as there were no flashing lights.The 4 lights then aligned into an arc shape and stopped. Within seconds of this happening we saw a flash and a ball of light, orangey red on the outside and white in the middle fall towards earth at a 45 degree angle. This lasted approx 2 seconds and then it disappeared. It was too large and too close to be a shooting star. The arc of 4 lights remained stationary – we left at 9:00pm and they were still aligned. Did anyone else see this????"

5th October, 23:11

Sutty was outside in the garden when they saw an orange orb from the corner of their eye. When they looked again it had disappeared - but then reappeared for about 4 seconds in the same place.

Source: UK UFO - reported by witness on October 6th 2011.

"just had a ciggerette out garden i looked up to the sky as it raining thinking this in for the night as i looked i saw some sort of orange orb out of the corner of my eye when i looked again it had disapeared this astonished me when suddenly it reappeared again only for approx 4 seconds precisley in the exact same place i saw it the first time def not a lantern as wind quite strong im a bit of a sceptic so not really sure what i seen could it pos be i doupt it but has anyone else seen this tonight or is it just me."

October 10th, early hours

Kim Proctor was asleep in front of the TV in the living room. They woke up to find red and yellow lights around it, and the sky through the curtains was red.

Source: UK UFO - reported on October 10th 2011.

"Was asleep on the settee woke up looked at the tv in the living room red light yellow lights round it i knew in my mind that it was a ufo red light reflecting on front door shape looked through curtains sky was red wasn’t scared just said I’m not ready for this about 8 years ago seen ufo outside my house need someone 2 talk 2 about it."

October 10th, 18:50

Mr Philips was outside with his two daughters when he saw a bright orange glowing UFO. It was travelling in a specific direction and seemed to be under intelligent control.

Source: UK UFO - reported by witness on October 10th (23:30) 2011.

"Was outside with my 2 daughters and yet again we all saw a bright orange glowing UFO. This was definitely not a chinese lantern, it was not being blown by the wind. It was travelling in a specific direction and appeared to be under intelligent control."

October 15th, c. 20:45

David Nelmes was walking his dog when he saw what he first took to be a hot air balloon (because of the glow from a fire burner) in the sky. He called his wife to look at the object, but it then moved away at a rapid pace and disappeared within seconds. He reported the sighting to the UK UFO Website on October 20th 2011:

"I had just finished walking the dog and noticed what I thought was a balloon in the sky. I thought it was a balloon because of the shape and assumed there was fire burner providing hot air, although from the assumed distance this burner would have been far too big for the balloon shape above it. I called my wife to show her the balloon like object. As she came out and saw it it began to move away at rapid pace upwards and disappeared within seconds. I have never seen a plane move away at this pace. It wasnt a plane because of it shape and it wasnt a ballon because of the pace it moved at and the size of the assumed fire beneath it. I’m 45 and have never seen anything remotely similar to this before or ever visited a ufo website but I felt the was extraordinary."

October 28th

T. Jones saw an orange glow 'like a rocket launch', it then returned several minutes later at a much higher altitude. They reported the sighting to the UK UFO website on October 29th 2011:

"A orange glow seen in the South East that resembled like a rocket launch taking off vertically then changed direction to the South West lowering in alltitude and continued South West. Then seen returning South East several minutes later at a much higher altitude."

30th October, 19:15
South Glamorgan

B.M.L. was standing in their back garden looking towards Cardiff International Airport when he observed 'a sort of purplish coloured light moving from West to East about or over the Bristol Channel.' It flew in a straight line for 5 or seconds before switching a 45 degree turn and vanishing off towards Iflracombe direction. 

They reported their sighting to the UK UFO website on October 31st 2011 and another witness corrorobrated the event:

"As I live quite high on my housing estate and looking South I can see the West country from the rear of my house. I was standing out my rear garden looking towards Cardiff Int. airport when I observed a sort of purplish coloured light moving from West to East about or over the Bristol channell.It was def not an aircraft from CWL as I often see their aproaches and know roughly the flight paths.Neither was it a chinese lantern or firework.It flew in a straight line for 5or6 seconds before switching a 45degree turn and vanishing towards Ilfracoombe direction.I,m a pretty level headed bloke who does not fantasise but I am at a loss to explain this."

A commenter named Natalie said on November 1st 2011: Hi, I live in the Pontprennau area of Cardiff in a top floor apartment. I too saw something that matches your description, same time, same day. It appeared to hover and then be shooting upwards. And it was quick! My friends and family think I have lost the plot, but this has been on my mind since. Am glad I came across this. I’m not ignorant to believe we are the only ones out there but this is just weird… :S

The original poster replied 05/11/2011: I am glad that someone else also spotted this,I was very sceptical untill I seen this..”if you don,t see it, it isn,t there” now I,m not so sure.

November 5th, 17:30 - 17:35
Llandrindod Wells

Robert Christie and a companion were outside watching fireworks when they saw an object fly silently overhead. It was glowing brightly, slightly flickering orange/yellow, with no obvious shape. It passed to a point about 40 degrees from vertical away from them and then the light faded rapidly and disappeared. Almost at once another identical light appeared in the same place as the first had, approximately 50 degrees above the northern horizon, and repeated this trajectory and behaviour, followed almost immediately by a third.

The witness reported the sighting to the UK UFO website on November 7th 2011:

"My companion and I were standing approximately half way up the golf course hill road above Llandrindod Wells, watching a few early fireworks. The sun had set and there was a clear moon casting strong shadows, with clear sky above us and some cloud in west and east. There was very little wind at ground level but the clouds were moving from east to west. The town and all fireworks were below us. The first object flew silently from the north, possibly very slightly west of north, and passed in a straight line high above us and almost directly over our heads. It was a bright glowing and slightly flickering orange/yellow, with no obvious shape. It passed to a point about 40 degrees from vertical away from us and then the light faded rapidly and disappeared. Almost at once another identical light appeared in the same place as the first had, I would say approximately 50 degrees above the northern horizon, and repeated this trajectory and behaviour, followed almost immediately by a third.

My first thought was that these were jet aircraft, possibly military, catching the light of the set sun and passing out of it as they descended. There was a very slight, distant noise as of jet engines just after the third passed. My companion thought that the light was on the right side of the objects, which would fit the “alpine sunset” explanation, although I could not see this.

However, within a minute or so we saw the distinct pattern of the lights of a jet airliner passing directly above us from east to west and apparently not catching the light of the sun — certainly with no bright light of the kind just described. It is possible that this was the source of the jet engine noise, which we had not heard before. At this point it became clear that the three lights had to be higher than the airliner, if they had caught the sunlight so clearly and it had not; but if that was so, the relative speed of the three objects would have been significantly higher than that of the airliner — I would say many times higher.

At that point we considered the possibility of the light being caused by re-entry heat, as from a failed satellite; but this does not fit the regularity of interval between the three objects.

I attempted to photograph the last two of the objects with a Canon Powershot but my hand was unsteady and all I have is a couple of photographs showing curling criss-cross lines of light. All these convey is the brightness, the colour, and the time.

I am intrigued by the sheer number of similar reports from all over the UK that night. It was of course Guy Fawkes night, but these were not fireworks.

I am a practising solicitor with some long-past military training. My companion has a first-class university degree.

Robert subsequently added a couple of comments:

"I forgot to mention that the visible time of each light was probably about 10 seconds, to the nearest 5 seconds; and that one possible explanation which we did not consider at the time was some sort of afterburner or reheat on a military jet.

Thanks for these comments. I would say there is no realistic possibility of these lights being Chinese lanterns — I’ve had a look at the caveats on this site. They were moving fast, purposefully, at high level, and not with the wind as far as we could tell. I think the afterburner explanation is much more likely. Very impressive anyway. Does anyone know what is the maximum operational height of modern military jets?

What particularly interested me was that similar phenomena were observed all over Britain that night. The same explanation, whatever it is, seems likely to apply to all of them. That suggests possibly:

(a) that these flights, whatever they are, were carried out on Fireworks Night so that they could be confused with/dismissed as fireworks (the conspiracy theory); or

(b) more likely, that they were noticed more because more people, like us, were watching the skies (the practical theory). As a wry afterthought on the reliability or otherwise of witness statements: I mentioned our backgrounds at the end of the statement to try to give some sort of indicator of possible relative objectivity as witnesses. That was unwise, as I have now discovered that where I thought there were 3 lights in succession, my companion is adamant that there were 4! So much for professional/academic reliability as witnesses.

November 6th, 18:20 - 18:30
Prestatyn - Rhyl

Mike Dodd and Rose Warr saw a red light in the sky, over the sea, while sat in their car. They reported the sighting to UK UFO on the same day, 6th November 2011:

"hi we have just returned home after having been up to gwaenysgor. As we sat in our car we noticed a red light out at sea we did’nt think it strange at first untill we noticed it was not coming from a boat but from a red ball of light in the sky. There was no other lights flashing from it like a plane would. we watched it pass across the coast between Prestatyn and Rhyl trying to understand what it could be untill it just vanished. i will be following this up by seeing if there are any other reports of this reported and hope to find a reasonable explanation."

13th November, 19:35
Llanedeyrn, Cardiff

Carl saw a massive green coloured oval light with a long tail speeding silently across the sky. He reported it at 20:44 the same night to the UK UFO website:

"Hi, at 19:35 tonight 13/11/11 looking at the sky in Llanedeyrn Cardiff on a south west to north east path a massive green coloured oval ( almond even ) light with long tail ( comet ?) literally sped acros the sky, totally silent but hellish fast, not our local police chopper, no deviation to path, dead straight line,no drop in altitude. If this was a “shooting star” then it’s the biggest and brightest I have ever seen. Question is, did anyone else see it?."

November (c. 20th?)

Becky and Nicky were driving on the Esclusham Mountain road to the north of Llangollen, known as Panorama Walk. They were parked near Panorama when they saw a white light heading towards them, which grew bigger with a red and green lights around it. Becky said she could then see its shape as like a 'pod' with two side wings.

It then changed again into a blue and red triangle. She said it changed three times. It hovered above them for about ten seconds and she opened the car door. There was no sound and no wind despite it being so close to them.

Source: - reported by witness on 22nd November 2011.

"I’m still in shock the best thing i have ever seen. me an nic driving through minera montains. when we thought we wud park up near panarama. i white light was heading towards us growing with a red light round it, with in seconds it had changed got bigger with red green lights, it was like a pod with 2 side wings, then changed again into a blue an red traingle, it changed 3 times. i cudnt belive what i was seeing it hoovered over us for about ten seconds. i opened the car door it was rite above us. there was no sound and no wind with it being so close.. we werent belivers an were joking to our selves what if we seen one.. im blow away with what me nicky saw.. omg im so lucky to have seen this.. we were in shock nic was holding is phone but didnt press record. it wud have been brill.. what an experience and its restored my faith. its amazing an no im not nuts.. just so lucky to have seen this an glad nic was with me…."

8th December, 18:50
Marshfield, Cardiff

Marshall was waiting at a bus stop when he noticed a star moving across the sky. He at first took it for the ISS but then saw another 8 lights moving at the same speed in the same direction.

"I was on the bus stop waiting, when I was looking up at stars through a large break in the clouds when I noticed a star moving across the sky, my first thought was that it was a space station moving across the night sky but I then noticed another 8 lights moving at the same speed in the same direction. I thought it might be the clouds moving which made me think this but other lights (stars) didn’t move."

Source: - reported by witness on 12th December 2011.

12th December, 02:30
Llandaff, Cardiff

Janice heard loud and pullsating noise in the sky they felt was a spaceship or weather manipulation. Comments on the post suggest the weather was actually nothing out of the ordinary for the time of the year.

Source: - reported by witness on 9th February 2012.

"ok so just found this site hence late submission…….was sleeping in my sisters converted garage in garden….had gone to bed relatively early…..woken up by a noise nothing like i had ever heard before….reallly……went out into garden….being stupidly brave……the sky was black ie no clouds, moon full and kinda lowish in the sky……the noise felt/sounded like it was directly above me….nothing like i had ever experienced before truly….it was huge loud and pulsating…..i thought spaceship… but couldnt see anything…..anyway lay in bed and got up every 10 mins or so to che k if anything was happening……..anyway after an hour or so it seemed to power down kinda as if someone had their finger on the power button…….because i kinda assumed it was spacecraft thought it would have whizzed off fast as you see on tv……anyway immediately the noise vanished the biggest torrential downpour happened and i could hardly close gagprage door…and for 2 days after that in cardiff the sky was back and ominous…..and we had really big hailstones and torrential rain……of. ourse next morning nobody in the main house heard anything…..knocked doors they all thought i was off my “trolley”. called met office and cardiff uni nobody wanted to know……..anyway since being back in the states portland or have researched noise and strange stuff been heard all o er the world……..anyway i think it was ,ore than likely some sort of weather modification programme as done by evil technology such as HAARP. (check it out on you tube)……ONE THING I DO KNOW IT WAS REAL AND NOTHING LIKE I HAVE EVER HEARD BEFORE…."

Sunday 25th December, 17:30

Val was walking her dog in Rhosllanerchrugog and she noticed three objects coming over Esclusham Mountain in the west.

She described them as: "3 very large discs, not pulsating, completely silent, evenly spaced, coming from the Llangollen direction. I was very spooked by what I saw."

They passed to the side of her and their formation split up, the three flying at speed in different directions at low altitude. One went north towards Wrexham, one to the east into Cheshire and one to the south-east towards Shrewsbury.

Source: - reported by witness, 4th March 2012.

"i was walking my dog on xmas day it was dark, from the mountain i saw 3 very large discs, not pulsating, completly silent, evenly spaced,coming from llangollen direction, i was very spooked by what I saw, they passed to the side of me, they then split up & travelling very fast one went toward wrexham area the other straight down toward cheshire the third toward shrewsbury, flying very low.definately not lanterns they were too large too controlled and too fast."

2011 - Dyfed-Powys Police

A 2014 FOI request to Dyfed-Powys Police for calls relating to UFOs revealed to an eager tabloid press that one caller reported a sheep being taken aboard a UFO. The details in the FOI release are very limited, containing only the year and very brief details. There were 4 reports made in 2011 altogether, including the sheep abduction:

#1. Aberystwyth - caller reporting that they were previously abducted by aliens, experimented on, then returned to earth.

#2. Llandysul - caller stating they saw a UFO, approximately 40ft in the air, triangular shaped, 3 orange lights.

#3. Welshpool - report of a UFO, a large light in the sky, dropping in the distance.

#4. Llanybydder - report of UFO taking sheep.

For more like this please click the image below:
Weird Wales


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A/N: On a previous blog wrote a whole series of posts on British life, explained for American fiction writers. This week I'm reposting the entry explaining British cuisine... Britain is world renowned for its stodgy, uninspiring cuisine. (Which should explain the deep suspicion Britons have of most foreign cuisine, unless it's been suitably adapted for the British palette.) BBC sitcom Goodness Gracious Me explains it best via the 'going for an English' sketch - a play on the popular British past time of 'going for an Indian (i.e. curry)'. " What's the blandest thing on the menu? " asks one character, later encouraging another, " Just have something a little bland, huh? Waiter, what have you got that is not totally tasteless? " Because, the truth is that traditional British fare is far from a taste sensation for those who haven't been raised on the stuff. Still, read on, and you can judge for yourself... Breakfast  The be

Free Magazine Scans

Click the pictures below to find full cover guides to various teen magazines (primarily collated to make scale miniature magazine covers but I figure they'll also be useful for collectors and anyone into media history) and scans from my own magazine collection. I've also got a couple of kids' books I didn't want to part with - The Squirrel and Little Owl Book of Pets . The unwieldy size of my bookmark folders convinced me I needed a reference post for online magazine archives. Or, more accurately, free online magazine archives. Whether you're looking for leisure reading or research avenues, you're bound to find something useful in this list. :) ☆ Archive for the Unexplained - UFO mags galore. ☆   The Magazine Rack - over 140,000 digitised magazines! ☆   Lantern - thousands of vintage film magazines. ☆ FANZINES  - a number of online archives now exist for these including  FANAC  (SF), ScoTpress  (Trek), Sandy Herald Collection  (media fandom, major

Simply Cook Review

I kept seeing ads and deals for Simply Cook everywhere, so as there was a special offer on at OhMyDosh! Rewards (£3 for the box and £3.50 cashback) I figured I had nothing to lose by giving it a try. What Is It? Recipe kits packed into boxes which fit through your letterbox. The usual price is £9.99 for a kit of 4, with each one serving 2-4 people depending on your serving sizes. All you need to do is buy the fresh ingredients required and follow the instructions. Here is Simply Cook's own helpful diagram: Does It Work? For me, as the person just eating it, it was awesome. Everything tasted great - the mushroom penne in particular was so good I went back for seconds - and I liked that the sauces weren't as rich as Anthony would usually make them. For Anthony, who cooked them, they weren't as impressive. He complained that the food was bland and that it was actually quite a lot of faff, as Lidl didn't stock everything we needed which meant another trip ou

Free Fabric Samples x 200

Choosing upholstery and soft furnishings can be a nightmare - especially if it arrives and isn't quite what you expected. Fabric samples are a great way to avoid costly mistakes, as well as providing a fab source of material for your crafts box. Here are over 200 places offering completely free fabric samples in the UK: