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Welsh UFO Sightings 2013

Welsh UFO Sightings

Welsh UFO sightings from 2013. For sightings from other years please click HERE.

2013, 11:00
Hafod, Swansea

Mark Rayworth was in a car, stationary, at the traffic lights at Dyfatty, Swansea, waiting to proceed ahead into Neath Road, Hafod. The weather was wet, and it was partly cloudy. In the sky ahead of him at a height of about 200 feet, he saw a white ball come out of the clouds, perform a ‘U’ turn and disappear back into them. No further details given.

Source: SUFON Files - Witness interviewed by Steve Drewson on 17th March 2016. 

Wednesday 16th January, 20:30

Stephen Lewis arrived home from work and saw too 'large round balls of light' in the sky near his house. They had an orange outer edge with an inner white light. Stephen knocked on his front door and his father answered. He came out and with Stephen that saw that the balls were directly over the house.

They went into the house to get a camera. By the time they came back out the objects had gone over the house. The witnesses then went to the back of the house to see one ball of light moving at speed. Stephen managed to get one photo but it had travelled some distance away. They did not see where the other ball of light had gone. 

 Source: uploaded by Stephen Lewis on 17th January 2013.

"on arriving home from work i saw two large round balls of light in the sky close to where i live it had a orange outer edge with a inner white light i knocked my front door and my father answered the door and i said to him to come out and have a look at this he came out and saw what i saw the balls were directly over the house my father said to me that he was going back in the house to get his camera by the time we got back outside they had gone over the house we then went to the back of the house to see where they were the one ball of light at great speed i managed to take a photo but it had traveled some distance in that time i have the photo on my lap top and this was not a chinese lantern unless a chinese lantern can go at that speed did no see the other ball of light"

Thursday January 17th, 20:45
Fairwood Common, Gower

D. Collins was driving home across Fairwood Common and saw a small flashing white light moving to the NW and assumed it was a helicopter. Five seconds later it lit up the clouds above it very brightly before a lot of orange ‘bits’ came off it, exploding like a firework. It then continued travelling NW before instantly changing direction and going SW. Every 15-25 seconds it kept happening, in all the witness, who was not alone, saw this happen approximately ten times, before they lost sight of it.

Source: - reported on January 17th 2013.

"Driving home across fair wood common and saw a small flashing white light moving to the NW and assumed it was a helicopter….5 seconds later it lit up the clouds above it very brightly before a load of orange explosion type bits like a firework came off it. It then kept travelling NW before instantly changing direction and going SW. Every 15-25 seconds it kept happening, in all we saw maybe 10 light up and explosions before we lst sight of it. Questioned myself whether it was electricity lines, fireworks, helicopter but can’t really explain it…. Baffled. Anyone seen anything similar?"

Cath commented on January 18th: "I saw this too. At times it was quiet and at other times we were able to hear an engine. My husband and I concluded it was an aircraft but were also baffled by its behaviour. That is why I am online today looking for answers."

Wednesday 23rd January, 00:30

Lee Cutforth saw an orange/red bright object about the size of a plane but triangular moving across the sky slightly faster than a plane and maintaining its speed and direction until out of sight.


15th February, c. 20:15
Mochdre, Colwyn bay, Conwy

Kerri O’Gara saw 'a large, extremely bright orange ball of light'. It blinked a few times and then went out, the whole sighting lasting around 20 seconds. 'It was the same colour as a street light as it just comes on, but three times brighter and moved.' Commenters on UK UFO said it was likely a meteor.

Source: UK UFO - reported on February 16th 2013.

"let the dog out to do its business, and wanted to see if we could see the comet that is supposed to fly by later, especially after the meteorite that hit Russia earlier. the shy was clear, like in summer, and the stars were visable. eve with an orange street light directly outside the house. didnt see anything initially so i looked down again to get the dog to come in, as she came towards the door i chanced another look up and DIRECTLY to the left of ursa majors arm a large, extremly bright orange ball of light moving parallel to the arm got brighter and i shoulted my son, who also saw it, he went to grab his camera and by the time he had switched it on and as it reached the bottom of ursa major blinked a few times and went out. it lasted around 20 seconds or so. it was the same colour as a street light as it just comes on. but three times brighter and moved."


Alia Davies lived in the old station master's house adjacent to the site of Morriston West Railway Station in Clase Road, Morriston.

She woke up in the night to see a tall figure beside her. The figure was silver and very big. It's arm joints went the wrong way to a normal person's. Alia said it had some kind of helmet similar to a medieval helmet with side protection and nose guard. She can't remember seeing a face. The figure was looking into her baby's cot which was in the same room.

Alia gripped her partner and woke him up, but he could not see the figure and went back to sleep. The figure stayed in the same place, looking into the cot for an hour. Alia, surprisingly, went back to sleep herself and had the best night's sleep she had had for ages.

Source: SUFON Files - witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams, 2015. 

Sunday 17th March, 19:30

Clive was watching TV at home when his dog started growling and then barking. Clive went outside to see if anyone was there but found no one. He saw a 'dark red fuzzy ball' in the sky travelling south to north. He called his wife to see it and they both watched it for a minute or so when it suddenly made a 90 degree turn to the east and 'went out'.

Source: uploaded by witness on 20th March 2013.

"Watching TV dog started growling and then barking went outside with dog to see if anyone around but no. Saw dark red fuzzy ball in sky travelling from the south to north fetched wife to witness it too. after a minute or so red ball did sudden 90 deg shift east and went out."

Monday 1st April, 20:30

'I saw a bright orange light in the sky which I thought was a star burning up or some kind of aircraft on fire, but then it turned to a blue then green light then just disappeared. Surreal really.'

Source: - report uploaded on April 2nd 2013.

Friday April 19th

Based on a witness statement:

'I saw a light in the sky just hovering then it came down low, (to about 20 feet away), and I could see this object was actually a silver disc with windows.

Next thing I knew is that I was abducted: I can't remember much, but I know the object took me away and some tests were performed on me.

I was so scared that I cannot tell you; eventually the UFO landed and left me stranded somewhere, (witheld location for reasons of privacy); then I saw a car coming, the driver kindly stopped, gave me a lift and drove me home. This is all I can recall.'

The whole experience is estimated to have lasted about 40 minutes.


28th April, 01:09

David was outside smoking when he heard a high pitch noise for a few seconds. A bright light then came over the top of the house - it was a triangular shaped object with lights all over it, so massive it blocked out all the clouds in the sky. It hovered over the house for about two minutes, then shot off followed by two fighter jets. David said he took a video and uploaded it to YouTube, but it was deleted and his phone hacked.

Source: UK UFO - reported on April 29th 2013.

"As I went outside to have a cigarette, i heard a high pitch noise for a few seconds. then a bright light came over the top of the house. i uploaded a video to YouTube but had it reported so it got deleted. it was massive blocked out all the clouds in the sky. massive triangular shape object with lights all over it. it hovered over the top of my house for a few minutes about 2. then it shoots off and just behind it 2 fighter jets came out of no where racing past me. ive never felt so scared in all my life."

On May 10th 2013 David added a comment: "my phone got hacked into the other day!! i swear! they deleted it off you tube as un appropiate information. i have no onger got a video but i got a new one"

8th May, 21:45
Wales and UK

Reports of a fireball in the sky were received from around the UK. The Independent explained it was probably debris from Halley's Comet.

Wednesday 15th May, 14:03.

Two dark spheres were seen which displayed a patterned surface.

"We saw 2 dark spheres one at about 700 ft the other around 1100. They were stationary for about 90 seconds and a jet ranger helicopter flew above them. Once that passed the higher of the 2 shot off straight up at incredible speed out of sight, the lower shot off out to sea 90 degrees away from the other.

A few seconds later they both returned to the exact same locations, stayed for another 90 seconds or so before being surrounded by what I can only describe as a translucent bubble. They then vanished! I'm a army veteran who specialised in recon so I like to think my observation skills are pretty good.

This was not anything I've seen before or since. Whatever they were we have nothing to match their speed or how they vanished!"

Duration of sighting: 3 minutes. It was reported to MUFON on 23rd February 2021.

26th May, 22:15
Colwyn Bay

Jimmy was standing in his garden - described as being near the police station - and saw a silent ball of lilght passing over his house. It looked to be size of a football and was the same colour as the streetlights.

Source: UK UFO - reported on June 1st 2013.

"I was standing in the garden having a cigarette and i saw a ball of light passing over my house no noise very quiet same colour as the street lights looked to be the same size as a football it was not a lantern as some might be thinking it was not windy and it travelled very fast it was gone in seconds."

2nd June, 03:30

Alan Enticott saw a large, unblinking white object travelling in a jerky erratic zigzag. It made no sound and was in view for four to five minutes. Commenters on UK UFO suggested it was likely the ISS.

Source: UK UFO - reported on June 3rd 2013.

"Large, unblinking white object seen to the north west, about the same brightness as venus at this time of yr. at this latitude. Object was silent, impossible to estimate altitude. It moved in a jerky, erratic zigzag over my house and towards the south east, wherupon it was obscured by a nearby tree at around 20-25 degrees of elevation. Total time of sighting was approx. 4-5 mins."

On June 7th Alan added: "Hi Warren, Interesting, the ISS? Looking into it, The ISS currently passes over southern britain with in a roughly West-East direction. Having recently taken new bearings with a compass against my memory and fixed ground objects, The direction of travel that I observed was much closer to West-East than North West-South East. So the object very possibly was the ISS. I have to say though, that at the time of the sighting (03.30), the sky was quite light already, and there was only one bright star anywhere near the object through it’s course that was visible to the naked eye. In relation to this, the zigzagging was quite pronounced, certainly far more so than any other satellite I have seen against much darker/star filled backgrounds. And as Charlie reminds me, it’s light was relatively steady in intensity across the whole sky. Curious."

Then on June 18th: "Hi Warren, There were only a handful of stars visible due to dawn light/atmospheric conditions. The nearest star was fairly bright to have still been visible at that time of the morning, and could well have been Lyra. Also, given the west-east direction of the (highly probable) ISS, the star was slightly to the south, perhaps by 5-10 degrees or so. I can’t be more specific I’m afraid, I lack a telescope at the moment and haven’t consistently star gazed in years! PS. Yes I have seen the zig-zag illusion before, but it was strongly pronounced on this occasion."

Wednesday 5th June, 22:48

Russell Rowe was sitting out in his back garden. He noticed a very bright white single light about 30 degrees above the horizon, travelling at a speed which he described as being slower than a satellite, but faster than a plane. He said it appeared to be in low orbit or within the atmosphere, moving NW to SE. The conclusion on UK UFO was that it was the ISS.

Source: - reported on June 6th 2013.

"I was sitting out in the back garden in front of my chiminea.I had drunk 2 beers. I then notice a very bright single light travelling at a speed slower than a satellite but much faster than a plane. It appeared to be in a low orbit or within the atmosphere.Moving from NW to SE. Also there was another vehicle which I think was a plane due to the flashing lights from it following the original object.I have taken some video from my iphone although this doesn’t really show the speed or direction due to the low light/dark at the time.I am used to observing the night sky and this was something unusual,imo.It was about 30* above the horizon and VERY BRIGHT WHITE,perhaps the ISS ?"

Thursday 6th June, 22:45
Black Mountain, Llandeilo

Geoff and his wife saw a flashng white light disappear and then change into a very bright red circular light on top of the mountin opposite his house. It then changed to an oval which hovered for two minutes before silently shooting off towards Ammanford, pulsing red and white and disappearing into the distance.

Source: - reported on June 12th 2013.

"On top of the mountain opposite our house. We had flashing white light that disappeared and then changed into a very bright RED light circular then changed to an oval hovering for about 2 minutes over the top and half way up the mountain that then shot off towards Ammanford over the Black mountains pulsing red and white disappearing in the distance after about a minute.there was no noise from this large bright red light the valley was silence."

Geoff commented on June 16th 2013 with: "Joe Bloggs thank you. We ruled out airplanes, hot air balloons, chineses lanterns and such like before we posted. Steve T yes red and white lights are found on planes but there is no possible circumstances that this could have been a plane by its actions.(Unless a plane crash landed, which did not happen) Warren unless the ISS would sit on top of our mountain, hovering exceptionally bright red changing its shape in total silence then shooting off over the mountain. There is no possibility it could have been a gas cloud or an off road vehicle or pranksters, as they could not the access this area or have had the impact of the event to warrant their interest, unlike the making of some of the reported crop circles. I only wish we had the camera at hand to take a photo of this. We are sensible, professional people my wife and I and are not prone to flights of fantasy We have no reason to have made up such a sighting. If it had not been for a friend telling us to put this on the sight we would have just added it to the after dinner conversations amongst our close circle of friends and confidants. But as we could not explain it with logic or reason so thought it should be put out there for the sightings experts to pass comment or make reasonable suggestions as to what we witnessed that night."

And again on June 19th 2013: "Steve T Thank you for saying you believe us we would not make this up wasting yours and our time. I do not think it was a helicopter though, as it was silent, not even the wildlife were making any sound in the valley every sound is amplified and the fact that it shot off over the mountain much faster then most helicopters I have seen. Warren: Read SLOWLY as you can and twice! I did not say you said it was the ISS I said it didn’t resemble anything I had read about the ISS in it actions. Before we posted on the site we did as much research as possible to rule out the possibility of Hoaxer and the such like, the sort of locations they choose and the impact their efforts cause, and due to the remote location of this event ruled them out of the equation. And for you to suggest we were frauds is most insulting and the venom that you spouted is unwarranted and upsetting. We came to this site for answers not vilification by self appointed bigots.Just because you put a smilie or whatever face it is does not make it any less upsetting. Your comments to the site owners seems to be a statement of “People who throw stones should not live in glass houses.” What right do you have to say what you have said are you an accredited expert, what test could there be? Just because you did not see something does not mean it did not happen! We saw what we saw and if you are unable or unwilling to help so be it. I will carry on looking for answers with or with out the help offered on this site. To any other commentators out there, your help would be appreciated. Once again thank you SteveT and Joe Bloggs for you support and help!"

Friday 7th June, 21:00
St Asaph, Denbighshire

Andrew Harrington and his wife were in their back garden and saw an object quite low in the sky. It was described as:

'.... like a small, square craft, flat and square shaped.'

It had two green lights on one side and two orange lights on the other. The object hovered and could move in any direction. The witness thought that it didn't appear to be manned, it being relatively small - only about 6 ft square. After 3 minutes, it disappeared over the witness' house. The witness said it was not a plane or a helicopter.

Commenters on UK UFO said it was likely a drone.

Source: reported by witness on 10th June 2013.

"In my back garden, both my wife and I saw it independently. Look like a small square craft, flat and square shaped. Two green lights on one side, two orange lights on other. Hovered and could apparently move in any direction. Didn’t appear to be manned, and was relatively small (estimate 6ft square. Was quite low in sky, then dissappeared over house after 3 minutes, Don’t believe in alien craft watching us, but this was not an aeroplane or a helicopter."

Saturday 8th June, 23:00
Carl was sat in the garden with two other people. They all saw a bright yellowish light travelling slowly and silently through the sky. After discussion with commenters on UK UFO Carl posted on June 11th to say "problem solved" and that he agreed it was the ISS.

Source: UK UFO - reported on June 9th 2013.

"Sat in the garden looking up and three of us seen a bright yellowish light travelling slower than a satellite and slower than a plane plus there was no lights flashing. It was also quite low much lower than a plane. It was a quiet night and you could not even here any engine noise.did anyone else see this?"

Carl updated on June 11th to say: "Hi sorry for the delay in replying. It took roughly 5 minutes I guess from the first sight of this to when is went out of view point. It was very bright much brighter than the north star and low in the sky, much lower than a plane or a glider. It came from over the town direction and headed off over towards Chepstow way (that was the direction it was going in). It was and I can say this for sure not a Chinese lantern as it was a bright magnesium colour light and was not yellow in colour. We have also let off and seen many Chinese lanterns and this was not one of them. We could see the satellites as these are very clear in the sky that night. The satellites are also sited high in the sky. There was no wind as it was a very still night and we could see aircraft high with their lights flashing. This has no lights and was so bright like a ball of white light. It was also not a shooting star as I have seen so many of these to know what a shooting star looks like. The very odd thing about this is the fact that it has a smaller light object travelling behind it as if it was following it. Rather than grab my camera to which I wish I had done now we just stood there as we have never seen something like this before."

10th June, 00:30
Ebbw Vale

Gavin Weston saw a solid very bright white light passing low overhead. Gavin stated he had seen similar things before, one earlier in the week. Commenters on UK UFO told him the ISS was the likliest explanation.

Source: UK UFO - reported on June 10th 2013.

"Me and my partner were on the back door having a cigarette before bed, it’s a clear night and stars are visible. I must note that this is not the first time to see this unusual activity as this is the second time this week, and over the last few yrs have seen around 5 different sightings including a car sized ball of yellow light shoot over a row of houses on the street adjacent to me. Anyway it was a clear night so I always look skyward because I usually have a good chance of seeing something.. odd. This was a solid very bright white light without red, green typical aircraft lights. Now I realise that when a plane passes you, the engines are heard and not before…. these things make no sound at all which is very odd as they are low enough to, I say these things because it’s the second one I’ve seen in 3 days … I know an airplane when one passes we are directly underneath a flight path and the night was silent."

14th June, 18:00 - 20:00

Hugh Rees was sitting on his back doorstep when he saw an elongated egg shaped object coming from out a cloud and slowly crossing the sky. It was silent and Hugh could make out no wings or a tail.

Source: UK UFO - reported on June 19th 2013.

" - Hi, I saw above article and thought I would report the following: I was sitting on my back doorstep last Friday having a cup of tea and a fag between 6-8 PM when I noticed something elongated egg shaped coming from out of a cloud and crossing the sky slowly in a North Easterly to South Westerly direction that looked exactly like one of objects in photo in link above.. There was no noise whatsoever (you can usually hear a jet or prop plane or even light aircraft) and was quiet night. I strained my eyes to see if I could make out any wings or a tail plane but could see none. The direction of travel is that commercial aircraft use to land at Cardiff international Airport. No sooner had first object disappeared from sight into a cloud the second ?twin? object came from out of another cloud into view. I wondered at time if I was seeing unmanned drone surveillance aircraft heading towards RAF St Athan that?s near here but in view of the UFO report above same day I now wonder if these were one and same, coincidence? I wonder if anyone else reported sightings in Cardiff same day?"

Monday 17th June, 17:50

John Thornton saw a silver ball travelling at very high speed above Swansea University campus. There was no sound or vapour trail. Weather conditions were bright and clear. Source: - reported on June 19th 2013.

"Saw a silver ball travelling at very high speed above the Uni. There was no sound or vapour trail. Very clear bright evening."

Saturday 30th June, 23:55

Mark Davies was in his back garden when he saw an extremely bright object in the sky. It then begn to dim, and to sowly track across the sky.

Source: UK UFO - reported on July 2nd 2013.

"Just before midnight on saturday, I went out my back garden. Just below the zenith I observed what at first I believed to be a planet. It was extremely bright – like Venus when it\’s really shining. Immediately, as I noticed the star, it began to dim, then slowly it tracked across the sky. I was a bit perplexed a first but then put it down to it being a satellite, maybe taking a photograph. The more I think about it, however, it was so bright. Can anyone explain this?"

thanks for the replies [note: satellite tracking and UFO spirituality as per Adamski] i will view the links later. i will say it began dimming as soon as i looked up. it was almost amusing. it was certainly like a satellite after that. it was just so bright would it have such a big ‘flash’"

Sunday July 14th, 02:45

A.J. was standing at their front door and saw an unusually bright 'star'. After viewing it for a second or two it moved forward very quickly, became stationary, then darted forward again until it moved out of sight.

Source: - reported on July 16th 2013.

"I was standing on my front door having a cigarette before bed. While looking at the stars I saw an unusually bright star. after viewing it for a second or two it proceeded to move very fast through the sky. darting forward becoming stationary then darting forward again, I watched this for around 1 minute before the object went out of view. (This was neither a satellite as one passed over during this sighting so a good comparison could be made plus it was far too large, bright and fast for a satellite and it stopped for a few seconds at a time which satellites don’t do."

Between 18th and 20th July, c. 01:00

Ben Woodfield, a science student, saw a star flickering red and green. Looking through a beginner's telescope, it was shaped like a ring or hoop, and one side flashed red and the other simultaneously flashed green.

Source: UK UFO - reported on July 30th 2013.

"I am studying science at uni, it was a clear sky and I was just looking up at the stars from my flat window. I saw a star flickering, looking properly I thought I could see faint red and green. I used a cheap beginners telescope to get a better look, it was shaped like a ring or hoop and one side flashed red and the other simultaneously flashed green. It seemed a fair distance, it also seemed to be moving very slowly across the sky but I think it was still and the earth was moving. Googled it and saw similar reports in America. The space station jas no collision loghts and this Was Not an aircraft it was above the atmosphere."

Summer, daytime

Clear blue sky.

Alan was at home in the Rhosddu area of Wrexham and was going into the garden when he looked up and noticed a very large black disc-shaped object directly overhead and at a high altitude. It was stationary and he watched it for about five minutes. He said it must have been huge as a jumbo jet passed, which flew beneath it.

"It was mad. The plane fitted in the disc as it was flying under and passed it."

A cloud then moved in and obscured the object. When the cloud had passed the object had disappeared.

Source: SUFON Files - witness posted on Facebook page, UFO Sightings UK, and interviewed by Emlyn Williams on 9th January 2021.

5th August, 22:20
Mountain Ash

Eddie Swales and his wife were watching TV in their living room when, through the window, they saw what appeared to be a circular bright star following a plane. When the plane changed direction, the object followed until both travelled out of view.

Source: UK UFO - reported on August 8th 2013.

"I was sat watching T.V. in my living room when my wife seen something through the window, I looked and could see an aeroplane and behind it looked like a bright star, it was circular in shape and appeared to be following the plane. The plane changed direction and the object following it changed direction opposite the plane and carried on travelling over the mountain until it disappeared out of view. The object made no noise and was travelling at the same speed as a plane would."

Thursday 6th August 6th, 23:15

Huw went outside his home for a smoke and noticed what he thought was a meteor which he thought looked strange as it had no tail and was moving rather slowly. After a few seconds it disappeared so Huw assumed it must have been a meteor. He continued smoking his cigarette and turned around slightly as he viewed the night sky.

He then noticed an extremely bright light in the corner of his eye, in an area of the sky where he had seen the 'meteor'. He turned to look at the bright light, which was stationary at first but then started to move. Then, another two extremely bright lights, like dots, appeared. Again these were stationary at first but then started moving roughly in the same direction as the first light.

Huw observed these for around 20 seconds as they continued moving slowly and their brightness pulsed. He then noticed two more very bright dots of light on the other side of the sky, which then began to move in the opposite direction to the others. A final light appeared in the middle of these and was stationary throughout. After a further 20 seconds they all eventually dimmed out and disappeared. (SUFON summary)

Source: reported by witness on 10th August 2013.

"At around 23:15 I went outside for a cigarette and noticed a shooting star so I observed it for a few second. I thought it looked strange as it had no tail and was moving rather slow and it fizzled out towards the end so I thought it must have been a small meteor. I continued with my cigarette and turned around slightly and I noticed an extremely bright light in the corner of my eye where I spotted the ‘meteor’. I turned around to see the bright light in a static position and then start to move. As soon as it started to move another two extremely bright dots appeared and again at first they were static but then began moving roughly in the same direction. I observed these for around 20 seconds as they continued moving slowly and their brightness pulsed. I then noticed two more very bright dots on the other side of the sky and they began to move in the opposite direction to the others and then the final one appeared in the middle of these and was static throughout. After a further 20 seconds they all eventually dimmed to nothing."

16th August, 23:00/00:00 
Cwmbran, Torfaen

Helen and her husband saw a light moving towards them, grow brighter, then change direction and dim. It then suddenly went out and reappeared travelling in the opposite direction. Ten minutes later another light appeared to its side, the two changing direction more than once.

Source: UK UFO - reported on August 17th 2013.

"Both myself and my husband noticed 1 light moving towards us, travelling at speed similar to a satellite, getting brighter, it then seemed to veer to the change direction away from us, as it dimd, but was still visible while instantaneously the light went out and reappeared travelling in the opposite direction. It continued in front of us. after approx. 10 mins, we saw a light in the sky, the light grew brighter and another light appeared to the side of the other light, after a moment the first light dimd to be similar to the other, we watched the both lights change direction instantaneously traveling very high and over the top of us for a few seconds and changed direction moving away from us before changing direction again."

Saturday 14th September, 00:35
Goldcliff, Newport

Paul John Gregory was walking home when he saw a craft above him with a dull light. It was shaped like a boomerang but had more of a curvature to it. It flew quite fast, came to a sudden stop, then just disappeared.

Source: - reported on 12th October 2013.

"I was walking home on my own I remember that it was a full moon that night the sky was clear ,I just happen to look up and above me was a craft with a dull light the shape was like a boomerang but more of a curvature to it ,it flew quite fast above me then it came to a sudden stop ,all of a sudden it just disappeared in front of me."

19th September, 21:30
Off A470 in Merthyr

Anon was driving when they saw a bright white light which seemed to be falling behind the tree line and into the valley. It fell at about the speed of a flare, but had no visible smoke and was close to a residential area.

Source: UK UFO - reported on 22nd September 2013.

"We were driving past the A470. A bright White light seemed to be falling and fell behind the tree line into the valley. It fell about the speed of a flare but it was a clear night and there was absolutely no smoke coming from it. Thought maybe a parachute light or maybe a flare but can’t find any without smoke. Also strange that it was above and near to houses. Also saw helicopter like lights nearby later on and someone else we told also saw something similar several miles away but saw a chinook. I know they do lots of military training nearby in the Brecon Beacons but it seemed to close to a residential area and there was absolutely no visible smoke."

September, 22:30

10. 30 PM. Clear sky.

The witness was at home in the mountains to the north of Swansea, with views of the Brecon Beacons and Black Mountain. Spotted an object very high in the sky which at first was just a dot moving slowly.

Through a telescope, the witness could see that it was a large black triangular-shaped object, displaying three coloured lights (red, blue and white), with a yellowish light coming out of the bottom of it in the sky, at distance.

It passed over a tree-line at an elevation of 15 degrees and was lost to view. It was of an estimated size of 500 feet by 200 feet. (SUFON summary)

Source: - reported by witness, 16th September 2015.

Autumn 2013, 14:00

One afternoon in the autumn of 2013, Mark Rayworth, age 38, was standing in Clasemont Road, Morriston, somewhere near to some shops, when he witnessed a saucer-shaped object high up in the sky over the area of the DVLA building. He watched for a short time, then left the scene before the object did. No further details given.

Source: SUFON Files - witness interviewed by Steve Drewson on 17th March 2016. 

Friday 18th October, 07:00
Friday October 18th - Conwy

Scott was getting in his car to go work when a large silver disc shaped object flew over his terraced house. The object seemed to have blue glow, and hovered over a field with something appearing to hang from it. Witness rang the police who said they had received no other reports.

Source: UK UFO - reported on October 20th 2013.

"Getting in my car to go to work and a large silver disc shape flew right over my terraced house. It was sort of glowing with a blue color but in a weird way. It stopped to hover over the field at the end of the road where it then looked like something was ‘hanging’ from it. I have never seen this before and called the police who said that ” we can’t look into it sir because there is no other reports or facts to justify us continuing with an investigation for example”. I didn’t have my phone because I had sat on it the day before and broke it. Please don’t laugh at me about this but I know what I saw. I suffer from OCD and am particular to detail so this was very real for me. Anyone else see this as my friend Jim said he saw it but he couldn’t be 100% with his facts….."

Wednesday 30th October, 04:20

Nathan was outside at the back of his house when he saw a light in the sky, moving from west to east. It stopped for a few seconds, then began moving in Nathan's direction. Then the light started bouncing around at high speed in all directions, flashing a white to amber colour. It vanished a short time later.

Source: UK UFO - reported on November 2nd 2013.

"Around 4.20am this morning i went outside the back of my house to have a cigarette and i saw a light in the sky moving from west to east. At first i just thought nothing of it, just thought it was a plane with its lights on. Then the light stopped dead in the sky for a few seconds and started to move in my direction. At this point i thought right its got to be a helicopter? but then the light started bouncing around really fast in a way like nothing i have seen before. It was moving really fast in all directions and flashing a white to amber colour. There was no sound of any sort such as what a plane or helicopter would make! What i saw kind of freaked me out and i sort of froze because i knew this was not normal. I ran upstairs to get my phone to try and capture it on video, i came back to the rear bedroom of the house and looked through the window and it was there for a second and just vanished? Very strange indeed and i have never seen anything like this before."

November 2013, 19:30 / 20:00

Nigel and Susan Morgan were travelling by car heading east on the M4 heading towards her Susan’s sister’s pub in Briton Ferry. They think it was about November. Conditions, dark. They were passing Junction 46, the Llangyfelach turn-off when Susan said, “What’s that over there?”

Between the motorway and the DVLA office building on their right, and at about 30 degrees elevation, was a triangular black object displaying three white lights. They could not tell if it was moving as they were in a moving car. The object was lying horizontally, and they were viewing it’s underside from their perspective. There were no flashing lights.

Source: SUFON Files - witnesses interviewed by Emlyn Williams on 24th October 2015. 

Sunday 16th November, 22:35
Colwyn Bay

The tide was in and the sea calm with a slight a breeze.

Scott was walking his dog along the edge of the beach, just outside Colwyn Bay town centre. He saw a green light under the water, about 50 metres off shore, moving quickly. He thought at first it must have been a reflection, so he scanned the sky for aircraft but he could not see any. The light then reappeared, but was now static.

Scott tried to video it on his phone but without success. Another dog walker came past and he too saw it. After about two minutes the light started to move again, parallel to the coast, slowly, then it grew in size and brightness. Scott said it then seemed to spin and blink out. No aircraft or boats were anywhere near, and there was no light from buildings etc.

Source: UK UFO - reported on November 17th 2013.

"Was out walking the dog up along edge of beach just out of town, when I saw a green light move really quick under water about 50 metres off shore. The tide was in and the sea calm with a slight breeze. I thought at first it must of been a reflection so scanned the sky for an aircraft but couldn’t see one. It then reappeared but was static this time so I tried to video it on my mobile but was no good. Another dog walker past me and he too saw it. After about two mins it started to move parallel to us slowly then it just grew in size and brightness then seemed to spin and it just blinked out! No aircraft or boats anyway near and no lights from buildings etc. I’ve heard of lights being seen under the sea off the north Wales Coast before but this was really weird. Anyone any ideas?"

November 23rd, 18:00 - 19:00

Sarah was in her back garden when she glanced to the left and saw a slowly ascending ball of white light. Suddenly it went directly straight upwards for a few seconds, then disappeared.

Source: UK UFO - reported by witness on 25th November 2013:

"I was in my back garden having a cigarette when I began looking at the black sky. I glanced to the left and instantly a ball of light came into view, slowly ascending. At first I thought it was a plane but something about it wasn’t right. Planes normally flash red and white and you can see this clearly at night. But this was just a white ball of light gliding effortlessly in the air. As it came to the middle of the sky, I realised how high it actually was, and I thought to myself do planes fly that high? then all of a sudden it went directly straight upwards for a few seconds then disappeared. I was out there for another five minute but it never came back. Just as it disappeared, a plane appeared from the same direction. This plane was much lower about half as low, and you could clearly see the red and white flashing lights. I don’t know what it was for sure but am almost certain it wasn’t a plane."

13th December, 23:01 and again at 23:36
Damian and his partner were driving down the M4, just before Bridgend, when just above the tree line they noticed a big emerald green ball of light flying slowly parallel to them. They slowed down to get a better look, and the object seemed to do likewise. Then it turned away and shot across the sky at great speed, disappearing within less than a second.

Some 30 minutes later, when coming off the M4 at Llanelli, they saw the green light shoot through the sky again and then disappear. They pulled over in a layby just before Llangennech to watch for it, and within a few minutes it shot across the sky trailing green light, too fast for Damian to get a photograph.

Source: UK UFO - reported on December 15th 2013.

"me and my partner were coming home from Cardiff, down the m4 just before bridgend, along side us on the opposite road just above the tree line we noticed a big emerald green ball of light flying slowly parallel to us. as we slowed down to look at the object, it slowed down as if it had noticed us looking at it. immediately it turned away and at immense speed shot across the sky and disappeared within less that a second.

when coming off the M4 at Llanelli immediately again the green light shot through the sky and once again disappeared, to our amazement we had to find out more, so we pulled over on the bus stop/layby just before llangennech, to see if we could get anything on camera or see it again, then within a few minutes it shot across the sky with a trail of green light following behind it, but to fast for us to get the camera ready,

17th December, c. 06:30

Robert Hulse posted on behalf of witnesses who wished to remain anonymous. He said a triangular UFO was seen very high in the sky. It had no lights on the underside, but each of the three tips were illuminated by a soft yellowish light. There was a trail of what looked like stars extending away from it.

Source: UK UFO - reported on 20th December 2013.

"Around 6.30 am on the 17th of December 2013 a triangular ufo was seen at Newport near Cardiff. It was very high in the sky. There were no lights on the underside of this craft but each of the three tips were illuminated by a soft yellowish light which extended beyond the tips. The body of the craft was nebulous but the outline of the triangle was visible. It’s hard to say for sure but it looks as though the craft was acting as a kind of lense or maybe stargate of some kind as there was a trail of what looked like stars extending away from it. This was not the Milky Way.

Also in the sky at the same time were four bluish objects in two pairs with angles between the two pairs which complimented each other, so there was a kind of symmetry between them. These objects were not stars. They were slightly elongated.

Approx one week prior to this, a silent triangular craft was seen flying fairly low over Newport. The witnesses wish to remain anonymous. I have only reported this so that it may help others who are seeing things in the Cardiff area at the moment. There’s a huge amount of ET activity going on around the world right now. Not sure exactly what it all means except that it marks a big change in human existence on Earth.

For more like this please click the image below:
Weird Wales


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