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Welsh UFO Sightings 2015

Welsh UFO Sightings

Welsh UFO sightings from 2015. For sightings from other years please click HERE.

January, c. 20:30
Swansea Bay

Exact date in January unknown. Approximately 8.30 PM. Very cold. Poor weather.

Hywel Williams was walking out of his flat in Swansea Marina when he noticed a low cloud in the direction of Port Talbot which seemed to have light inside it. The cloud was illuminated 'like a very bright moon', and low down - no higher than the local mountains. A red object was visible inside the cloud which the witness compared to a red LED light, shining a brilliant white light which in turn reflected back and formed a white square on the red object. This enabled Hywel to see that the object was rotating slowly.

As he watched he noticed that the object had some sort of outer structure which he compared to a brown scaffolding tube surrounding the craft. The cloud then closed over the craft and Hywel lost sight of it. 5 minutes later the cloud opened up again but lower down. Flashing lights of different colours were now visible. The witness recalled that he saw lights of burgundy, orange, blue and green, all the same shade.

Total duration of sighting: 20 minutes.

Source: SUFON Files - witness report via website submission and emails, July 2020. (

Sunday 18th January, 20:20

Witness and their mother saw an orange ball of light in the sky. It changed course, at too sharp a turn for a helicopter. The object was also spinning and changing colour to blue and white, but made no sound. They took some video footage and reported the sighting to MUFON on the same day.

"At 20:10 I picked up a takeaway and decided to drive through the street I live en route to my girlfriend's house. We've had a bit of snow fall in the area recently and as there were no clouds, the sky appeared a little lighter than usual. As I approached the street I live in I noticed a large orangeish ball of light in the distance moving left to right (NW to NE) before I even got to my house the object changed course to south and such an angle, it would be too sharp a turn for a standard helicopter.This freaked me out so much I sped to my house where I quickly got out an rushed inside to get my mother to come see. She was annoyed thinking I was exaggerating. However as soon as she stepped foot outside she was silent. This sphere-like object was not only now travelling in a straight line at a constant speed approximately 20-30 degrees above the horizon but it also was spinning changing colour to blue and white. The eerie thing was there was no sound?! It was then I took my iPhone out and attempted to film it. As with all sightings, the footage is very poor quality but you can tell by how much I was freaked out by this by my hand shaking on the camera. The object was not moving in all directions. It was a straight line.I posted the video on Facebook where someone commented they had seen it on it's flightpath south of my location.I've seen a few documentaries in my time and am aware what a weather balloon can look like. This looked nothing like it.The fact that it was going in such a straight line suggests it was controlled ruling out a lantern as well.Logically I would think it must be a helicopter/drone. I am aware there have been a lot of helicopters flying over in the past with the search light on so I know what that looks like. This was at least 3 x bigger than a helicopter could be and too close to be a plane. Drones are relatively small so I'm not even going to consider this, but like I said earlier there was no sound so it was definitely not one of these.I am seriously freaked out by this so would love to know exactly what this was...Any thoughts??"

Tuesday 20th January

Witness and their wife were in bed when they saw a narrow triangle shaped light fly overhead. It was so bright it hurt their eyes. They reported the sighting to MUFON on the same day.

"Wife and I where in bed, looking up through skylight when this bright white light flew over head VERY fast the light was bright hurt our eyes as it went over head, was a clear narrow triangle shape. No sound just a VERY bright white light. By the time I stood up and looked out the window the light had gone the event only lasted for 1-2min MAX.Flew in a straight line over the heads of the houses couldn't judge height of the object or its distant as it was a cold morning not much in the sky apart from some stars."

Friday 6th February
North Wales

Witness saw a large and very bright like star object that moved, slowly dimmed, then disappeared. They reported the ten minute long sighting to NUFORC on Thursday 12th February 2015.

"saw a strange star in the Sky . Thought I might be looking at the space station ! It tracked from right to left for about 2 mins, just a bright white light like a large star in the sky ! Only it flashed light much brighter than any thing else in the sky! It stopped tracking and started to slowly dim, then disappeared, not due to cloud cover because I could still see the other stars .. It was defiantly not a plane ! came out of the house roughly 1 hour later an saw a similar object much further over in the sky , this time had a witness with me ? I thought she would think i was mad , she was certainly sceptical until the star type object behaved in a similar way only stayed in the sky ??? Could the space station visibly change direction ? Can satellites change direction ? I have a photo, it's shows the object.((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))"

Saturday 21st February
Pontypool, Torfaen

Witness was on their way to meet friends when they decided to take a photo of the night sky to post to social media. When looking through the pictures they saw a green, orange and red flickering object moving erratically. They reported the sighting and forwarded the photos to MUFON on Monday 23rd March 2015.

"I was on the was on the way down to meet my friends when I consciously noticed that the Moon, planets and stars were unusually bright and thought that it would make for an interesting photo to upload on social media. I was stood in the doorway, looking west to the valley face opposite and thought nothing of it. I looked through my phone whilst we were at the pub later that evening and I thought I'd check through my phone to see the photos I had taken. When I first looked at them, I passed it off as a chinese lantern before I zoomed in and the hair stood up on the back of my neck and I felt uncomfortable and anxious. It may have been terrestrial and insignificant if it weren't for how erratic it moved between each of the five photo frames (I accidently deleted roughly three other photos before I realised what was on the photos in question). At the time, I thought little of the green, orange and red flickering object, I'd mistaken it for another star or planet. February 20th (the day before) was referred to as 'The Dance of the Planets' whereby Uranus, Mars and venus are positioned close to one another above the western horizon of the night sky- this is why I thought little of it. The object disappeared without me noticing it had. It's possible that there's a meteorological or man-made explanation to the sighting but I thought it better to send the Samsung S3 photos to people with more experience in these anomalies."

Thursday March 5th

Witness reported their two minute long sighting of a huge chevron shaped object moving slowly to NUFORC the following day, on Friday 6th March 2015. They stated it was black with four dim lights on each side, and was at least five times the size of a 747.

"Huge Chevron Craft Over Welsh Town in UK/Wales. Putting chickens into sheds for evening, when myself and my colleague heard a loud humming noise above us. We looked up and saw a huge chevron shaped thing just moving real slowly towards the hills in a northerly direction. It was solid and black with four dim lights on each side which we yellow or white. It was huge and at least five times the size of a 747 jet. We estimated it was about 1500 feet up in altitude. We watched it disappear over the top of the hill out of site."

Friday 13th March, c. 22:15

Approx. 10.15 PM. Clear and mild.

The witness had taken his dog for a walk on the beach. The air was strangely still and so were the waves. He then noticed a bright ball of light coming closer from the north over the shore towards him at approximately 10.15 PM.

It stopped in front of the witness and was making a humming noise. He first thought it was a helicopter drone but all of a sudden a white thin beam of light struck him, and he could see a 'person' standing in front of him. He felt very weak and light headed and a pain developed in his back.

The figure was neither male nor female but it was holding something in its left hand that looked like a ladle spoon. He could hear his dog barking in the distance and then nothing. There was no sound or light. He was in a sort of empty space, suspended in the air.

The pain in his back and rectum area became more intense and then it just stopped. He blacked out and came to, sitting holding his head on the ground. The dog was sitting next to him, looking at the sea and wagging her tail. He checked his watch and it was now just a minute after 11 PM. He had lost approximately 45 minutes of time.

He felt weak still but got up and walked home. The sphere had gone and he could hear sheep and the waves now appeared normal. When he got home, he checked his body and his 'behind' and he had blood and a clear substance on his jeans that had not been there before. He put a sample of the substance in the fridge just in case someone could test it. He has no known illnesses and has never seen or experienced anything like this before.

Source: 'Humanoid Encounters' Albert S. Rosales 2015 page 156 citing MUFON CMS.

The sighting was reported to MUFON on Saturday 14th March 2015:

"Took my dog for a walk on the beach as it was a clear mild evening. Air was strangely still and so we're the waves. Noticed a bright ball of light coming closer from the North over the shore towards me at approx 2215 hours. It stopped abover and in front of me and was making a humming noise. I first thought it was a helicopter drone but all of a sudden a white thin beam of light hit me, and I could see this person in front of me. I felt all weak and light headed and a pain developed in my behind. The figure was neither male of female but it was holding something in its left hand that looked like a ladel spoon. I could hear my dog barking but in the distance and then nothing. No sound or light it felt like I was in an empty space suspended in air. The pain in my behind and rectum area got more instense and then it just stopped. I blacked out and came to sitting holding my head on the ground .The dog was sat by me looking at the sea wagging her tale. I checked my watch and it was now just a minute after 11pm. I had lost approx 45 minutes of time! I felt weak still so got up and went home. The sphere had gone and I could here sheep and calling and the waves as normal. When I got home I checked my body and behind, and I had blood and a clear substance on my jeans that was not there before. I put a sample of this in the cooler just in case someone can test it. I have no illness and have never seen or experienced this in my life before..."

Tuesday March 31st
Acton Park, Wrexham

Witness reported their five minute sighting of a 'very bright object very low in the sky' to the UFO Hunters website on Wednesday 1st April 2015:

"Wrexham Acton Park. I was having a smoke outside last nite when my eyes were alerted to a very bright object very low in the sky just above acton park wrexham i regularly look at the sky late at night so i am aware of the most brightest starts in the sky , this object was stationary and very low in the sky my eyes couldnt make any other colours but white and couldnt make much of a shape out as it was very bright white i only have a rubbish cam on phone so didnt bother taking a picture but was there for well over 5 minutes i decided to try and grab my digi cam but when i got back outside the object was gone."

First week of April
Dunvant, Swansea

Kris & Phil Prevel, in their front garden in Meadow View, Dunvant, watched a bright orange light travelling from the north east, it seemed to slow then travel west. It was one light, travelling about the same speed as the ISS.

"Would be about a bit higher than the Hercules planes which come over my garden to do mock landings at Fairwood," Kris explained. "They are massive and low enough to almost wave at the pilot. This was a bit higher. I live on a hill and it was dark, couldn’t judge the distance."

It was the same colour as a Chinese lantern, but it slowed and veered off towards Gower in the west.

"It was at a 40 degree elevation on the southern horizon and travelling east then west, slowed, then travelled towards a row of fir trees in the distance. It was orange, flying at a steady pace."

Source: SUFON Files. (

Monday 6th April, 14:20
Treboeth, Swansea

Tom James was at home in Heol Cnap, Treboeth at 2.20 pm.

He was just coming out of his garage when he looked up into the sky, which was of broken cloud, and saw a big white orb, definitely round, appearing solid and not flickering. It was moving fairly fast in a north-easterly direction, and was viewed almost overhead between the clouds.

He watched it for a minute or so, and he said it was so fast there should have been a sonic boom, but there was no sound.

Source: SUFON Files - witness interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams on 15th September 2015. (

Thursday 9th April, c. 21:55
Four Crosses, Montgomeryshire

Jamie Keeling (28), a keen amateur astronomer, heard a deep rumbling noise from above and then saw a large black triangular craft fly overhead. It had a bright, pulsating red light at each corner.

A KEEN astronomer believes he saw a UFO in the skies above his home close to the Montgomeryshire border – the second unexplained incident within a year in the area.

Jamie Keeling, 28, from Four Crosses was retrieving items from his car near his home when he claims to have heard a low, deep rumbling noise from above.

Mr Keeling says he saw a large black triangular craft flying overhead with a bright, pulsating red light at each corner. The close encounter occurred shortly before 10pm on Thursday, April 9, as the object apparently flew directly over the Powys skyline.

Mr Keeling said: “It was travelling at a constant speed and height. It was hard to tell what altitude it was flying at, but it looked very high and very large in size and was travelling due east. My father is a pilot, and I am a keen amateur astronomer, so I know what I am and am not looking at when it comes to things in the night sky.

I wondered whether it could have been three military aircraft flying in formation, but all aircraft flying anywhere in the world are obligated to, and are not allowed to fly in any airspace, unless they have a very specific formation of lights displayed; that being a red light on the one wing tip and a green light on the other.”

Last August an “unexplained banana shaped object” was seen in the sky by a model plane enthusiast also in the Four Crosses area.

On this latest occasion light pollution hampered visibility on the night and Mr Keeling said it was impossible to distinguish whether the lights came from one large triangular aircraft or three military aircraft flying in formation.

He said there were no stars visible between the three red lights as the craft moved along it’s flight path, which led him to believe it was one solid craft, but because so few stars were visible on the night he could not be certain.

Mr Keeling believes he has seen the same mysterious craft on two previous occasions at the same spot at around the same time.

He added: "The sightings were the same each time but this time I had a much clearer view as I was standing out in the open in the middle of the road so none of the craft was obstructed and I was able to watch it until it disappeared into the distance.

I don’t know what it was that I saw, but I do know it was a craft with lights that do not conform to the legal obligations set out by the FAA. Its speed was hard to judge as I couldn’t ascertain its distance from my position, but this was not a normal aircraft and I have no idea what it was."

Source: County Times, 30/04/2015. (

Wednesday 29th April, night

Witness says they see triangular lights each night, in various colours, and that they seem to be getting bigger. They reported this to NUFORC on Friday 8th May 2015.

"From what i have seen they are getting bigger.They where all triangle shape, when they were close anoth i seen blue, red, white, and green lights rotating around. they all seem to land in the woods in England and Wales through the bristol channel, from my front window i can see everything on both sides England and Wales. It looks as if more and more are coming down each night and they are getting bigger by the day, what im saying is keep a eye out.((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))"

Saturday May 23rd, 22:30

Barry resident, Jeanie Rebane had an unusual UFO experience while driving her car home. She noticed two craft when she was driving down Salisbury Road, Barry in a south-westerly direction.

'I was about halfway down when suddenly this plane/craft/UFO with a wing span of nearly the width of the street, and so low it was just above the rooftops, was coming towards me.'

The object was on an opposite course, heading north-east and straight towards her, but at roof-top height. Jeanie stopped the car just before the junction with Bell Street on the left, to face this object which covered the road in front of her, about 20 metres ahead, and about 20 feet above the road. It reached from one side of the road to the other, almost touching the roofs of the houses on either side of the street.

'Then I saw there was another one just behind it that appeared to be following it. There was barely any noise and both were moving very slow.'

This second object came up a second or two behind the first one, and, like the lead object, stopped to take up position over the road, above and behind the first one. Her view of them from the front showed dark thin bodies with 4 large white lights on each one, 'about the size of lorry wheels' arranged in a line - one at each end, and the other two just inside. Two small red lights were also visible on each one, each on the lower inner edge of the two inner large lights.

'I was transfixed as they were so big.....'

After a moment or two with Jeanie staring at the two objects, she reached to get her phone to take a photo, and as she did they moved off in unison, and as one, in a sweeping motion over the houses to the right, and dropping down into the valley of Porthkerry Country Park which lay to the right of the road, behind the houses. The objects made no sound throughout.

'... I couldn't see any cabin or even the shape or body of plane just the huge big white lights, also it has smaller red lights underneath. It was awesome but freaky!'

Source: Jeanie Rebane's own Facebook post; witness interviewed on site by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams, May 2016. (

Wednesday 3rd June, 22:58

A boomerang-shaped object was photographed flying at a high altitude over Anglesey. No other information available.

Source: SUFON database. (

Saturday 6th June, 23:00 - 23:31

Witness and their partner rsaw and took potos of a chevron shaped object travelling eastwards. The object was very fast and may have been an out of control Chinese satellite, as suggested when they searched the internet. They reported the sighting to NUFORC on Friday 11th September 2015.

"Delta shaped craft going eastwards, could have been a Chinese satellite out of control/I noticed a light travelling faster than anything natural on the 6th June 2015 just before 11pm until 11.31. It was travelling from west to east. My partner took photos of it which we were able to enlarge it and it showed a shape, which apparently changed. Some of the images may be down to camera wobble. It was a small digital one. I looked on the internet for satellites that might explain it. There was a Chinese one of similar delta shape that had lost control. It could well have been that."

Thursday 11th June, 00:25 - 01:01
Trallwn, Swansea

Stephen Gray (50) was at home in Lon Enfys, Trallwn, Swansea, outside his backdoor when he saw an object come into view in the south west at 80 degrees elevation.

It was a whitish colour which he first took to be a star, but moving in a southerly direction and circling in a clockwise route into view. It then stopped and held its position.

About 5 – 10 minutes later, while still watching the object, Stephen saw a blue/turquoise light move into view from the right to left (north to south), passing below the first object. This second object then became stationary roughly over Swansea Bay in the south.

Now monitoring the two objects, Stephen then saw a third object come into view moving from left to right (south to north), this time of a green hue. This object passed over the first object, which was still in position, was as silent as the first two, and passed away out of sight.

Stephen continued to watch the first and second objects for over half an hour. There was no more movement. He then got a crick in his neck and was cold so went indoors at 1.01 AM.

Source: SUFON Files - witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams on 19th July 2015. (

Thursday 11th June

Witness left a camera outdoor to film wildlife, on this day it recorded a strange light. [attached pictures not accessible] They reported it to MUFON on Friday 19th June 2015.

"We have a Bushnell HD Model 119477 camera which we leave outdoors to film wildlife. The camera is left unattended at all times.When the event was recorded we were asleep in our house so no one witnessed this. This was caught on the above camera. We are interested to know what this light was. We have checked the camera lens and couldn't see any dots on the surface of the lens. The camera has been used for the past two years in the same location and this is the only sighting of this kind that we have recorded."

Monday 15th June, 20:35

Witness was walking their dogs on Mynydd Maen (?) with three other people. When they pulled up in the car witness noticed what they at first took to be a man watching them from the buses. They went closer and felt 'eerie' and experienced 'a cinnamon type of smell'. On another night they felt 'it was spying on me again from behind a rock'. Video footage was taken. Witness reported the ten minute sighting to MUFON on Tuesday 8th January 2019.

(No description of what the thing looked like, but cinnamon smell has been associated with alien sightings. Whitley Strieber said that on the 7th February 1986 he "had an awful feeling. I felt their presence. It was palpable. Most upsetting, I could smell them. I could smell a distinct odor, as if of smoldering cardboard, and it was familiar from the past. My wife could also smell this odor; it was one we had both smelled many times. Until now, thought, I had not understood its significance. There was also another odor, as if of cheese and cinnamon, that I remembered from December 26.")

"[Summary: This being was witnessed by 4 adults in total and could only be seen through the wing mirror on the car. it was looking around and trying to point at something we couldnt see.] We were taking an evening walk with the dogs at cwmbran masted mountain and as we pulled up i noticed what i thought was a guy watching us from the bushes on the side so i turned to see what i could see in the mirror and it was not there but to our suprise it hadnt moved away but was still turning and pointing away and stopping to stare at us. i actually went to the spot where it was standing and there was an eerie feeling and a smell ive never smelt before almost like a cinnamon type of smell i think?. i personally am still back and forth trying to figure this out and the one night it was spying on me again from behind a rock, i went over to take a look knowing what i saw hadnt moved but it was gone which i dont understand. there is alot of strange activity there every night and im really hoping you guys can help me shed some light on this for me as i cant rest until i know more and i have many pictures some of which are enhanced for more detail but the poctures are actually screen shot from the video footage i took as i felt video footage is what i find better to capture frames and get more movements between frames which is what ive got. please feel free to annylise the pictures and footage in anyway as it is 150% genuine authentic takes of something we no nothing of. i will have to send the video footage seperate as its not on my computer its hidden away on a memory card."

Thursday June 25th

Witness reported their sighting, which lasted around 4 minutes, to MUFON Monday 28th November 2016:

"Walking home one night after coming from a friends house. approximately 2 miles across the water from north wales to the merseyside the ufo was stationery in the sky. at that time of day it was already dark with no sun in the sky. this object was fading in and fading out so i decided to take a picture because of how abnormal the light looked. planes were flying around the sky at the time due to liverpool airport being close but this object was far bigger then any of the planes in the sky. the light was im the sky for approx 4 mins and did change shape until it eventually vanished. on a personal level i would just say i was intrigued to find out what the light was because of how abnormal i was acting."

Friday 17th July, 13:00

At 1 PM on a Friday in July 2015, Mark Rayworth (40), was in Llansamlet, near the Lake and the Mercure Hotel, when he saw a brown coloured ball in the sky at a height of about 1000 feet.

He could not estimate its size due to the extreme height but advised it was travelling from his right to left, that is, from Swansea towards Pontardawe (south-west to north-east). No further details given.

Source: SUFON Files - witness interviewed by Steve Drewson on 17th March 2016. (

July 2015
Cardiff Bay 

Darren Millar, Conservative AM for Clwyd West, asked three questions of the then economy, science and transport minister Edwina Hart on behalf of his residents.

  1. Will the minister make a statement on how many reports of unidentified flying objects there have been at Cardiff Airport since its acquisition by the Welsh government? 
  2. What discussions has the Welsh government had with the Ministry of Defence regarding sightings of unidentified flying objects in Wales in each of the past five years? 
  3. What consideration has the Welsh government given to the funding of research into sightings of unidentified flying objects in Wales?

As a placeholder answer, before the Minister's full response, Millar received a statement in Klingon:

"jang vIDa je due luq. ach ghotvam'e' QI'yaH devolve qaS." Or, for the non Trekkies among us, "The minister will reply in due course. However this is a non-devolved matter."

The story was picked up by media across the UK - and further afield - and Outer Limits magazine printed a feature on how it was typical government ridicule for the subject. (E.g. think Governor Fife Symington's press conference in response to the Phoenix Lights event.) I remain in two minds on this because, well, it's undoubtedly true and can be seen in official response around the world. And yet. If I were an Assembly lackey with the opportunity to troll Millar, I'd have been tempted to take it too...

Outer Limits #1 page 31
Outer Limits #1 page 32

Monday 20th July, 22:48
Dunvant, Gowerton, Swansea 

On this Monday night, Chris Jones, a mechanic from West Cross, Swansea had just put fuel in his car at the filling station on Goetre Fawr Road in Dunvant, and turned left, towards Gowerton (west).

Just as he had left the station, he noticed some lights in the sky ahead of him, which would have been over Dunvant square, about 1/4 of a mile away, moving from his left to right (northwards). This was timed at 22.48 as he still has the receipt for his fuel, the time recorded as 22.47. At first he thought it was a police helicopter.

The three lights were blue in colour and were moving in a straight horizontal line, together as one, so were on the same object. They were in line, travelling one behind the other. He then lost sight of the object as it had moved to the right and was obscured from vision by houses.

A few minutes later, as he was driving into Gowerton northwards along Cecil Road, he saw it again as he passed the horse riding centre and Gowerton Secondary School, which were on his left. The object was on his right above houses, and was moving back and fore, and the centre light of the three was shining a beam downwards. It did not make a sound, and there were no flashing lights.

Chris said each light was a constant blue colour, "a fair size", and about as bright as a street light. They were arranged horizontally it moved back and fore, lengthwise, one behind the other. It then crossed the road, moving over him right to left, towards the west.

Source: SUFON Files - witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams on 28th November 2017. (

Wednesday 29th July

Witness was walking their dog on Barmouth beach and his son took some photographs. Later they noticed an orb like object in several of them. This was reported to MUFON on Wednesday 19th July 2017.

"Walking my dog on barmouth beach, my son took some photos and after uploading them to the computer i noticed this orb like object on several of them. i put it down to glare from the sun, however a few weeks ago a friend posted some pictures on fb of an identical orb like phenomena, stating they had witnessed the object visually."

Barmouth UFO 29/07/2015

Tuesday 11th August
Cray Reservoir, Brecon Beacons

Kris and Phil Prevel, and friend, Gill Wood, were driving along the A4067, passing the Cray Reservoir at 10.45 PM, on their way to the Brecon Mountain Centre to view the Perseid meteors. They had just passed the reservoir when:

Kris explains: "We saw a brilliant orange orb ahead of us, almost the colour of orange fire and a quarter the size of a full moon. We lost sight of it as we travelled through trees, saw it again for a second, before we dipped down in the road and lost sight of it altogether. There were cars behind us and no safe place to stop.

It was an amazing sight, wish we could have stopped. The three of us saw it, I definitely think it was in the air, my husband tried to reason it as being a beacon flaming on a hill and Gill wasn’t sure what it was. It was strangely beautiful to me. The orb was far bigger and brighter than the one I saw over my house a few months ago [April 2015]. I was thrilled to have seen it. It seemed to have a round centre with a brighter edge around the circumference like a looking through a pinhole at the sun and seeing around the edges so to speak....but bright orange. We saw quite a lot of people camped out on chairs at the top of Crai, they must have seen it."

She added in notes supplied to SUFON that the centre of the object was like looking into the heart of a well lit fire, surrounded by a white/yellow circumference or corona. The outer edge was a bright orange diffused light – not flame.

On the night of 5-6 September 2015, SUFON held a sky watch at Cray Reservoir and several military flares were seen over Sennybridge. Kris was present and saw the flares. She is of the opinion that what they saw that night in August was not a flare.

To make sure, she emailed the MOD on 11 September to enquire if there had been any manoeuvres in the area on 11 August. She received a reply from the DIO (Defence Infrastructure Organisation) Secretariat, stating that there were no units training in this area on that date and time in question. They also volunteered the information that the Mountain Rescue also had no call that day, so it could not have been a distress flare.

It is interesting to note that this sighting was in the exact same place as that experienced by Brian Harry and Robert Griffiths in August 1991 (again in August), when a huge orb was seen, accompanied by five smaller orbs over the reservoir. Could there be a link?

Source: SUFON Files - Kris Prevel. (

Friday 14th August, 20:15
St Thomas, Swansea

Daylight. Sloane Harrison saw from her back garden in North Hill, Swansea, three black orbs which dropped down a couple of hundred feet in the sky above St. Thomas in the east. 

They then moved silently and slowly in formation towards Port Talbot, further to the east. One of the orbs turned a bright white, which the witness thinks might be attributable to reflecting the sun light, which was setting in the west behind her. They then disappeared from view.

Shortly afterwards, a cloud in the distance over Port Talbot, towards which the orbs had been heading changed shape, creating a flat bottom and sort of mushroom-cloud top, and becoming a bright orange/red colour. But this last observation by the witness could just be caused by reflecting the light from the setting sun behind the observer.

She took some photographs shortly after the sighting, showing the change in the clouds.

Source: SUFON Files - witness correspondence. (

Thursday 20th August, 21:00
Bolgoed Road, Pontarddualais

Dusk – broken cloud. David was at home in Bolgoed Road, Pontarddulais in his back garden, which faces south. He was talking to his brother on his mobile, looking up at the sky when he saw a white light just off south, low on the horizon in the direction of Gorseinoon – it flashed once, then disappeared.

As David then looked straight up, and as he did so, saw a circular light right above him, which he described as a perfect circle the size of a 5 pence piece held at arm’s length. It then blinked out.

Then as he dropped his gaze he saw a cloud above the church light up from the inside and a light shone like a spot light onto the cloud next to it, the spot moving up and down, then it too blinked off.

Source: SUFON Files - witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams on 30th October 2015. (

Thursday 27th August, 21:00
St Thomas, Swansea

Nigel and Susan Morgan left their home in Gendros by car, Sue taking Nigel to work in Swansea. Driving down Gendros Avenue East, Sue said, "Look at that white light," which she spotted hovering in the south-east over St. Thomas, in a static position higher than Kilvey Hill, which is 600 ft high.

Nigel looked and replied, "No it’s red" – it had changed to red. They watched it throughout their journey towards the city centre, and during this time, the colour changed again to blue and then green. As the colour changed, it did so merging or morphing to the next.

When they got to Dyfatty traffic lights at the bottom end of Carmarthen Road, they stopped at the red light, and a young man on a motorbike pulled up alongside with a girl riding pinion. Sue put her window down and asked him if he could see the light in the sky, he just grinned back.

Then the light just "switched off".

Source: SUFON Files – witnesses interviewed by Emlyn Williams on 24th October 2015. (

Early September, daylight
Caernarfon Castle

Video was taken of an object over Caernarfon Castle. The Sun reported on it under the headline 'Independence Dai'... "A UFO looming in the sky above one of Wales’s most famous landmarks has alien-hunters in a spin. The 'flying saucer' was filmed hovering over Caernarfon Castle last week — just like the alien mothership that destroys the White House in the 1996 film Independence Day."

Caernarfon UFO, September 2015

Source: The Sun, 9th September 2015. (


One evening in October 2015, Karen took a photo with her mobile phone of an object in the night sky, above her house in Clydach. It seemed to be a couple of hundred feet up and of a bright orange colour, and shaped like a ‘U’ or ‘V’.

An examination of the photo reveals that the shape of the object in the photo is not created by camera shake of a light source being distorted but is indeed shaped like a ‘V’. This is apparent due to the fact that there are telephone lines in the foreground crossing the field of view which are well defined.

It is interesting to compare this sighting with that of what was seen on 21st August 1993 over Coychurch.

Clydach UFO, autumn 2015 
 Source: SUFON database. (

October, c. 03:00
Cray Reservoir, Brecon Beacons

About 3 AM. Weather fine.

'Elliott' from Rhigos in the Neath Valley, was on the way to work at Teifi Pools in the Rheidol Valley (he worked for Welsh Water), driving alone in his works van. He was passing the Cray Reservoir on the A4067 in the Brecon Beacons, heading north. As he came round a bend 'by the last house' he saw a glow on the left above trees. Looking closer he described a bright white object shaped like a 3D semi-circle or dome, with a flat bottom and curved top.

It was about 20-30 feet across. The lower part was hidden by trees. It was stationary and not moving. He slowed down and drove along for 10-15 seconds while he looked at it. Suddenly the object shot upwards in a second, without a sound. It seemed to get smaller as it shot up like it was 'sucked up'. After it disappeared everything went black again.

[Interestingly this is the same spot that huge bright orbs were seen in August 1991]

Source: SUFON Files - witness interviewed at his home by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams on 12th September 2017. (

Monday 12th October, 21:40

Brian Harry was in his car at the traffic lights next to the Commercial Inn in Gowerton, facing east towards Waunarlwydd and saw a huge blood red diamond shape in the sky ahead, the top of which was blue. At first he thought it was a Chinese lantern, but then realised it was far too big. It was ascending slowly into the sky.

Brian drew a picture to illustrate what he saw.

UFO Gowerton, 12/10/2015

Source: SUFON files. (

Saturday 24th October, 21:00 or 22:00 (dark)

Andrew was outside his house in Croeserw with his 7-year-old son, when they saw an elongated bright orange cigar-shaped object coming from the north-east. At first the boy said he thought it was a plane about to crash. Andrew sent his son in to get Andrew’s partner, who came out and they all watched as it continued on a level course at a slow speed towards the south and then east, finally passing behind Mynydd Caerau.

Source: SUFON Files - Andrew interviewed by Emlyn Williams on 30th October 2015. (

Saturday 7th November, 18:00
Landore, Swansea

Dry, broken cloud, wind from the west. Beth was in the rear garden of her house in Waunwen Road, Mayhill, Swansea and saw an object in the north east at about 30 degree elevation. She described it as a red disc with a dome on the top.

Her partner, Zackeray David came out to see and they watched it hover motionless over the Landore area, about a mile away, and in particular the Liberty Stadium, where an Ospreys rugby game was in progress.

Also at the same time many fireworks were going off in the area. After a short while, it moved away from them in a straight line towards the north-east.

Source: SUFON Files - witnesses interviewed by Emlyn Williams on 7th November 2015. (

Tuesday 8th December, 07:30
Langland Bay, Gower

7:30 AM. Dry with clear sky, just getting light. Chris was walking her dog along the cliff path which runs north-west to south-east at this point, from Rotherslade towards Limeslade, along the eastern side of Langland Bay. She was near Beaufort Avenue (above the fields inland of the cliff path) when she met a woman approaching from the opposite direction, who was also walking her dog, and looking out to sea, and looking 'scared'.

Chris asked her what was up, and the woman explained that she had walked around from Limeslade with this thing following her. She then pointed out an object out over the sea which was hovering and spinning like an old-fashioned spinning top (thin at top, wide in middle and thin at the bottom), very big and making no sound. It was large and silver coloured and it was difficult to judge how far away it was but seemed close. As it moved it was filled with light from top to bottom. It moved out to sea a little but stayed in full view.

The other woman was very shaken and said she had been intending walking back to Limeslade the way she had come but then decided to cut up through Beaufort Avenue and walk back along the road. Chris continued to walk along the path, heading for a field off the path where she usually let her dog off the lead. On the way she kept an eye on the object. At some point it seemed to have gone away. Her dog played in the field as usual for ten minutes. When Chris decided it was time to go, she turned to walk back to the cliff path and as she did so, she saw that the object had returned and was above and in front of her hovering high above the cliff path. This really startled her and when she carried on walking it didn’t move, and she had to walk right under it. When it was it its closest she described it as being filled with light from top to bottom and no details were visible.

She just thought, ‘Oh my god, I hope this will be on the news. Someone else must have seen it. I haven’t got time to be beamed up, got sandwiches to make!’ So she kept her head down and walked swiftly back to the cliff path, turning right to return the way she had come. Her dog seemed interested in the object now and was looking up at it. Chris said to her dog, ‘Don’t look up let’s go!’ and she explained that for once, he did as he was told. As Chris looked back from the cliff path, it was still there behind her, then it suddenly shot off really fast in the direction of Mumbles Cricket Club in the east.

Afterwards she thought of what it could be, ruled out a balloon or Chinese lantern because these just move with the wind. She also ruled out a drone as there was no sound and was far too big. She estimated its size as being about two or three times the size of a hot air balloon.

Source: SUFON Files - witness testimony to Emlyn Williams on 10th December 2015. (

Wednesday 23rd December, 06:00 - 06:30
Port Tennant, Swansea

Between 6 and 6.30 AM. Clear sky.

The witness, a man (wishes to remain anonymous) was at home where he lived with his parents in Grafog Street, Port Tennant. He was having a restless night's sleep and for some reason had a strong thought about his Jack Russell dog, and so decided to get up and go downstairs to check on him. He has a strong bond with the dog and believes he has a way of letting him know when strange things occur, such as the time when the dog was 6 months old he started barking at a corner of the kitchen.

When he'd got downstairs he saw that his other dogs were asleep but the Jack Russell was sitting on the mat by the back door with his head down and licking his lips, as if about to vomit. One of his other dogs, who sleeps in a dog cage, couldn't wait to be let out, so the man opened the back door and let that dog out. The dog shot out like a bullet. The Jack Russell, still licking his lips, went to his bed and didn't venture outside the door.

The man went outside to see if anything was wrong. Something caught his eye and looked up into the sky to the north-west. He noticed a light high up in the sky. It looked just like a bright start at first, but he had never seen it before so kept looking at it. The dog was sniffing about as if there was a rabbit around. Suddenly the bright light got bigger, as if coming closer. The witness now thought that it might be a plane or helicopter, but then discounted this as it was moving too fast and was silent.

He watched as it came shooting in towards him, 'this thing could shift', passing over Port Tennant a couple of houses to the south, heading east. He was amazed by the fact it was silent and wondered how it was that it was staying in the sky. He noticed now that it was a round disc-shaped object which had three white lights at the front, with two white lights at the rear, with red and green lights on the sides. The lights were going in sequence around the craft.

He said, 'It wasn't huge I couldn't really estimate how big but I'd say it wasn't far off the length of my parents garden or a little bit smaller. It wasn't high at all probably could have hit it with a good throw of a stone.' It travelled towards the east at a slow speed.

'It was really low, silent and had no vapour trail, moving really slow.'

He ran into the house to get his iphone. He tried to turn on the camera application but it was frozen and wouldn't work. He then ran to the top of his garden as by now the object had passed his house. It was still low and moving away slowly until he lost sight the object as the roof of the house obscured his view of it. He went through the house to the front door and saw that it was a little higher, and was gradually ascending. He is unsure if it finally disappeared in a blink or if it moved off too fast for the eyes, but it had gone.

Source: SUFON Files - witness emails, June 2017. (

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