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Welsh UFO Sightings 2018

Welsh UFO Sightings

Welsh UFO sightings from 2018. For sightings from other years please click HERE.

6th January, 22:30 - 23:00

Michelle saw a low flying large triangle object. It had two yellow lights at each point with a king of mist cloud effect over them. It split into three orbs which flew around, hovered a bit, and then disappeared. The sighting was reported to UK UFO on February 3rd 2018.

"By B&Q roundabout massive triangle object no sound really low! lights in 3 points were like an army stripe shape 2 of them at each point! Lights yellow but like a mist cloud effect over them! Sky was clear! Then disappeared but came back on itself above trees and split into 3 orbs zoomed in to eachother then went seperate ways hovered a bit then disappeared! I did video it but not sure caught it as lights dull on it and light pollution! Plus my screen is too small to check proper! 200% positive UFO was like size of Taurus going over me someone else must have seen it!"

Monday 12th February, midnight

A 43-year-old man was walking home from North Llanrwst to Trefriw. He had just crossed the suspension footbridge over the Conwy River and was walking along Gower Road (heading north-west). He saw a light to the south-east on his left hand side, up the valley in the direction of Gwydir Castle and Capel Garmon beyond. 

It had a yellow hue to it and appeared as a ball or point of light. The light was at a low level and was moving in a bobbing motion, down - left 'shimmying' - stop - left - up - down - right - stopped and hovered etc.

It also seemed to come closer and move away, but this could be caused by the fact it pulsed slowly - brighter and dimmer. The area between the witness and the object was flat fields - the floodplain of the river, with mountains behind. 

He said it was difficult to gauge the distance of the object as it was dark. There was no sound. He watched it for about an hour until 1 a.m. at which point the cold got the better of him and he continued his walk home.

Source: SUFON database. (

Tuesday 27th February, 07:50
Killay, Swansea

Daylight - clear sky.

Michaela was at home in Goetre Fach Road, Killay, sitting in the kitchen having a cuppa and saw an object through her patio door (faces south-west). The object was described as a bright circular light moving fast in a straight line over the trees from north to south, heading over towards Fairwood Common. She said: 'I just saw a bright light move quickly across the sky outside of my house.... It was definitely not a plane. It was low, circular and vary quick..... It disappeared over the trees.'

Source: SUFON Files - Facebook interview, 27th February 2018.

Tuesday 27th February, c. 22:00

Commenting on the 06/01/2018 sighting of a large triangle object in Wrexham, Mel said they had also had a sighting in the same area. They saw two large bright yellow orbs moving in different directions, hovering, and then suddenly disappearing.

"I had a sighting at the same spot on the 27th Feb around 22:00… Two big bright yellow orbs moving in different directions and hovering then suddenly disappearing from view. I was so shocked I didn’t even take my phone out and filmed it. I am sure someone else must have seen it.."

Saturday 17th March, c. 20:30

Mark Coffey was leaving his house, situated on the hill above and west of Snatchwood Road, the main road in Abersychan. He looked towards the SSE direction, down the valley towards the Severn Estuary. From behind some hills a couple of miles away he noticed,

"a bright red light appear which began to rise slowly in the 10 o'clock direction. The light was not flashing as would aircraft lights, and it struck me as looking unusual. It continued to rise and began changing direction, heading towards 12 o'clock. My daughter was waiting for me in the car, and was motioning for me to hurry up.

I got in and told her I had been looking at an unusual light. I reversed off the drive and was going to pull away but could see the light through the front windscreen so pointed it out to my daughter. As we watched, the red light slowly moved through the 3 o'clock direction up through 12 o'clock and then back through 9 o'clock, i.e. making a large reverse S.

Suddenly, what appeared to be a white object dropped from the bottom of the red light (this object was luminous but fainter than the red light, and left a faint trail behind it). The red light immediately started to follow it, slowly at first, then shooting straight down and both objects disappeared. I had to ask my daughter if she just witnessed the same thing I had, and she confirmed that she had. We were both awe struck."

Mark discounted aircraft or helicopters as possible explanations. He also thought it unlikely to be drone due to its size at that distance.

Source: SUFON Files - witness emails. (

Monday 19th March
Glan Conwy

A woman who saw unidentified objects in the night sky is hoping she was not the only one to witness the strange phenomena over Glan Conwy.

Caroline Waldron said she was walking her dog close to her home when she looked up to see two strange ‘orb-like’ lights. The 71-year-old former nurse and postal worker said she had been unable to forget what she saw, and hoped other people who witnessed the sight will come forward to back up her story.

Mrs Waldron said: "Living here we are very used to the flight path, and these two lights weren’t anywhere near it. The lights didn’t flash, they were continuous red lights and looked like orbs. I was watching them as I often look up at the stars at night when walking the dog, as we have good night skies here in Glan Conwy. After a couple of moments the UFO’s or whatever they were, just turned around and disappeared behind some cloud cover and although I continued to watch, they just vanished. They way they turned around was so quick, it can’t possibly have been a normal aircraft. I’m very used to seeing helicopters, military aircraft and planes, but I’d seen nothing like this before."

Mrs Waldron added: "I’ve come forward to tell my story to the Daily Post, as I’m hoping other people may have seen the same thing as me. I realise I’m opening myself to the possibility of being ridiculed. But I can’t forget about it. I can promise people I wasn’t drunk or anything like that and I am quite sane. When I told my son he just joked that the “Russians were coming”, but my husband is quite supportive."

Mrs Waldron saw the lights on March 19. She added: "I was telling my neighbour about it who has a telescope and she told me she’s also seen strange things, so there are people out there who see odd things. I also came forward to tell my story after seeing that the TV star Paul O’Grady and the singer Kim Wilde have seen UFO’s."

Source: by Mari Jones, 28 March 2018.

31st March, 00:00
Ystrad Mynach (CF82 7BD)

Witness looked through their flat window and saw 4 lights moving in formation. Later they saw another seven, and then two more. The sighting was reported to MUFON (without photographs) on April 3rd 2018.

"Looking through flat window noticed 4 lights in formation moving s. down wae telling wife when noticed 7 more travelling same drection,, grabbed for mobile phone too late to photo. then captued on phone 2 more trvelling past"

Wednesday 18th April, 21:35

Michael Hopkins was returning home to Graigwen, Pontypridd:

"Upon returning home from an evening at a friend's house in Tonteg, I scanned the sky around me prior to opening my front door. As I looked in the direction of Cefn Eglwysilan Mountain [east], I observed a red light making quick darting movements in front of two of the three communication transmitters.

When I first saw the red light, it was darting from approx half way up the left hand transmitter, to a dead stop at the top, then falling vertically back down nearly to the ground, then darting across to the mid point of the middle transmitter, then up to the top, then from a dead stop falling back down to just below the mid point, then across to near the mid point of the left transmitter again, then nearly up to the top to a dead stop, followed by a very sharp turn towards the ground where it disappeared at a lower level that the transmitters.

I had thought it could have been a drone, but why would anyone fly an expensive drone so near to the transmitters in the dark....and for what purpose? The speed of the light and sudden change of direction did not, in my opinion, confirm with the manoeuvring capabilities of a drone. Perhaps I'm wrong.

Approximately ten seconds later, I observed a dull white light to the north west, moving slowly in a north-easterly direction, maybe at an altitude of around 30,000 feet. The strange thing about this light was that it flashed bright white every six seconds. I believe that aircraft strobe lights flash at approx one second intervals.

Later in the night at 23.55 pm I heard the sound of a propeller aircraft, seemingly flying low due the loud droning noise. Going outside I could only see a single flashing red light on an easterly heading. There were no other navigation or strobe lights on the aircraft whatsoever. This aircraft was not visible on Flightradar24.

Th night-time representation photograph of the red light (Image 2), was taken approx 5 minutes after the dull white light sighting. There appears to be a strange white object high in the night sky that I was not aware of at the time. See enlargement, (Image 3)."

Source: SUFON Files - report received from Michael Hopkins 2018. (

2nd May, 21:43
Llanbradach (CF83 3PL)

Witness saw an object with exceptionally bright lights moving very rapidly. It had red, green and white static lights and a white strobe. The sighting was reported to MUFON on the same day.

"I was upstairs on my computer when a light in the corner of my eye caught my attention. i immediately thought the object was a drone however it moved at such a speed and potentially produced a jet-like sound. i then believed it to be an aircraft which was unusual being it was so low in altitude as it was and visible in-front of the nearby hills. the object had exceptionally bright lights, too bright to be a drone and stood out well near streetlights and stars. i have seen drones in this area and it definitely was not one. they seem star-like in comparison. there was one red and one green static light with a white strobe and white static lights. i do not believe it to be an aircraft for it's speed, altitude, direction change and that all lights were visible from all directions. it changed speed from west to south very rapidly which mimics the shape of the valley (although valley is half a mile wide). it then continued on until the end of the valley approx 1.5-2 miles long. i only managed to get one picture since it was only visible for 8-10 seconds maximum and still managed to cover the length of the valley. the sound may have not been from this object as the area contains a flight path. i checked flight radar 24 and the only nearby aircraft was airbus cruising as 23000ft. i do not believe it to be a drone as it was completely static in angle while turning and again moved at quite a speed. even with having my phone near by and having a camera shortcut enabled, i was only able to capture 1 photo as it had moved out of range within that time. my immediate reaction was shock as the combination of lights and speed was quite surprising in the dark of night. i almost immediately grabbed my phone and turned on the camera through a shake shortcut and took a photo. by time i could take one, the object was almost out of visible range for my eyes. i lost sight of the object after it went behind the hill at the south end of the valley (i am far north)."

Llanbradach UFO 02/05/2018

6th May, 23:31

Witness saw an extremely bright set of three lights forming a vertical line in the sky. It stayed motionless in the sky and was still there at midnight. Witness was unable to get a photograph. The 40 minute long sighting was reported to MUFON the next day.

"Let dog out front for toilet. extremely bright set of 3 lights far in distance up in sky. night sky clear. no clouds. not moon or stars as much brighter and larger. lights in vertical line with centre lights several times brighter and larger than top and bottom lights. too big for helicopter and stayed motionless in sky. still in same position at midnight.Direction was from crymych looking south towards kidwelly\pendine direction. phone camera would not identify the lights and tried several times."

10th May, 20:30

Witness saw an oval shape with a red/orange glow. It hovered then went straight up. The sighting was reported to MUFON on December 6th 2018.

"Oval shaop with red / orange glow , came up then hoversed then 2 did the same then went staright up. i check with flightradar24 and there was no aircraft in the area at the time of the sighting"

10th May, 23:43 - 23:51
Near Llanybydder, Ceredigion

Alan and his mother saw a bright light moving slowly in the sky, from south to the east. It dimmed for a few seconds then brightened again, and made no sound. Alan reported the sighting to UK UFO on September 21st 2018.

"My mother and I both witnessed a bright light in the sky slowly moving from the south towards the east from our doorstep as we were letting the dog out. The light was constant, never blinking or changing as it got nearer to the east, when it was directly east of us it dimmed for a few seconds and then returned just as bright as before while still continuing it’s journey in a slightly north easternly direction before I lost sight of it when I was distracted by the dog, when I looked for it again it had disappeared. There was no sound and nothing to indicate it was a plane or helicopter at high altitude."

May, 20:55
Walton, Powys

Barry Walsh, The Pump House Walton, Presteigne, wrote an account of a sighting he had to the weekly local paper:

'My wife and I moved to Walton, Presteigne in March this year and our conservatory overlooks the hills towards Radnor Forest. In the short time we have been here we have already seen some strange lights but last night at 8.55 pm, we saw something very unusual. 

There were two separate objects, one was a bright orange/white ball with plumes of what looked like vapour coming from it. At first I thought it was an aeroplane but looking at it through my powerful binoculars it was too low to the ground and moving too slowly.

After a minute or so it disappeared over a hill. The second object at first appeared like a small bright cloud but it too had a vapour like plume coming from it and I could make [out] some sort of circular shape at the centre. 

It too was low and moving in the same direction as the first object eventually disappearing over the hill. We have no idea what these objects were, but we both saw them clearly. Very strange.'

Source: 'Brecon & Radnor Express', 17th May 2018.

17th May, 22:37
Tongwynlais (CF15 7LR)

Witness and their friend were walking home when they saw what looked like two moving stars, drifting apart. They both made sudden speed and directional changes, and one suddenly emitted a bright white light which looked like a comet's tail but very short and fat. It then dimmed to a faint star like object until it was lost to sight a few seconds later. The other light gained speed and shot off very fast. The sighting was reported to MUFON later that day. (A video was submitted but I can't make anything out on it -

"Me and a friend are walking home along a road in cardiff, wales, when i was looking up at the stars and noticed what i thought looked like a moving star, i told my friend and he pointed out that there was actually 2 of them moving at the same speed slowing drifting apart, it seemed as though they were actually stars moving different from the rest but looked as they were up with the stars hundred thousand miles away clearly moving across the sky when the one on the right sped up and slowed down when it changed direction very quickly now going the opposite direction and a little closer south and slowed back down to a very slow speed, at this point the other on the left suddenly changes its direction stoped abruptly, after 2 seconds it started to mobe now going the same way as the other star going at a slow speed, but this one suddenly emits a bright white light which looked like a beam or tail like a comet but was very very short and very fat very clear and it was ejected the same direction as the star which it came from was traveling, it dimmed to a very faint star like object after 2-4 seconds of bright light and stayed dim until it was lost by our sight after 5-7 seconds while the other one was still clear to see it changed its direction once the other had disappeared it’s now going the opposite way gaining speed and then shot off very very fast and it was gone we was in shock we could not believe what we saw and we have a little video you cannot see anything but it is as it is happening."

19th May, between 16:00 and 18:00

Witness saw a shiny bronze elliptical shape, low in the sky, hovering for about five minutes. It then moved away at speed. Sighting was reported to MUFON on October 9th 2018.

"To be read in conjunction with mufon report number 92103. on may 19th 2018 between 4 - 6 p.M. i saw a bronze, shiny, elliptical shape low in the sky, hovering to the north west of cf64, penarth, south wales. after 5 minutes it moved at speed in a horizontal plane away from view. there may have been a change in lights before it moved. i went into my house and told my family i had just seen a spaceship. n.B. the witness originally, verbally, declared the object to be "cigar shaped." the witness does not wish to be identified."

19th May, 18:15
Gwaelod-y-garth (CF15 9HB)

Witness was in their back garden when they saw five evenly spaced bright lights forming a circle. After about 10 minutes the lights changed to three vertical and moved slowly. Witness rang Cardiff Airport who said they had nothing on radar. The sighting was reported to MUFON on the same day.

"Sighted object in sky at 18.15 hours local time as i went to collect washing from the line. i live under amber 1 & green 25 flight paths. i am used to aircraft, observe flightradar24, used to work in an airport. sighted lights in sky. observed for 5 minutes. went to collect 10 x 50 binoculars as the lights did not move. sighted 5 bright lights in a circle as if you could see 5 l.C.D. lights in 1 light bulb at 30 degrees to the horizon. cloud 1/10 so good visibility. lights lost in high altitude haze but recovered after haze passed over. after approx 10 minutes the lights changed to 3 vertical and wandered slowly n. there was no hurry! like they had stopped for a tea break! no sound (too far away), no vapour trail. visibility unlimited. not the space station, helicopter, fixed wing aircraft (this was a saturday, the r.A.F. don't work on a saturday), my imagination nor psychotic drugs as my previous employer would have kicked me out! i immediately telephoned the local airport (cwl) only 12 miles away as the u.F.O. flies! spoke to the radar operator. "i've only just come in. there's nothing in your area." "what a surprise!" 5 lights sighted which turned into 3 and headed north 10 minutes later. i look forward to my telephone being tapped, my mail being opened and me being branded a fool. i do not take drugs and my drink was a celebration after the event. i stand by my word. i only lost sight of the lights because it is may and the foliage on the trees obscured my vision. i did not leave my garden. r.A.F. rudloe manor bring it on! "whenever i wanted to tell a joke i simply spoke the truth." - george bernard shaw. (1856 - 1950)."

The witness also contacted SUFON the same day who wrote up the case for their database:

Clear sky, little cloud. Warm evening.

Desmond Chidgey was in his back garden in Heol Berry, Gwaelod-Y-Garth, getting his washing in off the line. As he was looking up to take off the pegs he spotted an object in the sky, which had a bronze-coloured fuselage. Thinking it was a plane at first, he wondered what airline it could be to have an aircraft that colour. It was bright and he thought the sun was reflecting off the aircraft, which was to the NNE of his position and at a great height. There was no vapour trail. As he stood there in his garden watching the object, he then realised that it was not moving.

He continued watching it for five minutes, but still it didn't move. Although the sky was clear, the object was sometimes obscured by a grey haze. When the haze cleared, it was still there in the same position. Desmond left the garden to go into the house and up to his bedroom to fetch a pair of 10x50 binoculars. He returned to the garden to watch the 'aircraft' through his binoculars. Now viewing the object better, what at first he'd thought was the sun reflecting off the metallic fuselage turned out to be five lights equidistantly spaced out in a circle.

"It was like they were L.E.D. bulbs in a single light bulb."

The five lights were arranged in a pentagon shape,with each light at a point of the pentagon. After a further five minutes the lights changed the shape of their formation.

"It was much too far away to hear anything, there was no vapour trail and no other aircraft were anywhere else to be heard or seen."

The lights were now only three in number and were arranged in a straight vertical line, equidistantly spaced. The lights then lazily moved off in a north or NNE direction at an indeterminate height.

Total duration of sighting: approximately ten minutes.

Desmond telephoned Cardiff Airport ATC tower and asked if there was any traffic north to north-east of Cardiff. They transferred him to the 'basement', ie: radar. He repeated his question and the conversation went like this:

Desmond: Any traffic north of Cardiff at height?

Radar: Hang on, I've just come in. Not that I am aware of.

Desmond: I'm not surprised.

Desmond had thoughts later about what the object could have been and went through a list of possible explanations.

Space station? - seen it before, can identify it and it moves quickly and can only be seen at night, usually west to east. Helicopter? - not at that height, would be seen on radar, probably in radio traffic with Rhoose ATC, would not be stationary for that long and would not change from 5 circular lights to 3 vertical lights. 

Fixed wing aircraft? - only ones that can hover are the V22 Osprey, Harrier or the new F35. Unlikely to be flying on a Saturday and at height in the evening. RAF/USAF? - the forces don't fly at the weekend! Hallucination? - not after being a customs man for 41 years!

After also discounting police helicopter and air ambulance, Desmond's last possible explanation: "The upstairs boys!"

20th May, 14:46
Cwmbwrla, Swansea

Witness saw three bright white lights in the sky. They disappeared and reappeared but didn't appear to be moving with the wind. The minute long sighting was reported to MUFON on June 21st 2018.

"I noticed 3 bright white lights in the sky that did not appear to be moving . they were alternating and disappeared and reappeared throughout the clip. i was trying to film them in bright sunlight and lost them a few times . after the end of the clip they did not reappear in the sky. i had taken my daughter to the park and was sitting on the grass . the brightness of the objects first caught my eye. i thought it could be balloons but they didn’t appear to be moving with the wind."

Cwmbwrla UFO 20/06/2018

Saturday 26th May, between 22:45 and 23:00
Betws-yn-Rhos, Denbighshire

Watched a fast moving bright light cross the skyline with very slight wobble movements. I've seen ISS and this was brighter n faster, no sound or flashing lights.

I searched to see if anyone else saw this online then spotted this post on the BEAMS site from exactly one year ago and its the same to the word - from Trefriw, North Wales.

Sunday 2nd June
Fforestfach, Swansea

c. 8:20pm a message came in and a person said he'd seen a bright round object with reflecting sunlight off its metallic body. Said the path it flew was a fixed trajectory and that it moved at a speed which was comparable to a plane viewed at cruising altitude, the location is fforestfach, Swansea.

Portions of Message: "It was reflecting the sunshine so I assume a metallic object. It had no variation or wobble in its movement at all so I can rule out a balloon and I’ve never seen a drone made of a highly reflective shiny metal!"

"I had my young son sleeping on me at the time and by the time my wife had got to the window with her phone it had moved out of view behind trees!"

"Very strange and have never witnessed anything like it! Thought I’d get a message over to you guys as you seem to be the ones documenting these events over Swansea!"

Source: SUFON database. (

Friday 15th June
South Wales

'.... late this night to early morning (June 15 2018) I was driving home from my girlfriend's house, I pulled upon my drive to see dull blue lights in an arrow-ish formation hovering above a field. The lights were moving back and forth from an arrow formation to a curved formation as it hovered. I watched the lights for about 5 minutes before getting my parents to have a look but before we got back outside they were gone.'


Wednesday 20th June, 20:30
Clase (SA6 7JF)

Witness saw a ring in the sky. They checked it wasn't on the lens, then lost sight of the object as the sun set. They reported the sighting to MUFON on June 21st 2018.

"We have been taking many photos of the sun using an uv/ir blocking lens on an iphone camera. we are big believers in planet x and have seen lots of unusual objects near the sun, but nothing like this! took these photos at 8.30pm gmt last night facing nw, lots of chemtrails in the sky, we noticed that there was this ring in the sky near the sun, no idea what it was, we thought at first it was something on our lens, but on checking, it was clean. we imagined it might be a hidden planet/spaceship? or maybe a secret government experiment/plane of some sort? made us think of the old sci-fi tv series stargate, it looked like a portal! we lost sight of the object as the sun set, went away behind cloud and roofs of houses. made us think we are not alone."

Friday 22nd June, c. 15:00
Plasmarl, Swansea

Clear blue sky. Daniel Herbert was waiting for his children to come out of school at Plasmarl Primary School, standing with about 15 other parents. 

Looking up at the sky (as he was wont to do as he tends to see objects quite often), he saw a round object directly above at a high altitude. He pointed it out to other people, who just laughed but didn't even look up.

In the centre of the circular object he could just make out a darker dot. He managed to take a photo of the object, which was stationary. 

After about a minute it diminished in size and disappeared, as if it went straight up. There was no sound from the object. Daniel thinks that it was very large, but appeared small due to its great height.

Source: SUFON Files - witness report, 12th July 2018. (

Saturday 23rd June, 23:15
Dunvant, Swansea

Kris & Phil Prevel were in their garden looking at the moon, Venus and the stars through binoculars. They noticed a bright white circular light moving in front of a jet aircraft. It suddenly got a lot brighter and then winked out after being visible for only 1.5 seconds. 

The jet stayed on its straight course, sending out a contrail and the plane's lights clearly visible. They watched for some time afterwards but there was no re-appearance of the bright light. Kris checked flight info and found that there was no commercial flight going over Swansea at the time, so presumably the aircraft was military. 

Source: SUFON Files - witness report. (

Monday 25th June

'I'll keep it short. Silver thing really high up floating over Pontypridd earlier today with what looked like other silver things coming out of it. I'm a postman and as I was working, a member of the public stopped me and asked me if I knew what it could be. Anyway looking up I could see something silver glinting brightly in the sunlight. It looked really high up and I could also see one or two things being dropped by it......weird for sure. Was thinking weather balloon?'

Source: Reddit post (now deleted) via SUFON database.

Tuesday 26th June, between 18:00 and 18:45

Clear blue sky.

At 6 PM a man was in his rear garden in Peterston-Super-Ely to the west of Cardiff and saw an object moving in a south to north direction at high altitude. It stopped and moved backwards for a few seconds then continued to the north, where it disappeared from sight behind the chimney of the bungalow. He took a video (01) of this and at 32 seconds in, in 1/30th of a frame shot, it is possible to see a grey vehicle travelling northwards at 'the speed of a bullet'.

He called his father out to the garden to show him the video of what he had seen and went into the bungalow to get something. Then the father witnessed:

'...a large metallic sphere, like a metal bowling ball in the colours of grey and black travelling at approximately 600 mph from south to north for about 4 seconds.'

It then disappeared, again behind the chimney, like the first one had done. He reckons that as he could definitely say that the object was metallic, it may have been as low as 5,000 feet in altitude. This was not videoed, unfortunately.

The son then joined him outside but missed that the father had seen. As they were discussing this, a third object came into view in the south, travelling towards them heading north. They both watched this for approximately ten minutes. It was high, at about 20,000 feet. It first looked like a star, and so bright against the perfect blue evening sky. It was travelling very slowly and was also stopping for a few seconds every now and then.

The father: 'It seemed to be deciding what direction to take! Our eye vision was perfect as we could see the sun's reflection on it and a reddish glow that occurred for a brief moment. It then turned westwards and slowly disappeared away. This object was also a spherical shape.

Videos 02, 03 and 04 show the object as a white shape. The father unfortunately accidentally turned the phone camera off for 2 minutes, while the son went to get his glasses, but he had perfect vision of what the craft was doing.

See the videos here:





Source: SUFON Files - witness email, 2nd July 2018. (

Tuesday 26th June, 23:30
Dunvant, Swansea

Elizabeth returned home to her bungalow at Dol-Y-Coed, Dunvant after attending a SUFON meeting in Gorseinon.

It was a dark very warm night, and the sky was totally clear with no significant wind. The moon and stars were clearly visible.

She entered her rear bedroom where her partner was asleep. The curtains were slightly open so she pushed them further apart to look at the condition of her garden as she had not watered her plants that day.

On looking out, her attention was drawn to a red/orange coloured object situated south-easterly in the sky, near the Killay area, at an elevation of about 45 to 60 degrees.

Distance and height were difficult to estimate, but it would have been roughly the height of a helicopter's normal operating height and perhaps about half a mile to a mile distant.

The shape of the object was evident as all that could be seen was a round shaped red/orange light.

She went outside into her back garden to get a better view. The light was clearly moving quite quickly as it was continuously disappearing then reappearing in different positions in the night sky, but it was moving in a general South Westerly direction towards Upper Killay (north-east to south-west).

Elizabeth tried to both photograph and film the object, using her mobile phone, but unfortunately the object could not be seen on the resultant footage, purely because the distance was too far to record its image.

As she watched, it continued to blink in and out, then suddenly changed direction back to the way from which it had come, before slowly disappearing away out of her view in a south-easterly direction towards Killay.

The object made no sound that she could detect. She saw no lights or any other colour on the object. She then retired for the night.

She considered contacting the South Wales Evening Post about the incident, then found the contact details for SUFON on the internet and reported the matter to us.

Source: SUFON Files - witness interviewed by Steve Drewson, 28th June 2018. (

Wednesday 27th June
Buckley (CH7 2QJ)

Witness was walking their dog when they saw what they first thought to be a star. It drew closer however, so the witness could see it had several fixed white lights and a flashing red light above it. The object was silent yet travelled past and out of distance at high speed. The sighting was reported to MUFON on June 28th 2018.

"I was taking the dog for a walk and had only walked a few metres down the road, i noticed the star/planet that i've observed every night at around this time of evening walking the dog. it was where i expected it to be given procession and time of day. then suddenly i noticed another object, that at a distance looked identical to the aforementioned recognised astronomical object. what drew my attention was that it was moving against the backdrop of the sky and local rooftops. up until now i still only thought that it might be a conventional aircraft. as it drew closer there were several fixed white lights that made up the majority of its physical appearance, there was one flashing red light above the craft. as it was only the lights that were visible, height/distance it very difficult to be sure of in the late twilight of the evening. what makes this event extraordinary and worthy of reporting is the speed and lack of sound. had this craft been flying at an altitude where i would not have been able to hear engine noise, it would have had to have been travelling at impossible speeds to traverse the visible skyline in less than one minute. had it been a craft much closer to the ground, i.E. within 500-1000ft then the perceived speed of travel could be consistent with conventional aircraft, however the craft would most certainly have been audible. there was no sound at all. it was a quiet night, no traffic noise or human noises... this object produced zero sound. it literally traversed the sky, from appearing as another star in the distance, to flying past me and out of sight in less than 60 seconds. we regularly have military super-sonic aircraft practicing low flying exrecises in this area and the speed was comparable, though i know the sound of such aircraft very well. on this particular night my phone was o charge or i most certainly would have had a video file to share - sadly i don't."

Friday 29th June, 01:00
Bwlchadarr Llangedwyn

Nicolas Barlow saw a small bright light crossing the sky when it started to make impossible turns. After ten minutes a larger bright white light appeared, making similar movements. He watched for over 30 minutes, in which time 15 regular aircraft flew over, while the lights continued their movements. They then faded from sight. The sighting was reported to UK UFO on July 9th 2018.

"One small bright lights was crossing the night sky on a normal trajectory,it then started to make impossible turns and continued in the same area ,after 10 minutes of watching it another larger bright white light appeara bit closer to me (but above airtrafic lane) started making similar movements, I was standing there in bewilderment 4 commercial planes flew over and the 3 more and then increased activity of normal planes heading in similar headings..for over 30 minutes possibly 15 planes ,,all the while the afore mentioned lights did whatever they where doing..and faded from sight,,I don’t normally subscribe to UFOs etc and quite sceptical on the subject.but I cannot explain what I saw ,I now have a firm belief we are not alone,even if it was experimental aircraft,,there’s no way it’s been developed without unknown technology to counter the g force the assumed aircraft must have been pulling…still quite bewildered,and my mind is trying to convince me of logic..but it simply defied it ..I hope this is of use to someone"

Friday 29th June, 12:54
Dunvant, Swansea

Clear blue sky, slight high haze.

Kris and Phil Prevel were in their garden in Dunvant and noticed a small silver, extremely bright slow moving ball of light with a tail moving across the sky from the north, first in a straight line to the south but then turning slightly and climbing to the south-west. Kris said at one point it disappeared into the high haze and then re-emerged.

She went to the front garden but lost sight of it. Phil said he thought it looked boomerang-shaped but travelling sideways. Kris looked at it through binoculars and said it was extremely bright, like looking at Venus in the night sky.

Source: SUFON Files - witness report. (

Tuesday 3rd July, 00:30

The witness, a 50-year-old man, was at home in Carmarthen Road, Waunwen, Swansea and was looking south towards Swansea city centre. High up in the sky he saw an object which was flashing red and yellow lights. It was silent and moved slower than a helicopter would fly. It was very high up, like a satellite.

The lights were close together and it moved from west to east, moving from above Townhill to Kilvey Hill. When it got to Kilvey Hill it made a sharp left turn, and headed north towards Neath and Swansea Valley. The witness saw it through binoculars as well.

Duration of sighting: 2 or 3 minutes.

Source: SUFON Files - telephone report from witness to Emlyn Williams, 4th July 2018.

3rd July, 01:30
Waens Fields, Gwersyllt, Wrexham

Two witnesses saw a star like object over a farmer's field, approaching from the right. It suddenly curved in direction and began to descend. A second object appeared in the far left of the sky and accelerated to join the first. Both objects hovered for a few minutes, making smooth movements. A small orb of light then materialised 12 feet above them and silently fired diagonally towards the objects. Afraid, the witnesses left the field and found the objects no longer visible. They reported the sighting to MUFON on July 5th 2018.

"Observed a star like object in sky over farmers field , approaching from right . believed it to be iss until it suddenly curved direction and started to descend . another object of identical appearance then appeared on far left of sky and accelerated to first object . they avoided each other and continued hovering and moving in severe, yet smooth movements . observed these for 2-3 minutes. orb of light then materialised approx 12 feet above us and fired diagonally towards the objects . orb appeared like a mini explosion of light and approx the size of a baseball . orb consisted of a solid white light, yet dim in centre and a beige sandy x shaped object in its core . no sound . two witnesses - one experiencing severe terror and evacuated field immediately . objects no longer visible after exiting field"

Thursday 5th July
Llanfihangel Nant Mela and Pen-y-Bont

Anne Withane saw a cone shaped object with fireball ascending into the sky before disappearing. It reappeared seconds later in a different part of the sky, travelling fast towards New Radnor. The sighting was reported to UK UFO on July 6th 2018.

"Cone-shaped object with fireball, not vapour trail, ascending between Llanfihangel Nant Melan and Pen-y-Bont then just disappeared. Re-appeared seconds later in a completely different part of sky going towards New Radnor. Moving very fast, definitely not a plane as no continuous vapour trail."

Thursday 5th July
Townhill, Swansea

Marie Maunder lived on Gwent Road, Townhill which has extensive views to the west, north and east. She had just gone outside to let her dogs go out to the toilet when she noticed something in the sky between Cockett & Waurnarlwydd. to the west. The object was moving towards her and pretty low down (500 - 100 ft).

A neighbour called Steve had just come out of his house as well (he was going to pick up his partner), so Marie called him to have a look. Both of them witnessed a large craft moving slowly in a south-easterly direction. It had two bright white lights in the front (with a flashing light in middle), was low flying with no noise.

As it moved it turned at a right angle instantly (to a more westerly direction) and started to move slowly away from the witnesses. A series of white flashing lights were seen along the front and sides (two main front lights remained on with no flashing). Both witnesses said it was huge in size with no sound.

Steve said, 'It was massive. I've seen planes (and been on them) and it was far bigger than an airliner and really low down. It was certainly not a plane or helicopter. There wasn't any navigation or strobe lights like all planes at night.' Steve likened the shape to an arrow head. Both were quite surprised at what they saw.

SUFON's Mike Maunder (Marie's husband) was fast asleep in bed so missed it all. He was only told the morning after.

Marie's drawing and brief account (which was taken as soon as she came inside) is shown below. Flightradar24 was checked and there were no planes in the vicinity, for around half an hour.

Source: SUFON Files - report from Marie Maunder, 6th July 2018.

Friday 6th July, between 23:00 and 00:00
Black Mountains

The witness was in the rear garden scanning the sky with an infrared camera and caught an object hovering in the south for 15 to 20 minutes. In that time the witness constantly checking at times and sometimes it was there and at other times wasn't. After a while the bottom part of the object was not visible. After viewing the object for the second time, it disappeared after about 15 minutes.

It was not visible to the naked eye. No noise was heard.

Source: SUFON database. (

Monday 9th July
Pontyclun (CF72 8NL)

Witness saw a 'reflective object gliding over my house before sunset, went outside for second video and the object reversed'. There had been other sightings over the previous two weeks. They reported the sighting to MUFON on August 8th 2018.

"I had started seeing objects in the sky at the end of june (june 29th) when me and my two sons (3 and 5) were travelling across the country to see a friend. on the way there we stopped at a service station and my oldest son pointed out a bright 'ball' in the sky. he said "theres a ball in the sky and its so big and low , what is it?" this ball, i was convinced, followed us all the way there and followed us back the next day. i had a very very uneasy feeling when we got to the location, and as soon as i returned home i was consumed with terror almost, although i didnt really know why. it was around 2am on the 30th june, id just put the children in bed, and i felt like i was being observed. i got my phone, and i went to look out of the windows into the garden, and could see nothing at first, but then i saw the ball of light hovering by the trees. i took a photo, looked back, and realised it had not only captured the sphere of light but it also captured another one which was a lot closer to me, in the garden (in the photo they came out looking like a donut shape but to the naked eye it was a sphere shape). two days later, my son (who had initially seen the 'ball' reported hearing a cracking noise in the night and it woke him up, and he saw a set of large eyes in his room. i told him it was definitely the cat and he had nothing to worry about, although i knew that id shut the cats out for the night. he said it scared him at first, but then he went back to sleep. which is very odd for him, because if he wakes up in the night he always comes into my bed. a week later, it was 30 minutes before sunset and myself and my partner were getting ready for bed in our upstairs bedroom where there is a large window. i saw a glint in the sky and so i went to the window and i could see a small light reflecting object (silver/metallic) moving steadily in the direction of my house. i desperately lunged for my phone and put the camera on, and once id located the object again (now a bit closer) i started filming. on the film the object appeared to be a ball of light but to the naked eye it was metallic, so after a minute of filming i ran downstairs and out onto my front drive to take a better bit of film. by that point the object had cleared my house and was floating away. there was no sound whatsoever, and i could tell the object was relatively small because it was clearly very low above the roof of my house. the object suddenly changed direction- it looked like it was reversing back a bit, but then continued on its path. it did this again (all captured on the second video), i had to move the phone with the movement of the object"

Thursday 12th July, c. midnight
East Aberthaw

A woman called P.K. (wishes to remain anonymous) was out alone on the beach at East Aberthaw on the Vale of Glamorgan coast. She was by her tent on the eastern side of a dune which overlooked a nature reserve. A camp fire was burning next to her, in a quiet spot next to a large log (see picture below). 

Being very spiritual, she had just completed a routine meditation and was lying on her right side by the fire and enjoying the solitude and peace, when a bright white light shone on her left from behind.

She turned to see an intense ball of light about 30-35 ft in the air which was coming up slowly and silently as her camp was illuminated with the light it gave off. It was quite big, roughly 4-5 ft in diameter. She couldn't see the surface or edges as it was too bright, like looking at the sun. 

As it got overhead it suddenly faded and she was in the pitch dark again, with only the light of her fire to see by. She explained that there was never any feeling of fear, only calm and peacefulness.

Source: SUFON Files - witness report, June 2020. (

Saturday 14th July, 22:00 - Sunday 15th July, 02:00
Plasmarl, Swansea

No moon. Daniel Herbert was sitting in the back garden of his terraced house in Plasmarl Terrace, Plasmarl, with family and friends. Neighbours were also out in their back gardens too. At 2 am an object came over from the west. This had been stationary at first and had been visible from when darkness fell at about 10 pm, appearing like a star. His friend Dan shouted 'Look how bright it's getting!' as it came closer.

It reduced in height lower than the few sparse clouds which were present. This took a few moments and they could hear no sound from the object. Daniel described it in a drawing and it appears to be a round object surrounded by a semi-circular 'cowl' (this could be a light effect) and oriented upright (see photo). It carried on moving in an easterly direction.

Later at about 4 am as dawn was breaking, what he thought was the north star (as it had been static all night to the north and quite high), was still visible despite the sun having risen. It suddenly started moving to the south-west and over his location, quite fast. Again with no sound. Daniel's drawing of it shows a similarity to the first object that he had seen, but oriented horizontally.

Throughout that night he had also seen many lights moving erratically and changing direction.

Source: SUFON Files - witness interviewed by Steve Drewson, Mike Maunder and Emlyn Williams, on site, 16 July 2018. (

20th July, 01:30

Witness and their mother saw a brilliant orb of golden light, similar to a smaller one they had seen on July 3rd. The object seemed to speed up, stop, and then stay stationary for about 2 minutes as the light dimmed. Suddenly it vanished. Witness reported the sighting to MUFON on the same day.

"Was outside so dog could relieve himself when a brilliant orb of golden light came slowly over houses to the back of my home. i had seen something similar,although not as big on july 3rd. i ran in doors to shout my mother out to see it - as she came outside it passed over directly above in total silence . i attempted to film via iphone and managed to get a few seconds of its flight over. the object seemed to then speed up , stop in midair and the light drastically dimmed . it now looked exactly like a star especially as it was stationary . it hung there for approx 2 minutes before its light appeared to suddenly dim and it vanished . i had never seen a ufo before july 3rd 2018 and now there is a sudden surge in activity that multiple people have witnessed."

Wrexham UFO 20/07/2018

22nd July, 19:52

Witness heard 'a weird drumming sound' which made them feel uneasy. In a photograph they took there was an orange circle. The previous year, around the same area, they saw a white pulsating light in the sky that shot away at very high speed. They reported the sighting to MUFON on July 23rd 2018.

"Out for a walk on a warm sunny evening and took photographs. noticed in one of them that there is an orange circle on a outcrop yet when i was viewing the view, i did not see anything but did hear a weird drumming sound which made me feel uneasy. last year, when driving home, i also saw a white pulsating circle in the sky which would have been in the same proximity to this photo. the said white light was pulsating and fading in quick succession and within minutes is simply shot and disappeared away extremely fast. the following day we experienced an earthquake in the area."

orange orb Caernarfon 22/07/2018

Tuesday 24th July, c. 17:50
Nr. Carway

Sian and Steve Drewson, together with their daughter and daughter's fiancee had spent Tuesday the 24th of July 2018 at Ffos Las Racecourse. At about 5.50 pm that day whilst waiting for a taxi to arrive outside the premises, they observed a small private helicopter take off from the racecourse and travel away in an Easterly direction.

Steve watched the helicopter completely disappear into the distance, then he noticed another object quite a way to the left of where the helicopter had been, but still in an easterly direction. It was at an elevation of some 60 degrees and a height of about 200 foot. 

The object appeared to be circular in shape and was of a greyish colour standing out well in the clear blue sunny sky. There was no sound audible. There were birds in the sky but this was clearly no bird.

It seemed to be both ascending and travelling away from him in a complete straight line in the general direction of Five Roads / Pontardulais. He pointed the object out to Sian, who eventually could see it clearly as well. 

The other two persons present were also trying to spot the object in the sky, so Steve walked over to them and tried to point out to them where the object was, but it had suddenly just disappeared. This object was definitely not the helicopter, an aeroplane, or a bird.

Source: SUFON database. (

Wednesday 1st August, 04:00
Ponterwyd, Ceredigion

A police medic was working the night shift and was travelling from Aberystwyth to Newtown on the A44. He was at Ponterwyd, travelling east, passing the George Borrow Hotel when he looked up in front of him and saw three lights which were blue, green and red in the formation of a triangle. It was very big, about 200 feet above the ground, moving from right to left across the road in front of the car.

The witness opened the windows and turned the radio off and heard no sound coming from the object.

Source: SUFON Files -witness email, 3rd August 2018. (

Thursday 2nd August, 02:00
Cwmbran, Torfaen

Claire Jones saw an oval object with red and white lights. It moved back and forth for about 10 minutes, then the red light went out before coming back on. It hovered in place and was hidden by clouds. When the cloud cover faded the object had gone. The sighting was reported to UK UFO on September 22nd 2018.

"looking up at sky seen red and white lights on what looked a oval shape object but was moving back and forth for a about 10 mins then would only see white light which seemed to look as if it was traveling away but then would come back with red light on again was seen by me and my husband tried to film it but could not see a thing on camera then seemed to just hover in same place before hiding behind clouds then back again then just went behind cloud faded and gone"

8th August
Llanelli (CF72 8DU)

Linda and her husband were watching the ISS from their garden. Linda saw a triangular shaped object, very high up, travelling at a 'high rate of knots'. It made a smooth arch to the south and in a few seconds was out of sight. The sighting was reported to MUFON on August 13th 2018.

"my husband and i were out in our yard watching the international space station going over. whilst looking at it i remarked to my husband that there was an aeroplane up there too but very high. my next remark was that it was moving at a “high rate of knots”. before i knew it it was almost overhead when it made a beautiful smooth arch to the south and in a few soconds was out of sight. it was very high and appeared very small no sound at all but that could have been because it was so high. after,i was so excited and my heart was beating very fast. i couldn’t believe what i had just seen. i’ve observed many planes go over and never seen one that fast and smooth. i had no time to point it out to my husband as the whole experience was over in about 5 to 7 seconds. i have no doubt that i saw something highly unusual. still get palpatations when i think of it today. linda"

9th August, 01:00
Birdwood Gardens, Mathern (NP16 6UF)

Witness was in their back garden when they noticed 4 object moving together. They looked like solid black triangle shapes, flying in formation. They all made a sharp right turn at exactly the same time. Witness attempted to film the event, but their phone would not turn on until the object were out of sight. The 15 second sighting was reported to MUFON on August 14th 2018.

"It was about 1am, i was just doing some packing for our holiday which was coming up in 2 days time. i went for a ciggy out the back and always look up at the stars on our lounger in the back garden while smoking, i noticed the north star then in the corner of my 4 objects moving together, it looked like they were solid, black triangle shapes, and moving in formation. they were heading what looked to me like south to north, and then just before reaching the area of the sky were the north star was they all made a sharp right turn at exactly the same time! i had my mobile which i remember was on 80% battery exactly, i took it out of my pocket once i snapped out of the trance and it wouldn’t turn on until the objects vanished from my sighting, i’ve never seen anything like this before or since! the objects continued to travel right and seemed to leave the atmosphere, or atleast leave my eye sight."

11th August, 14:21
Buckley (CH7 2QJ)

Witness was driving away from their house when they noticed a strange egg shaped object in the sky. They reported the 30 second sighting to MUFON on August 25th 2018. Dashcam footage was also submitted, converted to GIF 11/06/2021.

"I had gotten into my car to go to the shops and was driving away from my house. at the bottom of the road where i live there is a t-junction where obviously you have to stop before pulling out. as i looked to my left, something caught my eye in the sky. in my location we are used to planes flying over, we are literally just a few miles from hawarden airport and see everything from the airbus beluga, to light aircraft, commercial aircraft heading for liverpool airport, and military aircraft including the red arrows. so when you see something in the sky that doesn't fit into the normal categories that you see (and hear) it catches your eye, even in a brief glance. plus the flight path and direction were all wrong... this was flying north easterly - planes never fly in that direction over us. anyway, i moved and and hoped that i might be able to get a better view from the adjacent street (lyme grove) and sure enough, as i was approaching the southerly end of lyme grove i could see the object to the left of my vehicle, i pulled into lyme grove and pulled over briefly to try and work out what the object was. as you will see in the attached footage i lost sight of the object when it's line of flight took it behind some houses. i could reacquire visual contact. only recently i wondered if my dash cam had caught the object - and it had!!! hence my report. dashcam records at 1080p"

Buckley UFO 11/08/2021

14th August

Witness reported a sighting - "White orb disappears" - to MUFON on April 11th 2019.

6th September

Witness was at the beach watching the sunset when they saw a bright white light in the sky. They looked away for a second and when they looked back it had disappeared. The sighting was reported to MUFON on the same day.

"Sat on a wall watching sunset by the beach when i observed a bright white light in the sky stationary i looked away for a second and when i looked back it had vanished there were a few clouds in the sky but despite searching the sky it had simply disappeared"

8th September
Drybridge, Monmouth (NP25 5DR)

Witness saw a disc shaped light with trail, moving extremely fast. It travelled in a straight line above the clouds and emitted a very faint sound 'almost like a sigh'. They reported the three second sighting to MUFON on September 9th 2018.

"Disc shaped light with trail, moving extremely fast in a straight line above light broken cloud, gave off a very faint sound almost like a sigh. this object entered my peripheral vision from the right, moved very fast & straight until it disappeared, the whole sighting could not have lasted more than 2 0r 3 seconds. i gaze at the sky's very often spotting aircraft, satellites and shooting stars, i have never experienced such a sighting before and especially intrigued because it gave off a low pitched hum sounding like a faint sigh. the whole experience would be similar to watching a bright shooting star going parallel to ground and giving off a faint descending hum"

Sunday 19th August, 20:30

Witness, along with their wife and son, saw two very fast moving objects flying parallel. One was brilliantly white and the other bright orange. Sighting was reported to MUFON on 24th September 2020.

"While sat outside enjoying the evening with friends who had just gone inside to put their children to bed. Myself, wife and son observed two fast moving objects, one brilliantly white, the other bright orange, parallel in flight, the orange object slightly lower and smaller in size. The sighting lasted approximately 10 seconds max travelling directly overhead in a north east direction. I have in the past worked nights driving about 20 years so have been used to seeing planes, helicopter lights, used to the speed of travel. This sighting did not resemble anything I could identify, as a plane helicopter, the speed was way too fast the sighting was over as quick as it had begun."

Duration of sighting: 15 seconds. Altitude was over 500 feet. Straight line path.

Sunday 19th August, 22:00
Port Talbot (SA13 1UE)

Witness and a friend were sat in the garden when they saw a triangular craft with a light at each point, 'almost like a b-2 but flying backwards'. Another person saw it heading towards the Bristol Channel while they were sat in traffic. The sighting was reported to MUFON on January 30th 2019.

"Me and a friend were sitting in the garden and we noticed ,what we thought was a plane with a light on each point heading directly towards us at aprox 200-300 ft but as it got directly above us we could clearly see this was not plane or drone . it looked similar to a b-2 stealth but more triangular in shape flying in a reverse position and flying extremely slow and dead silent ,this took place at 10pm and the camera on my phone hasnt picked anything up , another local had seen it a couple miles away from me and he said he thought it was a drone when he 1st saw it but when it got closer he said it was too big and looked like nothing he had ever seen ,there must be more witnesses he said as he was stuck in traffic when he noticed it and others stuck in the traffic must have witnessed it. ,he last saw it headibg east over the bristol channel ."

Friday 31st August, between 21:45 - 23:15

A UFO was spotted in the Pontyclun area, by two members of a paranormal investigation team, initially from theLlantrisant by-pass. It was described as triangular in shape and pulsed red, blue and yellow lights. It was very low in the sky and no noise was heard. It hovered in the sky for about two minutes, then sped off towards Llantrisant Common.

The witnesses followed it in their car and took video of it from the common. Five lights rising over the horizon above old Llantrisant.

Source: SUFON database. (

14th September, 11:00

Witness was at work loading heavy goods when they noticed a stationary silver object hovering in the sky. It remained there for around four to five hours, but had gone by 16:30. The sighting was reported to MUFON on November 28th 2018.

"I just noticed the object hovering in the sky as i passed its position on a hilly field area at my workplace, the silver coloured sphere shaped object did not move from its position for between four to five hours. i was busy with my job of loading heavy goods vehicles all day, first noticed the object at around 11.00am, but it had vanished at around 4.30pm the same day."

Swansea UFO 14/09/2019

17th September, 05:57

Witness saw a small very shiny object moving upwards in the sky from a train window. They reported the sighting to MUFON on July 27th 2019.

"It was a clear sunny day and noticed an interestingly looking cloud and while looking of the window on the train, then all of a sudden i started to notice a very small object moving upwards in the sky, it was also very shiny. i wanted to capture a video but was worried that i would miss it as it was moving quite quickly, so i decided to take a view pics of it instead. after analysing the pictures further, the object very much like a ufo"

Saturday 21st September, 11:56

Witness, Jordan Lee, saw strange flashing lights in the sky. They reported the sighting to UK UFO in March 2020.

"Just saw some weird lights flashing in the sky by the time I grabbed my phone 2 film it they stopped never seen anything like it in my life"

23rd September, c. 22:00
Felindre (S15 7PQ)

Witness was in their garden taking photographs of the moon when they noticed a boomerang shaped object come from the left side of the moon. It moved in a diagonal direction, in a straight line. They reported the 5 second sighting to MUFON on the same day.

"1. i was in my garden taking photos of the moon. 2. i was looking through my telescope's finder scope and noticed a moving object come from the moon at about 10 'o clock. (ne) 3. i first thought it was a satellite or the iss. 4. i didn't see any detail on it as i was far away and happened really quickly, no more than 5 seconds. it moved quickly and in a diagonal direction from the left side of the moon in a straight line, then it disappeared. 5. i felt really excited when i saw it and was able to take a photo immediately. when i studied the picture and was unable to identify what it was i felt really elated at the prospect that it could be a ufo. 6. i lost sight of it and was unable to locate it again."

Wednesday 26th September, 05:55
Heol Trefynnon, Morriston

Ken Lang was at home in Heol Treffynnon in Morriston. At 5.55 am he spotted an object flying at a high altitude to the south of his location, moving from his left to right, so east to west. 

He described it as being huge and silent. A plane flying nearby showed the usual flashing lights, but this had three lights which kept on and didn't flash. He said it was the size of four passenger jets.

"My phone wasn't switched on, so I powered it up and activated the camera. Couldn't see the object in the viewer as by then it was well away." 

But he managed to take a picture. The large round lights next to it are the moon and a streetlight. The object's lights seem to have a greenish tinge to them, and are arranged in a triangular formation.

Flightradar has been checked and there were no commercial jets flying over at that time.

Source: SUFON Files - witness email, 26th September 2018. (

Wednesday 26th September, 13:30
St thomas, Swansea

Maria Watkins and her daughter watched a moving object in the sky above St. Thomas. It was described as metallic in appearance and 'pure' silver in colour. It's shape was described as like an oblong capsule. There was no vapour trail and no sound. It moved slowly through the blue sky and entered a cloud but did not re-emerge.

Source: SUFON Files - email from witness, 26th September 2018. (

Wednesday 26th September, c. 21:00
Limeslade to Langland

Chris M. was with others and saw an object flying from Limeslade to Langland. It was flying slowly with no flashing lights. All they could see was:

"....just a row of lights, it would have been huge, we thought it had more than 3 lights but they were all on and as if all along the back of it, orange/yellow, don't know why but I thought it was wedge shaped and we were seeing the back of it. That wasn't a plane."

Source: SUFON Files - message on Facebook. (

Sunday 29th September, 19:08

Witness, along with their partner and two children, were at the beach filming the sea when they saw a bright light. They submitted video (converted to GIF 11/06/2021) to MUFON on November 8th 2018.

"I was on the beach with my partner and two children at around 19:08 i started to film the sea because it was so calm, my partner mentioned seeing the moon because of how bright the light was. after i watched the film back i showed my partner the light but it was no longer there. the sky was very clear?"

Cardiff UFO 29/09/2018

Sunday 29th September, c. 21:52

The witness was with a friend in Porthcawl and saw a stationary green pulsating light in the sky. The witness thought it might be a drone but realised it was too high in altitude.

The object started to come towards the witnesses, stopped for a few seconds before doing a sharp right (witness' right), then going back the way it came, in the direction of the moon [on this date, moon rise was at about 9.15 PM so the moon would have been in the south east and still quite low in the sky - EW], then the object suddenly vanished.

Out of three or four pictures taken with camera, only one was any good, and shows a small green oblong.

Source: SUFON database. (

Thursday 18th October, 15:45
St Thomas, Swansea

Maria Watkins said her daughter saw an object in the sky over Swansea:

' youngest daughter spotted a shiny silver coloured craft in the sky above St. Thomas. I also saw it and we were in the car at the time. It went from west to east. I parked the car on Mackworth Terrace for her to take a photo. The object shows up on the image. It's not detailed because it took her a while to find her phone (camera), so it travelled further away by then.'

Source: SUFON Files - email sent by witness, 18th October 2018. (

Sunday 21st October
Garnant, Carmarthenshire

The witness saw a dark greyish disc-shaped object flying over the house in Garnant in the Amman Valley. It was moving slowly, smoothly and silently up the valley, in the direction of Brynamman and Waun area (west to east).

The witness got a camera out but it refused to work. The craft was at an estimated altitude of 200 ft above the ground. It was described as being perfectly round with no lights and about up to 50 ft in length/diameter. The disc stopped, then vanished or sped off, the witness wasn't sure. After the object disappeared the camera worked fine.

Source: SUFON Files. (

Saturday 3rd November, 20:45

"A triangular object, it had 3 white lights and 2 red lights, one of the red lights was flashing. It appeared between two houses, and it caught my eye as it was reflecting off of my neighbour's window.

I looked out and it was moving silently above my avenue and progressed moving down the avenue veering more to the left and disappeared for two seconds, and reappeared at the bottom of the avenue; it stopped behind a very tall tree and just hovered for about 10 seconds, and started back down towards the beach."

Wednesday 21st November, c. 13:30 - 14:00
Aldi - Gorseinon, Swansea

Clear blue sky. Peter Yeo was outside Aldi in Gorseinon:

"There wasn't a cloud in the sky at the time. I was standing in front of the store, at the point where the car park meets the paved pedestrian area, and the entrance with the trolleys are located, where people walk from their cars."

He was looking up and noticed an object in the sky.

"I spent a few seconds looking at it and trying to decide what I was looking at. It was apparently a very large cylindrical object, very high up in the clear sky, the proportions of which were, its length was between two and three times its diameter (with circular cross section). There was some detail on the outside, attachments, pipes or other mechanical additions. Couldn't make out what any of the detail was, but attachments were apparent.

I must say that an aircraft carrier has many attachments, and to an observer, who has no connection with them in life, may not know what the attached machinery is. Just as I do not what the attachment detail of the object was functionally. It was copper or bronze in colour, a shiny metallic object. It was at least as big as an aircraft carrier. It was travelling almost as though it was right at the top of the atmosphere.

It was moving on a vector that was about 7 to 11 degrees offset from its axis, not along its axis. It occupied about 0.5 to 0.7 degrees of the sky over its length. I looked over to my right 90 to 110 degrees and there was a second identical object, also travelling in the same manner (offset from its axis) and in parallel to the first object. I watched the two objects pass so far away that the atmosphere was hindering the clear view, I think about three minutes.

Other shoppers were not apparently interested enough to look up and see what I was seeing. I would swear that the objects were on the edge of the atmosphere, and moving ballistically. I was telling myself off because my camera and binoculars were not in the car."

Source: SUFON Files - witness email, 22nd July 2019. (

15th December

Witness 'saw a black cigar-like object fly across the sky, slower than an airplane with no trail.' It travelled in a straight line and didn't change altitude. Witness reported the minute long sighting to MUFON later the same day.

"I was in the car with my mother driving to tesco when i noticed a very dark, cigar-shaped object in the sky far away to the nw. its surface was unreflective, and i couldn't see any windows, lights, or really anything other than its surface (whether that be because of the distance or because it didn't have those features). there is an airport nearby , but this object wasn't gaining or losing any height, it was flying slower than most planes, there was no trail, and the airport is in the opposite direction to where it was. i did think it was a plane until i realised those things. it flew in a straight line, moving to the west, and it didn't gain or lose any height. i was amazed that i could've seen a ufo as i've been following ufo news for years. however, after a short amount of time the car turned enough that i couldn't see the object anymore."

Monday 17th December, c. 19:20
Manselton, Swansea

Jack reported seeing an object over his area of the city.

'I live in Manselton and just got back from taking my dog out for a walk. As I stepped outside my front door I could see a circular object in the sky (it looked to be above Penlan or maybe Fforestfach) which was white but flashing on and off to a red/orangey colour. It looked to be descending and was definitely not a plane.'

Source: SUFON Files - witness email, 17th December 2018. (

Tuesday 18th December
Wrexham (LL11 5UB)
Witness noticed a 'crystal like object, random colourful flashing lights, lower than a star' on various occasions over the mountains. It can stay stationary for several hours. They reported it to MUFON on January 25th 2019.

"I have noticed these star like lights several times up in the welsh mountains. they are lower than stars. crystal like object, random colourful flashing lights, a quick look, one would assume they are stars, but when you look closer, its blatantly obvious it is not a star. i have seen this object in the same area in different locations in the sky over the course of a couple months. its clearly an entity/orb like object. its definitely not a drone either. the video does it no justice, but the out of focus multicoloured lights clearly prove this is not a solid object/craft. the only way i can describe the rays of light that come off when you stare: a diamond crystal in a cartoon- those straight rays of light all around. sparkling. it can stay stationary for several hours."

Tuesday 15th December, c. 12:30
Black Rock Sands, Morfa Bychan, Porthmadog

Bob McMullan and his wife were walking their dogs on Black Rock Sands, near the Haven Cardigan View Caravan Park, a few miles west of Porthmadog on the Lleyn Peninsula. The beach was quiet, except for a few other dog-walkers out for a Christmas Day breath of fresh air. They saw what he described as a burger-shaped domed silver-topped object, sitting silently in the sky to the east of them. The object was there for about 20 seconds then it just disappeared, or "went invisible before our eyes".

Bob said there were no kites being flown and no planes could be seen or heard. He took a photo of his wife looking back at it, and the object can be seen in the back ground. The camera was set for 5m pixels. He said other photos taken seconds before and after this show nothing in the sky at all.

Source: Witness post on UFOs SIGHTINGS UK - Facebook page 14 May 2021.

Thursday 27th December, night
St Davids, Pembrokeshire

John A. was with his friend, fishing on the rocks of the north coast of Pembrokeshire on the St. Davids Peninsula and saw an area of sea the size of a football pitch light up below. Two balls of light emerged onto the surface and hovered around. This lasted for about two hours. He videoed this on his phone.

'We was on the rocks fishing... the first one that came out the sea was smaller and that one flew down the coast. The one in the video, I'm not sure on the size... it's hard to judge in the dark - I'd say 3 to 4 ft but they started as a ball on the surface, then grew bigger. Was so weird. Also where we was fishing, its really deep and there was lights shining down there really bright. I was thinking a submarine.'

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