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Secret Crush Dolls

Secret Crush Dolls

MGAE are the undisputed overlords of the dolly blind box, but these sweetie themed ones had passed me by until I saw them on sale on Amazon. Aesthetically they reminded me a lot of the early days of Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers perfume bottles and, mostly to make up for the fact I never gave in and bought one of those just because it was cute, I figured I'd take the plunge on the 13" Sundae Swirl and her mini best friend, Winnie Wafflecone. 

I wouldn't pay the RRP (£39.99), but for £19 I was very pleased with my purchase!

Secret Crush 13 Inch Dolls

Large Dolls and Baking Oven, 2020

So far there have been two large sets each containing a mini doll plus a 13" doll. There has also been a rebranded Lalaloopsy baking oven sized for the larger dolls.

★ Sundae Swirl & Winnie Wafflecone - box front / contents / box back.
★ Pippa Posie & Millie Dollops - box front / contents / box back.
★ Secret Crush Baking Oven - box front / contents / box back.

Secret Crush Baking Oven

Secret Crush Mini Dolls Series One

Mini Dolls Series 1 - packaged with yellow/orange sweet hammer.

★ Krystal Rox.
★ Tilly Twist.
★ Bebe Bear.
★ Calli Cupcake.
★ Bella Bubbles.
★ Berri Buttercream. 
★ Chloe Crumbles.
★ Nilla Scoops.
★ Holly Lolly.
Fizzy Lizzy.

Secret Crush Mini Dolls Series 1 Guide

Secret Crush Mini Dolls Series Two

Mini Dolls Series 2 - packaged with blue sweet hammer.

★ Candie Heart.
★ Cinna Bear.
★ Eva Pops.
★ Connie Snow.
★ Bonnie Puff.
★ Mia Marshmallow.
★ Gemma Jewel.
★ Cheery Churro.
Coco Mint.

Secret Crush Mini Dolls Series 2 Guide

Secret Crush Pets

Pets - 

★ Lucky (unicorn).
★ Nanners (monkey).
★ Rikki (racoon).
★ Wraps (fox).
★ Finn (hedgehog). 
★ Peaches (bear).
★ Sprinkles (puppy).
★ Fluffs (sheep).
★ Bubba (dinosaur).
★ Mimi (cat).
★ Rory (lion).

Secret Crush Pets Guide
secret crush pets instructions

I really tried not to like this line. Because, let's face it, MGA seem determined to undo the entire world's environmental efforts by packaging everything in 47 layers of plastic and encouraging an endless churn of limited play toys. But. They are so cute. After I bought myself one Amazon had reduced them again to £13, so I got one for Marianna too...

Secret Crush Doll Review Secret Crush Doll Review

The downsides are that even with all that plastic, there is no stand for the big doll. And that thing is heavy. Seriously, you could probably bludgeon someone to death with it. Also it's a line designed around sweets that has no actual candy in it. Vigilance is needed to ensure your kid doesn't try to eat the smash plastic or the beads, certain as they are that no toy manufacturer would be so cruel as to deny them.

Marianna also managed to break the little plastic hammer before she was done smashing up the plastic into ever smaller pieces, and the small doll required more strength than she possessed to put together. This really isn't a toy a kid can open unsupervised. So, yeah, aesthetics 10/10 - execution 3/10.

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