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Welsh UFO Sightings 1934

Welsh UFO Sightings

Welsh UFO sightings from 1934. For sightings from other years please click HERE.

Summer 1939
South Wales

Witness was a young child when her friend and her friend's family were abducted. She was to be taken with them until the father pleaded on her behalf and she was left behind. 'Jayne' told the details of the experience to Margaret Fry some time in 1991 (Fry says Jayne contacted BURFORA after hearing Jenny Randles on BBC Radio Wales on April 22nd 1991), and they were later written up into the case account in 'Who Are They?'.

"We motored some distance from this seaside resort out into the country, where we were taken to a very pretty area of low hills and farms, we then drove on her direction through a narrow country lane to a farm, with some houses opposite it. Jayne said these had not been there when she was young, only one belonging to the family of her small friend, up the road from them. Opposite a large old whitewashed farmhouse we stopped.

Two country lane roads forked out in front of this, and as in her childhood there was open farming land behind. She had not been there since. We got out and walked up the lane, as she looked for the house of her friend. The house still stood, it was smallish and red brick, but the garden and entrance were completely changed. She wanted to find some Steps leading to a gate that opened to an acre of vegetable plot, but there was nothing left of this. The large several acres of farmland and row of trees along the end of the original vegetable plot were still there. On seeing this, tears rolled down her eyes, she said ‘can we turn back’. So we walked back to the tied cottage her parents had rented and which was much smaller when they had lived in it (in 1934 approx. I was not given the exact year).

Now these are the disjointed but vivid memories of a 2½-3 year-old child. Her little friend was very dark and had an unusual face, so did her family. She was 6½ years old, but the only other girl there, her brothers were younger but rough to play with. Most afternoons Jayne played with the 6½ year old, name not given. She would have to return home for tea about 4.30p.m.

On this particular afternoon in the summer of approximately 1934 Jayne trotted the few yards up the road, it was hot as she walked up a small hill incline and went towards the back of the semi-detached house. She found the kitchen door open, but no one there. This half her friend, 2 small brothers, mother and father lived, a concrete path was right across the backs of the two semi-detached as the grandparents lived the other side, where she now went to their back kitchen door.  Their door was also open and no one there. She then went back to the side of the house, where there were 3 steps to the large vegetable plot.

She thought it was about an acre and the area she pointed out to me seemed so, with a line of large oak or sycamore trees down one side dividing it from open fields. She was hot and sat for a while on the top step, then cautiously she opened the gate and went in. The Father had forbidden the children to play there. Now she saw a row of beans, which seemed to have eyes peering at her (Beans are ripe in July/August). She timidly went past them, then seeing a group of people some distance away, she hurried towards them, when she caught up there were ‘soldiers’, in green/grey siren suits.

She did not think this unusual, as all the farm workers wore siren suits, and later in the war years everyone wore them. However these soldiers had ray guns (please note again, this is a childhood memory and she expressed herself as she thought then). They were pushing along the hapless family, who were very reluctantly and slowly complying. She rushed at one of the men’s legs, and said, “Leave my friend alone”. He shoved her forward with the rest.

She now noticed a “big silver caravan behind the trees in the field”. They were sent up some steps into it, and the door shut. Again she rushed at ‘a soldier’s’ trousers. “Don’t hurt my friend, leave her be”. The soldiers had what seemed like rounded tin helmets on. They also had belts with some gadget in the centre, and all carried this ray gun. She now saw they were in a large room, with many people standing like statues, apart from the soldiers. As she persisted in tugging the soldier’s leg and begging for her friend and herself, she was lifted and dumped with the family. Now she heard the Father say, “You can see she is obviously not mine, she belongs to a family down the road, let her go”. Eventually after a haggle, which went over her head, she was lifted, shoved through the door and it slid shut. She found herself running past the vegetables, past the beans that seemed to have eyes and opened the gate, and then sat down on the top step again.

There she sat for a “very long time” it had been 3.45p.m. when she had gone to the house, but now it was getting dark as she stiffly got up and looked towards the trees, but the silver caravan had gone. She was very upset about her friend, thinking she had no one left to play with. Then she realised it was long past home going time, so she hurried up the lane. Her father was at the gate, he picked her up and hugged her, then he started shaking her “Where have you been, its long past 6 o’clock, long past teatime, Mammy and I, and all the farm workers have been looking all over for you”. “I was with my friend, but she was not there, soldiers took them all away’. Mother said “You sat on her garden step all this time? We are going right now to Mrs. X to tell her how inconsiderate she is. Why didn’t she send you home for tea? She must have known we were worried”. “Come with me, I’m going over to see her”. “But Mam, she was taken away by soldiers”. “What soldiers, there are no soldiers here, come on”. So she took her hand and walked up the hill to the two semi-detached houses, but on inspection she saw they were both empty.

I now asked if her mother recalled this “Yes”, she said, “She is still alive and when I was a child she did on a few occasions wonder where that whole family had disappeared. But you must remember these are my memories of a 2½-3 year old child, coming here has revived some of it, but it is still only spasmodic, I don’t remember it all in sequence, so please accept that I will jump about a bit, as I remember things. Years later as this re- occurred in my childhood, I decided I was having vivid dreams, and that all this was a dream”.

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