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Welsh UFO Sightings 1984

Welsh UFO Sightings

Welsh UFO sightings from 1984. For sightings from other years please click HERE.

Early 1984

Paul Reed, then a 16-year-old schoolboy at Bryn Offa High, investigated a series of sightings of bright objects flying, hovering, and disappearing in the sky around Minera Mountain.

Evening News 23/02/1984

Late February / Early March, 23:00
Pensarn Station, Abergele

Jennifer Edney was walking her dog along the Abergele beach. When she reached the railway bridge, adjacent to Pensarn station, she saw 'a ball of pale pink light with a slight hump in the middle' hovering over a small factory on a nearby industrial estate. The object was no more than 20 feet off the ground and completely silent as it came closer, ascending to the level of the bridge road.

It dropped and rose twice more before the witness fled - although her dog registered no adverse reaction. Margaret Fry investigated the case and submitted her report to NUFON #118 (March - April 1986) and Awareness V14/N1 (1985/86).

NUFON #118


Awareness V14/N1

First week of April
Kimmel Bay, Conwy

A lady saw a red UFO hovering over the sea, several nights running. Her husband, an ex-army officer, said it must have been a star but she was not convinced. Margaret Fry investigated the case and submitted her report to Awareness V14/N1 (1985/86).

awareness VOL 14 N 1

Saturday 14th April - Sunday 15th April
Llangernyw, Clwyd

At 23:45 / midnight multiple witnesses - perhaps as many as 100 people - saw two large orange balls, about 10 feet in diameter, fly low and slow over the Glan Collen valley. They were flying one behind the other, at a height of about 20 feet. Tony Evans, who worked for the DHSS in Rhyl, said the following morning that he had seen them while getting something from his car and that they had been travelling towards Gwytherin.

Mrs Olwen Evans (41) and her son Emyr (12 or 14) of Foel Catha farm had been out attending to their sheep, as it was lambing season. They returned to the house at about 23:30 and were in the kitchen when they saw a purple fluorescent light through their large picture windows. As they watched it let off showers of white lights it suddenly exploded outwards, the purple light fading to reveal a solid shining white craft. It was saucer shaped and slowly descended, as best she could tell, into the fields of Mr Cecil Williams. Her husband was watching television in another room and saw nothing, nor did any of their Welsh collies bark.

About the same time the Williams family were returning home from a visit. Mrs Williams and the two children went on into the house, while Mr David G Williams (37) got their coats, etc, out of the car. He saw a huge orange/pink ball gliding slowly up the hill and then descending into the fields below. Once it was almost at ground level it seemed to disappear. As at the Evans', the dogs did not bark. The next morning uniformed army personnel visited and asked where he had seen the object reported by some venture scouts; Mr Williams duly showed them.

Out on Cwm Canol farm a group of nine venture scouts were on camping holiday with their leader, Mr Hardwick, from the Derbyshire and Staffordshire area. They saw the UFOs land and immediately reported it to the police. The next day army personnel allegedly warned them not to talk about it.

By 02:00 the police were involved and the flashing lights of a panda car woke up Margaret Fry, perhaps Wales' best known UFO researcher, who lived opposite the Llangernyw police station. (Earlier accounts say she was woken at about 00:05). Though the activity was unusual, the Frys decided to return to bed and slept on. 

[In Who Are They? (2004) Margaret Fry recounted that on this night, "after almost all the villagers bar my husband and self saw two UFOs land in farms ... a couple of Beings came through the wall of my bedroom and beckoned to me, petrified, I jumped on to my husband’s bed and we clung together.  We were not asleep and we did not mistake this phenomena for ghosts, instinctively you know it is quite different.  It is my view that they are not one and the same phenomenon.  Do 4th dimensional alien intelligences see our other dimensional dead, and are better able to communicate with them than us living three-dimensional creatures?  Do they also see us only in flashes, or at particular alignments and areas?"]

At 06:26 they were woken again, this time by the sound a yellow army helicopter flying low over their roof and almost landing in the road out front. As it hovered there 'an Army man jumped out and ran into the police station'. The helicopter then took off again to land in the grounds of the village school. It then searched over the Gwytherin area 'making an awful noise' and waking other residents.

By 07:00 the villagers were gathering on the streets, Margaret Fry joining them, and two army trucks arrived. Somewhere between 11 and 16 young soldiers disembarked, with packs and equipment, who fanned out to search the surrounding fields. When asked what they were looking for, the army representatives said they were on an exercise searching for flares. One farmer questioned the logic of this, given that there had been no aircraft overhead the night before, and was told simply, "it's what we've been asked to say."

Margaret spent the morning talking to local residents, ringing around the outlying farms - the various owners of which confirming they had seen the orange lights but were too busy with the lambing to give official reports - and went out to interview people coming out of the Sunday morning chapel services. The general consensus was that Mr David G Williams and Mr Keffin-Jones of Bont-garreg farm must have been closest to the UFO.

Margaret Fry reported this case to Awareness V14/N1 (1985/86) and NUFON #116 (November/December 1985), as well as writing about it in her books Who Are They? (2004) and Links to the Stars (2009, pages 136-138). I've included all three accounts below:

Awareness vol 14 no 1 1985-6 page 5
Awareness vol 14 no 1 1985-6 page 6
Awareness vol 14 no 1 1985-6 page 7
Awareness vol 14 no 1 1985-6 page 8

From Margaret Fry's 2009 book, 'Link to the Stars' (pages 136-138):

On the 14th April 1984 all the farmers in our area of Llangernyw district were out with the newly born lambs, when at midnight they and the majority of my villagers, saw two large orange balls pass low and slowly over Glan Collen valley.

As this was at midnight my husband and I were asleep and did not wake up until I awoke to see police panda lights flashing around my bedroom and an unearthly racket over our roof at 2 am.

It was a huge Army helicopter which landed on the road in front of us by the police station. Police and Army were moving about, by 6.26 am the whole village had emerged to stand in groups on the pavements to watch Army boys fan out into the fields below with equipment on theirbacks. The Army helicopter then went up and landed again in the local school playing field to await their return. Curiosity had got the better of me and by 6 am I had joined the villagers standing in small groups on the pavement excitedly talking “What was all the commotion about” I asked.

They delighted in telling me about the two large orange balls which had slowly crossed the fields below, ‘Didn’t you see them?’ they said, it seemed we were about the only people in the entire village population of 460 who had slept through it all, bar children.

I had to take a lot of good-natured leg pulling that morning, “And you the UFO investigator for Wales!” they joked.

One landed in a field 3 to 4 ft. from farmer Williams and his 14 years old son and went up the slope, it then turned and flew up again slowly. The bright orange light appears to be the power that motivates them, for when they decide to land I have had many reports of this light atmosphere exploding away, and a solid craft emerges. 

This is what farmer’s wife Mrs Evans and her son saw from their farm further down the hills, the orange light exploded into pale mauve sparks and from this emerged a solid helmet shaped metallic grey craft, which then descended slowly to behind a hillock in the remote steep farm of Cwm Canol, still further down the hills to the valley.

A team of Venture Scouts on holiday on this Farm and the owner’s two farmer brothers were the nearest to seeing this. Although no one would have ventured out after dark in that rough steep terrain, they also had a natural fear of the unknown, so no one saw what happened next.

I interviewed the dozens of Llangernyw and Gwytherin villagers who saw this from various viewpoints. The Venture Scouts all from the Derbyshire/Staffordshire counties were in the holiday house on Cwm Canol Farm, so certainly saw more than anyone else.  Their Leader phoned the Police immediately, so they had the usual visitation from Officialdom warning them not to tell anybody.

In the meantime the second orange ball had turned towards Gwytherin hamlet and changed to a rocket shape, where it also slowly descended behind a hill on Ty Newydd Isa Farm, much to the astonishment of Mr. Williams and his family who were returning home at midnight along that country lane. They are not related to Mr. Williams above; over here most people are Williams, Jones or Evans so people get known by the names of their houses. 

Rural mountain Welsh villagers lead isolated lives and are insular, but that night’s events set the seal on my acceptance. Now I am acknowledged as the UFO Lady, and people from all over North Wales bring me reports. Since talking on radio and television, and being written about in Welsh newspapers, people from all over Wales contact me, so it should not be imagined this was the last of the UFO reports which I investigated.

Many times over the years the farming community have reported UFOs landing on their fields, these were cases where there were either only one or two witnesses, or sometimes whole families.  I go on researching to this day.

Over the past twenty five years in North Wales I have seen UFOs I think on a dozen or more occasions, on all but two, either with my husband, grandchildren or with a number of other people, twice with a number of my colleagues from the Welsh Fellowship of Ufologists. 

NUFON #116 November-December 1985 page 13
NUFON #116 November-December 1985 page 14
NUFON #116 November-December 1985 page 15
Weekly News 25/04/85

From Margaret Fry's 'Who Are They?' -

On one memorable and frightening occasion after almost all the villagers bar my husband and self saw two UFOs land in farms on the 14th April 1984 night, in Llangernyw district, North Wales- that night a couple of Beings came through the wall of my bedroom and beckoned to me, petrified, I jumped on to my husband’s bed and we clung together.  We were not asleep and we did not mistake this phenomena for ghosts, instinctively you know it is quite different.  It is my view that they are not one and the same phenomenon.  Do 4th dimensional alien intelligences see our other dimensional dead, and are better able to communicate with them than us living three-dimensional creatures?  Do they also see us only in flashes, or at particular alignments and areas?  It is a thought and an intriguing one."

April 1983 or 1984, 20:15 - 20:00
Fairwood Common

The witness is unsure if this sighting was in 1983 or 1984. However, he does remember that it was a Thursday in April. The time was about 8.15-20 PM. Brian Harry was living at 40 Hen Parc Lane, Upper Killay, Swansea. It was at dusk, clear sky, no clouds.

Brian was in his back garden when he saw a solid black disc approaching from the direction of Pennard in the south-west, and flying over Fairwood Common at a high altitude. It was travelling at a slow speed on a steady course. Its size he compared to that of the length of a Boeing 747 airliner.

He described it as like two saucers joined together at the rim, totally black, and above and below, but not touching the object, was a strobe light of a silvery white colour, like that of lightning, flashing very fast. There was no sound, and the object left no trail behind it.

He immediately called his wife, Jennifer, and the next-door neighbour, Bob, a truck driver, and the three of them watched it continue on its course towards Swansea Bay in the east, for 5 or 6 minutes.

Suddenly, without warning, it shot off at high speed in the direction of Cardiff.

Source: SUFON Files - Brian Harry interviewed by Emlyn Williams, 31st July 2015. 

May 12th, 00:00
Clwyd Mountain

Mrs. R had woken to go to her upstairs kitchen for water. At the window, she saw a glowing golden object hovering over the roof of the house at the back. It was a fat cigar shape, with a silvery bit towards the rear end. After quite a few minutes, during which she called to her husband, he wouldn't get up, she watched it very slowly move off, gradually going up to clear the Melidan mountain ridge, just behind their houses.

Margaret Fry investigated and submitted her report to IUFOPRA Journal V4/N7, August 1995.

May 13th, 21:35

Chris Doble and his wife Jean saw a UFO from their garden in Morningside Walk, Barry. It was a cylinder shaped craft with a white light on each wing tip, and the whole of the underneath was lit up with single white lights. 

The account was featured in the press and is likely the same sighting summarised as being under investigation by The British UFO Society Journal V1/N6: Objects appeared to have two rows of six white lights with two brighter lights, one on each outer edge. Travelling in an East-West direction, changing course to a southerly direction before disappearing. As the objects disappeared a deep hum was heard which lasted about one second. 

The British UFO Society Journal vol 1 no 6

Barry Post 16/05/1984

Saturday 31st May 1984, 08:00

A huge black triangle moved over village, no sound, three domed lights, solid. Up to 500 feet away from witness, at treetop height. Moved in a straight path. Had three domed lights visible. 

"Upon witnessing this event, I ran home approximately a quarter of a mile. Immediately drawing the family’s attention, but there was no sign of the object. 

The following day, Sunday, the object was reported in the national newspapers. 

It took too long to run home that night, the object should still have been visible as I monitored it all the way home. But in the seconds it took to call family it had gone. 

Also I have a memory of a device, a circular magnetic device, I could draw from memory. That night it took too long to run home, I can’t remember how I got from the rugby field to my street, and the speed in which the object moved, it should have still been visible. 

Various people throughout the village also saw the object independently."

[SUFON Note: 31 May 1984 was a Thursday, so the following day would have been a Friday, not a Sunday as stated in the witness account – and for it to have been reported in all the national papers on Sunday morning would have been impossible – some details must be incorrect]. 

Witness reported the sighting to MUFON on September 1st 2014:

"Upon whitnessing this event i ran home aprox quater mile. immediately drawing for family. no sign of object was left. the following day ,sunday, the object was reported in the national papers. it took too long to run home that night, the object should still have been vissable as i monitored it all the way home. but in the seconds it took to call family it had gone. also i have a memory of a device. a circular magnetic device , i could draw from memory. that night it took too long to run home, i can't remember how i got from the rugby field to my street,and the speed in which the object mooved it should still have been vissable. various people throuout the village also saw the object independently."       

Sunday 10th June, 23:25
Newport, Gwent

Following a report by a member of the public a uniformed police officer attended the house and too observed a flickering UFO which had a number of lights on it as it moved in an easterly direction at a 25 degree elevation in the clear skies above Newport.

5th July, 11:00
Llanfair Talhaiairn

Mr Preston saw a bullet shaped object, describing it as 'salmon-pink, like a shrimp', that was stationary over an old oak tree. It remained there for 25 minutes before rising vertically into the sky and vanishing. 

Margaret Fry investigated the case and submitted her report to NUFON #118 (March - April 1986) and Awareness V14/N1 (1985/86).

NUFON #118


Awareness Vol 14 No 1 1985/6

5th July
Denbigh Moors

Mrs. Hawley and her friend saw a huge rounded UFO sitting on the Denbigh Moors, "it had long rectangular windows all round it, and it looked like Cotswold Stone."

Margaret Fry investigated the case and mentioned it in her book, Link to the Stars.

19th July 1984, 07:56
 Llŷn Peninsula, Gwynedd

An earthquake struck Wales, measuring 5.4 on the Richter Scale it was the largest onshore earthquake to occur in the UK since instrumental measurements began. Obviously not a UFO event, but still interesting to note in terms of earthlights research, etc.

Bullmoor Farm, Caerleon

Colin and Gwen Haines looked out of the window one morning to see half of their 150 strong flock of sheep standing stiff and still. They went out and tried to move the sheep, but when they pushed them simply fell over, legs rigid. Some then began kicking and got up, but most simply stayed on the ground, eyes wide open. Over the next few weeks, 44 of the ewes died.

In the weeks and months that followed more animals succumbed to strange illnesses. Their prize hog went wild and had to be shot. Dozens of lambs refused to eat and starved to death. 15 pigs developed a skin condition and died. Laboratory testing failed to explain why. 

The family had worked the farm since the grandfather bought it in 1914 and had never had such problems before.

Sunday Express, 05/08/1984

Summer 1983 or 1984, c. 00:00
St. Athan, Vale of Glamorgan

Around midnight on a warm calm night. The witness thinks it may be 1983 or 1984.

Guy Davis (18/19) was with his brother and two friends parked on the side of the road on a country lane somewhere between the A48 (east-west road in the Vale of Glamorgan) and St. Athan to the south. They were located in a shallow valley with low hills on either side. Suddenly appearing above a hill to their right, about half a mile away, was an intense white light at an altitude of about 300 feet. They got out of the car to look at it better.

Guy said it was really intense and bright and shone a beam of light down to the ground. The beam moved around as if scanning or looking for something. The light itself was more or less static but may have moved slightly. There was no sound or flashing lights. They watched it doing this for about five minutes, when the light and its beam suddenly switched off.

Source: SUFON Files - witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams, 10th March 2017.

Monday 24th September, 04:50
Merthyr Tydfil

An on duty uniformed police officer observed two bright white lights in tight formation that hovered and then moved in a zig-zag pattern across the sky above Merthyr Tydfil towards Tredegar.

10th November, 23:50

An on duty uniformed police officer observed a silent flaming object in the St Mellows area above Cardiff moving from Rumney across toward Weston Super Mare. The object was seen for 8-9 seconds as it descended from a 40 degree elevation to 20 degrees. It was seen against a clear sky and full moon.

Early Winter
A550 Colwyn Bay

Ron Williams was driving late at night along the A550 coast road. Suddenly, out at sea, he observed a great cigar shape lit up with multiple colours. The craft paced the car from Flint to Holywell, traversing the sea at a leisurely pace.

Margaret Fry investigated the case and submitted her report to NUFON #118 (March - April 1986) and Awareness V14/N1 (1985/6).

NUFON #118


Awareness vol 14 no 1 1985 1986

MUFON #91652
26th December, c. 17:30

Witness and his wife saw two bright circular lights as they were driving towards Newport city centre from Cwmbran. As they drove they realised they were very close to the object, which was silent and hovering stationary a few hundred feet in the air. The two lights went out and three smaller bright lights lit up in a large triangle shape, the inside filled with tiny sparkling lights. A red light then came on in the craft's centre and it moved slowly off towards Cwmbran.

The witness reported the sighting to police who reacted with 'disbelief, sarcasm and asked if I had been drinking'. They later reported it to MUFON, with diagrams, on April 28th 2018.

"The greatest experience i have had was on boxing night, 26th december 1984, at approximately 5.30pm in newport, gwent, south wales, uk. my wife, 3month old son and i were travelling home from my sister’s home in cwmbran where we had spent some time with other family members. as we approached the traffic lights by st. mary’s church at the junction on malpas road for bettws (we were headed straight on towards neweprt town centre), i noticed two large perfectly circular lights above the horizon, larger than headlights on cars on the road and quite some distance apart.

i asked my wife if she could see them (we stopped at the red traffic lights at the time) with which she replied that she could see them and asked what i thought it was. i told her i didn’t know but we should keep an eye on it and hopefully we would get a better look when we come out of the motorway underpass (you would really need to see the actual road layout to really understand why i said this). as we came out of the underpass we could still see it and it looked really close. as we reached (what was called then) the harlequin roundabout, we realised it was just in front of us and a few hundred feet in the air, stationary. not a sound from it.

a few moments later the two headlights went out (looked like they closed up). 3 much smaller bright lights lit up in a large triangle shape. then the triangle filled with sparkling, tiny, electrical/sparky type effect. at this point you could actual make out a solid object. a triangle with various shapes (difficult to explain). then a red light came in the centre and started pulsating towards the point (which eventually appeared to be the rear of the craft as the craft moved off flat end first where the headlights had been earlier). then very slowly and totally silent, it started to move off towards cwmbran. we must have been watching it for at least ten minutes and each time something happened, i would ask my wife if she was seeing the same thing and each time she assured me we were seeing the same thing. i telephoned the police to report it and just received disbelief, sarcasm and asked if i had been drinking.

1984 / 1985, evening

AC: When I was about 11 or 12 years of age I was outside a friends house during the late evening in Cwmavon (in the Afan Valley) when two triangular objects passed silently above us. They were at fairly low altitude, possibly 1000ft. They had lights at each corner and were moving from west to east at the same speed as each other. It is difficult to estimate the speed now but they took a few minutes to pass overhead and out of sight.

My friend’s father took a photo and later took it to the main police station in Port Talbot tom report the incident. They told him it was an RAF tanker conducting refueling. They took the photograph from him but to my knowledge it was never returned.

Witness reported the sighting to the UK UFO website on July 12th 2018. Emlyn Williams of SUFON commented and asked if it could have been January 19th 1983 - 'the night of the triangles' - but there was no response.

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