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Welsh UFO Sightings 1997

Welsh UFO Sightings

Welsh UFO sightings from 1997. For sightings from other years please click HERE.

Anglesey residents submitted a petition to House of Commons in mid March 1997, organised by the West Wales Paranormal Group.

Western Mail 25/06/1997

Monday January 13th, 00:30

The witness, a woman, was at home, and went into her kitchen to wash the dishes. She looked out the window and saw in the clear sky an amber rectangle, described as being like a door on its side. No haze, a solid structure, no windows. There was no trail, and was hovering at treetop level up to 100 feet away.

She turned her head, then looked again and it was still there. Then it started moving slowly. She went into the other room to tell her husband, but didn’t want to scare her children. In the time it took to get him, about 15 seconds, the object had disappeared.

Witness reported the sighting to MUFON on April 14th 2015:

"I describe it amber colour exactly like a door if turned on its side. Was at home went into kitchen to do dishes after sunday lunch looked out of window and it was just there it was roof level, it was amber in colour no haze just solid structure no windows couldn't see trail nothing sky was clear apart from odd cloud about 30/40 miles away.I new it was ufo soon as saw it, when first noticed it it was hovering i turned my head and looked again it was still there then it started moving very slowly you had to keep looking to notice it moving. i walked into other room to call hubby to take a look, didn't want to scare children it took about 15 secs from me telling him and him looking there was nothing there beautiful blue sky but not a trace, i know what i saw and my heart was racing with fright when first spotted it.When i lived at a different address about 11/2 years later was closing window in lounge can't remember what time of year it was but nice weather i looked over swansea bay where you can see the steel works and there was a golden brown bird i think eagle thought it was strange because it was night time maybe 9ish and it looked size of normal bird but miles away called hubby and we both went to front door to take a clearer look, we couldn't believe it it was coming in our direction made no noise and you could tell it was a flying machine for better words it had everything like bird beak, eyes plumage the lot when it went above us about 20 feet the eyes must be cameras as the one nearest us which would have been the left eye looked down on us didn't feel scared though. have looked all over internet to see if could find some spy plane or any plane that resembles it but nothing. from my first story i remember reading in a magazine months later that a lady in australia had spotted the same amber object as myself at tree level think it was 12 o'clock australian time."


Thursday January 16th, 02:36

Dot Milnes saw what looked like a flashing star from her window in Maes Sadwrn, Henllan. Then she noticed it had pink and blue rotating lights. Dot woke Peter Sinclair and they watched it for about 20 minutes. They then got a pair of binoculars and watched for another 40 minutes. The Wrexham Evening Leader later suggested it was searchlights from Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Dot said:

"We were looking towards the coast, probably in the direction of Blackpool. We watched them for an hour. It was amazing. It wasn't a helicopter because we would have identified that through the binoculars. After about an hour the object got smaller and smaller, then disappeared. We felt really strange and didn't want it to go."

The Denbighshire Free Press and North Wales Times of January 23rd 1997 featured the story:

Denbighshire Free Press 23/01/97

Wrexham Evening Leader 26/05/1997

Sunday January 19th, 06:50
Winchwen, Swansea

57-year-old bricklayer, Terry Thomas, of Maes-Y-Deri, Winchwen, Swansea, looked out of the window of his house and saw two bright lights moving slowly but steadily over Penlan and heading towards Port Talbot.

South Wales Evening Post 21/01/1997

Monday January 20th, 19:45
Caernarfon Bay

Witness and her neighbours saw 'a huge blue flash in the sky', a mushroom cloud of smoke, and heard a loud noise that made the ground shake. It was a very clear frosty night, with no wind. Witness reported the sighting to RAF Valley who checked it was not lightning.


Monday January 27th, 22:40
Witness, described as being employed in the funeral business, was driving their car when they saw 'a tube of light coming down from the sky'. As the light surrounded the car the radio failed and witness felt sick. Later they were physically sick, and the next day developed a skin condition. The sighting lasted around 5 minutes and the witness rang Ebbw Vale police station about it.


Tuesday January 28th, 20:00

Three white lights accompanied by a red light were seen. They seemed to be many miles away. Witness reported the sighting to the press and the police.


Sunday February 2nd, 07:30

Dark with a clear sky. The witness, of Caerphilly, was on Pontygwindy Road, Caerphilly in a stationary car. A silver-coloured, cigar-shaped object was seen, and later from directly underneath. It had wings but no tail and was of a jade green [?]. Initially displaying no lights, a light appeared on the base, and then white lights were seen possibly visible through windows. There was no noise. It moved in a straight line. The sighting lasted 15 minutes and the witness reported it to Cardiff Airport.


Monday February 10th

Witness and their girlfriend were in their back garden when they saw an oblong object. It was red in the center and had up to fifteen other lights and it had constant movement. Witness reported the sighting to Cardiff Airport.


Friday February 14th
Roath, Cardiff

One triangular shaped object, shiny and golden colour, it was moving in a straight line and fast.


February 18th, 22:06

Witness was driving along the A449 towards Llanwern when they saw a cream coloured light. They reported the sighting to Gwent Po


March 10th, 03:45 - 04:15

Witness, a farmer, and just stepped out of the house when they saw a round ball with a tail. He thought it was the Hale-Bopp comet and reported it to the local RAF community relations officer.


Saturday March 15th
Between Wrexham and Newtown

The witness was travelling by car on the A483 Wrexham to Newtown road and saw a large, white, oval object which was very bright. The object was travelling on a straight and level course and was moving parallel with the car. The sighting was reported to Wrexham Police.


Friday March 28th, 22:20
St. Asaph, Clwyd

10.20 PM. Clear dry night. Robert of Corwen was driving through St. Asaph and saw an oval light which followed him for two miles to the AA box near the Oriel House Hotel on the A525 just outside St. Asaph to the south. It was a clear night and the Hale-Bopp comet was clearly visible. The object was very low and the witness was quite sure it was not a helicopter.

Source: Margaret Fry.

Sunday March 30th
Waun Wen, Swansea

Noon, Easter Sunday. Sunny clear day. Mandy Crocker was at home with her partner, Paul McMurray in Colbourne Terrace, Waun Wen, Swansea. Mandy was looking through her front window and saw three white lights like pearl balls ‘blink in’ separately into a triangular arrangement over Bonymaen on the north side of Kilvey Hill to the north east of her position.

She went to fetch Paul to see, and when she returned with him, they watched as the triangular space between the three orbs filled with about thirty smaller and dimmer orbs. Then they randomly spread within a couple of seconds and the three main orbs blinked out, but blinked back in and out again randomly and in a different position a few times.

A jet airliner passed nearby high in the sky and the small lights disappeared. After the plane had passed they all reappeared from out of a nearby cloud. There was no sign of the three larger ones. Neighbours in the house behind them could also see them because Mandy and Paul could hear them talking.

Source: SUFON Files; Mandy Crocker interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams 26 October 2015.


Margaret Fry submitted a report on a family's multiple sightings over a period of decades to Awareness V26/N4, including one from 1997:

In the spring of 1997 Julie Dickson was with her mother-in-law in a car when they were passing through Fishguard, near South Wales, and were heading for Blaenau Ffestiniog, when they saw what looked like a round glass bubble about 5ft in diameter come down slowly, it was flying in a controlled way, and then hovered over a house roof. It did not appear to have anything in it, but that could have been the effect of the material it was composed of.


Between 2.30 and 4 AM, a man was at home situated high on the hill above Baglan. He was at his desk and looked out of the window which overlooks Swansea Bay to the west. He saw a huge black triangle moving from west to east, directly in line with his house. It passed over the house and he was convinced that it would hit the top of the mountain behind his house, but it passed without incidence. The witness is known to us and full details will be published by the witness himself in due course.

Source: SUFON Files; witness correspondence with Emlyn Williams in 2015.

Thursday May 22nd, 23:10

Cloud at 2000 ft, slightly overcast. Two friends were outdoors in Abergavenny and saw a large black triangular object at an elevation of 45 degrees travelling west to east. Duration of sighting: 20 seconds.

May 25th
Gower Peninsula

Mr. Davies of Llanelli was on the Gower Peninsula and took a video of lights seen in the sky. He described a large white light moving very slowly. Several other lights joined it and they all carried out manoeuvres periodically blinking out, and returning to do more manoeuvres. he videoed the sighting for 17 minutes. He reported the sighting to the Llanelli Star newspaper but they weren't interested.

Source: Margaret Fry.

Tuesday May 27th, 04:20

One round object, yellow in colour, bright and shimmering. Moved from left to right from witness’s perspective.

Friday June 6th

"A round, black object was travelling across the sky at speed. There appeared to be something draping from the bottom."

Source: citing MOD Files. 19 May 2020.

Monday June 9th, 21:10

Clear conditions. One large, house-sized, rugby-ball shaped object was seen over the Drumau Mountain. The witness described it as grey and black in colour. Three lights were visible on the object, in a triangular arrangement. The object, which was about a mile from the witness, who was located in a garden in Neath, was moving in a southerly direction.

Early July, 02:30
Bodfari, Clwyd

A man living in Bodfari saw a 'round thing' that had orange lights on it. He called his wife and she watched it with him for 15 minutes. It was toward Llanrhaeadr (south), at a very low altitude.

Source: Margaret Fry.

5th and 6th July, 22:15 - 00:50

10.15 PM. Clear sky. A large triangular object 'larger than a B74?' was seen hovering over Llanwonno Forest. The witness, a man at home in Pontypridd watched it for about an hour, also with binoculars, stating that it had multi-coloured flashing lights. There was no sound or smell. It was at an elevation of between 30 and 40 degrees at a distance of two miles from the observer.

It hovered and moved slowly east then west then east again at high speed. He contacted the police and they radioed UKP32 helicopter which was returning to the heliport (police helicopter). The helicopter investigated but only observed a 'party' with lights at a caravan park. The witness telephoned again at 12.05 AM and was informed of this. The witness phoned again later, and said he had climbed a hill with his wife and had seen the object move. He also saw the helicopter, with the object apparently avoiding it.

At 12.50 AM he phoned again. The object had returned. This time he had managed to take some video. Police operations at Cardiff were informed. 

Saturday 5th July or 2nd August (date formatting is done both ways!)

Multiple witnesses saw strange beams of light flashing over the hillside at Moel Bentrych in the early hours of the morning.

defe-24-2047 Evening Star clipping

Sunday July 6th

Two men were driving home in the early hours of Sunday morning when they saw a vast, saucer-shaped light above the car. The passenger, a security guard, rang the Wrexham Leader anonymously and said: "I saw the light and said to my mate: 'stop the car, stop the car'. We pulled up and got out and there was this vast saucer-shaped light above the car, but there was no sound. It stayed there for about 10 minutes and then shot off towards Oswestry like a rocket. I have never seen anything like it."

His sister said it was probably lights from Vic's nightclub in Oswestry, the explanation that had been given for numerous sightings in north Wales, but the witness was adamant: "I have seen the laser lights and this was nothing like that. It was like nothing I have ever seen before. It was unbelievable." North Wales Police said they had received no other calls, and the MOD said they'd had nothing from the Wrexham area.

Wrexham Evening Leader 09/07/1997


Approximately 1.20 AM. Michael Hopkins: 'Returning from an evening's performance at a Working Men's Club, I had dropped off the vocalist in Church Village and made my way home over the Maindy via Maindy Road. After joining Llantrisant Road, I descended the steep hill known as the Graig Hill, and as I approached a bend I noticed an object slowly flying through the night sky heading north-west. I stopped the car and got out for a better look. The object took the form of a cylinder with illuminated port-holes along the side [flying over Pontypridd]. The rear of the craft appeared to be hollow with a vivid blue glow emanating from it - maybe a form of propulsion? The sky appeared quite clear and there was no noticeable sound. At that time of the morning, I have observed there is normally very little sound. I watched the object until it disappeared up the valley.' [Rhondda Valley]. 

 Source: SUFON files via Michael Hopkins 2018.

Friday August 8th, 23:30 - 23:45

A witness outdoors on St. Davids Road, Abergavenny saw a very bright white object, bigger than a car, 200 metres away. There was no sound. The witness said it came down the road. It was reported to Cardiff Wales Airport.

August 12th, 17:30


August, 23:30
Oxwich, Gower

One night in mid-summer holidays, at about 11.30 PM, Peter Carey was driving alone down to Oxwich, returning to the place where he was staying with his wife. After getting to the bottom of the hill after leaving the main south Gower road, and levelling out to cross the marsh, heading south, he noticed some white lights over Oxwich Bay to his left. He recognised these as being flares, which descended as they burned.

Just then he saw a red light at 30 degrees elevation at 2 o’clock on his right, approaching on a parallel course, but in the opposite direction to himself (i.e. it was heading north). It was comparable to a car’s red tail light in colour. It suddenly stopped, then moved on again in a straight and level course as it passed him to his right a few hundred metres away, which would have placed it over Penrice. Then it stopped again. Meanwhile Peter had stopped the car and lowered the window to find out if it made any noise. It did not. Then it moved upwards suddenly and again stopped. Finally it shot off at an angle upwards to the north.

Peter phoned Swansea Coastguard and said he had seen some lights. The person asked him what colour? Peter replied that he had first seen some white flares over the sea, and they confirmed that a rescue exercise had been in operation. Peter then reported that he had also seen a red light over the landward side, and was told they weren’t interested!

Source: SUFON Files; witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams on 17th January 2016.

August, 18:30

Daytime, about 6.30 PM. Tom James was making cards for friends playing golf at Gowerton Golf Course. It was a beautifully clear summer evening, with no clouds or wind. Looking to the north towards Gorseinon, he observed a white/metallic, cylindrical or cigar-shaped object in the sky, about 20 or 30 degrees above the horizon, moving from the direction of Loughor, over Gorseinon and continuing on towards Penllergaer, (west to east).

At first he thought it was a plane, but then noticed there was no tail or wings visible, and it was moving too slowly. It took about 4 or 5 minutes to pass along its visible course, with the sun reflecting off its fuselage, there was no sound and Tom said it was apparently a cigar-shape, with angled ends to a rounded point at each end. He continued watching it until it disappeared in the east. He did not call his golfing friends’ attention to the object as he thought it might upset their game.

Source: SUFON Files; Tom James interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams on 15th September 2015.

Sunday September 7th, 22:20
Mynydd Caerau

A man and his girlfriend about a mile from Maesteg, saw a round object approximately out 2 ½ miles from them. It was white with flashing blue and red lights. There was no sound. The height was above 1900 feet (the height of the mountain). It moved up and down, with no lateral movement.

Wednesday October 1st, 04:45

A witness and son at Brongest saw three white star-like objects in a clear sky at an elevation of approximately 30 degrees to the south. The objects were first seen in a triangular formation. They then rushed at each other, circled around and then flew back into original formation. This was repeated four times. The total duration of the sighting was 10 minutes.

Thursday October 2nd, 22:19
Townhill, Swansea

Clear sky. Three people saw a bright round object which was red, orange and green in colour in the west at a 70-degree elevation from Townhill. The object was stationary.

October or November, 22:30
Kilvey Hill, Swansea

Dark. Mandy Crocker and her partner, Paul McMurray, were at home in Colbourne Terrace, Waun Wen, Swansea, putting a telescope together, a Christmas present for her son, in their bedroom. They saw through the window, what she described as a ‘doughnut’ or ring – grey/white in colour, the shade of a rain cloud, high in the eastern sky, the other side of Kilvey Hill. It was tumbling over and over, and moving right to left (south to north). They could hear no sound as it was quite far away.

Source: SUFON Files; Mandy Crocker interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams on 26th October 2015.

Saturday November 8th
Llandrynog, Clwyd

Ifor was driving home from a night at Pentrecelyn Theatre, to his home in Ruthin. He was driving along Wrexham Road and saw a huge light over Llandyrnog.

Source: Margaret Fry.

Monday November 10th
Llandyrnog, Denbigh

A remarkable case of alien abduction with missing time comes from Wales. Multiple sightings of UFOs on one night, preceded by several nights of unusual light beams reported over the Great Orme are related to us by well known investigator Margaret Fry.

The events of November 10, 1997 center on one unfortunate family who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. For a brief period of time, they entered an unknown realm of other worldly beings. The family was driving along on the Bodfari / Landyrnog road when all of a sudden their car was engulfed by purple…a purple craft seemed to join itself to their automobile. The next clear memory any of the family had was that the craft was suddenly gone…like it just disappeared into thin air.

The family was again driving down the road, resuming their journey except for the feeling of the loss of time. “But they could not account for considerable hours of time lost,” said Fry. “The male was having trouble afterwards with a top molar tooth and he had to go to the dentist’s…and a black unknown object fell out while he was at the dentist’s – but he had no fillings,” she said.

Shortly afterwards, the male driver of the car reported the strange happenings to local authorities. Soon he was visited on two different occasions by Air Force personnel. They warned the man to never speak of the events of November 10, 1997 publicly. These visits are very similar to tales in America of the infamous “men in black.” The strange purple craft and missing time experienced by the family was told only to a friend, who in turn related the event to investigator Fry. The names of the individuals involved remain anonymous.

The case of the alleged abduction is extremely interesting in the light of the reports of the strange light beams and another eerie encounter of the same night. A local business man would corroborate the two other sightings with a bizarre report of his own. The man claimed to see a strange craft on the same road as the abducted family’s encounter took place. He described the craft as enormous, and the shape of a “child’s spinning top.” He was able to draw a sketch of what he observed that night, while stopping to look at a UFO as big as a football field.

The UFO, a classic saucer shaped object, was seen hovering over buildings in the village of Llandyrnog. He claimed that the large craft had a “myriad of lit windows, ” and was large enough to be a mother ship capable of transporting hundreds of people. What was this enormous ship seen that night, except a visitor from another world? The case has never been explained by any earthly object or conventional means, and remains a mystery to this day.


Saturday November 15th

David Foulds, Denbighshire County Councillor and owner of Katrina's nightclub, was driving in Llandrynog when he saw a UFO as he took the roundabout towards Denbigh. He told the Vale Advertiser:

"It was absolutely huge and shaped like a massive spinning top. It was covered with thousands of lights and lit up the whole area. I was so shocked the car almost left the road, but I thought I might be seeing things so I drove on. Then I stopped and turned around and it was hovering over the Creamery. Then it just disappeared. I still can't believe it."

The Vale Advertiser 14/11/1997

Sunday 16th November, 16:10

Witness was on the upper floor of the University Library when they saw an object moving south to north over Bangor. They emailed a report to MUFON.

"When the object was first sighted it was bright white in colour, then it entered a cloud, when it emerged it was a Yellow/Gold in colour, and had a similarity to the rescue helicopterts which operate in the area. But the object showed not characteristic rotor blades or floation/undercarraige struts port and stardboard.

It had no flashing warning strobes and no ensignia denoting its origin. The shape was similar to a tear drop on its side. The motion seemed to be too smooth to be a helicopter or other aircaft. It did not reappear once out of sight. The object was at approximatley 500ft with the sun to its starboard.

The forward portion of the "fuselage" had a black/dark area which led me to compaire it to the Sea King helicopter in the Search and Rescue colours. There was no forward canopy visible. The craft was in sight for approximately 8-10 seconds. I am an experienced ex-military aircraft observer and am proficient in aircraft recognition. Hope this is of some interest to you. Thanks for your time."

20th November, 09:32

Kevin Lea, 18, saw a triangular shaped UFO with red and green lights. It moved back and fore slowly and generally hovered around the village for about 5 minutes, before fllashing across the sky at high speed.

"It was a triangle shape, can`t remember the size, the lights werered and green and it was moving weird back and to slowly, and it was hoveringaround my village for about 5 mins and then it flashed acrossed the sky reallyfast and it went."


Sunday November 30th, 17:27

One large, circular object was seen. White and very bright. The object was moving backwards and forwards.

December 5th
Irish Sea off Anglesey

A pilot reported seeing a light 8 miles west of Anglesey: "A bright, circular red light. About 3 mm in diameter, relative to cockpit windscreen. Was moving in a westerly direction."

Source: citing MOD Files. 19 May 2020.

Friday December 19th, 06:30
Black Mountains

Two Welsh Forestry Commission rangers saw a UFO flying over the hydroelectric damn in the Black Mountains. They were 5 miles apart at the time, but in radio contact with each other. One said: "The UFO was going in a north-easterly direction. It was a very bright ball of light with four sparkly tails and about two miles or so high, about three times the size of a large star. It was over the dam for about 35 seconds, climbing in an upward direction."

Strange Daze #15


In recent weeks, residents of Maesiocyn, near Tywlch Llanidloes in central Wales, about 90 miles (144 kilometers) north of Cardiff, have reported sighting "lights resembling large stars" in the eastern sky, "which move to the right and left and up and down."

Eyewitness Margaret M. said, "Definitely not planes. When looked at through the binoculars, they flash red and green and orange. One night I saw what looked like an orange tennis ball fall in an arc towards Earth and disappear," Margaret said.

"I can only reiterate that these are DEFINITELY not planes. Also, regular loud rumbling noises--like thunder or heavy guns--but nowhere near a (an artillery) range."

Residents have also reported lights above the nearby Halfren Forest. (Email Interview)

Dafydd Wigley, then MP for Caernarfon, wrote to the Secretary of State for Defence on behalf of constituents who had not received 'sensible answers' when reporting UFOs to RAF Valley.

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defe-24-2018-1-1 285

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