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Welsh UFO Sightings 2019

Welsh UFO Sightings

Welsh UFO sightings from 2019. For sightings from other years please click HERE.

Reports for this year come mainly from the SUFON database, MUFON via UFO Hunters, and the press. Initially I figured I'd quit my research at the closing of the MOD's UFO desk but, while I'm still in research mode, it makes sense to bring it up to the present day for media comparison, etc.    

Tuesday 8th January, c. 21:00

Witness, M. J., and a friend were on Cefn Cyfarwydd watching mysterious light activity. From about 18:00 they had seen two white lights moving half way down the ridge of Carnedd Llewellyn; they eventually flew off to the left. M. J. went left their campervan to see if the lights had returned at about 21:00. He saw an egg shaped craft with a horizontal line or seam around the middle, hovering 4 to 5 metres above the ground. It later shot off in the same direction as the lights.

M. J. was with a friend parked in a camper van in a lay-by on the mountain road on Cefn Cyfarwydd high above Trefriw, not far from the Cowlyd Reservoir. They had been watching mysterious light activity in the area for months and would often come up to this spot for the evening. On this particular evening they had been there since 6 pm and were planning on staying until 11 pm.

Earlier in the evening, looking west at the summit and ridge of Carnedd Llewellyn, they had watched two white lights moving half way down the ridge (in a place where there are no paths). The lights were next to each other, moving up and down the mountain, and left and right and left randomly, about two miles away from the witnesses, and high up on the ridge. There was no flashing and no sound. M. J. flashed his torch, white, white, red and varied combinations and sometimes the lights would flash back in white. This went on for a couple of hours. The lights eventually flew off together, one ahead of the other, to the left (south-west).

By 9 pm the witnesses were now back in the van. After a while, M. J. decided to go back out to see if the lights had returned. He walked a short way along the mountain road in the direction of the ridge, to a bend in the road which afforded a better view. As he reached the bend he suddenly became aware of an object five metres away from him, hovering 4 or 5 metres above the grass to the right of the road ahead. It was egg-shaped, about 3-4 metres in length, with the wide end facing towards him. It had a horizontal line or seam around its middle.

M. J. did a double take. He ran back to the van to alert his friend and then returned to the bend where the object still was. he had to do this repeatedly as his friend wouldn't come. On his fourth return to see the object, he was just in time to see it shoot off towards the Cowlyd reservoir to his left (west), along the valley below the ridge, in the same direction as the lights had earlier departed.

Source: SUFON Files - Mike Maunder, Jay Matthews and Emlyn Williams interviewed M. J. on site 22 June 2019. 

Monday 21st January

Witness was waiting for a bus from Aberteifi to Aberystwyth and taking photos of the street, capturing strange lights. They were told, some 24 hours earlier via telepathic contact, the sighting would take place. Afterwards they experienced anxiety, a sense of being watched, and vivid dreams of abduction. They reported the 20 second long sighting to MUFON on Friday 1st March 2019:

"I was visiting the the pembrokeshire coast in january, i used to live in cardigan back in 2011 where i had multiple previous sightings and expereinces over a period of time. 24 hours prior to this sighting i had telepathic contact alerting me to the fact that i would see them. i had taken the wrong bus back to aberystwyth (where i was lodging in an air bnb) and ended up in a village just over a mile outside of cardigan where i had to wait for the bus back.

the light was fading and i was taking pictures of the village street when 3 lights appeared in the sky moments before i took one of the pictures and captured the lights in the image. nothing unusual that i'm aware of happened at the time but after the event i experienced severe anxiety and a feeling of being watched. a few days after the sighting i experienced a vivid dream of being taken to a craft where i was greeted by a being with very distinct features. after waking from the dream i had the thought 'i'm going to draw a picture of that person because they were mesmerizing'.

hours later i found an image by an artist who had drawn an image that resembled the being in the dream exactly! i am unable to say 100% if i was taken but i was definitely contacted telepathically and experienced the described synchronicities both before and after the sighting. there was nothing traumatic or unpleasant that i remember about the whole experience yet i have been experiencing severe anxiety and insomnia since the event.

i have attached 4 images, the origional image i took, a close up crop, an edited version of the close up for clarity and the image i found that matched the exact look alike of the being who contacted me.

7th February
A55, north Wales

Numerous outlets - from North Wales Live to the Express and the Daily Heil Mail - reported on video footage of a light in the early morning sky captured on the A55 by a member of the Hawarden based National Police Air Service, en route to Northop.

Martine Jeffrey, who witnessed the flash near Dobshill roundabout while on her way to work with her boyfriend, told North Wales Live: "We were driving from Wrexham towards Deeside and all of a sudden, the whole sky went bright blue as if there was a huge explosion. It lasted for about four seconds, then it just completely disappeared. At first, I thought it was lightning but there was no fork marks in the sky and there wasn't anything like a rumble of thunder that followed. It was so strange, it just filled the whole sky. I've never seen anything like it before. It was that bright and that intense it looked as if a huge electrical station had blown up."

Some in the area reported electrical disturbance, such as flickering lights, at around the same time, leading to a range of explanations including storms over the Irish Sea or an electrical flash from a Wrexham sub station. 

Russ Kellett, on the other hand, told North Wales Live:  

"I think the light is probably connected to the [secret alien] underground base. I don't know what it was, but it could have been a UFO that came down, something that landed in the area or even something that was brought to the area. 

I've not had any reports of any UFO sightings since the flash which is very strange, but it could be a precursor that something else is about to happen - something like a mass sighting or maybe something is preparing to land. We've not had any landings for a while so it would be good to know if anyone sees anything. I would urge people to keep a look out and contact me on with any sightings."
  February 7th A55

The video footage is available on North Wales Live.

Saturday 16th February
Olive Branch Crescent, Neath (SA11 2UG)

Witness saw flashing lights moving in the sky. They reported the sighting to MUFON on the same day:

"I was sitting in my house watching a film until a bright light came in to view so i looked out of my window to look at the light and after a few minutes all different coloured lights started flashing from it it was really high up in the sky it moved around to the left and right and flew a little bit up and i felt intrigued."

19th February, c. 22:00
Burry Port

Witness and their father were fishing on the beach when they noticed a fairly large orange ball floating above the water. After watching it for about five minutes it began slowly moving to the right before stopping again. It then began moving to the right again, before slowly fading away, leaving behind a faint smell of burnt metal. Within 3 minutes a black helicopter arrived and searched the area for about 15 minutes. The sighting was reported to MUFON on March 18th 2019.

"It was around 10pm . me and my dad were fishing on the beach . it was a fairly clear night with only a few small clouds. while i was standing talking to my dad i just happened to look up and that's when i noticed the ufo. it was a fairly large read,orange ball in the sky. i first thought it was a helicopter but quickly realised that it wasn't as it did not move and was not making a single noise. i pointed it out to my dad immediately and we both just stood there for a good 20 or 30 minuets watching it. after around 5 minuets it slowly started moving to the right and then it stopped and stayed still for a while again. the it again stated moving to the right and then as it was moving it just slowly faded away . one it had left there was a faint smell of burnt metal but that smell went as soon as the helicopter arrived witch me and my dad thought was strange. after it vanished with in 3 minutes a black helicopter arrived and started searching the hole area. but what was strange was the fact that the helicopter didn't once shine its search light on the ground . after around 15 minutes the helicopter flew off ."

Thursday 21st March, night

A woman (wishes to remain anon), reported that her 13-year-old son came into her room in the night, saying that he'd just seen a flying saucer and was quite upset about it. She didn't say anything to anyone as she was half asleep and forgot about it. 

In the morning, her husband came home from work and said that a few people had reported seeing strange lights in the sky over the open cast in Llanharan. Their son had not told his dad of his experience, as his parents sleep apart due to the father's snoring, and so would not have heard his son's conversation the night before.

On further questioning, her son told her that what he had seen were lights in the sky.

Source: SUFON Files - witness correspondence via Facebook, March-May 2019. 

April 1st
Wrexham published an April Fools' piece on a UFO crash landing, complete with photos of a police project from Ysgol yr Holl Saint - All Saints’ School, Gresford. A number of Forces in the UK have done mock UFO landings with primary schools... I always wonder how many half remembered experiences will end up being reported as real in 20 years time!

‘UFO crashes’ on Wrexham school grounds – scientists inspect mystery items

Cordons are in place at a school in Gresford this morning as a mystery item has ‘crash landed’.

All Saints school remains open as scientists believe there is no threat from the saucer like object, with one noting ‘usually they come in peace’.

One eyewitness saw the UFO flying over the area earlier this morning before ‘beeping’ and then plummeting to the ground. It is thought the possible space ship was being tracked as emergency services and scientists attended very quickly after the crash.

More shortly.
UFO Crash Landing - Wrexham April Fools 2019

Thursday 18th April

Witness saw a star like glow in the sky which then seemed to emit lights. These landed on the mountainside, then took off and returned to the bright light in the sky. Witness reported the sighting to MUFON on Tuesday 23rd April:

"I was standing on my friends front gate late at night and wen i turned to my right side i saw a massive star like glow in the sky then i saw lights coming from the bright light and landing on the mountain side then taking off and returning to the bright light there was 4 ov them and i must have watched this for anout half hour then i returned home the following day i told my friend and he sead i must have dremed it or something but i know whot i saw and it was not normal i think."

Tuesday 23rd April

Witness saw a triangular shaped UFO for 2 and half minutes; it flew in front of their car, went up over a hill, and then hovered in a field. As they drove past witness saw a head peering at them, making them feel 'weird' and as though they 'just needed to get out of the area'. The craft followed for a short distance. Witness reported the sighting to MUFON on the same day:

"Craft flew in front of my car as i travelled west on the a55 just past abergele. saw it making a right banking turn then.Went up over the hill. i came off the a55 and followed knowing the roads well and found it hovering in a field. as i carried on driving a movement in the corner of my eye got my attention. i saw a hand holding back some bush and a head peering at me as i drove past.. as i continues to drive i felt weird and just needed to get out of the area. i next saw the craft following behind over my right shoulder before it got hidden behind the hillside. a few moments later i emerged from the country road i had followed once leaving the a55 and looked towards rhyl. high above where the mountain is i saw a strange light group. it was there one minute and gone seconds later."


Although there were no corresponding UFO reports, a decent amount of media coverage was given to test flights of the MAGMA unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in north Wales. "By replacing moving surfaces with a simpler ‘blown air’ solution, the trials have paved the way for engineers to create better performing aircraft that are lighter, more reliable and cheaper to operate. The technologies could also improve an aircraft’s stealth as they reduce the number of gaps and edges that currently make aircraft more observable on radar."


Wednesday 1st May
Pontypridd (CF37 1NH)

Witness saw a large round ball of light hovering over the mountain before disappearing. They reported the sighting, which lasted about ten seconds, to MUFON on Friday 3rd May 2019:

"While outside looking at the views from our street on a clear night no clouds we suddenly saw a big round ball of light which just hovered over the mountains it appeared and disappeared very quickly not having any time to get my camera i couldn't believe what i was seeing."

Saturday 11th May
Menai Bridge

Witness reported the sighting, lasting around 10 minutes, to MUFON on the same day:

"A red sphere appeared out of nowhere above the snowdonia mountains, moving slowly, changing directions, very clear sky."

Saturday 11th May, c. 12:45
Port Talbot

About 12.45 PM. Fine day, broken cloud. 

Mr Lazenby was just to the north of Port Talbot in the hilly area typical of the locality. He was taking video of a light aircraft flying overhead with a Lieca Hi Def triple lens. He accidentally caught something else flying over at high speed. 

He sent the video to his father, who then passed it on to SUFON. He sent a couple of stills with the video and had ringed the object in question on the photo. The object seems to be a round white object, visible against the blue sky. On the video, at 0.52 another object was seen moving fast across the screen. 

More details to follow. 

 Source: SUFON Files

Saturday 11th May
Port Talbot

At dusk after sunset.

Sandra Adams-West was in her flat in Port Talbot and saw through the window which faces west towards Swansea, a light in the sky, just above the sea. She was unsure of the exact location of the object but was sure it was in the vicinity of Swansea. It appeared as a light, and quite large, appearing to be just a few hundred feet in altitude. It was moving towards the south (her left), along the horizon of the land which skirts the west side of Swansea Bay, behind it. 

At times it remained still for periods of time and then moving at a leisurely pace to another point, remain there and then move again. She managed to take a photo of the object. She observed it for about 15 minutes through binoculars as well. It eventually got to a point near West Cross area then all of a sudden it was gone.

Sandra is an American citizen who has been resident in Port Talbot for about 12 years, and interestingly, is an ex-USAF officer, having served at Edwards AFB in the early 1980s. She said she knows her aircraft and was sure the object she saw was not a helicopter or plane.

Subsequently we received another report of a light seen in the area after Sandra's sighting.

Source: SUFON Files - witness email 12 May 2019 - interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams, 17th May 2019. 

Saturday 11th May, 21:50
Singlton, Swansea

9.50 PM. Clear sky.

An international student at Swansea University Singleton Campus (wishes to remain anonymous) was outside the student halls on the campus, in the car park to the rear of the Taliesin Theatre. He spotted a white orb at 10 o'clock high to the south-east at a 60-degree angle in the sky and slowly rising. The orb then dimmed and completely faded, but before it disappeared a smaller orb appeared to have 'broken off' from it and falling straight down. 

No aircraft noise was heard, and the night sky conditions were clear. He described the light as being like the landing light of an aircraft but moving sideways and silently. From his viewpoint, it looked like it was over the sea in the direction of Port Talbot, moving north but gaining in altitude before it disappeared.

SUFON's Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams met with him on 22 May 2019 on site and received a full verbal description from him. Interestingly, although not relevant to the sighting, the witness is an American citizen, like the witness from Port Talbot who saw an object in the approximate same area about an hour previously!

Source: SUFON Files - witness correspondence by email 11 May 2019 and interview on 22 May 2019. 

Sunday 12th May 2019
Bridgend (CF33 6EJ)

"Fireball observed flying fast from nw to se, lasted about 6 seconds then disappeared. No sound.

Witness reported the sighting to MUFON on the same day.

Wednesday 15th May, c. 02:50
Pontypandy Industrial Estate (CF83 3GL)

Witness was on break at work, smoking a cigarette outside, when they saw a solid white bright light in the sky. They first took it to be a helicopter with search lights, but as it came closer no sound was heard. They took video of the object, ruling out a chinese lantern and a satellite. The sighting lasted around three minutes and the witness reported it to MUFON later that day:

"It was around 2:50 am last night, during my work break, i went outside to smoke a cigarette. i ca usually looked up at the sky to notice a solid white bright light moving in one direction, towards me. at first i assumed it was a helicopter with its search lights on. after about 15-20 seconds i again looked up when the object was nearly overhead, yet i still heard no noise. 

so i decided to video it on my phone and see if i could zoom in to see if i could make out what it was. it was when i zoomed in that i noticed the object had no blinking lights like an ordinary aircraft would, it was not flickering like a chinese lantern was, and seemed far too low to be a satellite. i carried on videoing the object on its flight path till it went out of view. the whole time it was silent, which i could very strange. i have not seen anything like this before."

Saturday 18th May, 16:05
Abersychan, Torfaen (NP4 7SJ)

Witness saw a black dot in the sky for about a minute; they reported the sighting to MUFON later that day. They also submitted video footage - the file is too large for me to gif at the moment, but you can see it HERE.

"A strange looking black dot in sky was there when i went outside around 16.05 uk time then saw object in sky went back and filmed on my phone."

Sunday 19th May

Witness saw a disc shaped object travelling in a straight line from their upstairs window. The sighting lasted two minutes and was submitted to MUFON on July 21st 2019.

21st May, 20:15

Rob B saw a bright white thin object, like a small minus sign, at an extremely high altitude and moving at high speed.

Source: UK UFO - reported on 27th May 2019.

"Saw an object while watching swallows flying overhead. Very clear sky. A few clouds. Noticed a bright/white thin object, like a small minus sign. It was extremely high altitude, I thought it was the space station it was so high up. No wings, no sound, no trail behind it like a jet usually leaves. Moving at extremely high speed on account of its altitude. I guess 15,000 mph."

Friday 24th May, 22:30
Swansea Bay

Clear sky. Paul Cana was walking his dog near his home in the West Cross area of Swansea and was standing looking up at the clear sky when he noticed an orange lighted object in the sky over the approximate area of Fforestfach in the north. At first he thought it was a Chinese lantern but noticed that it was moving at quite a fast rate in a straight trajectory to the south.

It continued getting closer for about a minute and passed overhead at a high altitude. When it reached the area over Mumbles Head he could see that it was a large cylindrical, cigar-shaped object which was lit overall in an orange-coloured light. It suddenly turned and shot straight up at tremendous speed and he watched as it flew "into space" and disappeared.

Paul said it displayed no flashing navigation lights, and made no sound. It was big. It was difficult to gauge its size but he thought it would be about the size of the space shuttle. Duration of sighting: no more than two minutes.

Source: SUFON files - witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams 27 May 2019. 

Friday 24th May, 23:23
Kidwelly (SA17 5HQ)

Witness, their friend, and their two young children saw what 'looked like a long train with bright square window lights moving very slowly through a clear sky.' They watched the silent object for about 90 seconds and reported it to MUFON on June 2nd 2019.

"The object looked like a long train with bright square window lights moving very slowly through a clear sky above an estuary. seen for approx 90 seconds by myself, a friend and my 2 young children. no sound was emitting and tried taking photos but were very blurry. it appeared to be very long with a long row of lights, black and then a smaller row of lights which looked like square windows"

Friday 24th May, 23:55

M. Beale saw "a line of about 20 to 30 lights going west to east looking like a train in the sky." They reported it on May 28th 2019.

Sunday 26th May

Will Winfield was driving home to England through Llandrillo when he saw 'a strange light' in the sky, moving in different directions. The 22-year-old managed to capture pictures and videos of the unidentified object, which he says eventually disappeared from sight. He said:

'A friend was with me at the time who was driving along the main road that leads through Snowdonia past Bala. It happened in Llandrillo, according to the location of the video, about five minutes drive away from the actual town. We were just driving through and we'd stopped off for a couple of minutes to use our phones, and we just saw a strange light start moving in weird directions. In the heat of the moment, I managed to catch that on my phone. Eventually it disappeared.'

Source:, 24th June 2019.

Daily Post 24/06/2019

Wednesday 29th May, c. 23:30
Broad Haven

About 11.30 PM. Moonlit clear night.

A man from the West Midlands was on holiday in Broad Haven with family members and saw an object which he described as a square of blue/white light that appeared over the back of the house in which he was staying in, in Swanswell Close on the eastern edge of the village. Upon seeing it he headed up to the first floor landing window to take a closer look. He could see a perfect square of light to the south of his location, that seemed to stop suddenly about 40 ft in the air, and an orange orb floating, moving horizontally from one side to the other, right to left.

Once the ball had gone from one side to the other, the light ceased, and there was only moonlight left. The light would return three times always after about 5 minutes or so, and again there would be another orange orb going from right to left.

The witness also said that moments before the square appeared, his son-in-law's dog (who never barks at anything), would shoot up and start barking and growling at the back door, and he could also hear other dogs barking from the neighbours' houses.

There was no sound heard during the sighting (apart from the barking dogs).

The house where he was staying is just a couple of minutes walk from Broad Haven Primary School.

The witness' son-in-law passed this report on to SUFON, and provided a daytime photograph of the same view where his father-in-law had seen the objects. He said they were behind the two telegraph poles located in the adjacent field.

Source: SUFON Files - witness' son-in-law correspondence via Facebook.

Saturday 1st June, c 22:00

Jack was in Bryncethin and saw an oblong-shaped object which was lit up, moving at speed across the sky, heading north-east.

'It was going so quick you could just about see it.'

Source: SUFON Files - witness message via Facebook 8 June 2019. [Could be a meteor?] 

Sunday 2nd June, c. 21:30
Witness and her friend saw a huge saucer-shaped object with a white glow shining around its edges. They watched it for about ten minutes before it disappeared. About 9.30 PM. Dusk. Grey clouds, not dark.

Kat was in Ogmore-By-Sea with a friend, located on the Ogmore-side of the River Ogmore, sitting looking over Porthcawl to the west. They suddenly saw above them, over the mouth of the river, behind the grey clouds, a massive saucer-shaped object, with a white glow shining around its edges.

'Now normally I'd say that it was just darker clouds forming in behind it. But it was rather windy and the clouds were moving fast and the shape stayed hovering in one place. Suddenly it seemed to get smaller as if it sped away very quickly. Then there was like a few bright lights behind the smaller shape and then it vanished. We were watching it for about 10 mins before it disappeared. After it left there wasn't a single dark cloud in the sky.... It was like a massive cloaked dark-like cloud, black almost. With bright white lights around the rim I think.....

It shot backwards towards Porthcawl. There was a couple of bright orange/red flashes and it just disappeared. But it must have gone further past Porthcawl as it got small compared to what it was over us. As for noise it was so windy up there that all you could hear was the wind. I would have taken pics but my phone kept freezing or the service would go and if I got the camera up it would go back to home screen. So didn't get a chance. And my friend's phone was dead.'

Kat added that the object was a lot bigger than a plane, and she thought it was really low. She thought it was as if it had an invisible shield and if you were looking up you wouldn't notice it was there as it was getting dark.

Source: SUFON Files - witness correspondence via Facebook. 

10th June, 05:06
Llantarnam, Cwmbran (NP44 3AQ)

Witness saw a spherical UFO for four minutes. They took photos but they were not submitted. Sighting was reported to MUFON on June 13th 2019. "White object in sky at sunrise with patterned surface. 2 photos of spherical shape & 2 photos of dome shape."

10th June, 16:30
Caerhendy, Port Talbot (SA13 2HA)

Witness saw what they first thought to be a large bird of prey moving in a straight line. It was too large, however, and began spinning and changing shape. Witness watched for about 15 minutes until it travelled out of sight. They reported the sighting to MUFON on June 11th 2019.

"I looked up to see what i thought was a large bird of prey as i continued to watch it it did not change direction or height i realise that the object was larger than a bird and much higher up than i thought i watched the shape continue on sort of spinning and changing shape i describe it as a dot or a triangle , it moved a little faster than a helicopter until it reached thick cloud over the bristol channel stopped for a while and continued out of sight very unfortunate my phone was out of battery and i didnt get footage ...This has really confused me i cannot explain what it could be"

Friday 21st June, c. 23:00 - 23:10

Nigel Harris, of Penllergaer, together with his neighbour went outside to observe Jupiter in the night sky in St. Davids Close. As they were looking at Jupiter they noticed a bright red object in the south-eastern sky. The object appeared to be to the right of Jupiter but altitude was not easy to discern. The object was stationary for what seemed to be several minutes. It then moved from right to left and left to right.

'The object moved slowly towards us remaining at approximately the same height above ground level and then stopped. The object then increased it's speed and moved around to the right of us where it stopped, remaining stationary for approximately a minute. It remained at the same height above ground level and some distance away from us. It was difficult to judge the speed of the object. The object then returned to its original position in the sky where it remained for approximately a few more minutes before slowly descending and moving away from us in a south-easterly direction towards Swansea.

The object made no sound. It was red in colour but then change to a blue colour similar to the surrounding night sky. When the object changed colour from red to blue it began to pulse for what seemed like a few moments and then changed back to a solid red colour. The object appeared to be circular in shape. I cannot be exact about the size of the object. The sighting lasted for approximately 10 minutes. I do not have any photographs or film of the object.'

Source: SUFON Files - witness email 22 June 2019. 

1st July, 02:20
Gendros (SA5 8DR)

Witness saw an unfamiliar constellation, then three of the four stars began to decrease in brightness, as though moving away. After a few seconds they disappeared completely. The minute long sighting was reported to MUFON on July 2nd 2019.

"I was sat on the edge of the bed looking at the sky and i realised the constellation i was looking at was new to me. i'm no astronomer but i have seen the northern hemisphere stars for 45 years and not seen this before so i paid more attention than i normally would. 3 of the 4 stars i was looking at then began to decrease in brightness and seem to be travelling away/out into space before disappearing completely after a few seconds. i've not seen anything like this before and the stars dont move so i know it wasnt mistaken."

Friday 19th July
Dyffryn Cellwen

Witness saw a "Diamond-shaped light light changing to box shape moving very fast in all directions.". They reported the sighting, which lasted about a minute, to MUFON on Wednesday 22nd July 2019.

25th July, 22:54
Porth (CF39 9LU)

Witness saw a "Triangular formation of solid lights moving sw, observed for a total of 3 minutes." They reported the sighting to MUFON the next day.

August 4th, 20:30

The Daily Post published this photograph of lenticular clouds as part of a feature on strange sightings in the north Wales skies on December 27th 2019.

Marta Dudkiewicz who took the picture from her back yard at the time, said: "The two clouds formed two saucers side by side, but the left one in the photo lost its shape quickly as the clouds were moving with the wind. It looked like they were coming, so I thought it would be funny to take a photo of it and share it with people in a local Facebook group. Had I grabbed my phone a few seconds earlier the photo would have shown two 'flying saucers' side by side."

Daily Post

24th August
Cardiff (CF5 5LJ)

Witness saw "Two white lights with moon to the left just silently fixed in one place." They filmed them on their iphone (converted to GIF 10/06/2021) and sumbitted the video to MUFON on June 29th 2020.

Cardiff UFO 24/08/2019

Wednesday 11th September, 14:30

The witness, in a friend's house in north central Cardiff, looked out of the living room window, and saw an elongated, bright silver-coloured oval shape which was slowly passing from left to right (this would make its direction of travel very roughly south-westerly). Its long axis was parallel to the horizon.

'I had no way to determine the speed, altitude or size of the object, but I had to focus my eyes into the far distance to see it, so it was clearly very large and very high. It looked about as long as about half the diameter of the moon. After maybe eleven or twelve seconds it seemed to shorten, and at first I thought that it was turning either towards or away from my point of view - but very quickly the object vanished altogether, as if it were passing through an invisible door in the sky. All but the first three seconds or so of this was also witnessed by my friend, and neither of us underwent any perceptual changed or felt any strangeness during the sighting.'

Source: : witness submitted report 25 September 2019.

Sunday 22nd September, c. 23:50
Penylan, Cardiff

Witness saw 5 individual round shapes in the sky. The sighting lasted 5 minutes, and the witness reported it the following day (23/09/2019):

"Last night around 11.50pm I spotted 5 individual round shapes in the sky over Penylan, Cardiff - two were moving in unison alongside each other but the other 3 were moving between the outside 2 in a line one behind the other - as the two outer round shapes moved across the sky one way the other 3 passed between them and moved in the opposite direction - alternating their direction but in the same format. When they passed over a really dark area of sky they disappeared and then reappeared - you could clearly see them when they passed over a lighter cloud, seeing the shape of the cloud underneath them - looking as though they were passing over cotton wool. The shapes were all round and moved in a rhythmic movement."

October 4th
A burning light was spotted in the sky over Anglesey, as well as other parts of north Wales and the wider UK. Andreas Eriksson, an airline captain who witnessed it while flying from London Stansted to Cork, Ireland, said the "very rare" sighting is something that would usually burn up over the Pacific Ocean. He took the photograph below and confirmed it was debris from the Chinese Long March 3C rocket, which was launched in 2016. The craft came back down to Earth at around 8.18pm, according to the United States Strategic Command (USSC).

Tuesday October 22nd, 00:45
Hensol, Vale of Glamorgan

Very clear night. A couple were travelling home to Newport by car after babysitting for their daughter in Bridgend. They were on the M4 and had just passed Junction 34 (Llantrisant turn-off) when they spotted what at first thought was a helicopter on the right-hand side about 2000 to 3000 feet in altitude. 

The light suddenly exploded into a huge ball of light, growing about 20-30 times in size and then shot off at a speed no aircraft can do. SUFON checked for aircraft and there were none in the area at the time.

Source: SUFON Files - witness correspondence with Mike Maunder in October 2019. 

Tuesday 22nd October 2019, 06:30
Rhydypandy Lanes, Morriston

A woman was driving her car through the rhydypandy lanes just before Morriston Hospital, it was still very dark & she noticed coming down from the sky was a brilliant form of light, it was roughly the shape of a cylinder. 

"The cylinder looked very large I can’t say how big it was tho, it appeared to move quite fast, I was very much in awe of it I didn’t notice a fade out as such it seemed to be going down low but the hedge was in the way it just went."

Source: SUFON files

Sunday 27th October, c. 23:30

The witness was outside Llangiwg Church near Pontardawe golf course and saw an object to the south. Described as being like a star, it was a single light, moving at a slow speed. It then grew many times in size and then vanished.

Source: SUFON Files - witness report via Facebook.

Wednesday 30th October, 18:30

The witness reported a bright white circular light above the clouds going over Tonteg, heading towards Llantrisant (west), moving 'faster than anything I've seen' and 'gone in the blink of an eye.'

Source: SUFON Files

Thursday 7th November, c 20:00

Richard Shields saw an orange globe-shaped object shoot across the sky from Llanelli to Burry Port direction (east to west). He said it was not a firework as it was too high and travelled too fast, and also discounted it as being a meteor. Even though it was high, it looked large.

Source: SUFON Files - witness report via Facebook.

Monday 11th November

Witness saw two large dim orbs appear 'out of nowhere', swerve really fast, then disappear. They reported the sighting, lasting barely more than a second, to MUFON on Tuesday 12th November 2019:

"I was walking my dog last night i seen 2 big dim orbs next to each other they appeared out of nowhere then swerved really fast then disappeared."

Monday 25th November, 20:05
Fairwood Common, Gower

I was driving towards Upper killay, just past 3 crosses turning, no car behind and only one just turning onto the road from Upper killay. Sky was clear above no cloud. Time 8.05 PM. 3 white circles in a triangle pattern catch my eye in upper window screen. I lean forward and watch them race across the sky at lightening speed and vanish.

I had just passed turning for 3 crosses, heading to killay and it was more or less above me as it was towards top of window screen. I'm guessing at height, lower than a commercial flight but higher than the planes from fairwood airport. They came from (as crow flies) dunvant and 3 crosses direction. No noise but 3 very distinct balls of light 2 behind and one in front. To far apart to be a plane as the front one was about 2cm infront of the others. They disappeared over the swansea football training ground. No lights on the training ground as all in darkness.. and no tails on the balls.

We checked plane finder and there were no planes in the area.

Source: SUFON database

Friday 29th November, c. 10:00
Fairwood Common, Gower

A bit cloudy with clear sky where object was seen.

The witness (who wishes to remain anonymous), was in her back garden in Dunvant, playing with her dogs. The garden looks across Fairwood Common towards the North Gower Road and junction with the road to Three Crosses. She noticed an object in the sky which she described as looking like an upright cylinder, motionless in the sky over the Three Crosses road. At the same time, she saw a plane, or micro-light that had just taken off from the nearby Fairwood Airport, climbing into the sky. She went to get her binoculars so she could get a closer look.

She described it as a red and silvery upright cylinder, with the red and silver occurring as stripes around it, like a screw. While she watched, another plane was taking off and climbing. The object was static for around ten minutes. It then moved off slowly on a level course through low cloud, away from the witness and headed over the common in the direction of the airport.

She said she thought the object was bigger than the planes taking off (light aircraft). She used to have flying lessons so could estimate it was around 1000 feet in altitude. She provided a drawing but added that the bottom of it was pointed. Mainly silver, with some red in places. The red looked solid rather than illuminated.

Source: SUFON Files - witness interviewed by Mike Maunder, November 2019.

Friday 29th November, c. 16:00 (dusk)

Huw Price was at home in his flat in Llanharan and saw a light to the south. He thought it odd as he knew that it was no star. It looked to be over the Dragon Film Studios near Llanharan and Junction 35 of the M4. It appeared as a single white light, motionless for 5 to 10 minutes. 

He took a couple of photographs before it moved off at high speed towards the west. he said the acceleration was something no plane or helicopter was capable of, and it vanished in just a few seconds. There were no flashing lights.

Source: SUFON Files - witness interviewed by Mike Maunder on Facebook, December 2019.

Saturday 30th November

"Object looked like a star in the nighysky but was moving in a straight line until it just disappeared." Witness reported their minute long sighting to MUFON the following day, Sunday 1st December 2019.

Sunday 1st December, between 19:00 and 23:00
Clwydian Mountains

M. Jones was in the Carneddau Mountains above Trefriw and was looking east towards the distant mountains. He spotted a light over the area of the Berwyn Mountains, which was flashing large multi-coloured lights. It was moving mainly north-north-west and also erratically in all directions, but hovering as well, then back to its original position each time as it was still travelling northward. When aircraft approached, the object would disappear, and reappearing after, again back at its original location, when the aircraft had gone away.

The witness thinks the object was moving from the Berwyn area along the Clwydian Mountain Range, but at the distance they were from him, he could not make out any details apart from the lights.

When he descended back down the mountain to Trefriw at about 11 PM, the object was still visible.

Source: Witness report on Facebook to the North Wales UFO Network, 2 December 2019.

(Presumably the same M. J. who saw the egg shaped craft on Jan 8th?)   

Tuesday 3rd December, 06:30

Witness saw a line of at least 20 lights passing overhead. They reported the sighting to MUFON that same day:

"At 6.30am a line of lights (i counted 20) passed overhead, that were seen from dublin and across northern uk (loads of people reported same thing on twitter). it was completely still and there was no sound, or flashing lights, so not aircraft. airliners pass over regularly and can easily be heard at that time of day. each one as bright as venus. possibly in orbit? thought at first iss, but then they kept coming, going in same direction. must have been very high as people saw them from other side of uk. they weren't quite equidistant, some were slightly further apart than others. took about 5 minutes to all pass over, coming from north heading south-east."

MUFON received another report of the same phenomena from a witness in Hawarden who said their sighting lasted around 10 minutes:

"Saw 20 plus circle flying through sky in a straight line."

Cheshire Live reported that Taylor Herbert managed to capture the lights on camera over Oswestry, and said: "Do you know any detail on the huge line of planes that have just flown over our house. Must have been about 20 aircraft i assume."

These and similar sightings were actually of Elon Musk's Space-X Starlink satellites, designed to provide global internet access.


13th December, 01:20

Jeremy saw the sky light up with a pulse of brilliantly white light. Looking out of the window he saw a ball of light 'which was gone in a blink of an eye and left a cloud lit up'. Suddenly the street lights went off and a strong wind which quickly died off, hten the lights started coming back on.

Source: UFO UK - reported on 13th January 2020.

"I was in my bedroom watching the election live stream when sky lit up with what seemed like like a pulse of brilliantly white light. It didn’t look like a natural light like lightning and the night was clear and calm. I got up quickly to see what it was and just before I got to the window there was another pulse of ultra white light. I looked out of the window I saw a ball of light which was gone in a blink of an eye and left a cloud lit up. Then it went dark and all of a sudden I noticed that the street lights on the main road started to come back on one at a time. I didn’t even notice this at first because the house backs onto fields. At the same time there was a strong wind that died off quickly. I don’t know if I was stunned to what I saw but when the street light started to come back on it dawned on me that I had seen something that I couldn’t really explain."

Wednesday 25th December, 22:00

10 PM. Clear sky. A man was letting his dog out into the back garden and noticed six lights on the sky which were stationary. As he was familiar with the area he knew there was nothing that could account for them. He fetched his camera which had a 500 mm lens and took still photographs and a video.

He was sure the object was not a plane, helicopter or balloon as they stayed in position for about 90 minutes in silence. Then the object slowly turned and headed west, and he assumed he was looking at the back of the object. Then it disappeared in a 'blip of light.'

The witness calculated that if the object was about a kilometre away from him, it would be roughly half a mile long. He could not guess at what altitude it was.

Source: SUFON Files - reported via website submissions May 2021. 

Sunday 29th December

Witness saw what they first took to be a satellite. However they soon noticed another, and another, until they could see about ten objects travelling in line. The furthest would eventually dim and disappear, to be replaced by another object at the beginning of the line. Witness ran inside to get their children and watched the lights for about six minutes, reporting the sighting - presumably of Starlink satellites? - to MUFON later that same day:

"I went to the rear of my house to the recycling bins when i noticed a satellite moving across the sky (which is not unusual) however i noticed another one close to the first object moving in the same direction. i then noticed another one..And another one...And another one.... about ten in line moving in the same direction at the same speed with equal distance apart. 

as the objects got to a certain area of the sky they would get less bright and disappear. at the other side of the sky where the line starts a new object would appear every 2-4 seconds. i ran back to the house to show my children and 2 came out to see the formations. later the eldest came out as well and they were totally amazed. the whole time i saw them was about 6 minutes in total. i have cctv of the children and myself watching the lights (not of the lights) so have got accurate start times."

For more like this please click the image below:
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