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Welsh UFO Sightings 2020

Welsh UFO Sightings

Welsh UFO sightings from 2020. For sightings from other years please click HERE.

If I'd had the sense to do these in order I'd be finished now... :/

4th January, 21:12
Fairwood Airfield, Swansea

N.L. and their son saw an oddly shaped blue light in the sky and took photographs. They reported the sighting to UK UFO on January 14th 2020.

"An oddly shaped pale blue light sighted at the above address, clouds were 9/10th and the Moon was near to full. My son was the first to spot object and was able to get a pretty good image of it before it moved away. He was so excited at capturing the image and because he hurriedly checked to see what he had on his phone, he did not see it move away. As for myself, I too saw the little blue light but dismissed it as a star until I saw the photo that my son sent too my phone. I was and still am dumfounded! photos will follow separately."

Fairwood Airfield 04/01/2020 Fairwood Airfield 04/01/2020

10th January, 03:00

Richard filmed a video of a triangular object he watched zoom into the sky and hover for around an hour.

Source: Paranormal Now Investigations (

18th January, 20:10

Richard T called to his wife Dawn to come look at three orange lights moving slowly in the sky. They were bright at first then went a lighter orange before disappearing. Dawn reported the sighting to UK UFO on January 21st 2020:

"My husband was calling me staying quick come now looks at this, seen 3 orange light moving slowly in the sky behind the Neighbours house so my husband went the to see the lights disappeared, when my Husband returned said he was standing by the back door looking at the sky and just seen 3 orange light appear first he said they were brighter then he called me then went lighter orange."

Tuesday 21st January, c. 18:00
Between Swansea and Carmarthenshire

Residents have reported seeing a mysterious blue light in the sky between Swansea and Carmarthenshire. The strange "blob" was spotted from around 6pm onwards on Tuesday 21 January.

One resident from Llanelli, saw the "blue or purple light" at Llangennech and said "it looked like it was coming from the M4, it moved to the right then went off".

Andrea Harries said she saw the strange light at around 6.05pm from her garden in Penllergaer. "I came out into the garden with the dog and saw a blue, purplish light. It was bright but dimming every now and then. It moved over to Pontlliw and then towards Llanelli and then it just went."

She described it as being a "fair size", adding: "There was no noise and at the time there were no planes or anything - I don't know what it was."

Another resident Pixie Fear, 22, saw the light out her window while doing university work at her Pontarddulais home.

She said: "Me and my brother came outside and this blob lit up the sky and flashed on and off. It was just floating through the sky going west. It was huge. We did a plane tracker but there were no planes about - it was going between Llanelli and Carmarthen and was so bright. It seemed to go pretty far, at least a few miles and quite quickly - bearing in mind it was far away so probably looked slower than it was."

 Source: ITV News, 22/01/2020.

Monday 27th January
Pembrey (SA16 0EJ)

Witness saw three red lights in a triangle shape, with a white light in the middle, hovering over the military range. The object then moved slowly westwards and descended behind trees. The sighting lasted 4 minutes and was reported to MUFON the same day:

"I was in the park garden that faces pembray country park when i saw three red lights in a triangle shape with a white light in the middle hovering over the military range. the object then moved form east to west slowly descending behind trees until you could not see it. it made no sound and seemed not to have any windows. this is not the first time i have seen this."

Pembrey 27/01/2020

Thursday 30th January, 00:15

12.15 AM. Calm night.

Elwyn Perks (41) saw an orange dot the size of which he compared with the wingspan of an aeroplane with an orange downward-curved line on each side. It moved silently and very slowly from east to west then hovered from time to time. The lines on either side of the object then disappeared. The object then slowly ascended in the sky, getting smaller until it vanished.

Elwyn said, "It was not an aeroplane or a helicopter. The night was dead calm and these nights you can always hear the engines of aircraft and also there was no flashing lights associated with aircraft."

Duration of sighting: 3 minutes. Sighting was reported to UFO Watch.

February, 20:33

In response to a FOI request for calls relating to UFOs, North Wales Police released details of the following call:

"Caller can see a very bright light... caller said MOD don't take calls any more for UFO sightings. Caller said that RAF valley is going to have a look. No further calls. Event closed."

Monday 10th February
Pentre Broughton (LL11 6DD)

Witness saw a 'large star like object hovering in the sky'. It dimmed, faded out, then reappeared ten seconds later to the left of its original position. Witness reported the ten minute sighting to MUFON on the same day:

"Saw a large star like bright object (far larger than venus) hovering in sky. it then dimmed by 50% and then faded out. reappeared as bright object again 10 seconds later to the left of the original point. i took x2 photos. when zooming in on the photos later there are several unexplained bright objects present although only x2 object was was seen when taking each photo."

Pentre Broughton 10/02/2020 Pentre Broughton 10/02/2020

Tuesday 18th February
Pontypridd (CF37 1NH)

Witness saw what they first thought to be a star. But it was too large and bright; it pulsated before growing dimmer and then suddenly disappearing. They reported the five minute sighting to MUFON on the same day:

"At first glance i thought i was looking at a star but then realized it was to big and bright to be a star and as i kept watching it began pulsating this lasted around five minutes then started getting dimmer then suddenly disappeared i waited patiently to see if it would return but unfortunately nothing this is not the first time we have seen some strange lights in the skies around here."

Thursday 25th February
Bryn Road, Fforestfach, Swansea (SA5 8HT)

Witness and her brother, Rhys, saw a very large ball of light in the sky. It flashed in and out but remained stationary for some time, then began moving up and down, left and right, and changing size and shape. The sighting lasted 20 minutes before the object disappeared and a shooting star like figure flashed over it. Witness reported the sighting to MUFON on the same day and submitted a short video. (Converted to GIF 08/06/2021)

"My brother whom i live at home with went for a cigarette outside in our back yard he then called to me to look out the window. i could not believe what i was seeing, a very large ball of light beaming in the sky ive seen helicopters planes etc and this was not one. it flashed in and out but it just stayed in the same spot for a while as if it were watching something it then started going up down left and right and changing size and shape. this happened for a good 20 minutes before it disappeared and a shooting star like figure flashed over it- very bizarre and actually frightened me! family and friends have urged me to send this information to you."

Fforestfach UFO 25/02/2020

Monday 2nd March, 20:45
Pontypridd (CF37 1NH)

Witness reported their 15 minutes long sighting to MUFON on the same day: "Once again i observed a star like object hovering in the sky pulsating then dimmed slowly until it finally disappeared."

Monday 2nd March, 21:00

Nick Davies was out walking his dog and observed an orange ball of light which appeared to lift off from the ground in the direction of Newport in the east. He assumed it lifted off as he only saw it when it appeared above the houses opposite the field he was in. 

At first he thought it was a firework and was about to explode, but it continued climbing at an angle. It then stopped and made an acute left turn and started coming in his direction.

He started videoing with his phone, but only managed to get 30 odd seconds of footage of bad quality video, and he only managed to record it in its later stages when it wasn't so bright as when it first appeared. The light eventually vanished from sight.

Source: SUFON Files - witness email on 2nd March 2020.

Thursday 12th March, 05:00

Ben James Thomas Olsen saw 70ish white starlike orbs in the sky. They moved erratically and at one point some formed a triangle outline. Event was filmed and put on facebook, and reported to MUFON on the same day.

"70 ish white starlike orb/ craft 5am for 16 mins. every few seconds more and more would come usually from similar direction but not always. watched and filmed all of it but not great/ clear footage off phone put on fb under ben james thomas olsen. at times erratic movements and manoeuvres etc including 3 way near collision but formed a triangle formation. one speeding upto another swerved to pass it. definitely controlled by intelligence. 1which thought shooting star but might have been craft.Not star link satellites nothing in common with movements etc,not flares or drones or planes etc unless any other plausible explanations i can only put them as unknown militarily craft or extraterrestrial craft. very strange but very cool."

Friday 13th March, 05:15
Llanelli (SA15 3SP)

Witness saw 30+ star like lights moving from east to west. (Almost certainly Starlink satellites.) They reported the sighting to MUFON on the same day.

"I saw 30 + which i counted star like lights moving from west to east. 100 east 51 41'29'' n 4 8'50'' w these were followed by around 8 plane like objects flashing green red with a white light that stayed on and were a lot bigger than the 30 star like objects. at first glance i thought the star like objects were satellites until i counted 30+ of them. the episode lasted around 20 minutes during which 10 of them minutes i contacted my mother. i was out walking the dogs. i have the exact coordinates and on the compass. i haven never experienced anything like this in my life the objects seemed to move perfect distances apart in 3-5s all following each other. occasionally some would over take others. i know exactly what i saw and this was no satalites or planes."

Tuesday 24th March
Presteigne (LD8 2DG)

Witness saw an orange light in the sky that sometimes enlarged and changed colour to purple. The five minute sighting was reported to MUFON on Wednesday 25th March.

"It was orange light in sky to big for star so zoomed in and it would enlarge and go purple and sometimes go real dark and sometimes was like it tried to zoom out of camera view and had interfering on my videos"

Presteigne UFO 24/03/2020

Friday 27th March
Tonypandy (CF20 2RG)
Witness saw lights flying in groups of three or four. Through binoculars the objects looked like small bolts of lightning, moving and 'zipping back and forth'. Witness' brother also took a photograph of a strange object in the sky 10 miles away. The ten minutes long sighting was reported to MUFON the same day.

"Light which were flying in groups of 3 and 4. closer inspection through binoculars i found that the objects were like little bolts of lightining strikes. zipping back and fourth but moving at the same time. i went out to my garden as my brother had just taken a photo of something strange in the sky 10 miles away. as i have a good view of the valkey, i decided to go out to see if i could see anything. which i did. i also have a photo that he took if object he saw"


Saturday 28th March, 21:00

Anna went out to her garden for a cigarette. Her dogs started barking and she saw a bright point of light in the sky moving fast towards the ground. As it descended it grew in size. She said:

"When it was the size of a football it stopped and started moving horizontally towards me. It was a very bright ball orange and red colour. At some point I could notice like flames around it."

After some time the object flew back into the sky at incredible speed. Source: - reported by witness on 29th March 2020.

Saturday 28th March, c. 21:45

Witness saw a stream of very high lights. They didn't think they were linear enough to be Starlink satellites. The hour long sighting was reported to MUFON on Sunday 29th March.

"From approx 21.45 when first noticed,a stream of apparently very high "lights" seemed to travel from roughly the left side of orion, past gemini, then slowly diminishing when reaching zenith. my first thoughts were very high military "aircraft" but the apparent height and speed (approx 17,000mph) kind of lessened the likelihood of them being planes. a family member on phone said elon musks space train but they seemed far too separated and non-linear to be like videos i've seen. i have to stop and continue this report in due time, as its very late."

Monday 6th April, 23:30 - 00:30 (07/04/2020)
Nevern (SA41 3UY)

Witness saw a very bright light 'bobbing in the air' and occasionally moving from left to right. They and their son watched it for some time, noting how it occasionally descended 10 to 20 feet before returning to its original altitude, and that the sheep in a nearby field were making a lot of noise. Witness reported the hour long sighting to MUFON on Tuesday 7th April:

"Whilst working late my attention was brought to a very bright light to the north west of felindre, pembrokeshire in west wales. i approached the window and become aware the object was moving, bobbing in the air and at occasions moving from left to right etc. my son was up late watching tele, he came to observe the object through the window, we both decided to venture outside and stood to the front of our home. my son pointed out that the sheep in a field away in the direction of the object were making lots of noise. we watched the object which occasionally descended 10 to 20 feet but return to it's original altitude but it was far too cold to stay outdoors and so we returned to the house. from my office window the object remained visible, as i continued my work i'd now and then look to the window to see if the object remained but by 12:30 the object had completely gone. this was a very clear moon lit night and throughout the whole event there were no clouds."

Nevern UFO 06/04/2020

Friday 17th April, 21:29

A witness saw a glowing green orb being chased by a helicopter at treetop height, somewhere over Chepstow:

"I was at home and heard helicopter sounds so looked out of my window and took 3 photos of a glowing green orb being chased by a helicopter. 2 other friends at different locations in the town also saw the event. I took photos because this sort of event has happened before mostly at night and sometime being chased by a black helicopter with no lights on."

They reported the sighting to MUFON on June 26th 2020.

Sunday 19th April
Port Talbot (SA12 6JD)

Witness and their family were watching for meteors when they saw 50+ starlike objects in a straight line. (Almost certainly Starlink satellites.) They reported the 20 minute sighting to MUFON on the same day:

"My self and my family were hoping to spot some meteors on april 19th 2020. we spotted several moving lights going in different directions (we see things like this all the time in the night sky and thought nothing of it) then while talking to our neighbor, we observed many shiny starlike objects moving in a straight line, uniformly distanced and continued for about 20-25 minutes. we did not count them but ther must have been about 50+ during the event we observed more lights moving in different directions and we noticed an aeroplane coming from the west and heading in the same general direction."

Friday 24th April
Ogmore-by-Sea (CF32 0PR)

Witness took photographs of a military plane and later realised there was another object alongside the plane. They were forwarded to MUFON the same day:

"Hearing the roar of a military plane i grabbed my phone to take a photo. the plane was not travelling at high speed however was high in the sky. my attention was concentrated on the plane. it was not until i viewed the photo after that i saw the odd object alongside the plane."

Ogmore-by-Sea UFO 24/04/2020

27th April, c. 23:15 - 23:30

GMD saw a line of lights travelling across the sky - later identified as Starlink satellites.

"I was putting the bins out when I noticed a single small dim orange light traversing the night sky. I initially assumed it was a satellite, then I noticed another similar light following it…followed by another…then another…then another! In the approx. 5 – 10 minutes that I noticed and observed them, there must have been in the region of 20 – 30 lights passing over, all travelling roughly, in my estimation, from NW to SW (I couldn’t see exactly where they were going as a bank of cloud had rolled in and obscured my vision). What struck me was how constant and uniform these lights were – they appeared to be travelling at the same speed, the same altitude, in exactly the same direction and all appearing to have the same distance between them. I can’t say with any certainty as to the altitude of these objects, save to say that my impression was that they were high up. I couldn’t determine their exact speed other than they didn’t appear to move very fast – these lights were visible for about 10 – 15 seconds from their first appearance to disappearing behind the cloud cover. They were observed at an azimuth of about 40 – 50 degrees. I couldn’t make out any noticeable sound. Of course, one possibility is that they were Chinese lanterns, but having observed these in previous years their flight patterns appeared to be much less uniform (some flying higher than others), whilst it could’ve been satellites although the ones I’ve seen have always appeared individually rather than in a group. My towards space debris e.g. booster rocket breaking up after re-entering the atmosphere. It would be interesting to know if anyone else saw anything, or might be able to provide a rational explanation."

On May 4th the poster added a comment with the explanation: "I may have a possible explanation for this sighting – after searching online for any other mention of the sighting, there have already been reports on online media about a line of strange lights in the skies above North Wales and NW England. It is believed to be a fleet (of up to sixty) of what are known as Starlink communications satellites launched in November 2019 by Elon Musk’s SpaceX company. So, no alien invasion just yet! I’d say it’s pretty much case closed as far as this sighting goes."

Sunday 10th May
Llangollen (LL20 8AD)

Witness saw extremely bright lights coming from a tunnel shape in the sky. The tunnel object moved across the forest with a beam that seemed to be pulling a saucer shaped disc from the ground to the light. A smaller green object followed. Witness reported the sighting to MUFON on Friday 15th May:

"I observed extremely bright lights which came from a tunnel shape in the sky, this was met bet the same tunnel coming from the ground, the object moved across the forest with the beam which seemed to be pulling a saucer shaped disc from the ground up to the bright light. the whole thing was followed by a smaller green object. the main object was close and very large. i have photos which show the whole thing and i am happy to share these after a personal response."

Monday 11th May
Upper Tumble, Carmarthenshire (SA14 6BP)

Witness, while smoking cannabis, saw a UFO in their mind and then in the sky. They reported the sighting and submitted a video (converted to GIF 10/06/2021) to MUFON on the same day:

"I was smoking cannabis last night as usual, when after watching sirius and unacknowledged by steven greer i felt this weird feeling as if i was connected with everything so i was very intrigued and i envisioned a ufo in space inside my mind and though hard and one came into my sight and it stayed for a while before shooting off, it was amazing."

Tumble UFO 11/05/2020

Monday 25th May
Hope, Flintshire

Witness saw a bright light pulsing above the contrail left by an aircraft. It moved slowly and steadily to the west, then suddenly shot off at a fast rate towards the south until it was out of sight. Witness reported the sighting to UFO Hunters on Friday 29th May 2020:

"I was sitting outside in south facing garden, I was watching an aircraft with contrail heading South east, I noticed a small bright light pulsing, it was very high seeming higher than the contrail left by the aircraft, the sky was blue and clear the sun was at mid day, but as I was wearing transitions sunglasses the glare was reduced significantly. I watched the pulsating light which was moving steadily and slowly towards the West, it past in front of the suns glare at which point I had lost sight of it but reapeared still at the same leisurely pace and direction, it then suddenly shot off at fast rate towards the south at which point it was gone from sight"

Tuesday 2nd June, 15:00
Bolgoed Road, Pontarddulais

Broken cloud.

Mrs Pearce was with her husband at home, sitting in their garden in Bolgoed Road, Pontarddulais and she spotted a grey object moving around above them just below the clouds. It was making erratic movements. She managed to take a photograph of it before it suddenly shot off.

The object is visible in the bottom left quarter of the photograph below.

Pontarddulais UFO 02/06/2020

Source: SUFON Files - Email from David Pearce on 11th June 2020. (

Saturday 6th June

Witness saw a translucent v shaped object moving slowly overhead. It then made a left turn and disappeared from view. The sighting lasted ten and fifteen seconds and was reported to MUFON on Monday 8th June 2020.

"I was out rear garden when i saw a translusent v shaped object moving really slow coming over the houses made a slow left turn then i could not see it anymore didn't see any exseleration it just wasn't visable anymore the whole thing lasted no more than 10/15 seconds"

Sunday 7th June, 03:00
Caerau, Maesteg

3 AM. Clear cold night with some low cloud.

Maesteg Ambulance Station is part of the fire station on Coegnant Road, Caerau, Maesteg. Paramedic Paul Griffiths was working the night shift and was sitting in the cab of his ambulance parked in the back yard of the station with the lights of the ambulance switched off. He was with a colleague and together they were scanning the night skies, as they would often do, his colleague for wildlife (this being his interest) and Paul for stars, satellites and the ISS (this being his interest).

Just after 3 am, his colleague was the first to spot an object in the sky to the north-east, in the area of the Bwlch wind farm on the mountains to the north of Caerau, about two miles away, and slightly obscured by a wispy cloud, and over an area of what would be bare mountain and forestry typical of the South Wales valleys area. About ten degrees above the mountain top, the object had alternating red, green, blue and white lights and remained in the same spot for over two hours.

The two men both viewed the object through binoculars. It was described as disc-shaped and sitting at an angle of about 45 degrees. There was a green then orange hue to the sky and what can only be described as a "pulse". Paul's colleague pointed his phone at the object but the poor quality of the resulting video shows just a bright light behind the cloud, and a recording of the witnesses discussing it.

They used a clothes line post in an adjacent garden as a reference point so as the earth rotated the object stayed approximately 20 degrees east of north - ruling out a star or planet, such as Venus which was rising at about this time. Paul is familiar with astronomy and also aircraft, having done his training with the RAF. As a paramedic he is also used to seeing helicopters and their associated warning lights.

There was no sound, and when viewing through binoculars, Paul could see there were multi-coloured lights. The size of the object was estimated as big - much bigger than a commercial aircraft. Paul's colleague, a professed sceptic, could not believe what he was seeing. Paul explained:

"My binoculars are not as powerful but the lights were very crisp and not flashing like port and starboard aircraft lights....they were red, blue, green and white....I thought initially it was a diamond shape but my colleague said disc and sitting at an angle. His night vision obviously better than mine."

Paul's compass which he keeps in the cab, went erratic and the computer in the station was later found to have 'tripped out'. Just after dawn, Paul had got in his car and driven up the road during his break to see if he could get a better view of the object, but without success. When he returned to the station, his colleague wasn't around, had presumably gone to the toilet. Paul looked again for the lights and noticed that they had gone. He took his colleague's binoculars and walked to the front of the station to scan the area. He saw the disc again, this time it was swaying from side to side and it moved off north away from him "in a fluid movement". "At this point the disc was horizontal with a distinct but gentle dome shape to the top and maybe a white light above that."

Paul watched as it disappeared towards the north.

"My compass did not settle down until some time after the event, neither did my colleague's which for some time showed north as east. There was definitely some kind of magnetic disturbance!"

Source: SUFON FILES - witness report via website reporting submission, 7 June 2020. (

Saturday 13th June, 04:50
Bolgoed Road, Pontarddulais

Mrs Pearce had had a restless night and went into the garden of her home in Bolgoed Road. She spotted a bright round object in the sky above her location clear blue sky moving slowly from east to west. She took a few photographs of it while it made slow progress across the sky over about a 6 minute period. It then just disappeared.

Pontarddulais UFO 13/06/2020

Source: SUFON Files - email from David Pearce on 13th June 2020. (

Wednesday 24th June, 01:20

Clear night. Slight moonlight.

A witness was laying in bed, suffering from insomnia and gazing through the window at the stars. A large bright silver/white craft passed his field of view, travelling east to west. It took 2-3 seconds to pass his window. He estimated it was within a half a mile of his house, over the sand dunes moving towards Port Talbot. The size of the object was estimated as two double-decker buses. A sound he cannot describe was heard, but definitely not the high pitch of a drone or the roar of a military jet. There were no lights and no engine vapour trail.

He quickly ran to find the nearest thing he could to draw it on - a sheet of wet 'n dry sandpaper with chalk. He does not believe in UFOs but cannot explain what he saw. The moon was weak, not casting a reflective light, yet the huge object was very bright. The clarity of his view was compared to seeing an overhead plane through binoculars and in full detail. The thing that struck him was the lack of welds or rivets to be seen. He said it was like a single material without joins.

He asked his friend, Mark Evans to report it for him, who said that the witness is a reputable friend who had sworn on his family's lives that he definitely witnessed something he cannot explain.

drawing of Pyle UFO 24/06/2020

Source: SUFON database via Facebook - UFO Sightings in Wales, 24th June 2020. (

Friday 26th June, 23:00
Llandaff, Cardiff

11 PM. Warm, almost clear with lightning to the west.

The witness, a man, was looking out of his window and spotted an object displaying lights towards the east, hovering above a treeline in the vicinity of Pontcanna, about a quarter of a mile away. The object was about 200 feet in the air and moving slowly at about 10-20 mph from south to north - Pontcanna to Llandaff (River Taff area).

He could not make out a shape to the object. He said that it had flashing lights, but not like a helicopter, and was silent. He looked at it through binoculars and from his loft he saw that it had a yellow-orange light at the front and another at the back, and between the two, there were about six yellow lights which lit up and went off repeatedly in sequence "like at a funfair" from left to right and then right to left. He watched as it moved slowly from north to south for about five minutes, then it turned and moved east, away from him for five minutes before he lost sight of it.

About 20 minutes after he had lost sight of the object, a helicopter appeared from the direction of St. Athan (south-west) and headed in the direction of the object when last seen by the witness.

Source: SUFON Files - witness report, June 2020. (

Sunday 19th July, c. 22:40

Approximately 10.40 PM. Clear sky.

Christopher Austin and his partner Melanie Evans were in their back garden, watching the sky, which they often did, hoping to spot any unusual activity. A strange red light flashed which then blended in to look like a star which remained stationary for a short time. it was located just east of the Ursa Major constellation. The light was at a very high altitude, maybe even in orbit and Christopher estimated it as about 4 times the size of a football pitch. It then disappeared in front of their eyes.

5 minutes later a bright yellowish light was seen moving slowly across the sky. It suddenly flashed red for a second then returned to yellow and was visible for about a minute before it disappeared.

Source: SUFON Files - witness submission on website, July 2020.

Tuesday 21st July, 02:41
Connah's Quay

Lynn Murphy, 60, woke up and saw two objects through her bedroom window. One of the objects was spinning and looked similar to a "white tic tac" that had "two black crosses underneath it." Next to it was a "very clear orange circle" that was like nothing she had ever seen before.

She was shocked to discover that her friend who lived in Prestatyn had shared some images on Facebook minutes earlier of some strange objects in the sky. Lynn could now see exactly the same objects above the house opposite her window.

"At first I thought it looked like a giant star that was out of place. It was massive and looked like it shouldn't have been there. It wasn't the space station or a satellite, it wasn't an airplane or a drone - it wasn't anything I know of, it was just this bright light turning quickly."

About two weeks later Lynn discovered that a neighbour had also seen the objects that night.

"There were four witnesses that I know of. It is very intriguing. There was no noise so it couldn't have been a helicopter."

Source: North Wales Live by Lydia Morris, 31st August 2020.

Friday 7th August, 07:30
Port Talbot

7.30 AM. Broken cloud.

Mark Rayworth was driving to work and passing Port Talbot on the eastbound M4 motorway. As he was approaching the end of the fly-over section of the motorway, roughly in line with the start of the steel works to the right, he spotted a bright white object at about a 30-40 degree elevation over the steel works. It was possibly reflecting the early morning sun but there was another object which was dark to its left. He managed to risk taking a photo with his phone but the dark object was not in frame.

He then saw a dark triangular object in the same area which he managed to photograph. This was moving to the south-east, and keeping pace with his car. To Mark's surprise it 'morphed' before his eyes into a black helicopter. Again, he took a photo. The helicopter suddenly turned on its axis and dived, again 'morphing' into a light aircraft!

He lost sight of the object then as he continued on his journey. Mark has suggested that his perception of the object had been changed by the object/its operators by switching frequency in order to appear to be an object acceptable to the percipient. However, despite there being many cases on file as evidence that this has indeed happened before, he acknowledges that this theory doesn't fit in that his phone camera recorded the changes in the object's appearance.

Source: SUFON Files - Mark Rayworth's presentation at SUFON conference, 25th August 2020. (

Saturday 15th August, evening

Cloudy with rain.

Mike Maunder at home in Bishopston when his television went off. After 15 minutes it hadn't come back on so he went to get his spare TV. He was about to plug it in when he experienced a power cut. 20 minutes after the TV had gone off, the electricity came back on and so did the TV. In the meantime, the power cut set off the alarms in the nearby Bishopston Secondary School went off and police attended.

Many of his neighbours, as well as Mike had gone outside during the power outage and saw light flashes seemingly rising upwards, in a location Mike estimated as being in the area of Swansea Airport/Fairwood Common to the north. Mike commented on the local Facebook community group:

"There'd be nothing left if it came from a caravan park... they were seriously big flashes just like a big thunderstorm, must have been some huge power surges going on and not the place you'd want to be."

Many people in the area were commenting on red flashes being seen and the power on Bishopston Road was going off and on a few times.

A message from Western Power was received:

"Apologies for the disruption. Something is causing our network to trip. It is automatically resetting but our engineers are looking for the cause."

10.09 PM:

In the Sketty area of Swansea, Frankie & Nia Vaughan and their young son saw a three flashes of light, each one spaced apart by a few seconds.

"Each time the light caused a power cut for around 6 seconds. Absolutely no sound at all, managed to record one light."

Kris Prevel in Dunvant said her lights flickered a few times. She looked out of the window and saw an orange flash twice, with no sound.

"I don't think it was lightning. Odd, the light was in two different places. The lights flickered four times. No sign of anything now [10.15 PM]. She asked Steve Drewson who was in the Poundffald Pub, if he had experienced anything in Three Crosses, to which he answered in the negative. However a little later he messaged her:

"Walking back home now. Lots of orange flashes over South Gower."

Kris wondered if it was lightning coloured by the atmosphere.

Source: SUFON Files. (

24th August, 14:55
Llysfaen Road, Old Colwyn (LL29 9HL)

Witness felt a stronge urge to look up at the sky and take a photograph. At first they saw nothing, then there was a glimpse of bright lights for an instant. The photograph showed three lights forming a triangle. They submitted it to MUFON on the same day.

"I had a sense to look up at the sky and take a picture. i knew something was there without seeing anything at first. there was a glimpse of bright lights for an instance. in the photo three separate points of light appear in a triangular formation. they did not remain for a second photo."

Colwyn UFO 24/08/2020

29th August, 22:30
Penycae Inn, Neath

Witness and their friend saw six to ten large lights in the sky, flashing indepently of each other. They watched for 5 to 10 minutes and the objects remained stationary. Witness reported the sighting to MUFON on September 7th 2020.

"From the car park of the penycae inn i witnessed a string of lights all flashing independent of each other, there was only six to ten lights but they were very large. they must have been only a couple of hundred feet in the sky, way higher than the tree line. i must have stood there with my friend for 5 to ten minutes and it did not move. in the end we left and that was still in the same place. i was so busy trying to figure out what i was looking at i didn't even think of getting my phone out to film or take a photo."

Tuesday 18th August

Reports came in of a large disc-shaped object was seen above Neath during the night. No further info as yet.

Source: SUFON Files. (

Monday 31st August, 21:15

Clear sky, no wind.

Suzanne was outside her house in North Close on the north-west edge of Saundersfoot, playing with her dog when she saw what she described as a huge bright reddish-orange light moving from the north-east, going in a westerly direction. The light was at an elevation of about 45 degrees It was not blinking and seemed to move fast at first.

"It was travelling about the speed one would expect of a helicopter at that height it seemed to be, which is why I thought it was a helicopter's headlight except why was it orange? Of course, I don't really know how high up it was, but the size was like a centimetre across if your fingers were held at arm's length. It was travelling in a horizontal path."

Then as the light came level with her garden it slowed down to almost a halt above the house roof behind her small garden. Then it diminished in size to a pin-prick, a red dot and faded away. There was no sound.

She wanted to stay watching it rather than running inside to get her phone. She's sure it was not a flare. There were no other lights visible and no flashing lights. Just one huge single bright light.

Source: SUFON Files - Facebook message received 31st August 2020.

Wednesday 9th September, c. 03:00
Swansea Bay off Port Talbot

About 3 AM. Clear sky.

Barry from Neath, was fishing on the beach at Aberavon, Port Talbot. It was low tide and he was at the water's edge. The tide here recedes quite a way from the promenade and so he was really in a dark location. Nearby were two other fishermen that he knew, and a bit further away were others.

As he was sitting there looking towards the sea in the quiet darkness, he suddenly became aware of a white glow beneath the surface around 600-700 yards off shore. Then a bright orange round object appeared above where the white glow had been. At first he thought it must be a light on a boat being turned on. Barry thinks it was quite large, about the size of a peanut held at arms length, so at that distance would have been about the size of a bus. Its orange colour was more red towards its outside edge.

After a few seconds the men watching were all shocked when they saw the spherical object suddenly shoot straight up into the sky at phenomenal speed. Barry said it turned a darker red as it went up and he followed it until it disappeared in the starry sky. There was no noise associated with the object.

Source: SUFON Files - witness interviewed on line by Emlyn Williams on 14th September 2020 and on video with Emlyn Williams, Mike Maunder and Steve Drewson on location, 16th Sep 2020.

Thursday 24th September

A 60-year-old man was in his back garden in the Wrexham area and saw a flat disc flying over the site of Brymbo steelworks. He described it as being black in colour:

"It came from the direction of Chirk towards Queensferry. It was a flat disc, it was very strange. The wind was going in another direction, so don't think it was floating so it wasn't a balloon or a bin liner, it went in a straight line. It seemed to be 100 ft high at the most. It was about as big as a car. There was nobody attached to it and there wasn't a cabin, so it didn't appear to be a craft. It wasn't a drone. When I first saw it I thought someone had let a balloon go. But when I looked at it I could see it was flat. Then it turned over so the bottom was the top, and then it flew again. It wasn't going up or down, or side to side, it was going in a perfectly straight line. I could hear dog walkers saying, 'Look at that?' and 'What is that?'

He believed others will have seen the object as it was at a time when people would be driving home from work and it appeared to pass to the west of Wrexham over Tanyfron, Brymbo, Pentre Broughton, Caergwrle and continued heading north in the direction of Broughton, Hawarden and possibly Queensferry.

The witness took a video on his tablet for about 12 seconds, but when he looked it hadn't worked. He tried videoing something later and it worked fine.

The man was right in his thoughts that other had seen it. Painter and illustrator, Clare Thompson saw the disc (if indeed it was the same one) flying over her area just over the English border at Lache Lane in the western edge of Chester:

"I think I saw the same object. I've never seen anything inexplicable in the sky before but that did confuse me. I have been looking for any info that fits as it baffled me.... The timing sounds right and the location is the right trajectory - it flew over our neighbourhood round by Lache Lane towards Flintshire. Also the description of the way it was moving is spot on. Only difference being I thought it was smaller than a car and silver/reflective. Definitely flat and a disc and not a balloon or a drone."
Source: - 29 September 2020 by Matt Warner - / - - 11 October 2020 by Matt Warner

Saturday 10th October, 19:33
Cwmbran, Torfaen (NP44 4NN)

Witness saw a bright red light, shaped roughly like a filled in number 8, moving south-east. It stopped for a moment before resuming the same trajectory. It appeared to get lower and witness lost sight of it behind trees. The three minute long sighting was reported to MUFON on Sunday 11th October 2020.

"I opened my front door to check for an expected delivery when i saw the object moving south-east in the skies between the towns of cwmbran and newport. it was a bright red light, solid and shaped roughly like a number 8, but like it was all filled in. it stopped for a moment and resumed the same trajectory. it appeared to be getting lower. i then lost sight of it as it went behind some trees along my road. i checked with a flight tracker site and there was nothing shown for conventional flights passing in that direction at that time."

Monday 12th October, 21:50
Llanvair Cross
Jonathan Davies was home near Llantilio Crossenny in rural Monmouthshire. He let his dogs out into the garden and noticed a very bright white orb approximately 6km to the south west in the area of Llanvair Cross. He reckoned it was about the size of a hot air balloon.

He watched it for about 5 minutes, during which time it gradually dimmed. Then he thought he'd try something - he asked it to get brighter, but before he'd even finished the question it suddenly grew very bright again.

He took his dogs back indoors, and ran to get his phone to take a photo. But when he returned, the object had gone.

Source: SUFON Files - witness reported on 12th October 2020. 

10th November, 21:00 - 22:00 (at least)
Clarach Bay, Aberystwyth

Sylvia E saw a large white oval shaped light darting all around the bay and over constitution hill. She reported it to UK UFO while the light was still visible:

"A large white oval shaped light darting all around the bay and over constitution hill very strange far too big to be a torch and is still happening as I write this we really hope this has been seen by others."

Tuesday 1st December, c. 09:00
Port Talbot

Approximately 9 AM. Sunny with clear sky.

Lee was on his own driving his works van through part of the TATA steelworks in Port Talbot, towards the Harsco site (south-east of the deep-water harbour in the steelworks), when he saw what he thought was a small plane gliding slowly from the direction of the sea to the west, and over the Harsco site. There was no sound or vapour trail.

"The shape of the object was similar to a small plane but the tail was either not attached of mis-shapen compared to the tail of a standard aircraft."

As he got closer he thought it was a large drone until it banked to the right slowly then shot off faster than anything he'd ever seen before, in the direction of Kenfig in the south-east and over the Bristol Channel to the south. It disappeared in about two seconds.

"As it disappeared into the horizon I could just see a bright light moving across the sky and it disappeared from view in literally 2 seconds."

After seeing it he pulled over to take stock and noticed two work colleagues further away, looking up at the sky. Lee phoned one of them who said they had both seen the same but from their viewpoint there had been two flying objects.

Source: SUFON Files - witness submission on website, December 2020. (

Thursday 31st December, 08:15
Swansea Bay

Darren Hembrow was at home in St. Thomas and saw a bright object in the morning sky, to the south-west, above the city centre St. Mary's Church tower, but much further away in the direction of Mumbles, below cloud level. 

He said it was extremely bright, like a mirror reflecting sunlight. It was about the size of a 5p piece. The object remained motionless for a while. When he looked again at 11.10 am, the object had gone.

Source: SUFON Files - witness messaged on 1st January 2021.

For more like this please click the image below:
Weird Wales


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