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Welsh UFO Sightings 1904

Welsh UFO Sightings

Welsh UFO sightings from 1904. For sightings from other years please click HERE.


Mary Jones, the 'Egryn prophetess', had a vision then began to see lights in the sky which she ascribed to a guiding light from God.

After interviewing her, Beriah G Evans described the phenomena like so:

"The "star" appeared on the night when her mission actually commenced, and following the night of her vision. It was preceded by a luminous arch like a misty rainbow, one end resting on the sea, the other on the mountain top, and bathing in a soft effulgence the roof of the little chapel where she commenced her work that night. As a rule, the "star," one of unusual brilliance and magnitude, appears in the near southern heavens, and vanishes when appear the weird "lights" which follow, precede, or accompany her on her journeys, and without which she never starts on a mission. She speaks of these as naturally as she would of any matter of everyday life. So does her 12- year-old daughter Annie, who has inherited in a marked degree her mother's recently-discovered gift of prayer."

Howell Elvet Lewis described how the lights guided her work during December 1904:

"She gave many a striking incident of this fortnight’s meetings, which I need not chronicle here. She made no reference to the signs, until my friend and I asked her. She answered as simply as if she were speaking about the fire on the hearth that she had seen, almost from the first, each evening, a fire or light, between her and the hills which rise from the marshy shore – a quickly vibrating light, 'as though full of eyes' so another described it. It had revealed to her what to expect at the meetings? Yes, without fail. 

One evening, she had interpreted the sign to mean four converts. But only three responded when the test was made in the crowded little chapel. 'But there must be four', she said. No, there could not be: all the rest, except the three who had declared themselves that evening, were already members. ‘But there ought to be four tonight’, she repeated. No fourth could be found till the door of the little vestibule was opened, and one stood there halting between two opinions. The opening of the door, and a kindly word of invitation brought the inquirer inside. The four were completed ...

She had seen the light hovering over some houses on the hill-tops; she was puzzled, for she thought there was no one in those houses unconverted, or at least out of church membership. But one day she was told by the Wesleyan minister at Barmouth and another friend, who visited her, that there was one old woman in one of the houses, not now on Christ’s side. 'Ah, that must be it', she said. The two friends went up, found the woman in concern for her son. Mrs Jones visited her; she became one of the fifty-one in that marvellous fortnight."

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