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Welsh UFO Sightings 1943

Welsh UFO Sightings

Welsh UFO sightings from 1943. For sightings from other years please click HERE.

June 1943
South Wales

'Jayne', who had had a previous abduction experience in c. 1934, was abducted by fairly typical grey type beings and a human looking man she knew as the Khan. The aliens gave her a lot of knowledge but she later dismissed it and other childhood encounters as vivid dreams - until she and her then boyfriend were abducted together when she was 21. (c. 1954?)

Margaret Fry recorded the details in 'Who Are They?':

"The following year or after a few years from what she can recall, they shifted because her father took another job, so lost the tied cottage. They went to live in a house owned by her Uncle. Broadbean House ... This was in a very rural setting, even more so than Swanbridge Lane, there was a small semi-circular lane leading to her Uncle’s farmhouse, with two large fields between them. The houses were not visible to each other; the fields and houses were flanked on one side by a river.

Each summer her Uncle permitted the gypsies to park in the field nearer their house, they helped out on the farm. She and her cousins sometimes talked to the gipsy children. Her Uncle liked and was liked by the gypsies. on this occasion, she thought it must have been in the early days of the War, but did not remember exactly when, she was walking down the lane to her Uncle’s house, when she looked across at the group of gipsy caravans, when she noticed one much larger, and richer looking “caravan” in silver, parked apart from them by the river. She wondered who was rich enough to own such a van, as the day before something had happened which she vividly recalls in detail to this day.

Her Mother always sent her to school with jam sandwiches for Lunch, which she absolutely hated. When after school she cut across a footbridge over the river, she walked into the field where the gipsy children were, as she was allowed to talk to them, she was talking to a little boy. She had been unwrapping the hated sandwiches to throw in the river, when she noticed the expression on his face. The sandwiches were all squashed and horrible, and seeing her house in the distance she was hesitating between gulping them down or pitching them away, when she looked at his big eyes and really noticed how ragged and thin he was.

He said, “if you don’ t want them, can I have them?” and he just gulped them down. “Doesn’t your Mam feed you?” “Doesn’t your Mam have any food coupons to feed you?” “We are gypsies, we are not allowed to have coupons”. This left a very deep and lasting impression on her principles in life. I said, “That would have been during the War?”

Yes I think it was May 1943, when I try to go back in my mind about it. At the moment my mind is going back and forth, trying to remember for you. I think I was taken into one of these silver caravans when I was also about 6, but I want to tell you now about when I was 10 or 11 years old I think. I want to tell you about this now ... because this evening when I was walking down to my Uncle’s house to play with my cousins, it was dusk. And I saw this caravan. It was a few days, no 2 weeks later, as I think it was now June 1943, because by this time the gipsy caravans had left, and they always left by June. There was this long, long silver caravan, with a row of a lot of windows sitting in the field where the gipsy vans had been. I think the windows were round, but I’m not sure of that.

Some weeks before in May, I had seen something that looked like a silver disc or a helmet sitting near the gipsy vans, but nearer the rlver. I thought then one of the gypsies must have been much richer than the rest, because I thought of the starving little boy who ate my sandwiches. But this time it was bigger, still and long, not the same shape, so I thought they had to be very rich. So naturally I felt so curious, I walked down the field in the gathering dark, I did not feel afraid. The lights were the only bright ones there. There were no streetlights between my Uncle’s house and ours in the lane between, and no other lights anywhere. Our house and my Uncle’s house had gas lighting, which wasn’t half as bright.

As I was walking down the field towards the caravan, a man and a woman came up on either side of me. They wore the same green/grey boiler suits, one had the same ray gun in his hand. I felt forced to walk with them. They took me up to a door, and I was shut in with them. I could not move, I was now very afraid; because when walking towards the caravan with them I had seen 80-90 people all from Broadbean Street, standing like statues outside the caravan, guarded by the boiler-suited men with ray guns pointed at them.

This was the one occasion I insisted upon interrupting. This conversation was taking place in a very rocky but extra pretty little cove, which she had asked Ron to drive to, near by to this area of her first abduction. Again after ensuring Ron had a drink etc. in the car, we had carefully picked our way down to the sea with my dog. The sole interruptions had been to make sure my dog did not stray too far. It was sunny but quite windy, so I now asked if we could move to sitting in a more sheltered spot, which we did behind some large rocks. I asked if she was sure there had been 80-90 people there? “Oh yes,” she said, “I recognised many of them, the butcher, the baker, milkman, shop people, people down that street, I used to go to school in the area. And afterwards I longed to ask them if they remembered.”

This lady was so reticent about herself, her family and background that I felt it would not have taken much for her to have stopped talking altogether. We had motored a very long way, at some expense to interview her, so I put up with the discomfort of sitting in the wind facing the Bristol Channel, as she talked. Often tears streamed down her eyes, as her memories became too painful.

Although we were taken to most of the localities where she had these experiences, we stopped where she requested and hardly had the chance of finding out where we were. I was cramped up on the back seat with my dog and luggage which was not conducive to observing much, and Ron has a hopelessly poor sense of direction, I always navigate him. So as far as we observed, her localities are still secret even to us! So wild horses could not even drag them from me! Every so often she was adamant that she did not want ridicule for herself, her family, or her family being told secondhand and disbelieving her, she’d rather they never knew, not even her husband.

Every so often she would go up avenues of thought that she would shut up abruptly and say she was not going to tell me, that I simply would not believe her, or I would think she was mad, which she certainly was not. No, I did not think her mad, suddenly she would use a turn of phrase which would startle me, and I would think of Rae Fountain, Jean Hingley, Irene Williams, the boys in Barnehurst in 1978, and I would know she has the common factor in her which they all have, and which Ron and I instinctively know now, though we could not express it, or pin point it. With them, she has been to hell and back and who are we to gainsay it?

When I asked what happened to the 80-90 people, she said she did not know, because this was the first time she saw somebody she called in her mind The Khan, he wore an ornate ring, was tall and far more like a good-looking person. The others, the boiler-suited, helmeted men were always about 4ft. with grey/white skins, very small, but diamond looking eyes (please note she had never read about Jean Hingley. I gathered she had read some of Erich Von Daniken which she thought defective, 1 or 2 others and Timothy Good’s books).

“These men’s eyes were somewhat slanted, but not like Chinese, they had a thin line for mouths. But I never thought of them as aliens then, as this was the war and everyone wore boiler suits, the farm workers -everyone. I was only 10 or 11 years old”. When she was taken into the caravan, the Khan came up to her, he said “when you were small with your friend, she and her family were ours. We come from Cons Major. We do not have leaders”. He told her many things. If she tried to remember it all, it would take several days telling, he told her they had programmed her from the first time. At this stage, she really wept and then she said she was sorry she could not go on, she said ... and “they did a lot of things to me”. We then got up and went up to a patio type of area, where there was a Pub and food and drinks kiosk. We stopped for drinks and for her to smoke, then we walked towards the parking area where Ron was, and whilst walking she said ‘you see all those years ago, they kept telling me they would not harm me. I had to convince myself I was having re-occurring bad dreams in order to live with it ... but then after I got a job, I had my first boyfriend at 21 years of age, and we were abducted together, so I had to acknowledge to myself that all these things in my childhood really happened. You see now since NASA and all these American probes have gone up, as I’ve heard what they have discovered, I know they are not telling half the truth, the Khan told me there was an anti-matter world near them. You can imagine how I felt when Voyager II went past the satellites of Pluto. He also said there was an anti-matter world alongside us, and to interfere with this, would destroy our whole universe.

Here she tried to explain to me about this anti-gravity and what could happen, but as I was permitted to make no notes and I scarcely understood understood what she was talking about, so I just don’t remember half of what was said. She appeared to understand some of what she recalled being told.


NOTE - The name Khan was something she thought up in childhood, as a name fitting for this exotic-looking being, but she has a vague recollection now that he was referred to as Zoltan."

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