Sunday, 8 August 2021

34 by 34 Bucketlist

34 by 34 Bucketlist

It's that time of year again! I turned 33 on Sunday so here is my bucketlist of things I want to do before I turn another year older...

(You can see how many I managed to check off last year's list HERE. Most of the ones I failed are just recycled here.)

★ Finish this bucketlist! :)
★ Set up an Etsy store.
★ Declutter.
★ Visit a tourist attraction.
★ Knit something.
★ Fold an origami animal.
★ Learn to recognise 10 constellations.
★ Try a new food.
★ Get out of debt.
★ Make a mosaic.
★ Gain a new qualification.
★ Climb a mountain.
Watch 34 new (to me!) films.
★ Complete a sewing project.
★ Macrame something.
★ Write 34,000 words of fiction.
★ Grow a plant.
★ Paint a room.
★ Walk along the beach.
★ Blog 365.
★ Fly a kite.
★ Write a book.
★ Make a recipe from a cookbook.
★ Attend a conference.
★ Illustrate a story.
★ See a rainbow.
★ Win a competition.
★ Complete a cross stitch design.
Read 34 books.
★ Go swimming.
★ Create my own font. 
★ Finish the 'death on the canal' essay.
★ Drop a dress size.
★ Reach Level 4 Welsh on Duolingo.

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