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Welsh UFO Sightings 1905

Welsh UFO Sightings

Welsh UFO sightings from 1905. For sightings from other years please click HERE.

Most of the 1905 sightings are directly linked to the revival movement, particularly Mary Jones 'the Egryn prophetess'. (For more info on her - and the revival more generally - there's a great article HERE and a contemporary piece from The Welshman of 24/02/1905 HERE and HERE.) In May she claimed during a service at Trealaw that the lights had once assumed the shape of a dove. (Cardiff Times, 20/05/1905) At another she thanked God for not letting pressmen see the lights:

Welsh Gazette and West Wales Advertiser 23/02/1905

January and February 1905

The South Wales Daily News for Thursday 16th February 1905 reported on the ongoing case of an alleged poltergeist in Lampeter.


January and February 1905

Mr Bowen, station master at Towyn, saw a strange star in the night sky with a yellowish ring around it over a period of a few weeks.

Llangollen Advertiser Denbighshire Merionethshire and North Wales Journal 24/02/1905


Mr Beriah G. Evans invesigated claims linked to Mrs Jones for the newspapers. The Llandudno Advertiser (18/02/1905) carried his report:

"On the preceding night [to events at Bontddu], at Bryncrug, between Towyn and Abergynolwyn, twenty-five miles from Dyffryn, the chapel where the meeting was held became bathed in mysterious light, illuminating the gallery within. After the meeting a professional gentleman returning homeward suddenly saw a gigantic human figure rising over the hedgerow [in Penybont Field], with the right arm extended over the road. Then a ball of fire appeared above, and a long white ray, descending, pierced the figure, which vanished. Only this long ray was white; the other shorter rays were blue. This extraordinary manifestation - apparition and light - was witnessed simultaneously by a prominent local farmer from another standpoint. The same light again appeared to both."

The same night other attendees of the meeting saw a ball of fire in the sky:

Llandudno Advertiser

Evans defended his report against various naysayers in the 03/03/1905 edition of the Welsh Coast Pioneer and Review for North Cambria, though declined to give any further details.


The Towyn-on-Sea and Merioneth County Times (16/02/1905) reported that "whilst a young man was proceeding in the direction of the Cemetery, which is beyond Aber in the direction of Talyllyn, a brilliant light shone upon the graves in the Cemetery, which enabled him to read the names on the tomb stones quite plainly. But he thought discretion the better part of valour, and took to his heels, and reached Abergynolwyn in an exhausted state."

Saturday 1905

"A brilliant effulgence of stars paled the lights of a room she (Mrs Jones) occupied. Returning homewards after the meeting her carriage was suddenly bathed in brilliant light, descending from a radiant ball from the heavens above."

Llandudno Advertiser 18/02/1905

Tuesday 21st February

Welsh Gazette and West Wales Advertiser 23/02/1905

Glanynant, Llanidloes


Mysterious Star at Llanidloes.

On Friday night two young revivalists of Llanidloes, Mr D. Lloyd and Mr Fred Jones, were visiting the chapel at Glanynant, a few miles from Llanidloes. They noticed a very bright star above them, but put the fact down the nothing extraordinary.

When, however, the star lowered and rested above the building which they were now approaching they became rather alarmed. The star increased in brilliance, and in its light there appeared the figure of a man with arms outstretched. This only appeared for a moment, and then the star vanished. Many others noticed the extreme brilliance and exceptional magnitude of the star, but as yet we only know of these two men having seen the figure. The story was told our representative by each of the revivalists unknown to the other. Neither Mr Lloyd nor Mr Jones knew that his friend had also seen the supposed manifestation.

Source: Aberdare Leader, 25/02/1905 and Cardiff Times, 25/02/1905.

Thursday 2nd March


Sir, - About four o'clock on Thursday afternoon, at Carnarvon, I observed two or three flashes of light, somewhat blueish in colour and in appearance something like stars. They appeared with extraordinary rapidity, and were accompanied by considerable noise. I can give the names of any number of persons who observed the lights, if necessary. I neither affirm nor deny anything, but have these strange lights any connection with the Revival? - Yours, OBSERVER.

Source: 'Caernarvon and Denbigh Herald and North and South Wales Independent' 10 March 1905.


Police-constable Jones, of Dyffryn, has an interesting tale to tell of how he saw the phenomenon near Dyffryn. He had been to a conference with another constable, when, a few hundred yards on the Dyffryn side of Egryn Chapel, he saw a flashing light on the road. He at first thought it was a bicycle lamp, but he was soon disillusioned by seeing the light on the top of the hill on the left hand side and radiating in all directions. The flash lighted up the spot as if it were midday. There rose also from the top of the wall three columns of fire of brilliant copper colour, each of them about three feet in height and about six inches wide.

The constable, as befitted his occupation, boldly approached the light, which, however, suddenly disappeared. Being without superstition, nor, perhaps, devout enough to believe in supernatural phenomena, the constable inquired at the next farm whether any of the occupants bad just then been out of doors with a lantern or an open lamp, but none had been, and to Police Constable Jones, as to many more of the residents of that district, the Egryn lights remain a mystery.

Source: Evening Express, 11th March 1905

Wednesday 29th March


Mr. Arthur Mee writes: "I have received a number of communications relative to the curious light seen in the sky on the evening of March 29, I did not see the light myself. The evening was a clear one, according to my note-book, and I observed a meteor in the east at 9.15; but was not on the look out at the time of the phenomenon. Moreover, anything seen in the southern sky at Llanishen is interfered with by the glare of Cardiff and the Dowlais Works.

The first I heard of the light was from my friend Mr. Gunstone, of Llanishen, who saw the strange beam of light at the time specified in the south-east. He and others watched it for some time, and he was sure it was neither from the works nor a searchlight. Mr. T. Skeats, of Whitchurch, watched the band of light for sometime, and was much struck by it. Mr. Ansaldo, of Llandaff, writes that on the evening in question about ten o'clock he saw in the south-east what at first looked like a long cluster of stars obscured by a thin film or mist.

It gradually grew brighter and brighter until it looked like an incandescent light, and lasted for about 25 or 30 minutes. Mr. Ansaldo saw several people watching it. Mr. J. Havard, Peterson-Super-Ely, says he and several others saw the light, which looked like an iron bar heated to an orange-coloured glow, suspended vertically. These accounts are explicit but other less on, or referring to other lights or on other dates, are to hand from Mrs. James Thomas, Haverfordwest; Mr. Jesse Williams the chemist, and Mr. Wm. Yeo Talbot-street, Cardiff. I confess I am unable to explain the above phenomenon, and only wish I had seen it for myself. Perhaps some other correspondent can help to clear up the mystery."

Source: 'Weekly Mail' 15 April 1905.

March, night

A young local woman in Barmouth was reportedly visited for three consecutive nights in her bedroom by a humanoid figure totally dressed in black. The figure supposedly delivered a message to the girl, which was too 'frightening' to reveal.

Source: 'Humanoid Encounters 1900 - 1929' Albert S. Rosales 2016 page 44 citing 'The UFO Encyclopedia' Vol. II Jerome Clark and 'Barmouth Advertiser' 30 March 1905.

Friday 21st April

A sighting of strange lights turned out to be an oil lamp in a shop window... (Fuller story in the Evening Express 24/04/1905 and North Wales Times 29/04/1905)

Towyn-on-Sea and Merioneth County Times 27/04/1905

27th May, 22:00

A doctor from Tylorstown recounted for the SPR enquiry this incident:

"About 10 pm on Saturday night I was coming home with my wife, when she drew my attention to a bright light over the Libanus Chapel, towards the side of the mountain. It appeared as a ball of fire about the size of a cheese-plate; it was perfectly fixed. As soon as I saw it I marked its position, in order to be sure that it could not be someone with a light on the road which passes over the mountain, but its position was far enough away from the road."

Source: The Unexplained 1980-83.

Monday 10th July, 23:05

Lights were seen above the bridge by multiple witnesses. They moved in a westerly direction and disappeared suddenly.

Denbighshire Free Press 15/07/1905

Wednesday 19th July

Mr. Beriah Evans writes: - The mysterious lights which were seen in connection with the early missions of the Welsh seeress, Mrs Jones, Egryn, are once more in evidence. Recently the seeress went to South Wales, but even in the crowded Rhondda Valley the lights appear to have been visible as in the quiet seclusion of Merionethshire.

Now she has left the Rhondda and commenced a mission in the colliery districts in the Bridgend area, and here again the lights have been repeatedly seen.

Stranger still, Mr Evan Roberts, having returned from North Wales and been associated with Mrs Jones in this her latest mission, is now visited by the lights.

The Rev. David Hughes, a well-known Welsh minister, who resides at Pontycymmer, Glamorganshire, contributes to the current Genedl newspaper a signed article, in which he gives an account of the combined mission. Mrs Jones addressed a crowd of between 3,000 and 4,000 people, in the open air, and when darkness fell the audience proceeded to the Tabernacle Chapel, where Mr Evan Roberts conducted the meeting, which lasted until midnight.

Mr Davies goes on the say:- "We were given to understand that the lights had now visited the neighbourhood, and of this my wife and myself are living witnesses. We each saw the lights about the house where Evan Roberts stays. A little after one o'clock in the morning of Wednesday last my wife and myself saw a strange lightsimilar in appearance to the upper segment of the setting sun, and throwing out sparklets of light from its circumference crossing from side to side of an old quarry where the youths of the place had held nightly prayer meetings for a week, and where, as I subsequently learnt, a prayer meeting was then in progress.

"It soon vanished, and was followed by a ball of fire about the size of a cricket ball, which rose vertically instead of travelling horizontally as had the first seen.

"Then we saw a bar of light, apparently about nine inches (? in width), climbing the wall of the house where Evan Roberts was then staying.

"Our sensations may be better imagined than described; but that which our eyes saw; that do we testify."

Source: 'The Welsh Coast Pioneer and review for North Cambria (Abergele edition) 4 August 1905.

The 'Evening Express' of Tuesday 18 July 1905 gives an account of the meeting at Tabernacle Chapel and states that this was held on Monday (which would be 17 July 1905) and states that Evan Roberts will be staying in Pontycymmer for several days. The Wednesday referred to above would have been 19 July 1905.

The 'Evening Express' of 21 July 1905 gives an account of Evan Roberts' meeting which lasted until midnight, but states that the meeting was held at Bethel Chapel in Pontycymmer.

Sunday 23rd July

A group of young people returning from a prayer meeting at Ynysybwl, near Pontypridd, Glamorgan, had a remarkable experience. They told local reporters: 'There appeared in the heavens a very large and bright ball of fire. It had two brilliant arms which protruded towards the earth. Between these arms appeared lights resembling a cluster of stars, quivering with varying brightness. It lasted for ten minutes.....'

Source: 'The Unexplained' 1980-83


The Evening Express (02/08/1905) reported that "Mrs. Jones on her visit to Treharris has been followed thither by the lights which have been inseparable from her mission from the start. To the prophetess herself they were visible inside the chapels where she preached, but other people only saw them outside. Now it is time this mystery should be cleared up. If there are lights to be seen at all, why cannot ordinary people see them where Mrs. Jones asserts she sees them? A believer in visions some time ago tried to explain the phenomenon by saying that the lights were subjective—that is, lights visible only to the mental eye of Mrs. Jones. In ordinary language such visions are called delusions."

Friday 6th October

A sighting of strange lights turned out to be a chimney fire...

Denbighshire Free Press 07/10/1905

Penny Illustrated Paper 11/03/1905

The first issue of the Fountain Journal from Easter 1976 had a feature on the 1905 lights:

For more like this please click the image below:
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