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Welsh UFO Sightings 2009

Welsh UFO Sightings

Welsh UFO sightings from 2009. For sightings from other years please click HERE.

Saturday 3rd January, 00:10

Des Hobby (45) saw a large bright orange light, too low to be a plane. The object glided through the sky then disappeared after about three minutes.

"it was a large bright orange light, whiched looked like a seach light, but with no beam. the object was large but too low to be an aeroplane. the object moved glided through the sky, and then in an instance was not there. a couple of days later the was an incident reported in the sun newspaper relating to a ufo hitting a wind turbine. they also reported an organge light."

Saturday 3rd January, 06:30

Tina Webb (46) reported seeing two stationary objects in the sky. Each one was displaying flashing coloured lights at the bottom. As she was watching, she said, there were multiple flashes in the area of the objects that reminded her of fire flies.


Tuesday 6th January

Five rather big orange things flew over the witness. He was terrified.

Friday 9th January, 19:15
Chester Road, Wrexham

Janet White and her friend Rachel saw a massive 'orange globe' with 'two little legs coming off it' outside Emeral House nursing home. Janet took a photograph with her phone. The sighting was reported to the Wrexham Evening Leader.

Woman Photographs UFO Over Wrexham Nursing Home

Strange lights have once again been spotted in the night sky above Wrexham - this time over a nursing home. The most recent photograph was taken by Janet White at about 7.15pm on Friday, outside Emerald House, a nursing home on Chester Road, Wrexham. The sighting will no doubt fuel further speculation north east Wales is one of the UK's leading UFO hotspots.

Janet said: "Me and my friend Rachel went outside for a break and as soon as we got out that door I could see this orange globe." Janet was unable to capture a better image because she could not get the camera working quickly enough on her phone, but still managed to obtain footage showing the strange orange glow.

"My phone was on video recorder. I managed to eventually get it on to camera and I got the last bits of it. It's difficult to describe the shape but it was like it had two little legs coming off it. With the last photo I took you could just see the beam coming off it. I haven't got a clue what it was. It certainly wasn't an aeroplane. It was massive, like a fireball. I said to my friend 'what the hell is that?', but she didn't know either. I've never seen anything like it before in my life."

In recent months UFOs have been spotted by a number of people across Wrexham, in Rhos, Johnstown and Borras, and were even caught on camera. Many believe the phenomena are nothing more than Chinese, or sky, lanterns released by mischievous members of the public, but others are firmly of the opinion that unknown forces are at work.

Source: Wrexham Evening Leader, 15th January 2009.

10th January, 21:20

Jan (47) and her daughter saw a bright orange light travelling straight across the sky, from west to north, from their back garden. The object did not seem overly high and made no sound. Sighting lasted around two minutes.

" it was a round bright orange light travelling straight across the sky from the west to the north as i looked over my back garden. There was no sound with it, but it travelled quite quickly and it didnt seem to be that high up, no where near as high as a plane. no it travelled in a straight line, I watched until the hillside blocked my view to the had gone out of sight behind the hill in about 2 minutes if that. i called my daughter as we had just come home & she was already in the house, by the time she came out she just saw the last of it before it was hidden from view.she agreed it was not making a sound & travelling quickly. we could not identify it as being anything we had seen before."

Friday 23rd January
West Cross, Swansea

Large ball of light. Light did not diminish. Very strange. Made no sound. Very strange

Wednesday 7th February, mid-morning

A disc was photographed over Gorseinon. The photographer didn’t notice anything at the time, but only saw it when uploading the image onto a computer. The photo was emailed to the MOD.

The photographer, Luke Dakin, got in touch with SUFON with further information:

"It’s facing south-east from the upper Kingsbridge area, looking towards Highfields/Kingsbridge. I took it with my new camera in early 2009 from my parents’ back garden after a dusting of snow. It was in the middle of a panoramic stitch (before the days of automatic stitching with camera/phones) so have a before and after shot too. Sounds like a cliché but I only noticed on the computer screen after I uploaded it. I checked the original file on the LCD screen on the back of the camera to make sure it wasn’t a software glitch on the computer and it was the same. I sent it in to one of the newspapers and they said it looked like a bird! MOD couldn’t explain it (the object has a red underbelly) and didn’t hear anything until a few years later after the files were de-classified."

Source: SUFON database

Tuesday 10th February, 21:00
Swansea Bay

Mark Rayworth, age 34, was travelling by car along Llangyfelach Road, Swansea, near Brynmelyn Flats, when he saw what he described as a burning black blob some 80 feet in height, travelling over Swansea Bay from Mumbles towards Port Talbot, at a speed of about 70 mph. As he watched another burning blob seemed to drop off the main one and down towards the sea. No further details available.

Source: SUFON Files - witness interviewed by Steve Drewson, 17th March 2016. 

Friday 13th February, 20:51
Bulwark, Chepstow

Mark Adams (30) saw what looked like a hot air balloon travelling at the speed of a military jet. The sighting lasted around 30 seconds.

"For all purposes it looked like a hot air balloon but it was travelling about the speed of a military jet. There was no sound and was visible for about 30 seconds. It was travelling in a South Easternly direction. Its speed seemed to fluctuate."

22nd February

A single object the size of a large car. Silver with flames flickering from the underside. Then moved up and away.

Thursday 26th February, 20:15

Samantha Williams (32) was returning home from shopping when she saw a triangular object, "sort of hang-glider shape", at low altitude. She said it looked like it was burning and bright. It hovered above her, her mother and a friend in the car. She stopped the car and got out, causing chaos with the traffic. She tried to photograph the object with her phone but it did not come out very clearly. The object then looked like it was moving towards her but then shot upwards and disappeared. Duration of sighting: 8 minutes.

"It appeared like a sort of handglider shape, quite low but it looked like it was burning. sort of triangular in shape. It was very visible but not blinding. The only things it looked remotely like it couold have been was a hot air balloon, which wouldn't have been out in those circumstances or a hand glider on fire. Which is just absurd. It hovered a little over us. I stopped the car and got out causing chaos in the street with the traffic. I tried to get my fone to record it but it didn't come out very clear. It then seemed like it had started to move towards us but then shot upwards and disappeared. I was with my mum, my friend and we were returning after shopping. It was hard to explain but it just wasn't normal. Never thought about ufo's til now. I feel mad saying this but i need to tell somebody."

Friday in February or March, between 19:00 and 21:30

On duty uniformed police officer ‘D’ was on foot patrol near Swansea Museum, at the end of York Street, on the central reservation of Victoria Road. Looking north-east, he observed a lot of Chinese lanterns drifting in a south-westerly direction, and one object, a red ball, slightly above them, moving in the opposite direction, at a gently pace.

Just then on his radio, he heard another police officer, an acting sergeant, who was on front patrol on North Hill, to the north of the city centre, asking him if he could see "a red ball."

There was no sound heard. The object continued in a north-easterly direction in a straight line, faster than walking pace until it was out of sight.

Source: SUFON Files - ‘D’ interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams, 12th May 2015. 

5th March, 20:30

Kyle McCarthy (12) and his friend saw an orange teardrop shaped object flying low in the sky. The sighting lasted two to three minutes.

"It was orange, was circular at the front but had a tail (kind of like the shape of a tear) and was moving silently, but low flying across the sky. just moved past at about the spped of a car on a motorway. a friend of mine also witnessed this."

24th March, 19:40
Sontley Road, nr Wrexham

Anonymous couple were parking in their driveway when they saw a light passing overhead. It was about the altitude of a helicopter but made no noise. They got out of the car to take a better look when another two lights appeared, followed by two more. Some seemed to disappear into thin air but others shot off at high speed. Their neighbour also witnessed the last two lights.

UFO News UK volume 1 number 4

Source: Wrexham Evening Leader via UFO News UK V1,N4, June 2009.

Sunday 5th April, c. 14:30

Paul was walking down the road alongside Bala Lake, looking at the scenery, when he noticed a saucer-shaped object about 60 feet off the ground, at a distance of about a mile to mile and a half away, viewed between trees. The lower part was metallic grey and the rest of the craft was silver-white. It banked off and ascended into the low clouds.

Source: uploaded by witness 6 April 2009.

Wednesday 15th April
Port Talbot

"I had just got out of my car at the petrol station in my local town (Port Talbot), when I noticed an orange light in the sky. At first I thought it was a helicopter (we get quite a few over the town with strong spotlights looking for who knows what) as it was moving slowly and that maybe the orange light was blocking my view of the helicopter. I had to fill up the car with petrol which I remember being annoyed at as I really wanted to see what the light was. After filling up with petrol I tried to make visual contact again whilst driving (not recommended). 

I was getting occasional views of the light but I couldn’t stop as I was on a busy road with nowhere to pull over. As I was making my way to another garage to inflate my tyres the light was above and in front of me. I was still driving and trying to keep eye contact with the light. It went directly overhead and I managed to slow down and get a better view. The light was almost the same intensity and colour of a street light but just above the orange light I could make out a strange dark disk shape that I can only describe as appearing to vibrate. 

It was blurred like an out of focus object. It was this that really made me realise this object was unusual. There was no sound and I would say it was no more than 150 to 200 feet above me. I lost sight as it went overhead and I remember cursing that I couldn’t pull over to get a better view, I was only a few minutes from home (with a camcorder waiting to be utilised) but by the time I got home I couldn’t see the light at all. I should add that our local paper had a small write up on the incident confirming my sighting as being unusual and independently witnessed."

Source: uploaded by witness 15 April 2009.

16th April, 00:20
Morriston, Swansea

Craig Morris (17) was in bed with windows open because it was a warm night. He was woken by 'what sounded like a high pitched young child screaming' but coming from two sources. There was a faint blue light in the sky. The experience lasted about a minute.

"I did not actually see a UFO, what happened was: I settle down for bed at approx midnight. It was a warm night in bed so I opened both my bedromm windows fully which are directly above my bed. Then apporxamitley twenty minutes later i was awoken from a half a sleep state to what sounded like a high pitched young child screaming, i then got up and immediatley looked out of my window, the screaming continued until it then got more clear and suddenley sounded like two "things" rather than one. The noise was like nothing i have ever heard before and i find it hard to desribe to you but all i can really think of is relating it to a child. The screaming continued then and then it become slightly more clear as if they were trying to say look up, repeatedly, at this point i was absoultley petrified looking around the street from my window for any sign of anyone, i then looked up into the sky and saw a light that couldnt have been more than 1 foot in diameter, faint and blue. The screaming then stopped and i heard a loud sort of overhead night plane going across. The road then fell to silence and a strong wind picked up resulting in me closing my windows. I strongly reccomend you take my sighting seriously as the noise is something i have never ever heard before and cannot relate to anything whatsoever. I have always been stronly against the idea of aliens existing but after my experience i am now adamant that this is what i heard and saw. Many thanks i hope that you will be in touch."

Monday 20th April, 05:15

41-year-old Karin Adams reported seeing what she called a 'bright star' which was coloured and shining very brightly, then dimmed and moved erratically across the sky at an altitude of about a few hundred feet, then shone very brightly again. It dimmed again and moved back to its original position, before disappearing. She said the birds were chirping but everything else was very quiet. No sound was heard which could be attributable to the light in the sky. She added that there was no way it was a plane due to its erratic movements, moving very quickly and then slower. Duration of sighting: 1 minute.

"It looked like a bright star, star shaped and coloured. Looked like the North Star, that was the reson I noticed it as it was in the worng place. It was shining very brightly, then dimmed and moved across the sky about a few hundred feet, then shone very brightly again and dimmed and moved again back to its original position, then disappeared. I am quite sure this was a ufo, however have not had any sightings previously. The birds were chirping but everything else was very quiet no engine noises etc. so could not be a plane. Also the way it was moving was erratic, very quickly then slower."

Tuesday 28th April
Tywyn, Gwynedd

A big bright orange light. It turned white and then disappeared very quickly. It made no noise.

June 5th, 21:00
The witness and a friend was returning to the former's home in Rhyl on Sunday nights 5th April when the friend noticed something in the sky in the direction of the village of Dyserth. (Rhyl to Dyserth is about four miles) It transpired that the two then noted what was two bright red 'almost balls of fire' flying independently of each other but in a uniform manner. They did not appear to be anything like conventional aircraft and emitted no noise or navigation lights. After a few seconds of observation, the first light vanished followed then by the second vanishing.

The witness describes in his email to Conwy UFO Group "it was really quite bizarre and certainly something I have never witnessed in my 47 years on the planet. I am a keen observer of the sky either by day or night and with 14 years service in the RAF feel sure I could determine if these objects were of human origin. They were not. They were as I've described, balls of almost what looked like red fire but were definitely together and travelling form 'east to west'.

Reported to Awareness V30/N3 by Scott Felton of Conwy UFO Group.

Monday 11th May, 21:15
Builth Wells

Jack Burns (59) was with his daughter who was driving a car at Garth Bank, Builth Wells, when they saw a very bright red light in a circle "with something around it." He made her stop the car near their house and they got out to look at it. A neighbour, Timmy Richards was also looking at the object. Timmy asked him what he thought it was. Jack replied, "What do you think it is?" The object remained stationary for about 5 minutes when his daughter tried to take a photo of it with her mobile phone, but it would not work. It then moved slowly on a horizontal path then went straight up into the sky. "Within seconds all you could see was a pin-size dot. I've never seen anything move so fast." Duration of sighting: 8 minutes.


Saturday 23rd May, 20:00
Trealaw, Rhondda

Chris Morgan (52): "Orange light coming towards us. Light stopped went backwards disappeared 5 minutes stop went backwards disappeared. 5 mins later helicopter comes on the scene." Duration of sighting: 5 minutes.


Monday 25th May, 22:00

Sarah Griffiths (28) saw six large bright red lights in the sky, with a two minute interval between each one. The sighting lasted around 15 minutes.

"six Large bright Red lights flying across the sky with a 2 minute interval between each. They slowed and decended over near by woods one by one and were seen in between the trees, Looks as though they grounded. Not the first time similar objects ahve been seen but not this clear and bright and never as many."

Thursday 28th May, 22:20

Barry Trestain (60) and his partner saw a very bright orange light flying low. His partner estimated it at 4ft round and travelling fairly fast. The sighting lasted around five minutes.

"It was a very bright orange light that came low over the houses. My partner saw it first and says it looked about 4ft round. As she looked at it but its difficult to say. She called to me as she went through the house to the back. When I saw it, it was quite high by now and at first looked like a burning ball but then it looked like a very bright light as it moved upward. I went to the car to get my binoculars but by the time I got them and locked the car it had gone. My partner said when she first saw it, it was moving quite fast across the tree line by the time I saw it from the front garden it was moving upward. Its difficult for me to say how fast it was when I saw it. For a moment it looked like it was hovering but that might just be because it was going up. It definatley wasn't a plane or a hot air balloon"

Friday 29th May, 22:54

Angela Davies (47), along with her partner and her son (13), saw an orange 'ball of fire' moving erratically in the sky. The sighting lasted around 50 seconds.

"orange globe, ball of fire. looked like an aeroplane with engine trouble at first, moving accross the sky from left to right but in a rollercoaster up and down motion, while still moving hotizontaly. cant really describe it. so weird. it travelled similar to an aeroplane coming into land ,but not, in a way, then it altered course, then disappeared towards rhosesmor, halkyn way, really odd, then we realised it was not a plane, just couldnt figure it out at all. we thought it was an aeroplane in trouble, but we know what we saw and there was absolutley no sound whatsoever. we tried to capture the incident on camera but it didnt show up on the camera. it looked like through the lens that there was nothing there. my partner, 13 yr old son and myself do not believe in ufo"s but we know what we saw tonight and it has unnerved us, just want a logical explanation to what we all saw. we have noticed a few planes in the sky tonight, but not one of them had any resemblence to what we saw, the only similarity was rhat we thought it was a plane with an engine on fire, but it didnt move in the sky like a plane. its so bizzare, cant really explain it. hope someone can."

Sunday 31st May, 22:10

13-year-old Liam Berridge and his father saw what Liam described as a 'large orange circle with white flashing lights' in the sky over Tenby. The object stopped right above them, then moved off.


Sunday 7th June, 00:02
Church Village

11-year-old Melinda Misselbrook saw a small, oval-shaped, "but a little flat" object around 2-3 metres away from her bedroom window. It had red-orange lights around the bottom and one white light in the middle. It was spinning around above her neighbour's house. She thinks it saw her looking through the window and it stopped. She drew back from the window and suddenly the object was gone. She was scared by the experience which lasted around a minute.

"it was small and ovel and a little bit flat it i cannot say size but i can tell hol far away it was it was about 2 or 3 meatrs away from my bedroom window it had redy orange lights around the bottom and one white light in the middle. it was spinning around ontop of my nabours house and then it say me and stoped then i went back from my window then suddenly it was gone. it was a scary moment for me but also the night on that night but a week after i saw a light zooming in the sky so now i think they wont me."

Saturday 13th June, 10:40

Rhys James (16) saw an orange 'ball of fire' moving in the sky at about the same speed as a plane. The sighting lasted around two minutes and was also witnessed by his mother.

"The UFO resembled a ball of fire, orange in colour - like an aeroplane on fire flying through the sky. It was rather large but I could not get an idea of the distance. The UFO simply glowed orange like a fireball in the sky. It moved across the sky at the speed of an aeroplane, but it was silent. The UFO moved at the speed of an aeroplane as mentioned, but if it were a plane, judging by its size, it would have been close - but it could not have been close because it was silent. This was a strange occurence, witnessed also by my mother - we are both freaked out!"

Sunday 14th June, 22:45
Llangennith, Gower

Weather conditions: Calm, slightly cloudy, cool night. 

"My partner and I were fishing on the coast of Llangennith when I took a breather and sat down. I saw something in the corner of my eye glowing quite brightly. I called out to my partner who was just as amazed as I was to see a bright orange glowing square, quite large, over our heads. 

Three fishermen alongside us and a lady, sitting just behind, also witnessed the same thing. It moved slowly then stopped and juddered back and forth before vanishing. I looked at the UFO Balloons and I don’t think it was one of them as it didn’t rise at all and only moved side to side slightly. Also all around us was pitch black and quiet to suggest no dune parties in place."


Wednesday 24th June, 22:00 - 22:10
Port Talbot

'I live directly in front of several mountains which are around 2-3 miles away. At around 22.00-22.10 on Wednesday 24th I noticed a light in bright white/orange colour moving towards the top of the mountain which I thought could have been a car or tractor of some kind but then it took to the air above the mountain top, moved left then right then back down to the same path it came from then veered left and became a bright red in colour and going under the M4 flyover motorway before disappearing. This couldn't have been a helicopter because there are electric pylons on either side of the mountains and if it were a helicopter it would have certainly crashed into the M4.'


Thursday 25th June, 21:45 - 21:55
Port Talbot

Witness: D: '...I saw a bright white light which I thought to be a police/search helicopter on a nearby mountain in Port Talbot. It was moving directly upwards then stopped in a hovering position just a little higher than the mountain top for 10-20 seconds then started moving left in a straight line then stopped in hovering position 10-20 secs then doubled back on itself, stopped and hovered again for 10-20 secs before moving right in a straight line then stopped and hovered again for 10-20 secs. It then doubled back on itself again then stopped and remained totally motionless for around 30 secs then started to move downwards. Up to this point I still thought it was a police/search helicopter of some kind but then the bright white light changed into a bright pulsating red ball which moved in a very fast and erratic manner before disappearing into the woodland.'

Source: uploaded by witness 5 February 2011.

Saturday 27th June, 23:00
Ebbw Vale

52-year-old Mike Boulter saw what he called '2 orange balls' with white centres at about a 45 degree elevation in the sky above Ebbw Vale. They were travelling one behind the other slowly, then one disappeared and the other started to move off very quickly. This then became smaller and fainter, but then reappeared in the same place where it had been before, hovered and then blinked off 'like turning off a light.' Duration of sighting: 5 minutes.


Wednesday 1st July, c. 18:45

Hot clear day. A large round object, possibly a disc was seen over Pontarddulais. It was described as being dark in colour but sunlight reflected off its surface. It made no sound, but other aircraft could be seen and heard at the same altitude. It moved like it was floating or bobbing up and down very slowly and took around 10 minutes to fade from view.

Sunday 5th July, 01:30
Peter was on his break whilst at work on the night shift at a nursing home in Cwmbran. He was outside the building when he saw an orange light moving at speed across the sky closely followed by what he believed were 4 or 5 military helicopters, and not police helicopters due to the difference in sound that they made.

Source: reported by witness 7 December 2011.

17th July, 22:20
Port Talbot

Russel Colwill (30) saw a bright orange round light following the M4 motorway from Swansea, eventually gaining altitude and disappearing above the cloud line. The sighting lasted around three and half minutes.

"it was just a bright orange round light. it followed the M4 motorway from swansea towards port talbot then seemed to gain altitude and disapeared above the cloud line. at first i thought it was a police helicopter but as it got closer it was making no sound then it just headed upwards.. i have seen these objects twice before the time that sticks out the most is 24th of december 2008 where i saw the same object but on that occasion something fell of the back of it (like a drip almost ) of the same colour, towards the earth."

19th July, 01:22

David Mclean (46) saw a bright reddish light travelling west to east, below cloud level. The sighting lasted around a minute and a half.

"The object was a bright, reddish light travelling west to east, below cloud level. It did NOT have aircraft lights or flashing lights and did NOT make a sound. I am guessing that cloud level was perhaps 3000ft, but I stress that's a guess (mountains in the area are around 1,300ft). I have had a keen interest in aviation since a child and know what conventional aeroplanes and helicopters look and sound like, so I know it was neither of these. I also know what the International Space Station, meteorites etc look like. It was below cloud level, so was not an object in near Earth orbit. It was moving too slow to be a meteorite. The object travelled in a straight line. It's brightness did not alter during its approach, or as it was receeding. When it eventually reached a patch of cloudless sky, it faded. The fade lasted perhaps 10 seconds until it disappeared. The weather was patchy cloud with some light rain. It was a quiet night. It didn't do anything strange. In many respects, this object travelled in the same way that an aircraft would, but lacked all the give-away signs of night-time lights (coloured wing/tail lights, flashing lights). The fact that it was reasonably low yet emitted absolutely no noise was what fascinated me. I was able to get some footage on my mobile phone of the last 42 seconds of its flight which I will be uploading to YouTube."

Friday 24th July, daytime

A photo was taken from a car passing Snowdon View Point car park on the A498 between Nant Cynnyd and Nant Gwynant in the Snowdonia National Park. The woman who took the photo from the back of the car did not see an object at the time she took the photo, which is of the mountains to the west of her location. The disc-shaped UFO seen on the image was just north of Gallt Y Wenallt mountain (619 m).


Summer, 20:00
Manselton, Swansea

Mark Rayworth, age 34, was standing in a lane at the rear of Kildare Street, Manselton, Swansea. He saw what he described as a boomerang or triangular ‘wing’ shaped object, at a height of 300 to 400 feet. It was a large brown colour and made no sound. 

He was unable to estimate its exact direction or speed. It appeared flying straight ahead, but suddenly swooped sharply upwards, and as it did so it emanated sparks from behind it. It disappeared out of sight vertically. He observed it for about 2 seconds. He believed that the object was not of this planet.

Source: SUFON Files - witness interviewed by Steve Drewson, 17th March 2016. 

7th August, 22:20
Furnace, Machynlleth

Lesley Jeffreys (43) saw a white light moving at high altitude. Thought of it being an aeroplane were quickly dashed when the light suddenly 'did a gentle horseshoe shape' in its course, heading back in the direction it was travelling. Then it started 'wobbling about'. It disappeared behind a cloud from where a big flash of light was observed. When the light emerged from behind the cloud it was travelling at a 90-degree course from previously, and flashing, before it finally disappeared behind more cloud.


Monday 11th August, 21:45
Glan Conwy
Matthew Colman (19) saw a glowing orange/yellow light moving slowly from east to west. It then began moving faster before stopping and fading.

"Single circular, orange/yellow glowing light at approximately 12,000 feet altitude above Llandudno, North Wales, UK, observed from Glan Conwy. It appeared infront of a mid-level cloud. It slowly moved from East to West in the sky, eventually moving faster before stopping and fading. I am knowledgeable about aircraft (Have won various competitions in aircraft recognition) and have been on exercise with the military where I have witnessed parachute flares. I am also familiar with astronomical phenomenom and what satellites look like at night. I am a sceptic with regards to UFOs and Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (I believe it may exist - just that it hasnt reached us yet, and wont for a long time)."

Wednesday 12th August
Morfa Befyn, Lleyn Peninsula

A witness reported seeing three lights outside the bedroom window in Morfa Nefyn on the north coast of the Llwyn Peninsula: "Bright light shone through the window. Saw three lights size of a basket ball moving up/down and rotating on own axis. Seemed to lose power after 30 seconds and vanished."

Source: citing MOD Files. 19 May 2020.

Wednesday 12th August, 22:38

“I went outside at about 10.38 pm because apparently there were going to be shooting stars that night. After a minute or two I noticed a bright blue light above the opposite hill. I assumed it was a light in a house.

After a while I realised it couldn’t be on a house, it was too high and it just didn’t look right. It started to move in a straight line in my direction and as it came closer I noticed two things – what I could see was a bright blue light, sphere shaped. Also the noise this thing was emitting, it was like heavy machinery, a drill perhaps. This was all very strange so I ran inside to get a torch, to have a better look. I couldn’t find one so I went back out, but by this time the UFO was almost gone. I could still see and hear it though. After about 15 seconds, it was gone. I was eager to find out what it could be, the glowing blue light (which didn’t blink by the way) and strange, grinding sound had got me thinking this wasn’t normal aircraft.”

Duration of sighting: 1 minute 20 seconds.

Source: uploaded by witness 12 August 2009.

Tuesday 18th August, 02:00

Clear night sky. Lewis West and Adam Pullen and a few friends were camping in the dunes at Talacre at the mouth of the Dee Estuary. At around 2 am they were looking at the stars and waiting for meteorites when all of a sudden they spotted what looked like a cluster of satellites moving across the sky. One of the lights in the centre of the cluster seemed to turn around and go back the way it had come and the rest broke formation, dispersing in all directions. The total duration of the sighting was about 10 minutes.

Source: reported 19 August 2009.

Thursday 20th August, between 22:00 and 23:40

Witness commented: "ten spherical lighted objects passed in series over the Denbigh area travelling towards Rhyl. They were silent. We caught the later ones on video."

Source: BBC comments page via Amskaya #80, October 2009.

Sunday 23rd August

Witness and three friends saw a large orange / red ball travelling slowly across the sky from Tredegar Park to Newport city centre.

Amskaya #80

Source: BBC comments page via Amskaya #80, October 2009.

Monday 24th August, 21:30

Jill Arnold saw five orange lights floating through the sky. [Probably chinese lanterns...]

Amskaya #80

Source: BBC comments page via Amskaya #80, October 2009.

Tuesday 25th August, 10:00

Phoebe Evans, then 22, saw a grey misty oval object hovering in the sky for around 30 minutes.

"I was in the hotel and my mum said get the camera and come and look, i looked out the window, passed St. Catherines Island and I saw a gray, misty oval, with orange lights on it. It hovered for half an hour, then went up and up and then left. It was terrifying, it was hovering over exactly around Bury Port."

Thursday 27th August, 22:28

Martyn Garratty (38) was taking long time-exposure photos of the night sky and when looking at his photos later when he noticed that he had captured a disc-shaped, luminous green object in one photo.

"disc shaped, luminous green. i was taking longtime exposure photos of the stars and caught the image on camera. i have the pic if you want it."

Tuesday 1st September, 21:00 - 22:00
Rudry Mountain, Caerphilly

John Edward: "Well firstly I set out to go camping on Rudry Mountain [south of Caerphilly], packed my tent on my mountain bike and I was away. I pitched at 7, made a fire and watched the sky when it got dark. I spotted a bright light coming towards me from the west. The light stopped over me. This was no lantern, no engine noises, it moved unpredictably over me back and forth - the sky went cloudy and that was it."

Source: - reported by witness 7 September 2009

September 3rd, 20:51
Bangor / Llanrug

Mr JFG aged 16 whilst listening to his MP3 was walking his dog over rough ground just outside Penisarwaun in Wales. During the silence on the track change of his music he suddenly noticed a noise. He pulled out his earphones and noticed there was a rotary aircraft flying overhead. Mr JFG is a keen aircraft enthusiast so he watched the aircraft all the time trying to puzzle out which type it could have been and also as it was getting dusk at the time it made recognition more difficult. He watched it disappear into the distance and it was then that he noticed a solid peach coloured light moving from the distance towards the aircraft and coming towards him. He could not really see for sure but he was convinced it was cone shaped, glowing and travelling in a south easterly direction. It was not travelling fast but it defmitely swerved out of the way of the retreating helicopter and as it went through the cloud base its intensity of light did not fade which he thought was very odd. He knew it was not any conventional aircraft because of being quite an expert in plane spotting as it really is keen hobby of his. As a member of "facebook" he found others had seen the same craft and all were curious as to what it was they had all seen and they discussed it on-line.

Source: Awareness V30/N4.

Saturday 5th September, 01:40

Bethan Davies (15) saw a triangular-shaped object with 4 lights at the back. Two were flashing red, the other two were a bright white. "The UFO was smaller than a normal plane. Dropped from the sky very quickly, then slowed down and went very slowly past my house. Some people told me it was just a plane after, but it was flying very low, about 15 ft above my house, it didn't have wings, just a triangle." Duration of sighting: 1 minute 15 seconds.


Tuesday 15th September, c. 22:00
Treherbert, Rhondda Valley

'From my flat in Treherbert, I can see the North Star and on this particular night could also see the space telescope (in the direction of Treherbert railway station). From the same point as the North Star, a bright object was moving in the sky up the valley (as if you were looking down Bute Street). It was moving steadily and very smoothly. I am 100% sure it was not a helicopter or plane as it dipped in the sky (quite slowly) several times, still very smooth. I rushed to get my phone to video it, by this time the object moved quite quickly towards 'the basin' on the other side of the railway, hovered over the mountain, flashed brightly and then disappeared. I am convinced it was a UFO. At this time, it was common knowledge that a space telescope was visible to the human eye and if I recall correctly, this was my reason for having a 'glance' out of the window at the time. This object caught my eye because it was brighter than anything else in the sky at the time. Again, I'm still to this day convinced it was a UFO as it moved in different directions. There were no flashing lights on the object like you would see on a plane or helicopter. Not sure whether this is coincidence, but the moment I found my phone and went to film the object, it vanished (faded).'

[SUFON Note: Sounds like a Chinese lantern? We need more info - EW]

Wednesday 16th September, 00:02
Caersws, Powys

55-year-old David Whale was at home in Maesawelon in Caersws, Powys and saw through his bedroom window and elongated object in the sky to the north-west. Using 10x50 binoculars he was able to see flashing red, white and blue lights on the object which he described as being cigar-shaped. One white light was on its side to the rear, three white lights forward of centre and one white light forward. Duration of sighting: 1 minute 50 seconds.

"sept 16th 12:02 am wednesday. name:david edward whale age:55yrs location:caersws\powys\uk sy17 5hg number:20 maesawelon sighting: elevation 400ft above sea level looking north west bedroom window,useing 10x50 binoculars(for close up only ufo:elongated,flashing red and white and blue,cigar shaped with 1\white light on side to rear,3\white lights foward of centre, 1\white light light forwards. time from sighting to report 12minuets. weather calm, clear becoming misty,stars still visable"

Saturday 19th September, 16:15
Betws, Ammanford

A journalist, together with about 24 other people saw three objects, like bright orange tennis balls stuck together flying across the sky over Betws.

Saturday 19th September, 19:30
Helen Lewis (26) saw "four round bright orange glowing balls hovering in a vertical line, disapered behind clouds." The sighting lasted around 30 seconds.

Saturday 19th September

Object was similar to an egg shape and was amber in colour and appeared to be hovering over field's before disappearing. Five minutes later two objects appeared in same area, then disappeared and reappeared over the Meni Straits.

Source: SUFON database.

Thursday 24th September, 02:00
Garth Mountain, Pentrych

15-year-old Ffion Morgan-Williams said she saw an object which looked like a 'saucer' with flashing lights which flashed very quickly. It seemed to be descending, and possibly landing on Garth Mountain, above the village of Pentyrch. Loud noises, like a car back-firing or gun shots could be heard, sounding three times. This was followed by a loud humming noise, for about 15 minutes. It is not explained where Ffion was located. Duration of sighting: 20 minutes.

"Looked like a saucer, with flashing lights, flashing very quickly. The UFO seemed to be lowering down onto the mountain, as if to land. Loud noises, as if a car was backfiring, or a gunshot. This happened about 3 times. Then extremely loud humming noise, for about 15 minutes."

Sunday 27th September, 20:45
Penparc, Ceredigion

Nick and Erika Partis were returning home from Cardigan by car, heading east towards Penparc. As they climbed the hill into Penparc Nick saw a light through the sunroof which he at first thought was a reflection of a street light. He mentioned it to Erika and they realised it could not be a reflection as it stayed in view as they passed the next street light. He accelerated up the hill and turned left into Heol-Y-Felin where he stopped at their home. They got out of the car and watched the cone-shaped orange object as it moved slowly over roofs of the houses and then stop dead in the air above them. Then it moved sideways and stopped again. It moved back in the opposite direction and again stopped. Nick knocked the door of a neighbour and the man came out to watch it with them. Nick managed to photograph it but all that is on the photo is an orange light against a black sky. The light then moved away at amazing speed eastwards in the direction of Lampeter. Duration of sighting: 5 minutes.

Source: reported by witness 1 October 2009.

28th September, 22:00
Cloudy. Donna Morgan was driving home along Cwmbran Drive and noticed an object displaying lights in the sky, at low altitude below the cloud cover. Initially she thought that it was a plane but discounted this as the object was hovering. She said it had three lights rotating around its base. The object was apparently dome-shaped with quite a high dome at the top and a curved base. Really unnerved, she reached for her phone to take a photo but the object had disappeared.

Source: reported 1 October 2009.

Friday 2nd October, between 20:00 and 20:30

A 'glowing disc of light' was seen by multiple people in Penarth in the wake of a localised power cut. A spokesman for Western Power Distribution told Wales Online that an underground cable fault had affected more than 1,000 people in the area, but said there was no connection between the power cut and the UFO sighting.

Angela Jenkins, a retired teacher of Caynham Avenue, said she was leaving the Spar store on Brockhill Way when the streets became dark. The 61-year-old grandmother said: "It was between 8pm and 8.30pm when the lights just went out everywhere. I went into the house to get the torch and came back out to have a look to see if anyone else’s lights were off as well. That’s when I saw this great big light retreating from around the clouds. It moved across, heading towards the cliff walk towards the sea. I saw it three times. My next door neighbour – she’s a carer – saw it too when she came out, twice in fact. I’m glad someone else saw it – I thought I was going mad. It was very strange. It definitely wasn’t a plane, everything was silent, there was no noise at all."

Many of the residents in the street stayed in their houses at the time of Friday evening’s 20-minute power cut, or were out of the area and did not witness the strange light. A suggestion it could have been caused by a neighbour’s torch as they stumbled to their garage in the darkness was dismissed by Ms Jenkins, who said the light was high in the sky and behind clouds.

Reporter Emily Woodrow quoted Nick Pope as saying: "Most torches don’t have a particularly impressive range, so to see something in the sky you would need something more like a searchlight. As to what it was I don’t know. One possibility is meteorites or fireballs. It could also have been aircraft lights, as whether or not you hear their noise depends on how far away you are and the weather. It may have been a satellite, or possibly lasers reflecting off the clouds. Sometimes nightclubs shine very powerful lasers into the sky as a publicity stunt and if there was a power cut, any light from something like that would’ve been much more visible and spectacular. Most UFO sightings can be explained as misidentification but around 5% are genuine mysteries and remain unexplained."

Source: Wales Online, 6th October 2009.

Monday 5th October

A UFO was seen over Aberporth. No details were recorded. The witness called the MOD UFO Hotline, but the call was cut off after 30 seconds.

Monday 5th October, 23:30 - 23:45

Witness and his friend saw two white lights approach slowly. Once overhead they sped off but made no sound. There was a 'circle underneath with segments around it'. Seconds later another two lights appeared and followed in the same direction.

Amskaya 80

Source: BBC comments via Amskaya #80, October 2009.

Saturday 10th October, 23:45
Kimmel Bay, Conwy

Sandra Taylor was stood at her back door when she saw a bright orange light in the sky. As it silently approached it appeared to change shape from spherical to oblong. It hovered for a minute or so, then moved off towards Rhyl, picking up speed and changing direction before disappearing.

Amskaya 80

Source: BBC comments via Amskaya #80, October 2009.

Wednesday 14th October, 18:45 - 19:00
Old Colwyn

Witness and his wife saw an orange light in the sky. Through binoculars witness saw a black cuboid object 'at least the size of a family car' and probably much larger which was spinning or oscillating. It was then lost in cloud but reappeared about ten minutes later. The object made no noise and appeared to be under intelligent control.

Amskaya 80
Amskaya 80

Source: BBC comments via Amskaya #80, October 2009.

Saturday 31st October, evening

Orange/red sphere seen just under cloud cover over Maesteg by a father and son. Object moved north-east then up into the clouds, without making a noise. Did not have standard aircraft lights and it appeared that the entire object was giving off light as opposed to having spotlights.

Thursday 5th November, 19:34

A family of four people (informant, partner, daughter and stepson) saw an orange sphere moving from west to east over Pontarddulais. The object made no noise, was large in the sky compared to the level of cloud cover, was an off red blood orange colour and the entire sphere emitted light. There were no ‘spotlights’ and the light remained constant and did not flicker. It moved at an apparent straight heading and took approximately 4 minutes to travel from one horizon to the other. Other aircraft were seen in the sky at the same time.

Thursday 5th November, 22:30

Alex Thomas (20) saw a round bright orange light, seemingly larger than a plane. It moved at a steady pace in a straight path, then changed direction and sped off very quickly until it disappeared. The sighting lasted around five minutes.

"It was a rather large, round orange bright light, considerably larger than a plane in the sky. If you held up a 5p coin in the air, then it was about that size. It appeared to be on a straight path on a steady pace, and then it just changed direction, and sped off very quickly until it dissapeared. Was very strange, being bonfire night i thought it was a rocket, but then realised it wasn't going off. Was heading my direction, and was rather low at the time, as soon as it was almost above me, it appeared to changed direction and headed upwards very fast before dissapearing. A minute later, i got back in the car, and it appeared again out of nowhere above me, before shooting off again in the same direction as the other one. No idea if it was the same one or not. Was also silent, not a sound whatsoever. Have no knowledge of what a "ufo" looks like, this is a genuine story. We did make a recording of it, but my girlfriend, being a woman, accidently forgot to save it."

Sunday 8th November, 18:10

A UFO was seen. No details were reported.

Monday 9th November, 15:55
Port Talbot

Clear sky. An orange/yellow object displaying no contrails or flashing lights was seen at an altitude of 1500 – 2000 feet over Port Talbot, moving west.

November (9th or 19th?)
Rumney, Cardiff

A witness reported seeing four lights whirling about above the nature reserve. No other information.

26th November, 21:00 - 21:20

Matthew (26) saw 'multiple yellow circular lights in a cluster formation'. The lights went on and off in a sequence for around 20 minutes.

"Multiple yellow circular lights in a cluster formation. Lights were going on and off in a sequence. Beginning with just one or two,and gradualy more and more were appearing. Seven was the most i counted. They were going off one by one aswell, 7-6-5-4-3-2-1 and then back up again 1-2-3-4-5-6-7. I witnessed this happening for about 20 minutes before it ended. There was no sound, and their behaviour was exactly the same as the phoenix lights sighting in the USA a few years ago except these were in a cluster formation and not a straight line."

Saturday 12th December, 21:26 and 21:50
Murton, Bishopston

21:26. Helen and David Carter: "Looking at the night sky northwest low in sky saw what looked like three stars in a row with clusters of smaller stars. Husband said that looks unfamiliar and as we were looking they all disappeared."

21:50. Helen Carter: "Refer to previous sighting earlier this evening, went outside again and the three bright stars had returned and were in same position in the sky. On closer inspection the cluster of smaller stars were all to the right of the three larger stars. I called my husband to tell him they had returned but as soon as he came out they all disappeared."

Source: SUFON database.

Wednesday 16th December, c. 06:50

Simon was driving to work in Bedwas near Caerphilly on a cold, dark but clear morning. On turning into Greenway, the long road that leads to his workplace in Bedwas House Industrial Estate, he noticed something in the sky. It was described as a bright white light, flickering in the distance to the north ahead of him.

'This seemed odd to me as it seemed lower than the hills behind that were about a mile to a mile and a half away. I thought that it couldn't be a plane as it was too low so maybe it was a helicopter. I kept an eye on the light as I drove towards it until I had to park in the car park opposite where I worked. I got out of the car and took two photographs with my mobile phone. I thought that I could take a look later when I got home and put them on my computer. As I was standing taking the photos a work colleague came around the corner and said to me, "Yeah, what is that? I've been watching that for the last ten minutes. It seems to be just wandering about in the sky." We stood there watching it as it headed towards and above us. It wasn't moving in a straight direction like a plane would but was wandering almost in a drunk fashion.'

The object moved very slowly and the two witnesses watched as it ascended slowly until it went out of view. There was no sound and left no trail. The witnesses were sure it was not a helicopter or anything known to either of them.

'Later on after word had got around, some of the other workers who had come from the opposite way to me (from the valleys area) had also seen it and said that it seemed to be stood still in the air. It had caught their attention also. The photos that I took appear a different colour to when I saw the object with the naked eye. What I saw was a bright brilliant white light that seemed to flicker.'

Source: SUFON Files - witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams, June 2020.

20th December, 17:30
South Wales
Gavin Clark (25) saw a bright red light in the sky. As it moved closer it flickered then disappeared. More red lights then appeared, gradually flickering and disappearing. The sighing lasted around five minutes and was also seen by witness' girlfriend.

"all i seen was this one light in was a bright red colour,as it came closer it started to flicker then it just disapered.then i looked to the right of the moon and there was another light which went really red as if it was burning in the night sky.that one went then i seen another three red lights that just apperared in the sky then they gradually flickered and dissapered.i have seen enough Nasa docamentries to believe that these obejests in the sky where some sort of craft that came into our atmosphere in a controled way because they all went at a stede speed in the sky and the lights all lasted about the same time.i wearnt the only one who seen them.i made sure i showed my girlfriend to make sure i wernt seeing things. one of them did move left to right then it just dissapered."

Saturday 26th December, 16:00
Bryn, Port Talbot

David was driving from visiting his mother and sister in Maesteg, to his home in Pontarddulais, with his wife, and their 5 year-old daughter. They were heading west and had just passed through Bryn on the B4282 as it was starting to go dark, and it was snowing.

He then saw a bright, blood red orb flying south to north through the falling snow. He pulled over by a farm road (the same place where he stopped to see the two triangular objects in autumn 2008) and got out of the car for a better look. He immediately rang his mother at his sister’s house in Maesteg, about 4 miles away over the hills, to tell her what he as looking at. His mother thought he was talking about the red orb that she was looking at, at that very moment in the sky near her!

The object that David was looking at went up into the clouds and disappeared.

Source: SUFON Files - David interviewed by Emlyn Williams, 24th October 2015.

Sunday 27th December, 20:55

Daniel Price (20) saw bright orange lights travelling at high speed. The sighting lasted around a minute.

"bright orange lights, to dark to make out a shape because it was night. i cold also make out an aeroplane and by comparing the to the plane looked higher than the ufo. the ufo was moving in a straigt line and seemed to move a lot faster than the plane i seen."

Thursday 31st December, 18:10

Marc Morris (46): "We only saw the lights as it was dark. They appeared roughly in the North West and travelled towards where we were standing. The lights were the colour of a helicopter beam but it was not a helicopter or an aircraft of any type. There were no flashing navigational lights or any noise whatsoever. The evening was virtually windless. It travelled at the speed of a helicopter and that's what we thought it was at first. But the lights seemed to be in segments although together. It was NOT a Chinese lantern as it was travelling too quickly. Neither was it red or orange. It manoeuvred upwards slowly, went behind a cloud and disappeared. The lights were too slow to be a commercial airliner or a satellite or falling space debris. I'm convinced I saw a UFO." Duration of sighting: 2 minutes.

Possibly a double submission as the details match this report from Marc Morris for the same date, time, etc:

"As it was dark, we (my partner and I) couldn't see anything of the vessel; but at first it seemed like a rocket or a flare that had gone up. As it was New Years Eve we thought nothing of it, until it strangely changed direction and started to head towards us. I then thought it was the NWP helicopter but it could not have been because there were no flashing navigation lights on it and the vessel made no sound. No aircraft flying low, or helicopter, could have produced no sound or lack of navigation lights; a jet liner travelling at 35,000 feet could not have gotten across the sky so quick. Same for a satellite. It had a bright yellowish light, like a spotlight, but no other lights at all, and this light seemed to shimmer slightly. It then went behind a cloud and disappeared; A flight path of an aircraft would have brought it into view again in a clear sky right next to the cloud, but this object just disappeared. I'm sure other people in the town must have seen this, but I swear, along with my partner, that we saw this. The light went behind a cloud and was gone. I never thought I would ever see anything like this! Can you contact BUFORA and Jenny Randles?"

For more like this please click the image below:
Weird Wales


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