Saturday, 25 September 2021

[Almost] Death on the Canal - 1856, Mary Ann Jenkins

Death on the (Mon & Brec) Canal

I did the basic research for this blog series a couple of years ago. Then, as usual, flitted along to the next thing that caught my interest. Now I'm trying to flesh the cases out and present to you my justification for not being a fan of walking along the canal on dark and lonely nights... For more canal deaths, check out the master post.


Not everyone who ended up in the canal lost their lives in it. While researching this series there were plenty of reports of 'near misses' to be found in the newspapers. So, to make the whole project slightly less morbid, every last Saturday of the month will be the case of someone who survived the Mon & Brec!

This week is about Mary Ann Jenkins of Spring Vale. The Monmouthshire Merlin of Saturday 18th October 1856 reported that Mary had attempted to commit suicide by throwing herself into the canal, near Cwmbran furnaces. Luckily, John Jones was passing at the time and pulled her from the water. When asked why she had done it, Mary said it was because her husband was an irreclaimable drunkard!

Monmouthshire Merlin 18th October 1856

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