Friday, 17 September 2021

Christmas 2021 Gift Buying Guide

Christmas 2021 Marianna

According to Google there are just 99 days until Christmas - and 106 until Marianna's seventh birthday. And so here commences the annual post where I keep track of what I intend to buy / have actually bought.

Aliexpress Lillycat Elanna

The only thing Marianna has actually asked for so far is 'a blue doll, with blue hair and a blue dress.' After much discussion and trawling through different doll lines, she hit upon BJDs as the one. I've bought this recast of Lillycat Ellana from AETOP on Aliexpress for £65 including shipping, VAT, and face up. (Ah, the moral argument of recasting vs. the recipient being six... there was only ever going to be one winner.) They didn't do it in blue so I've bought purple and will body blush it in blue when it gets here. Then I have to get wigs, eyes, clothes, etc, etc, etc.

Academy of Music 54 Key Keyboard

I saw this while flicking through the Studio Christmas catalogue and figured it would be perfect. My mum got Marianna a mini pink electronic piano with microphone a few years back, which she still plays with now occasionally as a keyboard. This seems like a great 'next step up' that is also good value for money at £24.99.

Purse Pets

This is a handbag that is also an interactive pet! Spin Master have brought them out in various character styles, but Marianna's current favourite colour is blue so I'll be going for this fox version. I haven't seen them cheaper than £24.99 yet.

Oliver Jeffers There's a Ghost in this House

"Ghost Books. Not too scary." 

So far I've settled on Flavia Z Drago's Gustavo the Shy Ghost, How to Make Friends with a Ghost by Rebecca Green, and Oliver Jeffers' There's a Ghost in this House. Other recommendations welcome!


SlitherBot by Clementoni is a snake robot you need to build so it can slither around the room. We usually get Marianna a robot of some description for Christmas, and I like that this one has a build element incorporated. Studio are selling it for £9.99.

Design a Friend Luna

Design a Friend Luna doll. Because she likes space and has blue hair. Obviously. It's £50 in Argos but fingers crossed for a sale or a discount code. Marianna has also asked for a sleeping bag and a black outfit for it.

Roller Skates

Another request item. No particular brand, they just have to be blue... I'll also need to get pads and a helmet.

Claire's Accessories Retro Camera Make Up Set

Pink may be out of favour, but Marianna is still as much of a Claire's fiend as ever. I'll get a bunch of little make up palettes and other bits for her.

Stocking Fillers

★ Tamagotchi.
★ Squishmallow - cat / unicorn.
★ Sweets.
★ Hair bands and accessories.

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