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Death on the Canal - 1894, Donovan

Death on the (Mon & Brec) Canal

I did the basic research for this blog series a couple of years ago. Then, as usual, flitted along to the next thing that caught my interest. Now I'm trying to flesh the cases out and present to you my justification for not being a fan of walking along the canal on dark and lonely nights... For more canal deaths, check out the master post.


The Saturday 25th August 1894 edition of the South Wales Daily Post reported that early the preceding morning, Friday 24th August, a woman drowned in the canal near the Patent Nut and Bolt Company's works in Cwmbran. The woman, named Donovan, had been subject to fits, so it was supposed that she had a seizure which caused her to fall into the water.

South Wales Daily Post 25th August 1894

The same report was also included in the 25th August edition of the Western Mail, and the Sunday 1st September edition of the Weekly Mail:

Weekly Mail 25th August 1894

Without a first name I've had no luck tracing her any further.

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