Saturday, 4 September 2021

Mini Mart: Molded Candy

Molded Candy 1/12 Scale

Supplier: Molded Candy
Website: Etsy Store

Molded Candy on Etsy


Various high quality miniatures ranging from bedding and planters, to resin vases and 3D printed eyeglasses. I bought a few different types of the latter at £2.50 a pair, along with a few different ornaments and toys including a teeny tiny Buddha (£3), Iron Giant (£2), and candles (£3 for six). 

I also bought a bunch of different colour 1/12 scale buttons (£1 for ten), mother and baby rubber ducks (£2.50), and a yellow balloon dog (£2.50). I couldn't resist getting the miniature oscar (£3.50) too - currently modelled by Hasbro Black Series Yoda...

Post and Packing:  £3.20 within the UK.


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