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Top 20 UK Refer a Friend Offers

Top 20 UK Refer a Friend Offers

There are lots of refer a friend schemes out there, offering all kinds of rewards from 10% off your order right through to actual cash sent to your bank account. Here are the 20 schemes which have worked best for me over the last 18 months or so. You can find all my referral codes and links on my dedicated pinterest board.

Save on your first Glossy Box from Look Fantastic with referral code JESSICA-R4OT or link -

Friends can use the referral link - - to get £5 off their first Glossy Box or an order of £25 at Look Fantastic. In return you get between £5 and £15 credit, depending on how much your friend spends.

Even better, you can stack the credit and do not need to spend anything extra to use it. I've received over £100 credit since 2019 which I've spent on make-up, perfume and gifts.

Get £50 credit with Octopus Energy when you sign up via referral code / link

With energy prices only going up, this scheme has been an absolute godsend for me. Every time somebody signs up for / switches to Octopus Energy with your referrral link - - the both of you get £50 free credit on your account. Since switching in early 2020 this scheme has netted me £350 in credit on my account.

Get £10 free when you sign up to Quidco (and earn £5 cashback) with referral link -

Most of the cashback sites offer free cash for referring friends, but Quidco is the one I've had the most success with in terms of it actually paying out. The friend gets £10 and the referrer £5 - I had £45 accrued just through referrals which I used to buy Marianna's new school uniform this year. For another 30+ cashback sites and referral links, check out my post HERE.

Get 60% off your first Gousto meal box with the code JESSI19856522

Gousto's refer a friend scheme offers 60% off to those signing up with a referral link - - and gives the referrer £15 credit. You can stack the credit too which is very useful; thanks to it I've been able to get a couple of free boxes over the last two years in weeks when money was extremely tight.

Get $3 credit with using referral code JESSICAGJA6

If a friend signs up to with your referral link - in my case, - you each get $3 credit, which is enough to send a photo postcard to anyone you want. These are really nice quality and are great mementoes of holidays, etc; I have a whole bunch of them on my noticeboard. (Note: You might need to log out and sign back in before your credit shows for the first time.)

Get an extra £5 on your first trade at Ziffit (of £10 or more) with referral code: IPNHV9EZU

Get £5 free credit on your Ziffit trade in when you use referral code IPNHV9EZU. The referrer also gets £5; I've had about £30 paid into my Paypal account this way.

Get £5 free with your first order at Music Magpie using referral link -

Use a referral link to trade with Music Magpie - - and get £5 free. The referrer also gets £5 in cold hard cash...

Sign up to Oh My Dosh and get a £1 welcome bonus
This is my favourite 'GPT' (get paid to) site. You fill out surveys, sign up to trials, complete offers, etc, and earn money for doing so; I've made over £100 with it since 2019. You can read my full review HERE. Their referral scheme offers £1 to each friend that signs up, and gives £5 for every friend that earns £10 and cashes out:

10 free Gener8ads tokens with referral link

Gener8 is a browser extension that acts like an adblocker; it switches out banner and sidebar ads with pictures of cute animals and pretty landscapes instead. For every replaced ad you see or friend you refer - - you get tokens you can spend in the Gener8 marketplace. The offers vary, but since installing it I've had a few £5 Amazon voucher plus various Gener8 merchandise like USB sticks and air fresheners.

Get $5 off your first Japan Candy Box with referral link -

This is a really fun scheme. Your friend can use the referral code to get $5 off their first Japan Candy Box - - and you get $5 of stackable credit. I've managed to get two free boxes through referrals which Marianna had a great time reviewing. :)

Get $5 off your first Kawaii Box with referral link

Kawaii Box offer a scheme where your friend gets $5 off their box with a referral link - - and you get $5 credit towards one. You can stack the credit, so refer a few friends and get a free box.

Get a Simply Cook box for £1 with referral code JP8919

Simply Cook offer a box for £1 when you use a referral code - e.g. JP8919 - and gives a free box to the referrer. I've had a few recently which has added some flavour to our meals.

Who Gives a Crap Discount Code

Toilet paper is one of those things you don't have much choice but to buy. Still, you can save £5 on your first order of this eco friendly bog roll with referral link - The referrer gets £5 credit in return.

Get £5 off orders of £30 or more at Beauty Expert with referral code: JESSICA-R1L9 Get £10 off at Bloom and Wild with referral code / link:
Here are some other refer a friend schemes offering stackable credit - although I can't say I've personally had much luck referring people to them, it's always good to know which ones can equal freebies just the same!

Bloom and Wild | | Give £10 off, get £10 credit.
Beauty Expert | JESSICA-R1L9 | Give £5 off, get £5 credit.
Boohoo | | Give 15% off, get £5 credit.
Burt's Bees | JESSICA-R7W | Give £5 off, get £5 credit.
Japan Centre | E2E12F | Give £5 off, get £1 credit.

Get 15% off at Boohoo with referral code / link - Get £10 off orders of £45 and over at Mankind with referral code: JESSICA-RNQ

Mankind | JESSICA-RNQ | Give £10 off, get £10 credit.
Rachel Riley | Give 15% off, get £15 credit.
Sanctuary Spa | JESSICA-R2V | Give 15% off, get £5 credit.
St. Tropez | JESSICA-R5Q | Give 15% off, get £5 credit.
Your Coca-Cola | JESSICA-R1Z | Give £5 off orders of £25+, get £5 credit.
Zavvi | JESSICA-R3QS | Give 10% off, get £3 credit.

£5 off orders of £25 or more at Your Coca Cola with referral link / code: JESSICA-R1Z Get 10% off at Zavvi with JESSICA-R3QS

Get a free silver britannia coin on orders over £250 at Bullion By Post with referrral code U1SZ HLRQ

Kind of niche but there's obviously call for it - I've had a few referrals through it, though I've never actually made a transaction. When ordering £250 or more of bullion you get a free silver britannia coin worth about £20 when you use a referral code, e.g. U1SZ HLRQ.

2 weeks worth of dog food from for £2 with code BABIAFI2019 A month worth of free dog food from with code JESSID5G

Every time a friend uses your referral code you get £10 credit on your account. I currently have over £1200 worth! If you have a dog this is such a good scheme because you can get the monthly subscription and it'll take £10 off a month so you're only paying a couple of quid for feed. Sadly the dog we got the trial for died and, as you cannot stack the credit, it's all just uselessly sitting there. I did email the company and ask if I could donate it all back to them in exchange for giving a portion to a shelter or something but didn't get any response. :/

(Because I was getting so many referrals they contacted me a while back with the first code which is for a couple of £££ per referral instead of credit. I've no idea how that account is doing as, kind of true to form, they've never been in touch since. My verdict is this is a fab scheme for owners of dogs who like Tails fare, but not worth doing for anyone else.)

What has been your best experience with refer a friend? Let me know in the comments! :)

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