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Welsh UFO Sightings 1999

Welsh UFO Sightings

Welsh UFO sightings from 1999. For sightings from other years please click HERE.

Thursday 7th January, 18:30
Glanarfon, Wales

One flat, triangular object, (like a shield), white in colour. Coloured lights mainly round the edge of the craft. Spotlight beneath.

Saturday 9th January, 20:35 - 02:00 Sunday 10th January

MOD summary: One large oval, with a sphere in the middle. Had bright blue, green and white lights on top of the craft. There was a humming noise.

SUFON listing: Very clear. A married couple watched from their home, 48 Oxford Street, Maerdy – first indoors then outdoors, an oval object with a sphere in the middle. It was blue/green with a bright white light on top. Described as being very bright and made a humming noise. The object was viewed through binoculars. The object was south of the house at an elevation of 45 degrees. It was juddering and rotating. The man videoed the object for 15 minutes. The sighting lasted until 2 AM.

Sunday 10th January, 01:30
Llanelli, Dyfed

One object, a pinprick of light changing colour between red, green and orange.

Jan 21st, 20: 45
Corwen, Denbighshire

Flying saucer shape, with three square like windows, like a house. Was light - got lighter, then dimmed. Slightly tilted.

Tuesday 2nd February, 17:25
Clase, Swansea

Clear, frosty evening. The witness was outdoors, in Clase, Swansea, and observed a stationary object to the northwest. It was described as being a gold-coloured collection of 5 star-like lights arranged in the shape of a cross. It then started moving slowly towards the southeast, passing overhead. The witness informed the police who then passed it on to the MOD.

Thursday 4th February

A triangular shaped UFO was seen over Swansea, said to be a "triangle shape, like an inverted ice cream cone."

Source: Referred to in South Wales Evening Post, 1st August 2007, citing MOD Files.

Wednesday 10th February, 02:45
Swansea, West Glamorgan

A retired Air Traffic Controller saw a single blue and red object. Very bright. It made an S pattern in the sky, when finished, moved North East.

Thursday 11th February, 18:45
Caernarvon, Gwynedd

Single aircraft/object, that had rotors. It had blue, red and white strobes.

Thursday 4th March, 19:45
Pengwern, Llangollen

Interference to the TV signal began about 19:45, prompting people to look out of their windows and see 'balls of electric blue light'. The event was investigated by Ron Lalek of Broughton who told the Wrexham Evening Leader that about 21:15 a witness drove up Gwernant Road to the apparent source of the balls. "They searched the area for half an hour and saw three coloured sparks and many white lights which shot into the air over a hedge just 10m in front of them. This happened twice."

Wrexham Evening Leader 17th May 1999

Tuesday 9th March, 18:30
Ammanford, Dyfed

Two dark grey objects. They then looked translucent. They were manoeuvring and then disappeared into the cloud.

Wednesday 10th March, 10:30
Bangor, Gwynedd

Flashing lights that were various colours. Shape unknown. Moving West.

Thursday 11th March, 05:10
Newcastle Emlyn, Carmarthenshire

One, large, round white light. Very bright. Moving from West to East.

Saturday 13th March, 21:25
Cardiff and Penarth, South Glamorgan

Cardiff - Set of one red, blue and yellow lights in a straight line. Very bright. Pontypridd - one set of bright white lights in a triangle.

Thursday 1st April, 02:05
Llandovery, Dyfed

One capsule. Blue and silver at rear.

April 29th, 16:00

Circular shaped object. Too high to be a bird and too low to be a plane. Was travelling from East to West.

May 26th
Swansea, West Glamorgan
One object, white and very bright. Very high up and very fast.

Sunday 6th June, 10:26

10.26 AM. Blue sky.

Ken Howard (53) saw a silver/white disc with no discernible wings, lights or markings. He could not judge the size but slightly later his observation of airliners in the same part of the sky indicated that it was much smaller (or very much higher).

It was almost directly overhead and appeared to be travelling at very high speed, on a slightly erratic course, from north west to south east. There was no sound or vapour trail. It disappeared in an instant.

Duration of sighting: 20 seconds.


June 8th
Monmouth, Gwent
One object, the size of a hot air balloon. Was bright, with a honeycomb of light. Was stationary and then flew off.

June 8th
Rhymney Valley, Gwent
One metallic sphere, approximately five-six metres. Was flying erratically from South to North along the Rhymney Valley.

Saturday 12th June, 01:05
Flint, Clwyd

Disc/star shape object with coloured lights, blue and green, spinning around it. Sphere of light high in the atmosphere.

Source: citing MOD Files. 19 May 2020.

July 10th, 20:55
Porthcawl, Mid-Glamorgan

"Clear evening. A husband and wife saw a cylindrical object, which was white and very bright, moving from left to right from the witness's perspective in the south, at about 30-35,000 feet and above the witnesses. There was no sound or smell associated with the object. The man was ex-RAF and said that Concorde had just passed before the sighting occurred. Duration of the sighting was 25-30 seconds." (SUFON summary)

Sunday 11th July, 00:00
Llangynog, Powys

Like a medium, bright star. Made an unusual gentle ark. Then some strange squiggles from left to right. High up in the sky.

Monday 12th July, 11:45
Flint, Flintshire

One star shaped object. Coloured lights around it - green, blue and red. Spinning.

Source: citing MOD Files. 19 May 2020.

Thursday 15th July, 01:10
Dwyfach, Gwynedd

A bright light.

Friday 16th July, c. midday

A metallic sphere was sighted over the Sugar Loaf Mountain.

Saturday 17th July, c. 15:00 - 15:30
A local couple observed a metallic sphere for approximately 15 minutes. "The couple described the sphere as being perfectly stationary despite strong winds. A thin layer of cloud passed behind the object and it was shortly after engulfed by thicker cloud. The object did not reappear.

Express 03/09/1999

Sunday 18th July, 01:45
Sandycroft, Queensferry

Danny Guest (25) saw a huge sphere, blue in colour, which he described as being the size of two double-decker buses. It hovered in the sky for approximately 90 minutes, changing its colour from blue to green.

"It was very beautiful to look at, but very strange experience. I also experienced time loss of 1 hour."

Sunday 25th July, 22:25
Porthcawl, Mid Glamorgan

"Clear sky, but cloudy on the eastern horizon. The witness, a man who was an amateur astronomer, was with his wife in their back garden which faces east in Porthcawl, when he looked straight up and saw something moving. He saw a disc-shaped object, bluey silver in colour, moving in a straight line. Witness said it was definitely not a star or planet, displayed no lights and was too high to have made an audible sound. It moved to the east and disappeared, moving too fast to be a plane. Duration of sighting was 1 ½ minutes." (SUFON summary)

Denbigh Golf Course

Paraglider Noel Humphreys landed on the edge of the golf course and saw a UFO in the sky, which he took some photos of. He thought perhaps it was a model plane but it made no sound. Eventually the craft flew away. Margaret Fry wrote into the Free Press to ask Noel and other witnesses to contact herself or the wider Welsh Federation of Ufologists.

Vale Advertiser 13/08/1999

Saturday 21st August, c. 20:10

'After dropping my daughter at Hawthorn Leisure Centre for a friend's birthday party, I was driving home along the A4054 at Rhydyfelin, when I noticed something strange travelling low in a south-westerly direction across the sky over Pontypridd. I stopped my car on a straight section of road and got out to get a better view of the object. It appeared to be a hang glider pilot without the accompanying hang glider. It resembled a person standing, and was travelling horizontally. As it approached the Graig mountain, it suddenly began a downward spiral course and eventually appeared to land on the mountain, which I was unable to visually confirm. The weather was typical of a summer's evening, warm and quite still with little if any breeze.'

Source: Michael Hopkins 2018 via SUFON database.

Friday 3rd September, c. midday
Ebbw Vale

A driver travelling from Brynmawr to Ebbw Vale on the A465 Heads of the Valleys Road saw a cigar shaped object. The object was said to be stationary in the sky at approximately 2,000 feet above and beyond the Ebbw Vale roundabout.

Gwent Gazette 30/09/1999

September 13th, 01:40

Large, bright object.

October 5th, 21:55
Llanbedrog, Gwynedd

One object, larger than normal aircraft, tubular shape. Was bright green tinged with blue. Moved downwards leaving trail behind.

Monday 18th October, 19:21
Shotton, Flintshire

UFO with a light, was hovering. A second UFO appeared. Had a large bright, white light. Also seemed to have red and green fleck on it.

Source: citing MOD Files. 19 May 2020.

October 26th, 18:40
Benllech, Anglesey

A white, onion shaped object, which was glowing white, with sparks. Was moving rapidly in a straight line.

Wednesday 10th November, 05:00

John North was woken by his dog, pulled back his bedroom curtains, and saw a 'strange light, which had no definite shape, moving from left to right above the mountain.' He watched it for 30 minutes and took some photographs.

South Wales Evening Post 19/11/1999

Thursday 18th November, 16:00
Black Mountains

Clear sky. Witness, located in Crickhowell, saw an object in the sky in the NNE over the Black Mountains area. It was described as a vertical orange line near the horizon, which then moved into a horizontal position. Its size was compared to an inch at arm's length. Duration of sighting: 5 minutes.

Sunday 28th November, 22:08
Pentraeth, Gwynedd

Giant dewdrop shaped object. Had a yellow centre and a green/blue haze around the outside. Too big to be a shooting star.

Saturday 4th December, 22:10
Newport, Gwent

A bright, Venus, pale orange object. Was moving as a bird would, in and out of formation.

Tuesday 7th December, 17:45
Newport, Gwent

One star shaped object. White and very bright. Very erratic movement.

Late December, evening

Exact date not known - described as 'Christmas'

Ms C. L. Omara (18) was with her boyfriend and saw a disc-shaped object which looked silver with red, pink and yellowish lights. It moved quickly through the sky. She said the sky was red/orange afterwards and the whole street were watching it.

Duration of sighting: 30 minutes.



One night, not long after they were married, about 1 or 2 AM, Darren (see the Crofty sighting in 1988), 26-years-old, was in bed with his wife at home in Waunarlwydd and was awoken by a bright light which lit up their front bedroom window, accompanied by a humming sound.

His wife couldn’t move, but was awake. Both then went back to sleep. In the morning, she asked, “What happened last night?” and they talked about seeing the light, but could not remember seeing anything else. Darren’s tattoo on the top of his left arm, felt raised up and sore for good part of the day, it felt inflamed as if it had only just been done.

This case displays classic elements of an abduction scenario, light seen in room, immobility, lost time and amnesia, and physical effects. It deserves further investigation especially as Darren has stated that his sighting in 1988 also suggests a missing time episode. At present however, Darren is unwilling to undergo hypnotic regression.

Source: SUFON Files – Darren interviewed by Emlyn Williams, 26th October 2015.

Ieuan Wyn Jones, then MP for Anglesey, wrote to the ombudsman on behalf of a constituent who was struggling to get anywhere with their research via the MOD.

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