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Welsh UFO Sightings 2000

Welsh UFO Sightings

Welsh UFO sightings from 2000. For sightings from other years please click HERE.

Tuesday 11th January
Swansea Bay

Sion Thomas, a law student in his thirties, was returning home from work. Sion noticed a large, silent, cherry-red light above the sea. It appeared reasonably close to the shore and in the general direction of Swansea County Hall.

"I stood for a few moments trying to ascertain what it was. You can imagine my surprise when the large light separated into two distinct objects, which flew off in different directions without a sound. Intrigued, I rushed home and ran up to the lounge window of my flat [top of Mount Pleasant], in time to see one cherry red light heading towards Mumbles and the other heading for Port Talbot. I considered many possibilities, including a midair refuelling exercise, but cannot fathom the absence of sound."

Source: Neil Spring UFO Magazine, July 2001.

Friday 25th February, 19:30

"Three objects/lights that were flickering on and off. They moved West and then moved to the South."

Haroldston Woods, Broad Haven

Phil Hoyle and his wife saw a bright light about the same size and luminosity of the star Sirius moving slowly across the sky from west to east. Phil told the Western Mail:

"I looked at the object through my binoculars and I could see a bright white sphere; then suddenly a small red object shout out of the bottom left-hand side of the white sphere. The sphere carried on slowly towards Haverfordwest and disappeared below the horizon, but the red small object seemed to stay in the same place as it was ejected from. The small object darted horizontally over an approximate distance of 500 feet; it moved in a zig-zag erratic manner from left to right."

Western Mail 15/01/2003
Wales on Sunday 02/02/2003

Wednesday 29th March, 00:00
Welshpool, Powys

"Comet shaped and with about a one foot long flare, four to six times bigger than a star. Moving from East to North East."

March, daytime

"In March 2000 I was going to my friend’s Stationery shop in Abergele when I saw a police helicopter hovering just above the building, and no more than about 20-30ft above it was a white cigar approximately ¾ the length of it.  After a few minutes it flew over fairly slowly to above Pentre Mawr Park, where again it was still for some minutes and then flew off rapidly.  As the helicopter was making such a racket it was difficult to tell if this UF0 made any sound."

Source: Link to the Stars by Margaret Ellen Fry.

Thursday 13th April, 20:23

"One star shaped object. Moving West."

Thursday 27th April
Rhydtalog, Flintshire

A witness reported seeing an object over the A5104 at Rhydtalog. It was described as: "One large white ball. It hovered and then disappeared."

Source: North Wales Live, 17 May 2020, citing MOD Files.

April or May, c. 06:20
Llangyfelach, Swansea

In April or May 2000, Ian Wishart at that time 24 years old, of Gendros, had just finished working a night shift at Port Talbot steelworks, and was driving home. Sometime between 6:15-6:30 am, just before dawn, of which was to be a clear sunny day, he had just turned off the M4 at junction 46 Llangyfelach.

He pulled onto Llangyfelach Road and on passing the post office he saw a bright light in the distance above Llangyfelach Farm, some half a mile distant to the right hand side of the road ahead of him.

He stopped his car and parked up in a lay-by adjacent to the Plough & Harrow public house and got out of his car. He watched as the light rose slowly vertically. By this time the sky was getting brighter due to the impending sun rise. The light was approximately 800-1000 feet up.

As he watched, it split into two. He then noticed two more lights behind him coming from the north heading towards the first two lights, but these seemed higher in the sky. Suddenly, the original two lights shot off at a very high speed in opposite directions, one towards Llanelli and the other towards Port Talbot.

Meanwhile the other two lights were now overhead and were slowly travelling towards Swansea. As they reached a point approximately over the Welcome Inn in Treboeth they disappeared, just sort of blinked out. No sound was heard from any of these objects during the incident and he was unable to ascertain their size or shape.

Mr Wishart returned to his car and went home to bed. He states however, that he telephoned the police at approximately 1 pm that day to report the incident. He was transferred to an officer in Bridgend, and was told that the sighting was logged.

Some five or six years later he received a letter stating that the case was now closed and no further action would be taken.

Source: SUFON Files - Kris Prevel / witness interviewed by Steve Drewson, June 2020.

Thursday 15th June, c. 21:15

S. Pryce-Williams was standing talking to their fellow chef at the Stamford Gate Hotel when they both saw a very large, shiny object very high up in the sky. They watched it for at least two minutes as it first hovered above them, then went over the Dee Estuary towards the Wirral. Within 15 minutes they saw three military craft, two jets and another large plane going by the same route and in the same direction.

Investigated by Margaret Fry, the account - complete with sketch - appeared in the 24.4 Autumn 2001 issue of Awareness:

Awareness 24.2 Autumn 2001
Awareness 24.2 Autumn 2001

Saturday 17th June, 21:15
Waterloo Hill, Llangernyw

Margaret Modinos, along with other unnamed witnesses, saw a light "like a golden metallic electric light bulb placed horizontally." Behind this came another five similar objects, in formation behind the leader. They flew silently over the landscape until they faded into the distance over the Dee Estuary.

Investigated by Margaret Fry, the account - complete with sketch - appeared in the 24.4 Autumn 2001 issue of Awareness:

Awareness 24.2 Autumn 2001
Awareness 24.2 Autumn 2001
Awareness 24.2 Autumn 2001

Friday 21st July 21st, 00:10
Neath, West Glamorgan

"One object, like a malteser when held at arms length. Spherical and very bright. Orange, red, green and white colours on it. Pulsating."

Tuesday 1st August, 15:30

"One circular, silvery white disc. Was right above the witness and then shot off."

Saturday 26th August, 20:30
Snowdania Mountains

"A large fireball/meteorite/piece of debris spotted over the mountains. It seemed to be flaming, rather than glowing."


Saturday 2nd September, 02:30

"Diamond shape, with three lights. One red and two white lights changing colour."

Saturday 16th September, 04:00
Shell Island, Llanbedr

"Triangular, stacked as plates, with triangular shaped windows with lights."

Thursday 28th September 28th, 20:10
Rhuddlan, Clwyd

An on-duty uniformed police officer saw an intense bright light in the sky above Rhuddlan. As the officer watched it suddenly appeared to 'explode' and disappear.

Thursday 5th October, 20:40
Colwyn Bay

BUFORA December 2000 carried a report by investigator Nicholas Kern. GW was out walking at the junction of Elian Road and Lwyd Grove, looked up, and saw three bright lights of the same size in a triangle formation travelling from the north east to the west. Two lights were ahead with one behind, very high and travelling very fast. One light moved across the other one then returned to its original position, before disappearing into cloud. 

BUFORA No 22 - Dec 2000 - 24 BUFORA No 22 - Dec 2000 - 25

Saturday 21st October, 18:45
St Athan, South Glamorgan

"Red light. Hovered."

North Wales

Margaret Fry and her cousin Marjorie saw two pinpoints of light moving upwards at a steady pace.

"In October 2000 my cousin had come from Australia to visit us.  She was standing outside when she saw ‘two stars moving’.  She called out to me. These two pinpoints of light were travelling not too fast or slow upwards above cloud level.  I reasoned they were unlikely to be satellites as they were going upwards; they were not planes, so I said they possibly were UFOs as it was impossible to judge what they were. Marjorie was so excited as she had never seen anything in Australia, but for me it was barely worth logging.  Contrary to what people might think, the more UFOs you see the more objective and analytical you become, or at least I have.  I am sure there are other equally level headed witnesses like myself."

Source: Link to the Stars by Margaret Fry.

Sunday 5th November, 23:34
Pen Machno, West Glamorgan

"One large, round fireball. Very bright."

Friday 17th November, 18:00
Taff's Well, South Glamorgan

"Bright light in the sky."

Thursday 23rd November, 18:30
Pontypridd, Mid Glamorgan

"One large, round light. Gold, then changed to red/amber. Changing from one side to the other."

Bethesda, Gwynedd

Awareness V25/N1 featured an investigation by Margaret Fry and Maureen Pumford. Witness looked out of her hallway window and saw what she likened to "a matchstick man with a large illuminated hat on and peddling furiously down the mountain side on an old fashioned penny farthing bicycle."

Awareness Magazine V25/N1

Friday 1st December, 06:57

Jillian Morris (51), with her daughter saw a round object, twice the size of Venus moving across the sky without stopping, and flickering. It was observed over the coast. It then changed colour to a dark orange and shot off vertically. No navigation lights were visible, and she was sure it was not a satellite as it moved erratically.

Duration of sighting: 9 seconds.


Wednesday 27th December,
St. Michaels, Caerphilly

A UFO was seen over the local golf course, prompting a Western Mail reporter to contact MOD for further info.


Friday 29th December, 23:00
Pantymwyn, Flintshire

"Object, roundish shape, silvery white. Was quite low down and enormously bright."


c. 2000, daytime
Bronwydd, Carmarthen

Katrina Rees (about 26) was driving her mother to Carmarthen railway station. They were proceeding along Bronwydd Road heading towards Carmarthen:

"We were just doing our usual trip and were approaching the narrower bendy bit of the road (there is a farm on the right hand side on the bend) and we both saw this huge dark grey oval "thing" just hovering in the trees in the distance ahead on the left of us. It was of considerable size. Really visible. We spotted it as we approached on the brow of the hill on our approach to the bend so we had to go down and around a double bend and then came out up the hill right alongside it. I knew it was big when I saw it from the distance but when we came around the bend I was shocked - it was really frightening to see it just there, I could not understand how it could be there, frozen motionless in the air, hovering where it was positioned. I knew it was not a typical plane or military etc. It was something else.'

After the experience, Katrina and her mother discussed it as they continued on their journey, all the way to the station where her mother was dropped off to catch a train home. Her mother was bewildered but went on her way. Katrina was dreading her own journey back home in the car as she didn't want to pass the object again on her own. To her relief it was not there anymore.

She called her mother later to say she'd got back safe and that the object had gone. They did not report it but did tell friends and family.

'I cannot tell you what we saw, it was not the sort of shapes people talk about like cigar shape nor a disc, it was longer than its height, some curved elements and just looked like a metal or darker metallic type material but it was more dull finish not shiny.... I can tell you I have no explanation at all other than its nothing we know of this earth even today that I can think of that resembled it.


Source: SUFON Files - witness correspondence with Mike Maunder, September 2020.

Ieuan Wyn Jones, then MP for Anglesey, wrote to the ombudsman on behalf of a constituent who was struggling to get anywhere with their research via the MOD. They responded in February 2000:

defe-24-2028-1-1 93
defe-24-2028-1-1 94
defe-24-2028-1-1 95
defe-24-2028-1-1 96
defe-24-2028-1-1 97

For more like this please click the image below:
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