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Welsh UFO Sightings 2012

Welsh UFO Sightings

Welsh UFO sightings from 2012. For sightings from other years please click HERE.

Tuesday 3rd January, 03:00

SUFON summary:  

3 AM. Windy.

Nathan Thomas (14) and his younger brother, Alex live in Bryn Garth on the western edge of Denbigh. They heard a loud bang caused by bins blowing over and looked out of their rear bedroom window, which faces north, and saw a group of white lights flashing and pulsing, possibly in the sky and seemingly on a hillside which lies about a mile to the north-west, near a quarry.

Nathan said: 'When I saw the lights I looked back into my room in case it was something reflecting on to the glass, but I opened the window and they were definitely in the sky.'

His mother, Linda Pritchard who also saw the lights described them as amazing and said they were circulating over two houses in Bryn Garth which back onto Cae Howell field, Denbigh.

'He woke me up, and his brother Alex and my grand-daughter Kiera. We all witnessed it, we were shaking and the dog kept barking. Nathan's first thought was this is a space-ship. The police just said it was lampers, but how can it be lampers at 3 am and its definitely in the sky' said Mrs Pritchard.

Alex managed to film the lights on his new video camera. The video shows a definite disc-shaped object, as the lights along its sides flash on and off, sometimes in sequence, and at others seemingly in a random pattern.

Alex said, 'It was a disc shape and I could see mini explosions in the light but it definitely wasn't fireworks because we had the window open and there was no sound. After we stopped filming we watched it for about half an hour and then next minute it was on an angle and was spinning and they confirmed there were no helicopters out on January 3.

Source: Kirstie Dolphin 22 February 2012.

See the video taken by Alex Thomas here:

In 2018 I took Mike Maunder and Gari Jones to visit Linda Pritchard and her sons and daughter and we stood in the bedroom from which Alex took the video. At the same time they kindly played back the video on a large wall-mounted screen in the same room and we were able to compare the view in the video, in which roofs of houses in the foreground could be used as reference points, with the daytime view we had through the window. I noticed the angle of the line of lights and managed to pin point a field on the hillside about a mile away, which was at the same angle. After working out where it was on a map, Linda took us in her car and drove out for a site visit. Obviously we weren't looking for evidence of a landing as it was over 6 years later, but was useful for establishing a likely landing site. We walked through the fields in question which have been marked on the map. - Emlyn Williams - SUFON.


The Daily Star also reported on the story in an article written by Sophie Jones, 02/03/2019 - Footage of spooky spinning UFO in Wales declared GENUINE by expert EERIE footage showing mysterious lights in the sky has been declared genuine evidence of a UFO by an expert:

Video released for the first time shows the UFO which appeared in the sky around 3am on January 3, 2012 in Denbigh, North Wales.

Brothers Nathan and Alex Thomas saw several lights rotating in a circular formation out of the window of their home.

Nathan, then aged 14, was watching TV when he heard a loud bang from a bin being knocked over in a storm so decided to investigate.

To his bemusement, he saw the bright lights flashing in the distance over a farmer's field.

After watching them or some time he decided to wake his brother Alex, who described the lights as "amazing".

They couldn't hear any noise from the lights and so decided it could not be fireworks.

Nathan grabbed his Toshiba Camilo S30 hand-held camera which he'd got for Christmas and filmed the lights from his bedroom window.

After trying to work out what they had been looking at Alex then decided to wake their mum Linda and cousin Kiera who also saw the unexplained lights.

Former RAF worker Jason Gleaves studied the film using the latest computer technology.

He said: "During the video footage Nathan remarkably keep a steady focus on the objects in the distance for most of the duration, also focusing and zooming in and out on occasions capturing local housing, street lamps and foliage, which is ideal for perspective in relation to the witnesses sighting location and the unknown light sources in the distance.

"Upon my analysis of this fascinating footage in more detail I confirmed what the witnesses had seen and described also confirming the lights to be rotating in a circular uniformed formation, giving the impression of being fixed to a much larger circular base structure.

“Also frames were obtained revealing an unusual unknown shaped object, multicoloured in appearance exhibiting a full visual spectrum range.

"Near the end of the footage the lights appear to change angle to a 45 degrees angle but continuing to rotate as they did in the horizontal position before blinking out of sight for good."

Jason managed to obtain a daytime photograph from fellow UFO researcher Gari Jones taken from the exact location and direction of the night time footage.

He overlaid a frame taken from the original footage with the daytime image which placed the lights just above the tree line on a distant hill, approximately one and a half to two miles away.

Jason, author of UFO Photo and The Ufology Umbrella, added: "At the sighting location the only landmarks are a golf course and quarry, but both set off to the left and right of the sighting location by some considerable distance (in my opinion, enough not to impede or interfere with regards to a mistaken identification) the rest of the surrounding area is farmland and beyond the sighting location for many miles.

"At one point in the footage the family pet dog is heard getting agitated and unnerved, in other similar UFO cases animals and local wildlife are often heard getting excited, but on this occasion the pet dog could be just upset because of the strange early hours commotion.

"Other possible factors and identification of the unknown light sources could be drones, but during 2012 drone technology had not been widely available to the public as they are today, so I don't believe the lights to be drones.”

Tuesday 3rd January, 17:00
Brecon Beacons

Jessica was driving home from work in Brecon, along the A470 south. As she was climbing into the Brecon Beacons she spotted a big, extremely bright white light that looked like a bright star over Pen-Y-Fan the highest peak ahead and to the left of her. She thought it was a very bright star alone in the dark sky until it started moving.

She said it seemed as if other drivers were also looking at it as their cars were swerving and slowing down. The light moved towards Hirwaun side of the Beacons (to the south-west - to the right of her view), where she lost sight of it. Just before she lost sight of the light, she saw a helicopter moving towards it.

Source: - reported by witness, 4 January 2012.

Tuesday 3rd January, c. 20:00
Beulah, Ceredigion

Alun James was at home in Beulah, north of Newcastle Emlyn and was about to close his curtains for the evening when he suddenly saw light coming over the house. It lit up the whole of a nearby field in white light. He'd never seen anything like it before. The light continued towards Blaenporth and Aberporth to the north-west. He described the object as roundish in shape with long windows and lights all around. It seems he is describing a disc-shaped object.

Source: - reported by witness 6 January 2012.

c. 20:00

Alun James was at home in Beulah, north of Newcastle Emlyn and was about to close his curtains for the evening when he suddenly saw light coming over the house. It lit up the whole of a nearby field in white light. He'd never seen anything like it before. The light continued towards Blaenporth and Aberporth to the north-west. He described the object as roundish in shape with long windows and lights all around. It seems he is describing a disc-shaped object.

Source: - reported by witness 6 January 2012.

Tuesday 3rd January, 17:00
Brecon Beacons

Jessica was driving home from work in Brecon, along the A470 south. As she was climbing into the Brecon Beacons she spotted a big, extremely bright white light that looked like a bright star over Pen-Y-Fan the highest peak ahead and to the left of her. She thought it was a very bright star alone in the dark sky until it started moving.

She said it seemed as if other drivers were also looking at it as their cars were swerving and slowing down. The light moved towards Hirwaun side of the Beacons (to the south-west - to the right of her view), where she lost sight of it. Just before she lost sight of the light, she saw a helicopter moving towards it.

Source: - reported by witness 4 January 2012.

13th January, 18:30

Bradley Curtis (33) had a sighting that lasted 15 minutes.

"It was like a star but above me at the time the brightest light in the sky is always above my house which is either Sirius or Venus not to sure. But the bright light opposite my house above the mountain was brighter and slightly larger which isn't normally there I watched it for 15 to 20 mins it didn't move or dim out def not plane or chimeras lantern way to bright and to static. Then I thought it must be a star I went up stairs to do the hovering which took 5mins then came back and it was gone. This day there was no clouds in the sky."

Thursday 19th January, 22:00

Kirsty, Charlie, Sophie, Paige and Lily were travelling by car back to Rhyl from Prestatyn [A548], heading west, and saw in the distance at first, two bright lights that seemed to be hovering over the golf course to the right of the road just before Rhyl. As they got closer it still had not moved, so they pulled over and got out of the car to have a better look.

'We looked up at this thing in the sky which was extremely low for an aeroplane as we first thought it was!! And now we could see three lights in a triangle sequence. It started to move towards us very slowly as it got closer and now was above us, we could see the outline and the shape as it was very low maybe no more than 6 houses high!! It was a triangle shape, and made no noise whatsoever!!'

After a few moments it suddenly speeded up and vanished into thin air.

Source: - reported by witness, 23 January 2012.

January, daytime
Caswell Bay, Gower

The witness, Maria, was visiting the Gower Peninsula and took part in a guided walk along the coast. After a long walk, they stopped at Caswell Bay for half an hour. Maria went for a short walk on the beach, and took some photos. When she got home and showed the photos to her family they found a strange ochre ball or balloon in the sky on one of the photos though she definitely remembers that there wasn’t anything visible at any time when she took the pictures. Moreover there is nothing in the adjacent picture on her camera.

Source: SUFON database

Saturday 4th February, c. 23:00
Burry Holms, Gower

Calm, moonlit night. Mr H and his partner were having a night time walk at Rhosilli, Gower. Visibility was good as they could see right across Rhosilli Bay towards Pembrey. The couple had walked down the path which leads from Rhosilli village onto the beach at the south end of the bay. 

'We had just sat down on the steps looking north-northwest when we saw something flying quite slow & low across the bay in a west to east direction. It was a bright light approx 100ft above the water. There was no sound which I thought strange. 

At first I thought it must have been car headlights on the far shore but when I looked at Google Maps I realised it couldn't have been because we were looking in the direction of Pembrey Sands. It wasn't a boat mast light either because we could see the water, there were no boats around at the time. It was just a white leading / tail lights...and no discernable shape to it. 

We watched it for less than a minute before losing sight of it as it went around the headland moving up the estuary at the north end of the bay. Having looked at the moon phases on Google back to Feb 2012 it must have been Sat 4th Feb when we had the sighting.'

Source: SUFON Files - email from witness, 29 April 2017. 

Sunday 5th February, 02:15
Gwyddelwern, LL21 9DP

Witness reported the sighting to MUFON on 15th November 2017.

"I was standing at my back door smoking. i glanced over to my right and in the field at the back of my house saw 2 lights blink on. i first thought they were sheeps eyes but there was no light source to cause that. plus, they looked rather light an old fashioned torch that had flat batteries. the ‘eyes’ were on for perhaps 3 seconds then they went out/off. approx 30 seconds later the lights came back on but much, much brighter. they started to rotate quickly and rise up. they rose to about 50 feet then briefly followed the fence line. when they got close to a tall tree, the craft rose up above the tree. hovered there for perhaps 10 seconds then shot up and accelerated at an incredible speed due east and i lost sight of the object."

Wednesday 8th February, 19:30

Kath Anthony (54) saw a fast moving light over the sea, moving at low altitude over the water. She thought it was strange as it was too fast for a boat and too low for an aircraft.

"Then it hovered over the common land. I saw a bright red glowing directional light and a smaller green light. I jumped in my car and drove there expecting to hear a helicopter. There was nothing there and no sound."

Duration: 1 minute


Sunday 12th February, 22:30
Llandrindod Wells

Broken cloud, strong moonlight.

Tim was with his two sons in Rock Park, Llandrindod Wells, walking their dog. Visibility was good for the time of night. A movement in the sky above him caught his attention and he saw a large dark shape fly past at approximately 200 feet in altitude. One of his sons, the 16-year-old, also saw it as it moved quickly from west to east.

Tim said, "It was just black, vaguely triangular in shape, and the size we thought around that of a hang glider, or larger. It was only in sight for a couple of seconds, moving to the east, before losing sight of it in the night sky. There were no lights on it at all, and it was absolutely silent. I'm not prone to imagining things, and I've spent much time outside at night without seeing anything like this before. I found it really unsettling."

Source: - reported by witness 14 February 2012.

Friday 24th February

11:23 PM approx. Witness: Karen.

“At first glance I thought this was a plane both me and my husband looked up at it. It started with a pulsating light which was very high up in the air on a very clear night. It appeared to be moving much faster than a plane towards us, it was totally silent and I could not see any trail behind it. It then slowed down dramatically and came down at an angle which was quite sharp. Out there is an island what looks to be on the horizon. I have no idea what it is called but as this thing came in at the left hand side of got down to just above the water; it looked disk shape with like a wide bell on the top. The angle again changed and then it hit the water and disappeared.”



SUFON note: the only island off Porthcawl is Tusker Rock, visible at low tide. Low water was at 0158 on the 25th February 2012, 2 ½ hours after the sighting, so the rocks would have been visible. We need to trace the witness as this case looks to be very significant as it is one of the few cases in British waters involving UFO/USO activity – E.W.

Sunday February, 10:30/11:00
Swansea Bay

Sunday morning, clear, no wind. Jason Torlop, of Gorseinon, was fishing at Knab Rock, Mumbles on the west of Verdi’s restaurant on the slip at the far end of the car park, a location which faces north east towards Swansea across the 5-mile wide curved bay. 

He was watching his rods when a bright moving object caught his eye, low in the sky roughly over Upper Killay, heading east towards Swansea. It seemed to be round, like an orb, and after about 5 minutes had moved slowly over the beach near Singleton, and had changed shape to that of a cone or funnel, with the thin end pointing downwards and had doubled in size, continuing towards Swansea city centre. When it had reached a point in line with the docks it stopped and changed direction to the south west, towards the witness standing on the seafront at Mumbles.

As it got closer, crossing the bay he could see that it was of a shiny metallic colour, reflecting the sunlight, but was fuzzy with no defined edges and he was unable to focus on it. It changed shape back to an orb a couple of times, which could be due to it turning. 

The object continued in a straight line and at the same height of a couple of hundred feet, moving at a slow rate, did not speed up or slow down and passed right over Jason and behind him, over Mumbles Head, making no sound at all. Jason said its size was comparable to that of a car. There was a jet skier nearby busy putting his jet ski into the water and Jason said to him, “Look at that satellite.” The lad replied, “Oh my god, I’ve never seen one like that before!”

The object continued out of sight behind Mumbles Head, and presumably, if it did not change course again, would have continued south west over the Bristol Channel.

Total duration of sighting was about 25 minutes.

Source: SUFON Files - witness interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams 26 October 2015.

Thursday 1st March, 19:45

A man (husband of Val who reported 3 discs on 25 December 2011), saw a triangular shape passing over him in Rhosllanerchrugog, in the same spot that his wife had her sighting. There were three large very bright circular disc-shaped lights in the corners of the triangle. It passed over him silently at speed, heading towards Wrexham in the north. It disappeared into low clouds.

Source: - reported by witness 4 March 2012.

Sunday 18th March, 22:30
Bryncoch, Neath

Tom was at home in Bryncoch, Neath. To his west lies Drumau Mountain. He saw a light which he at first thought was an aircraft:

"It flew across and started jerking dramatically up and down. Such speed couldn't have been a plane. Flashing red-white rhythmically. It made it hard to focus and was impossible to see when the flash wasn't on. It flew to the furthest end of my view, above Drumau Mountain. It hovered there and jerking every now and then. It was now a bright white colour. Lots of small white dots started to collect around it, some flaring up as if they were white flames. Still it was hard to focus on them. I had to squint a bit to focus on them. I felt scared."

They then disappeared and Tom was feeling sick. At 10.40 pm he was tempted to close the curtains due to fear. At 10.47 pm the lights reappeared, moving back along their original course but in reverse, slowly and rising slowly and jerkily. Red and white flashes continued and Tom was able to make out a possible cigar-shape. Then he thought it looked small and rectangular and "was moving as if it was searching for something."

Source: - reported by witness 19 March 2012.

Tuesday 27th March, 10:15
Ewenny, Bridgend

An anonymous witness was driving a tractor along Wick Road towards Ewenny and Corntown (heading north-west), to deliver a bale of hay. Looking towards Ewenny Quarry on the left (so would have been near Beech Court Farm), the witness saw what at first appeared to be a large silver HGV trailer, about 40 feet long, reflecting the morning sun, about a quarter of a mile away to the west. The witness discounted this possibility as there was no suitable road positioned above Kingswood and the quarry.

The elongated silver object then seemed to be floating a few feet off the ground. It then disappeared at speed behind an old stone barn and reservoir, travelling about ten feet in altitude, then suddenly shot straight up 'faster than anything I've ever seen in a blink.'

Duration of sighting: a few seconds.

Later, after work at 7 PM, the witness went to the site - the disused Hobbs quarry and entered an underground reservoir, to find a rational explanation, but was unable to find any trace. A few days later he went back with sceptical workmates, and entered the underground empty reservoir. Apart from letting their imaginations get the better of them in the dark cavernous void, they found nothing.

Friday 13th April, c. 22:00
Rossett, Wrexham

Lewis Arnold was with a friend driving around and stopped at the top of a hill in Rossett, north of Wrexham to look at the view. They saw what they thought looked like a helicopter moving around, and turning at sharp right angles, forming squares. Looking closer, they then realised that the craft was extremely thin in thickness, and made noise, so clearly no helicopter.

They sat there for a couple of minutes longer and then realised that the object was getting nearer to them. They decided to drive away and as they did so it had close enough for them to see that it was a black triangle.

As they got further down the lane they crossed paths with the object and as they did so they stopped the car suddenly and looked up at it. They saw that was at a height of about 30 feet, and it had stopped to hover directly over them.

They could not not hear a sound from the object and so turned the car engine off to listen. They could hear a faint hum coming from it. Lewis said he noticed that underneath the triangle it had thick white lines going from each corner and through the middle, and it also had a light at each corner.

"We stood there outside of the car in awe for what seemed about two minutes just thinking, what the hell is this! We couldn't believe what was happening! I didn't think to take a photo at this point because I was in so much amazement, and trust me, this has killed me ever since it happened because it could have been the best evidence ever as we were that close to it!"

They got nervous after about two minutes of looking up, got back in the car and drove away quickly. They noticed that the craft did not follow them and they went straight home.

Source: - reported by witness 24 August 2016.

Saturday 28th April, 23:00

Tom was at home in Rhyl and received a text on his phone from his girlfriend, saying that there was something going on in the sky. He looked out of his window at the front of the house to see a police helicopter going round in circles. Tom went into his sister's room to look out of the rear window and saw a slow moving object at a low altitude but had more lights than normal aircraft. He then went back to his window at the front and saw the helicopter to his right, but then the object came over from the left. There was no sound from the object. It headed towards the east in the direction of Gwaenysgor (south of Prestatyn) and over the mountain there.

He called his 15-year-old sister, who also saw it go over the mountain, and saw the helicopter to the right of it, going in circles. Tom further described the object as an oval in shape with many white lights on it. There was also a red light but no green, which wasn't flashing as a plane's navigation lights would.

Source: - reported by witness: 29 April 2012.

Saturday 30th June, 21:30

Gem and Kate:

"Looking at the sky fro my back garden we noticed a red/orange star like object which seemed to be spinning around as it went over my house. It was also followed by 2 black smaller objects which seemed to be moving close together. It travelled fast as we would not have had a chance to grab camera/phone from inside. Never seen anything like it before. Definitely not a star/plane as the sky was still light and the object was bright red/orange."

Source: - reported by witness, 1st July 2012.

Saturday 30th June, 23:00
Hightown, Wrexham

J. Craddock was at home in Hightown (which lies south-east of Wrexham town centre) and was walking past the dining room window when a large bright white light was seen in the sky. It was moving slowly at a low altitude and about to pass over the house. The witness called his/her partner and the two watched from their front bedroom window. The light was now much higher and brighter and it moved in a letter 'S' (from the top).

'Then a whole load of tiny "fairy lights" the same bright white,' appeared all around it as it descended out of sight in the direction of Marchwiel to the south-east.

Source: - reported by witness 17 July 2012.

Monday 23rd July, 23:45

Deb: "Sat out the garden having a cig, stargazing and an orange blurred triangle shaped object flew over at speed. This was no further up than a helicopter would fly, no flashing lights just an orange/amber colour as though it was reflecting our street lights colour. This moved so fast, faster than a helicopter and absolute silence. So shocked I rang my brother at this hour to tell something. I’ve seen many shooting stars and this as not one, I can not explain what I just seen."

Source: - uploaded by witness 26 July 2012.

Sunday 29th July, c. 12:00  - 15:00

Mr Jones was sitting in his living room on a sunny clear day, looking up at the sky through the window. He noticed what he thought was a plane moving. It was at high altitude and he noticed that it did not have any wings. A moment later he saw a plane heading from another direction which passed in front of it, and he could see that there was a definite difference in the altitude of the plane and the object. Then the object suddenly stopped, moved back and fore for about 90 seconds. It looked like it was getting smaller in size and seemed to be ascending in altitude, then just disappeared.

Source: - uploaded by witness 31 July 2012.

Swansea Bay


Identity of witness unknown. Tells it in own words:

“12 PM. Approx. I’ve put an approximate time and date for this event as I don’t recall exactly when it happened, it happened a fee years ago, that’s all the information I can give honestly without lying.

I live in house is on a hill. I remember for no particular reason just moving my desk chair to my window (south-facing) just to admire the view of Swansea Bay. As I’m looking at the water, I notice what looks to be a green firework over the Mumbles. These objects, about 6 or 7 from what I can remember were falling in formation, in a manner of which a firework would, going upwards and outwards from a central point until gently falling downwards, until they all stopped dead midair. At this point, one turned red, and moved up and to the right from where it was, and then the other objects formed up in a perfect line behind it, they were perfectly spaced between themselves. Once they were all lined up they all moved slowly as one in the same plane.

At this point I was fairly freaked out by the situation and moved away from the window, so unfortunately I can’t shed any light on what they did next.

Upon consideration I can only imagine that these objects were in fact over the Bristol Channel. As I said, my first thought was a distant firework, so their size from where I was sort of between the star and aspirin option on this page [see original website]. They left no trail, and the obvious direction changes, hovering and formation flying, plus the fact that one of the objects changed colour makes it apparent this was not in fact a firework.

For the sake of helping you visualize what I saw, I went in to Google maps street view and screen-shotted Swansea Bay from a similar angle from where I was witnessing this and roughly added the flight paths of these objects. Don’t take this as their exact flight path, I’m only illustrating the main changes in their movement and shape.

Picture 1: Showing the firework type formation and their apparent motion. They’re not moving very quickly.

Picture 2: They stop in midair; one turns red.

Picture 3: I’ve shown where the red object finished off, but they were all moving simultaneously.

Picture 4: They sat in this formation for a few seconds, and then started moving upwards in the direction indicated. Again, not very quickly, contrary to many other UFO accounts.

Duration: 2.5 minutes.

Source: citing MUFON

Monday 27th August, 23:16
Killay, Swansea

Jon Davies:

"I was out for an evening walk when I became aware of a bright creamy white light traversing the sky at great speed. This light was flying across the sky from a west to east direction when whilst observing this light a second light of an extreme bright green came out of the white light and flew down towards earth direction at a tremendous speed and disappeared behind the woods, no crash, no noise, no smoke.

The white light was still visible on the same course but after approximately 30 seconds disappeared behind the clouds. This green object appeared to be approximately two feet long as it disappeared behind the woods and was about 200 yards from where I was standing.

I have seen comets, shooting stars but never have had an experience such as this. The light was so bright I could hardly bare to look at it."

Thursday 30th August, 23:25
Cwmann, Lampeter

John Davies: "I had just returned from work and I was walking down the street from my car which had just parked and I turned to look up at the moon and off to the right slightly I could see an orange ball of light.

At first I thought it was one of those Chinese lanterns, however it was moving in an anti-clockwise circular motion, round and round quite fast for about 10 seconds, then stopped still, then shot straight up into the air and was gone."

Source: - uploaded by witness 3 September 2012.

Thursday 6th September, 15:20

Steven Griffiths:

"I was on Pembrey beach in West Wales. Exact location 51 deg 40’16.0 N and 4 deg 18’09.90 W. It was a clear sunny virtually cloudless day. Several hours previously two or more military jets had been flying in circles out over the bay then inland then back out. They did this probably ten times while I was there. This isn’t unusual there are nearby air bases and they seem to train quite frequently. They fly fairly low and make quite a noise. 

I’d walked for quite a distance and was just getting back to the car parking area so I sat down, had a drink and a cigarette and lay back on the sand and shut my eyes. A couple of minutes later I opened my eyes and saw what I at first thought was a white aeroplane but the shape seemed wrong and it appeared to be stationary. I then thought maybe it’s a seagull just riding the currents but I dismissed that because it was angular, white diamond shaped and almost translucent. 

All this happened really quickly about 2-3 seconds. Then as I watched it became smaller and smaller and in 1-2 seconds it was gone. Straight up I imagine as the reduction in size strongly suggested a rapid increase in distance. I was totally stunned, couldn’t believe what I had seen. High above what I assume was a commercial aircraft lazily crossed the sky leaving a contrail as if to highlight the strangeness of the earlier craft. There were few people in the vicinity and nobody else appeared to have seen anything."

Source: MUFON reported by witness 6 September 2012.

Monday 10th September, 02:30

Rob was woken up by a fairly quiet rumbling noise outside. He looked through the bedroom window and saw a bright light. He thought it sounded like a quiet tractor with its headlights on, but then he thought why would a tractor be driving down the road at 2.30 am?

He lived in a lane which was very quiet for car traffic during the early hours. The light was large and white and moved over the houses opposite, appearing to be only about 20 metres above the rooftops, travelling at the equivalent of a fast walking pace. Rob could not see any shape or outline, but just a dull white light.

He watched as it moved slowly down the road in the direction of Haverfordwest town centre. He had never seen anything like it before. He wondered if it was just coincidence, but that night he had problems with his internet connection, which did not usually happen.

Source: - uploaded by witness, 10 September 2012.

September, 19:55

Witness was waiting for a bus when they saw two orange balls (c. 10 feet in diameter, though possibly a typo given the rest of the description) approximately 30 feet off the ground. They seemed intelligently controlled as 'they were bobbing and weaving between obstacles, trees, etc.' The sighting was reported to UK UFO on January 17th 2014.

Steven: "I have waited a long time to share my experience as i didn’t know who to tell.I was waiting at a bus stop for my regular bus on the outskirts of Cardiff. As I looked up the lane for my bus I noticed two orange balls approx 30 feet off the ground. They were no doubt intelligently controlled as they were bobbing and weaving between obstacles trees etc.One ball was ahead of the other and the second one caught it up if they were playing a game with each other. They were approx 10 feet in diameter. My bus arrived as i was still watching the objects .I told the driver of the bus to hold on a minute but unfortunately he wasn’t interested and so i had to go about my journey."

Wednesday 17th October, 08:30

Witness unknown:

"I had seen the object a few times before in the same general area, along with two of my friends that has seen and heard it before in a different place. We were sitting in a car, at the top of Llangynwyd, when we noticed the light, flashing as it usually does. Then it began to gain speed and was almost directly above us flying lower as it flew across the sky. It was making a low pitched humming/whirring noise like a helicopter but a lot lower in pitch. It looked disc-shaped as we watched it get closer and then it gained speed, quickly, and flew off in a direction of Pencoed [south’east]."

The object was at tree top height. It displayed a bright green/blue/red/white light, flashing and changing direction.

Source: - uploaded by witness, 17 October 2012

Sunday 21st October, 19:15

Clear sky, patchy high level thin haze, no wind.

M. J. Ouseley was walking up his garden path towards the house and saw what at first he thought was a plane on fire. He rushed to the front door and called his wife, C. Ouseley, who came to the door, and they both watched the orange object for approximately 40-50 seconds. The object was travelling east to west.

When it had got to approximately 30 degrees beyond vertical above the witnesses it disappeared instantly. Mr Ouseley said:

'As a keen amateur astronomer I am used to seeing meteors and confirm that it was not a meteor. However it was traversing the sky faster than the visual speed of the high altitude aircraft which I am also used to seeing.'

Source: - reported by witness 23 October 2012.

October (weekday), c. 20:00

Clear sky, windy.

The witness saw a cylindrical craft moving slowly at about 15 mph across the Rhymney valley from Cefn Hengoed to Tir-y-Berth to Fleur-de-Lys to Blackwood. He described it as bullet or Zeppelin in shape but displaying a flat bottom seam and flat rear. It was gun metal or grey/black in colour, with no visible wings, no lights and making no sound. The wind was howling and whistling, but the craft moved against it, so was no balloon. He said it was large in size, larger than any commercial aircraft.

It was distinguishable in the dark because it was blocking out the stars. The rear of the craft looked to have vents but there was no obvious exhaust or vapour trail. The side of the craft had no obvious windows but looked entirely "one piece of material that had been bent to create the rounded bullet shape."

The witness did not see the front of the craft. The bottom of the craft, when passing over his house and a well-lit main road, displayed clear markings or symbols. He said he felt intimidated by it.

"The lack of noise or obvious signs of propulsion unnerving to me, moving at such a laboured speed across a residential area was bizarre."

The craft moved slowly towards the Blackwood area but the shape was and size of the craft was clearly seen in the sky due to lighting coming from Ysgol Cwm Rhymni outdoor 4G sports pitches where there were sports sessions ongoing.

"I have never seen any craft of this description before or after."

Source: SUFON Files - witness submission. 

Saturday 17th November, 08:30

Chris Wright (27) saw a UFO that was "Red green. Then formed into two then moved a fair distanceafter being stationary for a short while" for about three minutes. Asked if he had further comments, Chris said: "I'm gobsmacked."

Thursday 22nd November, 05:10

P. B. (31) saw a "very bright ball with mist (fogg) around it, not sure about size of it, to me it look like about 3-4 meters" for about 10 seconds. "Just a moment after this fly off sky go bright from black dark, maybe just because it's happen wright time in the mourning, but im sure it wasn't a plane, helicopter ,balloon or satellite."

Friday 23rd November, c. 18:30
Snowdonia National Park

(SUFON Summary:) Clear moonlit evening.

The witness was travelling home from work, sitting in the passenger seat of his works' van after working on a flood clearance job in North Wales. They were heading south on the A470 from Betws-Y-Coed and entering the Snowdonia National Park and stopped at a set of temporary traffic lights at some road works which were on red. 

He spotted a set of white triangular lights to the east on their left. The lights seemed to be up on an embankment between the van and the silhouette of a higher hill in the distance. At first he assumed it was a train travelling horizontally as if on a straight track, but it then rose at an angle of about 25 degrees and started to angle towards the west towards them. Sight of the lights was then lost as they disappeared overhead.

The witness said nothing to the driver of the van throughout the sighting, and the driver did not see it. As the witness scratched his head in confusion, the red traffic light turned to green and they continued south through the park. 

They travelled for another 5 minutes and were in a flow of traffic travelling at about 45 mph when the driver said, "What the f##k is that?" at which point, two bright lights came into view from a north-easterly direction and flew over the road in front of the van at an approximate height of 200 feet, perhaps less, at a distance away of about 300 feet. Even though it was dark, it was clear enough to see that the lights were part of the same craft as they could see the silhouette of its body, which was an elongated rectangle with the lights at either end. 

After it flew across the road in a south-easterly direction it then did a banking manoeuvre towards the south-west. The whole craft then seemed to glide at great speed to the west and disappeared behind hills about a mile away, a distance covered by the object in seconds. Duration of this second sighting was about 7 seconds. There was no sound from the object and at no time were navigation lights seen coming from any part of the craft, and no burn or thrust illumination was visible.

The two men could not come up with any rational explanation as to what they had just witnessed and both agreed after a lengthy discussion on the remainder of the journey home that what they had seen was a UFO.

Wednesday 5th December, 04:15

(SUFON Summary:) Mr. H. was in his conservatory surfing the internet on his computer and lost internet connection. Whilst trying to resolve this, he became aware of a very intense "humming/rumbling/vibration" type sensation which he compared to a lorry standing outside his house. As he lives next to a main road he continued to attempt to reconnect to the internet, unsuccessfully.

He then started to feel pressure in his ears and went outside to investigate. On doing so he was amazed to see in the sky what he assumed were three very large objects, travelling slowly and low in altitude. He said they were too slow and low down and too close to each other to be planes, and much too large to be helicopters.

The pressure in his head and ears became more intense and the sound or vibration he heard/felt as they passed overhead was unlike any engine that he was aware of. Being an ex-HGV fitter, he knew his engines.

He tried to distinguish the shapes of the objects but noticed that they were very large and slow-moving with revolving multi-coloured lights, mainly red and they were emitting a form of pressure as opposed to any sound.

They travelled in a straight line procession, one behind the other and in very close formation. He did not know from which direction they had come from, but they continued on their way over Sarn/Tondu, over Park Slip (an old opencast mine), down the valley towards Port Talbot/Neath, travelling at the same slow speed.

He ran back into the house to get his Blackberry phone to film or photograph them but his phone had not only lost connection to his works server enabling him to use/access it but it had also stopped working/crashed.

The whole experience had lasted approximately 5-10 minutes.

On returning to his computer he found that his internet access was restored and was also able to use his phone.

Wednesday 12th December
Brecon Beacons

Another black triangular shaped UFO has been spotted in the Brecon Beacons in an area with a reputation as a hotspot for UFO sightings.

The Economic Voice's very own Richard Henley Davis and his family witnessed the strange object moving about on Tuesday at 17:25 pm flying across the A40 just before the junction for the B4558.

"We were travelling back home from a family meal in Brecon in the dark when my youngest son pointed out a two very bright lights moving towards us from the direction of Cantref advancing at an approximated speed of 60mph in the direction of Groesffordd. The lights appeared to be facing down towards the ground and there was no noise coming from the craft, it was silent and my wife found this to be very unnerving, as did I."

"I caught a glimpse of a green light on the underside and my initial thought was I must be looking at the starboard light from a Hercules flying low on exercises as they frequently do in the Brecon Beacons, however there were no red port lights and then I noticed that there were another two green lights all at the other corners of what turned out to be a large black triangular shaped craft. Living in the Brecon Beacons we are used to low flying military aircraft and the noise from them can frighten the daylights out of you, but whatever this was had an eerie silence. I have no idea what it was and hope for a logical explanation."

"Having written quite disparagingly about other people's accounts of witnessing UFOs, it was a bit of poetic justice for myself to see one and my phone was in my pocket as I was driving so there was no opportunity to take a photograph. Ah well, there goes what's left of my reputation."

34 year old Project Manager, James Clark and his partner 29 year old Laura Jones who is a graphic designer for the Brecon and Radnor Express also witnessed the strange craft.

Clark said, "We saw what looked like a black, triangular shaped aircraft flying very low and silently above us at speed with lighting on each of its three corners."

Laura added, "We both said we had never seen anything like it before."

Both Dyfed Powys Police and the Army denied there being any of their respective aircraft being in the vicinity at the time of the sightings.

Thursday 20th December, 19:27
Brecon, Powys

Frances Chaffey was standing on her drive seeing off her son and grandson. All three heard a noise and saw three lights in the sky, forming a triangle. The first light was either green or red, and the other two were white. They didn't flash. The craft was quite large, travelled at a steady speed, and made a droning noise. The sighting was reported to UK UFO on January 2nd 2013.

"I was standing on my drive seeing my son and grandson off in their car when I heard a noise, looked up and saw 3 lights in the sky travelling from the direction of the Brecon Beacons towards. The front light was I think red and the other 2 white, all looked as though they faced downwards and had a halo around them. Afterwards I conferred with my son as it happened so quickly we both weren’t sure if the first light was red or green but we agreed red. As I looked I realised my eyes could see a triangle. The points appeared rounded. It was dark. No trail or anything else. Lights weren’t flashing. The craft was quite large and was travelling at a fair speed ie not slow, not fast and making a droning noise. My son and grandson saw it as well, but he was too late to get his camera phone. Would be interested to see if anyone else observed it. A similar object was seen in this area a few weeks ago but did not emit sound."

For more like this please click the image below:
Weird Wales


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