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Welsh UFO Sightings 1996

Welsh UFO Sightings

Welsh UFO sightings from 1996. For sightings from other years please click HERE.

1996 was an active year for UFO sightings. A new Swansea investigation group received 20 reports in July alone. The same month also saw the third Supernormal Research Conference in Cardiff, organised by Kerry Blower of Cwmbran - as advertised in the Western Mail of July 20th.

South Wales Evening Post 10 August 1996

Local newspapers carried various calls for UFO witnesses, e.g. this piece on Margaret Fry in the North Wales Weekly News of 15th February 1996:

Monday 1st January, 02:30

An 83-year-old woman heard a metallic rattling noise. Looking out of her window she saw a black box like object hovering just a few inches away. It then exploded into a cloud of dust and silver stars, sending a sheet of lightning about six feet long over the river. She told the North Wales Weekly News, "I just couldn't move. I was petrified. I said to myself: 'Please God, take care of me.'"

Margaret Fry invesitgated the case and wrote about it in her book, Link to the Stars:

lst January l996: This elderly lady, had a house built into rocks above Deganwy Harbour, near Llandudno, Conwy, North Wales.  At midnight on New Year's night, hers was one of the few occupied houses on that hill, as a number of retired people live near her and they had all gone away to bring in the New Year with their families. As this lady lived with a son and her daughter's family lived down the road, she was at home, though alone at the time. She heard a metallic rattling noise, thinking this might be intruders, or revellers being rowdy down her lane, she bravely went down stairs to check. She was in her 80's, pretty spry and on the ball intellectually.  The front entrance had crazy paving and was enclosed with high stone walls and a heavy wooden door. 

This all seemed in order, bathed by moonlight, then she went back upstairs to her bedroom. She never drew her curtains at night, because the panoramic view of the Harbour from her patio windows is breathtakingly beautiful at night with the thousands of twinkling lights and her house being built on high ground and rocks cannot be overlooked. She loved this view and watched it every night. Well below her hill side lane is the main parallel road leading to Deganwy Railway Station, and beyond that various barriers to the Estuary.  There are high street lights on this lower road, so the whole area is well lit up, no matter what time of the night. 

She was now staggered to see just inches from her nose, just hovering the other side of the window glass a 'stone box' about l8 inches by l8 inches. She was so rooted to the spot that she just stood there for at least ten minutes.  Then a cloud of what looked like dust enveloped it, and small electrical sparks cascaded down the left side of it.  The dust cleared enough for her to see a blue curve sheet of light come out of the centre, one side of this line was a more intense blue than the other.  This then shot away over Deganwy Harbour, and at the same moment the box just vanished.

The following morning she and her daughter went out on to the stone patio outside the living room, this was covered in thick snow, but they scooped up what they though was pieces of the object and carefully placed these in a small box. She had not worried her daughter's family the night before, as they have a son who was severely injured in a car accident to care for.  This elderly lady would take her turn at caring for this grandson.  Her son, who lived with her, had not come home till the early hours of the morning. After this incident this Lady who kept very good health, and never went to see a Doctor, after this incident, had severe headaches. 

As she would not go to a Doctor, and she had been completely unnerved by what had transpired, her daughter persuaded her that they should approach our local newspaper ‘North Wales Weekly’ to see if they knew of a UFO Organisation who could explain to her why it was she seemed to have been singled out, and what was it she saw. The newspaper immediately contacted me, so my husband and I motored to Deganwy straight away. 
The daughter took me aside and told me how nervous her Mother was feeling and would I please reassure her.  So I pointed out to the old Lady that the reason why the Object had come to her window was because it was the only lit-up one on that hill. It seemed the small Object had been an unmanned probe of some sort.  She said, “She might have been just very interested had ‘the Thing’ hovered by her neighbour's window, but for it to come just inches from her face was too unnerving!  She had of course seen television programmes about UFOS, and found them interesting”. I reassured her that I thought nothing further would happen. 

She showed me the pieces in her small box. They looked like slate.  I asked if I may invite my colleague Mr. Mike Orton our coordinator for Mid-Wales of the Welsh Fellowship of Independent Ufologists to come up and examine her front garden.  She said they never went there, it was too dangerously steep, ditto the stone patio, so to watch our footsteps, but yes, we certainly could.  
Mr. Orton M.S.R.P. P.G.C.E University of Wales S.R.P. and ex-AWRE Aldermarston MOD C.E.G.B and Nuclear Electric Health Physicist & RPA was not only well qualified, but had the equipment to test the area for radiation. So Mike drove up from Mid Wales, to join with me in this investigation. We went over every bit of that garden and patio, there was nothing untoward, what we did find was that the Thing exploding just below the slate roof had shattered a large tile, and pieces of it were still on the patio floor.  This explained the slate like pieces in the Lady's box.  She had seen the dust covering on the snow, but had disregarded it.  Maybe this would have revealed far more, had she lifted some of it and dried it off in the little box. The same New Year's night that this happened, two people quite independently saw a huge black cigar over the Estuary by Conway, which is not any distance away from Deganwy.

Weekly News 25 April 1996 Northern UFO News #177

Thursday 4th January

Two gold discs seen, from a report on sighting statistics in BUFORA Bulletin #9, March 1999.

Saturday 6th January, 03:00
Conway Valley

Mrs O of Conway and Mr P of Deganwy saw a jet black oval surrounded by a brilliant aura of light. Margaret Fry investigated and submitted a report to Northern UFO News #181.

Northern UFO News #181

Sunday 28th January, 12:40
Between Middle Mill and Llandeilo

Witness saw one very bright white light with arc of red at top and blue at bottom. The object was a flattened rugby ball shape, and was described as "bobbing along". The sighting was reported the same afternoon.

defe-31-189-1 25

Thursday 8th February, 13:27

Witness and their neighbours saw a cylindrical shaped object they described as being round like an African mud hut. It was flashing a fluorescent red colour.  The sighting was reported to Gwent Police. 


Thursday 8th February, 14:30

Witness, a retired fireman, saw a bright object that was reflecting the sun light. It travelled at a tremendous speed but made no sound. The sighting lasted around 30 seconds and was reported to Gwent Police.

DEFE-187 12
DEFE-187 13

Thursday 8th February/Friday 9th February, night/morning
Greenfields, Caldicot

A resident rang the police on Friday morning to say she thought a UFO had landed in her garden the night before, based on strange marks in the snow. PC Lantzos attended and found strange squiggly lines in the snow. A neighbour told him he thought he had heard the sound of an aircraft engine the night before; when he looked outside he saw a strange orange light which made off at high speed, flying very low in the direction of Chepstow.

In response to the newspaper's request for other witnesses, a woman from the Park Road area who did not wish to be named rang to say she had seen an orange light in the sky. It was "twice the size of a jumbo jet and moving off in the direction of Caerwent." It was still dark when she saw it on Friday morning, and she called her six year old daughter to come and look at it. She told the Chepstow and Caldicot Press (21/02/1996) "the object made no noise and was shaped like a giant bulb and it definitely wasn't a plane."

Chepstow and Caldicot Press, 14th February 1996

Monday 12th February, 19:00

A white pulsating light, moving steadily, low in the sky was seen over Porthcawl. A second witness reported it at 7.20 PM.

DEFE 188 391

Sunday 25th February, 22:00 - 22:15

A woman from Llanrhystud was driving , accompanied by her daughter, on the A487 road, heading south from Aberystwyth. About half way between Blaenplwyf and Llanrhystud (roughly near Llanddeinol) they saw a large pale (whitish) light in the 11 o'clock position at an angle of 30-45 degrees from the horizontal. The light was diffused or 'watered down' and most unusual. It moved slowly from left to right, across their path.

Shortly afterwards several white lights appeared from the area of the first sighting and proceeded to approach the car, passing over it very, very low ('skimmed the car') from right to left. These appeared to 'become' an elliptical white light behind hills to the left of them which eventually went out. As the lights crossed the car the observers were looking up at, perhaps, an angle of 80 degrees.



The police got involved with a sighting that turned out to be Venus...

North Wales Weekly News 7 March 1996

Thursday 7th March, 21:20
Brecon, Powys

Witness was driving with two children when they saw a very large UFO, estimating it to be at least the size of a tennis court. It made no sound and had 20 or more red lights forming a perfect circle. Witness stopped the car to watch as the object slowly approached, taking ten minutes or so, until it was almost overhead and just a few yards above the car. Witness then drove off in fright.

DEFE 188 302 DEFE 188 303

Brecon and Radnor Express and Powys County Times published an article on the sighting, written by Jason Woolfe, on March 21st 1996: 


A local mother has described her fear as she watched what appeared to be an unidentified flying object in the sky above Brecon. Mrs Sarah Barnard had just collected her son Luke, 10, from a snorkelling class at Brecon swimming pool. She was driving Luke and daughter Bianca, 12, back to their St John's home via Hay Road last Thursday night. It was very dark but clear.

Their first warning of anything unusual came from Luke in the back of the car just as they had rounded the left turn at the junction near Bishop's Meadow. Mrs Barnard later estimated the time at about 9:20pm. 

"Luke said 'what are those lights, mum?' I said 'I don't know.' Bianca said 'what is it?' - I said 'I don't know.' We were mesmerised for a few seconds. There was this circle of red lights across the field. I stopped the car and wound down the window. There wasn't a sound. It was dead quiet and these lights were slowly coming towards us.

My heart was pounding. It was practically over the car. It took ages to get to us - I must have been there for five minutes waiting for it to come. You could sense it was solid because everything was going dark over us as if a big cloud had come over."

Mrs Barnard said it was difficult to estimate the diameter of the ring of the 10 - 20 steady red lights, which appeared to stand vertically in the sky like a big clock face. She thought the silent object was only as far away as the end of the street from her home - not more than 200 or 300 metres. 

"I was frightened," she said. "I honestly thought if it came over us we would be 'zapped up' - I know it sounds silly. I was trying to look to see what it was, wondering was it an aeroplane?" They all knew the lights were not an aircraft or anything else they had seen in the sky before. The mysterious object was almost above the Vauxhall car when Mrs Barnard drove off.

"If my mum had been stood on the roof she would have been able to touch it," said Luke.

"As I drove off I looked up and I could see this big thing over me, and I thought 'Oh my god I've got to go.' My heart was pounding, I was sweating and awful thoughts were going through my head," said Mrs Barnard. If the object had continued on its course, Mrs Barnard guessed it would have passed over Brecon Leisure Centre and travelled over the empty road towards Groestfordd.

Her excited children wanted to tell their grandmother about the inexplicable sighting and their fear gave way to laughter and thoughts of little green men as they drove away. Mrs Barnard, who works at Dering Lincs and whose husband Brian is a builder, had never had any sort of strange experience before and reported the unidentified object to the RAF. 

An MOD spokesman said they had not received any other reports of anything unusual in the skies that night. None of the family know what they saw last week. They have recovered from their mysterious experience but are left wondering. 

"I was scared," said Luke. "What was it going to do to us?" He looked up and added, "And where is it now?"

Brecon and Radnor Express, Luke Barnard

Their story was also featured in Woman's Real magazine of June 11th 1996:

Woman's Realm 11/06/1996

Wednesday 27th March, 20:05

Clear sky. The witness and mother saw a “figure of eight” shaped object which was very bright and had two lights moving fast over Porthcawl to the south-west. There was no sound or smell. Duration of the sighting was a few seconds. The witness phoned Cardiff Airport.

DEFE 188 337

Tuesday 2nd April, 23:25

Witness saw a bright white ball with tail. The light fluctuated in intensity as it travelled left to right, not fast enough to be a shooting star. They called the police who advised them to report the sighting to the MOD.

DEFE 188 276 DEFE 188 277

Monday 8th April, 20:30 / 21:00

Easter Monday. Mandy Crocker and her partner, Paul McMurray, were in a car with 3 children, driving down Neath Road, having just gone through Dyfatty lights and approaching Hafod, heading north-east. They saw a huge round red light, possibly spherical, stationary in the sky ahead of them, in line with the road and about 100 feet up. After travelling a couple of hundred yards, near the Smiths Arms pub, they could no longer see it as it was obscured by houses. They had never seen anything like it before.

Source: SUFON Files - Mandy Crocker interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams, 26 October 2015.

Sunday 14th April, 01:00
Pentrechwyth, Swansea

A Swansea woman claims she experienced a frightening and unnatural phenomenon at the weekend. Cath Hayne says she was in bed at her home in Brokesby Road, Pentrechwyth, at 1 am on Sunday when her bedroom became filled with a bright light.

"People may laugh but it was frightening. I got up and looked out of the window and saw a funny figure on the roof of the three-storey block of flats opposite. It was like a huge silver balloon person and seemed to float down to the street and I got a bit frightened."

Source: South Wales Evening Post, 16 April 1996.

South Wales Evening Post 16 April 1996

Saturday 20th April, 00:07

Witness was driving along Park Road from Bedwellty Church to Bedwellty Road when they saw an oval UFO about the size of a football. It was a bright orange light trailing smoke and vapour, and made no sound. The sighting lasted around 30 seconds and was reported to RAF St Athan.

DEFE 188 238 DEFE 188 239

Saturday 27th April, 23:59 - Sunday 28th April, 00:21

Witness and their boyfriend saw a round white bright UFO through the bedroom window.

DEFE 188 240

Spring 1996 or 1997, 23:30
Townhill, Swansea

One clear night in the spring of 1996 (or 1997), Kyle Chalmers, 26, was walking up Gors Avenue at about 11.30 PM. He was returning home in Townhill after attending an engagement party in Landore. He had just passed the garage at the bottom of Gors Avenue (eastern end) when he spotted an object overhead and slightly to his right. It was rectangular in shape, completely red with two circles in slightly darker red in its centre.

It was moving without making a sound from east to west, then it suddenly changed course downwards at a right angle, then changed back onto its original course, again making a right angle turn. It then disappeared from sight instantly, as if being switched off. The duration of the sighting was about 10 seconds.

Source: SUFON Files - witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams, 30 June 2015.

April / May 1996
Cynon Valley

Rita Mahagan of Heol Caradoc, described as a 45-year-old mother of three, reported various sightings at different times of day and night. She saw an object with many lights which were suddenly extinguished. Then "on one occasion it came out of the clouds, did a somersault, and then vanished back into the clouds." Her most frightening close encounter, reported the Cynon Valley Leader, was when she was in her bedroom and a strange humming noise from overhead seemed to fill the house.

Cynon Valley Leader, 16th May 1996

Saturday 4th May, 21:40

Witness, along with his wife, sister and two sons, saw a hovering UFO they described as big like a helicopter. It was green and blue, with red light at the back of the object.  The sighting lasted around six minutes and was reported to RAF Valley.

DEFE 188 174

FIRDAY 10th May, 21:30
Merthyr Tydfil

Very bright, slow moving object, bigger than a star. Witness and two other people watched it move up and down 'slowly and gracefully'. The sighting was reported to Cardiff Airport.

DEFE 188 220

Saturday 11th May, 12:45

"Bright white solid object." Chris Fowler told the Wales on Sunday he saw three UFOs outside his home on Whitla Street.

Wales on Sunday 12 May 1996

DEFE 188 223
DEFE 188 224

Thursday 16th May, 10:30 - 11:00
Halkyn, Clwyd
Witness saw an object "like a very bright star but bigger". Their neighbour also saw it.

DEFE 188 288

Monday 10th June, 04:30
Dave B (16) saw a pulsating round UFO that "looked like the sun and was followed by 3 black helicopters" from an upstairs window. They reported their sighting, which lasted around 10 seconds, on 23/06/2017.

"Looked like the sun and was followed by 3 black helicopters | When i was 16 living in my parents house at the time i got up in the night to use the upstairs bathroom at 4.30 am gmt, i seen a pulsating round ufo from the window that looked like the sun which was flying slowly at a low altitude passing over a coal mining area (now closed) which was followed by 3 black helicopters, the ufo was bigger than the helicopters and i watched them slowly pass by for 10 seconds. i dont think ive ever told this story to anyone before but after seeing your tv show hanger 1, i thought of what i saw when i was 16 and thought you might be interested and it was something ill never forget. i hope this information helps in anyway to you. thanks for reading dave b"

Tuesday 25th June, 22:33

A and her aunt B were driving when they saw a strange craft descending past some electricity pylons near a local farm. Margaret Fry investigated and submitted a report to Northern UFO News #181.

Northern UFO News #181

Awareness VOL 27 NO 4
Awareness volume 27 number 4

Friday 5th July, afternoon

"In l996 John Hughes of Caernarfon, North Wales gave me a Report describing seeing a small grey/black metallic triangular craft, which was flying horizontally and going out towards the sea at Trefor.  It was about 23ft at the base.  A plane went after it and it seemed to pull along as a kite does when against strong wind.  He saw this with a work-mate on the 5th July l996 afternoon." - Link to the Stars, Margaret Fry.

Awareness vol 27 no 4

Friday 5th July
A5 between Holyhead and Anglesey

Margaret Fry investigated a sighting made by a middle aged couple and their parents who were driving to Ireland. They were on the A5 towards Holyhead when they passed a power station (which did not seem to be Wylfa) and saw an object about 30 foot in front of the car. It kept position for about 15 minutes until they passed it - other cars must have seen it; it was made up of three concentric rings or wide bands of grey. It was rotating anti-clockwise and pulsating, expanding slightly and then getting smaller. The family's journey took 90 minutes from Menai Bridge to Holyhead, suggesting missing time as that distance should have taken around 25 minutes.

Australian UFO Bulletin June 1997 and BUFORA UFO Times #43 October/November 1996

Holyhead and Anglesey Mail, 7th August 1996

Saturday 6th July, 23:55

Witness, along with several neighbours, saw one large white object. Several objects split from it then later rejoined.

DEFE-1976 210

Monday 7th July, 00:30

The witness was driving a car in a residential area, possibly in Porthcawl because that is where the witness’s address was, and saw an amber coloured half moon shaped object dropping out of the sky in the north a quarter of a mile away.

DEFE-1976 198

Monday 15th July

Margaret Fry investigated a sighting of "a golden cigar shape" by a lady looking towards Llandernog from Denbigh Castle.

North Wales Weekly News, 1st August 1996

Wednesday 17th July, early morning
North Wales

Witness saw a very bright round object. The sighting was reported to police.

DEFE-1976 173 DEFE 188 56

Saturday 20th July, 20:10

Witness saw an object 'like an airliner without wings'. It was metallic in colour, pointed at each end, and moved very slowly in a straight line, leaving a small vapour trail. Witness observed the object with the naked eye and then through binoculars. The 15 minute long sighting was reported to RAF Valley on December 4th 1996.   

DEFE-1976 159 DEFE-1976 157 DEFE-1976 158

Sunday 4th August, 20:00
A40 near Raglan Services
"A UFO sighting has been reported to Monmouth Police. A local motorist was travelling on the A40 near the Raglan Services at 8pm on Sunday when he saw a black, flat, ragged-edged object, measuring 15 ft by 12 ft, in the sky. He likened the object to a solar panel from a satellite."

Source: Monmouthshire Beacon, 08/08/1996.

Wednesday 7th August, 22:45

Witness saw a 'bright white cone shaped light' from their upstairs bedroom window. RAF Valley could not account for the sighting.

DEFE-1976 85 DEFE-1976 86

Thursday 8th August, 02:18

A 36-year-old man on his way home from work saw a flaming ball shooting over Mold Industrial Estate. He was "too afraid to ring the police" but his wife reported it, describing her husband as "extremely distressed at what he had seen". She said, "The object was very large and bright. It had flames coming from the rear and there was no noise coming from it at all. It was also very low in the sky." - 200ft from the ground travelling in a straight line at a 45 degree angles towards Loggerheads and Moel Famau.

DEFE-1976 77 DEFE-1976 78 DEFE-1976 83 DEFE-1976 84
defe-31-189-1 318

Wednesday 21st August, 22:10
Coychurch, Bridgend

Clear sky with sparse cloud. The single witness was outdoors, in Coychurch, and saw in the NNW going SSE, and passing almost directly overhead and slightly to the east, a bright orange ‘U’ or ‘V’-shaped object. It passed over the road from the church in the village. The witness reported it to Cardiff Airport.

defe-31-189-1 329

Saturday 24th August, 02:00
South Wales

Tom Bridges (16) saw a white triangular shaped UFO with a black bar across its middle. The size of a full moon in the sky, it appeared as if from thin air then was totally silent as it travelled across the sky. The object then disappeared - before repeating the process twice more in different directions. The sighting lasted around 90 seconds.

"The UFO was a perfectly white triangular shape with a black bar across its middle. It was totally silent apearing in thin air, travelling across approx. 60% of the visable sky, then disapearing. The triangle was approximately the size of a full moon (at reletave perspective from the ground). I am aware it it has been a considarable period since this siting though I hope someone can still help with what I saw. The UFO appeared suddenly in the sky. | It travelled part way across the visable aky before disapearing. This repeated twice more in different directions. | I know there has been a considarable time between my siting and reporting but this is genuine. The internet was not so freely available at the time of siting so we just didn't report it. I really would like to hear other peoples' experiences. Please call me on +44 (UK) (0)7882573965 if you would like to genuinely discuss what I saw,"

Thursday 29th August
Cwm Mountain, Rhuddlan

Witness saw a very large bright light. RAF Valley noted all their aircraft were grounded at the time.  

defe-31-189-1 350

September, 20:30 - 22:00

For an hour and half a circle of lights were seen hovering over the village. Hilary Bishop (49) of Harriet Town, Troedyrhiw, said: "we saw it from 9:30-10pm but other people say they saw it an hour before that. It looked like swirling clouds. They all joined together in a huge circle. It was half the size of a football pitch. They were all lit up with a glow. At first they swung high speed one way, then stopped and swirled the other way. All of a sudden it just vanished."

Hilary's daughter, Juliet Dickson (27), said "I saw it before my mother. It was quite a big object, swinging one way and then the other and getting brighter as it rotated."

Merthyr Express, 6th September 1996

Friday 6th September, 21:30
Mid Glamorgan

Witness saw 3 bodies in a triangular shape moving up and down. There were green, red, and white lights flashing. The sighting was reported to police and then MOD.  

defe-31-189-1 370
defe-31-189-1 371

Tuesday 10th September, 21:30 - 22:15
Port Talbot

Witness saw a big circle of 10 lights moving backwards and forwards. 14 friends and relatives also saw it after witness rang them. 


Saturday 14th September, 21:30
Brecon Beacons

A college lecturer, along with his wife and daughter, saw strange lights over the Brecon Beacons from his home at Llangynidr. They first assumed they were watching a military exercise with helicopters hovering, but when they went outside no sound was used. Then several of the lights took off at high speed, much faster than the jet aircraft the family were familiar with. The light show went on for most of the night, and the following morning there were multiple low flying military helicopters in the area.

BUFORA UFO Times #43 autumn 1996

September, 21:45
Keith Stevenson, aka Llowarch the columnist for the Cambrian News, was driving through Swyddffynnon at 21:45 one September night when he saw a yellow ball of light. He said "it was extremely bright, yellowish white in colour and approximately circular in shape. It was at an elevation of approximately 45 degrees and to the North East of the road." Three days later while walking his dog just before 05:00 through Pontrhydfendigaid he saw a similar light cross the sky from south to north.

Source: Northern UFO News #178, winter 1998.

Cambrian News, 26th September 1996

In October the Cambrian News reported that James Davies, of Aberystwyth University's astronomy department, opined the sightings may have been satellites:

Cambrian News, 3rd October 1996

Autumn 1996

The Whitworth family in Prestatyn frequently saw an odd cloud formation out at sea with a bright pulsating light. The case featured in Awareness V22/N2.
Awareness volume 22 number 2

Wednesday 2nd October
Port Talbot

Witness saw a large UFO with spherical spotlights. The object was grey and shaped like a 50p piece.

defe-31-189-1 66

Sunday 13th October
St. Thomas, Swansea

PENSIONER IN UFO CLAIM: A Swansea pensioner claims to have seen a UFO hovering over a city church. Anthony White, aged 72, of Dyfatty, claims he saw blue flashes come out of the sky above St. Thomas Church. After seeing the strange light, Mr White went to bed but woke up at 1.30 am to see the flashes again. He said: “It was on October 13 and the sky was blue and there was a white puff of cloud two or three times and then the cloud gradually receded and faded away. There was no sound. It must have been an energy source hidden in the condensation to create that kind of phenomenon.

Source: South Wales Evening Post, 25 October 1996.

Glyn Cyriog

UFO Data Magazine issue 2 from March/April 2006.  

UFO Data Magazine UFO Data Magazine Issue 2 UFO Data Magazine 2006 UFO Data Magazine 2006 Welsh

Wednesday 30th October, 21:00

Witness, along with three fishermen, saw a bright object moving in 'a very unusual manner'. Another report - possibly the same witness - described a pale blue object with a downwards beam of light making slow circular motions.

defe-31-189-1 101
defe-31-189-1 102

Friday 1st November, 21:30

Very bright round UFO seen with red, yellow and blue lights.  

defe-31-189-1 103


defe-31-189-1 104

Thursday 7th November, 18:45
Menai Bridge

A family were driving from Bangor to Menai Bridge when the wife (sat in the front passenger seat) noticed two lights, one red and one green, and then another white light in the sky to her left. There seemed to be a faint triangular shape behind the lights, but when they stopped the car to look closer nothing could be seen. However she saw the three lights again over the Straits when she arrived in Beaumaris; a few moments later the object moved off slowly towards Llandegfan.

Bangor Chronicle, 14th November 1996

Sunday 17th November

Witness was driving when they saw a spherical bluish-white UFO. It moved lower to the ground, flashed three or four times, then shot straight upwards.  

defe-31-190-1 45
defe-31-190-1 46
defe-31-190-1 47

Thursday 21st November, 20:45
Penparc, Cardigan

SUFON Summary: Mrs Patrica James was watching television at home in Penparc, near Cardigan. Suddenly she heard a noise like the low rumble of distant thunder. It gradually grew louder, until it had developed into a very loud roar. She said:

"The sound felt as if it was penetrating my chest. I asked my husband what it could be then I decided to go outside and investigate. At first I couldn't see anything, but the noise was so intense, I decided to stay outside. I looked up at the sky, over to the right of me and then I changed my position and looed over to the left. It was then that I saw a huge triangular object travelling slowly, just above rooftop height. It was clearly a triangular shape with curved tips and there were red and blue lights on the tips."

There was a silvery bright light surrounding the craft, which was clear against the night sky. There was another object following it, with a single white flash. The triangle travelled at the same speed until it was out of sight. Mrs James reported that the object was, "Grey, but not matt grey."

The size estimate was approximately 8" wide at arm's length. The craft appeared from the North West and at a slow, steady speed, disappeared towards Cardigan in the South East [Shouldn't that be North East to South West? - E.W.]

Source: citing Omar Fowler: 'Flying Triangle UFOs: The Continuing Story' - Phenomenon Research Association 1997.

Western Mail 4th January 1997

Various reports came in that night of both triangles and balls of light, as described in this November article from the Cardigan and Tivyside Advertiser:

Cardigan AdvertiserCambrian News, 5th December 1996

The West Wales Paranormal Group put together "a report into unusual atmospheric and aerial phenomena which was observed in Mid and West Wales on the evening of 21st November 1996" which was shared in online mailing lists.

The phenomenon is popularly known as The Flying Triangle - a type of UFO which has been sighted elsewhere in Wales as well as many countries throughout the world since the early 1980’s. Our sources have included signed witness reports and personal interviews with witnesses. We have found no evidence of collusion in these reports, most witnesses were totally amazed at the quantity of corroborative evidence gathered for this report. We have omitted the names of witnesses to respect their privacy but many have readily agreed to subsequent investigation by other bona fide researchers. Please contact us for further details.

We would like to express out thanks to everyone who contacted us in regard to these events and to those public services who patiently answered our enquiries - even if it was only to say that they knew nothing about the events. We’d also like to express our thanks for the journalists and staff on the local newspapers who printed the initial stories and helped in our enquiries, without whom this report would have been less comprehensive. We look forward to the day when such reports can be published without ridiculous and sensationalist headlines and without the ludicrous "explanations" by so-called ‘experts’ that inevitably follow in subsequent issues!

We would also like to thank the staff at the Ministry of Defence, but unfortunately the standard response we received from them proved to be of little assistance. It seems inconceivable that the RAF were unaware of this craft as it flew around Mid and West Wales for several hours - or if they weren’t then they simply are not doing their job properly. It seems probable that they are instructed to stay well clear of these craft, possibly due to the electro-magnetic discharges. It is also possible that the craft operates at night and at such low altitude us to avoid collisions with civil aircraft. The MoD response therefore can be seen to be correct only if they have prior knowledge of these otherwise unidentified craft - however they have said elsewhere that they do not operate an aircraft recognition service and therefore feel under no obligation to identify "UFO"s even if they could. Perhaps such obstructionism is part of the "deal"?

We’d also like to thank everyone who has attended meetings of the West Wales Paranormal Group at New Quay, Aberaeron and Lampeter, some of whose experiences are recorded here. We also hope to be able to publish all our other UFO sightings from 1996, together with those from earlier years that have recently been made known to us. We would like to make it clear that although this evening’s sightings were unusual in their number, that we do not consider the area to have been especially favoured in the quantity of sightings - the East Midlands have seen a large number of them - and the Belgian sightings from the early 1990’s involved thousands of witnesses. 

We would also like to point out that we would initially pursue a rational and terrestrial explanation for this Flying Triangle phenomena (and UFO’s in general) and would not suggest an extra-terrestrial explanation without some positive evidence for it. If you have any information regarding these sightings or any other interesting "paranormal" phenomena (especially on the 21st Nov 1996), then please email us at:


Swansea Area - 4.10 pm. Witnesses saw a large elliptical shape craft, with tailfin, pass through the air at approx 2,000 ft moving in a N/NE direction over Swansea. The object was travelling at normal jet speed and had a white smoke trail behind it. The object glowed white and was not clearly defined around the edges. It was brighter than the moon when it passed in front of it. Weather was reasonably clear, with the sun setting in the west. There were several witnesses, one of whom viewed the object through binoculars, and stated that no wings were visible on the craft. Size unknown. No positive identification forthcoming but it was possibly a normal airliner dazzling in the setting sunlight?

Cardigan Area - 6.00 - 6.30 pm. Three witnesses were driving in their car from Dinas to Cardigan, near Eglyswrw, in a NE direction. What sounded like two aerial objects with flashing red and green lights flew low and slow over the car. The Shape(s) was uncertain but the lights were described as being "Christmas Tree" like. When the craft/s was passing over the car it emitted a loud noise "a bit like a jet". No positive identification was forthcoming but it could just possibly be the two Hercules transport planes seen near New Quay although the times the sightings are inconsistent.

Cardigan Area - 7.30 pm. Two witnesses in a car saw a low flying triangular shaped craft flying S/SE from Cardigan Bay coast over Mwnt and Penparc, between Cardigan and Aberporth. Initially they just saw flashing blue and red lights in the sky but as the craft passed over their car they could clearly make out the triangular shape. As the craft flew further on it glowed yellow and then suddenly "shot off, like a bullet towards the Preseli hills" (S/SW direction.) A few minutes later the craft then returned (witnesses presumption) and hovered over the car before disappearing extremely quickly once again. N.B. a possibility of two separate craft must now be considered in view of this and other witnesses accounts and the correspondences as stated.

Cardigan Area - 8.45 pm. The second witness initially heard a loud rumbling noise and thought it was an aircraft flying extremely low - perhaps about to crash. The witness ran into the back garden which is in village of Penparc. She looked up to see a large triangular shaped craft flying slowly overhead. The craft was described as having rounded corners, black underneath and having grey sides. It was surrounded in an orange glow which clearly silhouetted the craft. There were red and blue lights in the tips, with a secondary flashing light following (i.e. detached) from the craft. A fairly clear description of the Flying Triangle "UFO".

Cardigan Area - 8.50 - 9.20 pm. A driver initially saw a bright flashing orange/yellow light seawards off the Cardigan to Penparc road on way home. On arriving at home in Penparc his family watched the flashes for a while. They seemed to be every 5 minutes or so. No sound was heard. No positive identification was possible. The witnesses said the flashes were definitely not lightning. No storms were reported in the area.

Cardigan Area - 9.00 pm. Witness, 3 miles north of Glandwr (7 miles south of Cardigan) saw a bright flash of light outside. Went out of the house to investigate and saw intermittent very bright flashes, approx 2 seconds in duration. They were seen in a northerly direction which lit up the surrounding cloud. The weather was clear and definitely not lightning. There was a 5 minute pause between the groups of flashes.

Cardigan Area - 9.30 pm. Cardigan Bus Depot. Witness saw flashing blue, red and yellow lights which lit up the surrounding white clouds very clearly. The flashing lasted about 10 minutes and was accompanied by "crackling like static". Not a storm.

Aberystwyth Area - 8.50 pm. A witness in Rhydyfelen, just south of Aberystwyth, saw an object out of his living room window. It was travelling extremely fast and very low over the roof tops. The object appeared to have a white light at the front and a red light to the rear, this appeared to merge as the craft was moving so fast. No sound was heard, the object moved very rapidly and out of sight towards the sea (W).

Aberystwyth Area - 9.10 pm. Witness in Rhydyfelen saw a brilliant white column of light, "about 10 times higher than it was wide", for 2/3 seconds about 2 miles out into Cardigan Bay. It was reported to the police as she felt it could be a distress flare. No ships or boats were at sea at the time. The following day the local police reported that they had been contacted by police in Hereford to say that an identical column of light had been seen there at the same time - no further information available.

Aberystwyth Area - Time unknown (before 9.30 pm). Sub-editor with local paper talked to someone in Aberystwyth who had seen a bright light in the sky overhead.

Aberystwyth Area - 10.30 - 11.00 pm. Two witnesses at Llanbadarn Fawr saw a large grey mass flying along the valley tops of the Rheidol Valley. The object was emitting a slowly pulsating streak of light. It flew in an arc out into Cardigan Bay where it was seen to hover in a pillar of light. The object made several circles of Aberystwyth during the 30 minutes it was observed. Diameter of circles was approx. 15 - 20 miles. Movement of the object described as being a mile or so at a time on each pulse of horizontal light (much brighter than sheet lightning.) The flashes were between 1 - 3 seconds long, sometimes there were multiple flashes between 3 - 7 seconds in duration. No sound was heard. The object’s speed was said to be much faster than a normal jet, almost too fast for the naked eye to track. Object finally disappeared off towards Nant-y-moch and the Hafren Forest. Weather described as hazy with 25% cloud cover, dry with a light breeze and near freezing temperature.

Cardigan Bay Coast - Time unknown. Two witnesses in Aberaeron contacted the local coastguard on seeing bright flashes going off in Cardigan Bay. Coastguards arrived after flashes had stopped and assumed the flashes were lightning. No storm was reported in the area.

Cardigan Bay Coast - Time unknown. Witness at Llangrannog reported seeing bright white flashes going off over Cardigan Bay every few seconds.

Cardigan Bay Coast - 5.30-6.30 pm several separate witnesses saw 2 RAF Hercules transport planes flying low, they were following each other closely together and at moderate speed. They were seen near New Quay travelling up the coast (S-N) towards Aberystwyth. n.b. this single report is included for information but is not considered to be related to the other sightings neither do we consider that the Hercules were mistaken for the FT by any witnesses. There is a possibility that they might have been sent as ‘decoys’ to conveniently account for any forthcoming UFO reports but admittedly, we have no evidence to support this.

Cardigan Bay Coast - 8 - 9 pm (uncertain) witness left his house at top of the hill in Ffosyffin, he saw the horizon brilliantly lit up about 20 miles out to sea. The white light seemed to have a "central core" and was "sitting over the horizon". There was continuous illumination for 30 secs-1 minute. He called his father who also witnessed the light and shortly afterwards they spoke to several others who had also seen the light/s.

Cardigan Bay Coast - 9.10 - 9.15 pm Driver going North to Aberystwyth at Llanrhystud saw a bright white flash that lit up the sky for two seconds. Definitely not lightning. No sound.

Cardigan Bay Coast - 10.10 pm. Driver at Llanon, coming south on coast road, saw an enormous burst of white light to his right (i.e. seawards), like a 1,000 fireworks going off at once. No sound.

Teifi Valley - 9.0 - 9.30 pm.(approx). Bright flashes of light seen behind Adpar hill by witnesses in Newcastle Emlyn (i.e. to the East).

Teifi Valley - 9.30 pm.(approx) Driver and four passengers were on route to Llanybydder from Pencader, approx 1 mile from home when they spotted a moving white light low over the tree tops moving an NE direction. Initially thought this was a shooting star but it was too low and lasted too long and was too slow. As object moved across sky it changed to an orange colour before disappearing in a brilliant whiteflash. Witnesses thought it may have been a plane crashing so investigated area but nothing was found. No sound heard.

Teifi Valley - 9.20 pm. Bright flashes of light seen westward of Llanfair Clydogau by witness while driving, seen approx 700 feet above sea level (NE of Lampeter). Had a panoramic view over the area. Particularly noticed two very bright flashes close together.

Teifi Valley - 9.45 pm. Driver in the vicinity of Llandewi Brefi (NE of Lampeter) saw a bright white flash illuminate the sky and the surrounding area and was almost blinded by it. Then saw a second flash, not so intense, further to the north. Thought the light had come from an adjacent field about 100 yards further on the right and had the impression that there may have been a rectangular object. Clear night, no thunder or other noise heard.

Shrewsbury / Welshpool / Machynlleth - Driver going home from Birmingham to Aberystwyth area. 10.00 pm saw a bright green "star" descending vertically on the horizon in the direction of Shrewsbury (i.e. to the West). Further along the A5 came across a police diversion due to what looked like deliberately spilled pile of sand. Diversion took them through Shrewsbury and back on to the A5 and thence the A458. As they approached the Trewern Bridge (5 miles NE of Welshpool) they saw the first in a series of extremely bright, bluey white flashes that projected upwards from behind the hills to their right (i.e. North). The flashes continued every 4/5 minutes until they reached the east side of Welshpool, when they seemed to be left behind. Witnesses bewildered! 30 minutes later, in the Mallwyd area, 3 very bright flashes dazzled witnesses. This time flashes came from in front of them (i.e. West) as well as behind the hills to their right (i.e. North). Witness also reported seeing several military helicopters flying in a "hurried fashion" during the drive home - exact location unknown.

Subsequent Investigation

As one of the initial explanations for the flashing lights had been that there was an electrical storm in the area, the Met Office were contacted. According to their records there was no report of a storm that night, although they said they could not rule one out. No witnesses in the entire area heard any thunder that evening, nor was there any rain. Weather was generally described as "clear", with patchy cloud. It seems impossible that a storm could traverse such a wide area and not give any rain or thunder. Furthermore, many witnesses described the flashes as coming from ground level and the range of colours and length of flashes is atypical of a storm. Conclusion is simple. No storm.

As much of the area is designated as a Military low-flying and missile testing area it seemed a good idea to contact the Ministry of Defence. They simply trotted out the usual line about there being "no UFO sighting reported in the area at the time that was considered to be of defence significance" and that "there was no unusual air defence activity, no penetration by hostile military aircraft of the UK Air Defence Region, no unknown aircraft activity on any military radars and that no Quick Reaction Alert Aircraft were scrambled". Incidentally, such quotations as worded above would prove useful if and when such time arises as a new technology craft is announced as the MoD could simply truthfully say that, "yes - it was not unidentified" (we knew), and "yes - it was not of defence significance" (it was one of ours)! With a ‘secret-technology’ hypothesis the answer would both be true and logical whilst neatly sidestepping the real issue - another indication of the usual modus operandi of the MoD.

The MoD did inform us that two air-to-air missiles had been fired from Aberporth testing station that morning but this, of course, would not have been at the relevant time. There also seems to be a contradiction in there being a ground-based firing range firing an air-to-air missile but this may well have been a typographical error. In any event, the missiles would probably have been fired from land or sea along the Cardigan Bay coast into Cardigan Bay and certainly not towards land. Interestingly, the Aberystwyth Police informed us that two RAF Hercules aircraft had been seen in the area on the day but unfortunately they could not confirm the time for this. Hercules are known for low-flying in this area and may be responsible for some UFO sightings involving small flashing aerial lights. However, to our knowledge, they have never been associated with the huge brilliant white flashes nor the Flying Triangle-type-craft as seen by many witnesses. It is interesting that the MoD did not report the existence of the low flying Hercules.

We were unable to find out if there were any civilian aircraft, blimps or so forth in the air. However, it would seem unlikely for them to be around during the night at low altitude in a designated RAF low-flying area. Aberystwyth police claimed that a civilian pilot on an inward bound transatlantic flight contacted Air Traffic Control at Heathrow asking about bright flashes of light but ATC referred us to the military ATC at West Drayton and no information on this has been forthcoming.

Initial news reports on the radio on the following day claimed that local police and the RAF "UFO Unit" were investigating UFO reports from West Wales, the Midlands and Herefordshire. We were unable to get further information as to the source of this news. It is possible that the witness in Hereford, mentioned above, may have been responsible as he is a radio producer for the local radio station. It seems unbelievable that this news would have been given out if there had been an easy explanation for the sightings. None of the local police stations contacted gave any indication of having been contacted by a "RAF UFO Unit" or of there having been any official enquiry. So officially we drew a complete blank - nobody was willing to give us information other than to follow the official line that nothing happened that night. None of the police stations contacted reported having received any calls from the public (other than Aberystwyth with one single report) nor that any of their officers had seen anything unusual whilst on duty that night.

And yet we have 18 reports, many of them by multiple witnesses of seeing something very unusual happening in the skies of mid and west Wales on the evening of 21st November 1996. Although it is possible that the two earliest reports are unrelated to the main events (although Omar Fowler subsequently informed us that there had indeed been elliptical craft - with tailfins - sighted in the Midlands only a week or two prior to our report!) it still leaves 16 reports which are all unexplained, other than that they all are consistent with the Flying Triangle "UFO" reports that have been compiled by various sources, in particular Omar Fowler’s Phenomena Research Association.

Correspondences of reports on 21st Nov sightings with other reports.

Shape. Two reports of witnesses clearly identified the outline of a triangular craft. One of those reports also gave the rounded corners which are sometimes characteristic of these craft.

Sound. In general there was no sound associated with the reports, with the exception of the low overflight at Penparc, when a loud rumbling noise was heard. This is typical of other reports, the Flying Triangle is normally silent unless one is directly underneath it and it is flying slow and low.

Lights. These can be divided into three groups: white flashes, coloured flashes and orange glow. One of the most outstanding "trademarks" of Flying Triangle reports are brilliant, almost blinding white flashes. These usually, but not always occur when the craft rapidly accelerates or decelerates. These often occur in pairs as it appears the craft often hovers or flies very slowly for 5 minutes or so before taking off in a flash at tremendous speed only to "stop on a sixpence" 5 seconds later. Several witnesses saw two closely timed flashes, some distance apart. Besides these flashes, several witnesses saw flashing red and blue lights. Note that normal aircraft operating at night have continuously flashing anti-collision and navigation lights, which are red, white and green. These are never extremely bright and do not go on only every 5 minutes or so. Whatever the Flying Triangle is, it does not conform to standard aeronautical practice! There are numerous variations between observed lights coming from FT’s but blue and red are quite common, along with green, yellow and white. Lights in the tips are also a common feature as is a white light on the leading tip and an orange one in the centre. Finally the yellow/orange glow that direct observers of the craft saw, just prior in two cases, to its taking off in a flash. Again this is standard for the FT, it would appear that the orange/yellow glow could represent some form of "Charging-up" of the air around the craft to enable rapid acceleration.

Electro-magnetic disturbances. One witness reported that the air seemed charged with static. Again not uncommon, and perhaps indicative that the motive power for these craft is not conventional jet power.Following lights. Initially this sounded very unusual but Omar Fowler’s booklet actually reports many such lights, sometimes singular, as in the Penparc report, sometimes multiple.

Speed. Our reports are again very typical of FT phenomena. It would appear that the craft operate in two modes: hovering or slow (50 - 100 knots) and extremely fast (speed unknown but appears to disappear "in a flash" with no appreciable transition between the two (seemingly inertia-free). Again this is not conventionally possible either in terms of propulsion devices or in terms of the inertial effect on possible crew members (the g forces would, in a conventional aircraft would cause a blackout or even totally squash the crew not to mention the probability of wrecking the machine itself!).

Operating height. For some reason these craft spend most of their time flying at very low altitude. Typical phrases are "just above the roof-tops", "behind the hills" and so forth. Given the speed that these craft operate at when accelerating (which most estimate to be well in excess of Mach 1 - yet no sonic boom!) this would appear to be extremely dangerous, yet there is no evidence that there is any way the crew (if any) can see where they are going - no cockpits are sighted and the edges of the craft appear to be solid. Logos or insignia are not seen, Neither are any aerials, masts or other normal distinguishing features. A further consideration is that if, as seems likely, the craft operates within an intense electro-magnetic field, then conventional magnetic compasses, radar and radio would be appear to be useless, so how the craft navigates and tracks other craft in the area and communicates (if it indeed does so) remains a mystery. It is possible that navigation is by an inertial system and that some form of laser or microwave-based digital pulsed communication system is involved. This may also account for the lack of IFF transponder response which has been alleged in other encounters with the craft.

Size. No witnesses were able to give a reliable estimate of the size. One, possibly of "jet airliner size" in length, is the closest report given for the 21st November sigthing. From other sources we know that many other witnesses have seen craft of this type and shape ranging in size from 30 feet to 700 feet in length. In some cases even quoted as "the size of a football pitch"! The accuracy in judging the size would greatly depend on an accurate judgement on the height of the craft above the observer. This can be particularly difficult against a dark sky with no other point of reference especially if the craft perhaps has some special kind of non-reflective ‘stealthy’ coating.

Time and Date. Although these craft have been seen in daytime and summer, they are most commonly seen in the evening during the hours of darkness in autumn and winter, as was the case with our reports.


Mid and West Wales were definitely visited by one or more (probably two) craft of the "Flying Triangle" type on the evening of 21st November 1996. Speculation on the Identity of the Flying Triangle "UFO". There are two schools of thought about these craft. Either they are "Our Secret Technology", that is they are terrestrial in design, manufacture and operation or they are extra-terrestrial in some or all of those aspects. There can be no doubt that whichever is true, the Flying Triangle is more typical of other "UFOs" than it is of any publicly known terrestrial aircraft type in either design, propulsion or use. All of the reported characteristics of the FT are familiar to anyone who has studied the ‘UFO’ phenomenon and their variously differing designs and characteristics. This similarity would suggest a common source and/or propulsion system.

Nearly all "UFOs" manage to combine the ability to move practically silently, apart from a humming/whirring noise when very close to the observer; the ability to change speed and direction in an instant; a range of speeds from hovering and very slow upwards to extremely fast - some claim above Mach 10; they often give off electro-magnetic effects, including interference with TVs and radios, car electrics etc; they are often seen to be inside a glowing (usually red/orange/yellow) field of, presumably electrically charged/ionised air; their arrival and departure is often spectacularly bright and rapid and so forth.

In short all these craft, including the Flying Triangle, appear to be propelled by an some form of electro-magnetic device which also could possibly act as an anti-gravity force-field providing for inertia-free acceleration/deceleration and flight. Rather than this speculation being a flight of fancy (forgive the pun), it is understood, for example, that ARCO together with Japanese scientists test-flew an aircraft 150 miles in Canada in 1987 using a microwave energy source and that theoretically, an aircraft powered in this way would be able to fly almost indefinitely provided the power continued to be beamed at it. It is worthy of note that many reports of the ‘next generation’ stealth aircraft suggest that they are remotely piloted vehicles (RPV’s) with virtual reality control from the ground, via satellite or from conventional aeroplanes such as the AWACS-type 747 - more probably a combination of the three. This would alleviate the problems associated with high g-force effects on pilots.

It seems bizarre that if this is terrestrial technology that has been around for 50 years, at least, nobody has been found to be manufacturing or designing such craft (or paying for them!) Similarly, they might need to be crewed (unless remotely controlled) and certainly maintained but again nobody has come forward to claim to have done so. Furthermore, before such craft would have been built the underlying technology and scientific theory would need to have been publicly discussed to ensure that the project was viable. With regard to the Flying Triangle in particular, these have been around for at least 10 years in their present designs, and have been very widely reported when flying around - yet where do they come from, where are they based? It is believed that British Aerospace have prototype scaled-down versions of this design operating from Wharton in Lancashire, but they are a mere 30 feet long and have only been flying for a year at the most. It seems most unlikely that BAe would build full-scale aircraft of such an unconventional design, operate them and then only afterwards, build the scaled down prototypes!

A conjecture that is not generally considered by other researchers is that the Flying Triangle flight characteristics and styling are partly or wholly modelled on the assumed manoeuvres and physical form of extra-terrestrial craft - whether real or otherwise. The reasons for this possibility could be either to divert public attention from a top secret military project with obvious earthly origins and/or to purposefully reinforce a manufactured public belief system in an extra-terrestrial ‘reality’. For whatever reason the latter may be so, we can only guess as to why. There does seem to be a mounting body of evidence to suggest that widespread covert forces exist to spread counter dis-information to actually reinforce a ET reality. This double-bluff is contrary to the popular belief that the UK, US and other governments are attempting to hide the reality of an extra-terrestrial presence. However, regrettably, this alternative theory is not readily absorbed by the growing body of biased researchers who seem bent on ‘proving’ an extra-terrestrial connection. It may turn out that they are being used to perpetuate the myth - only time will tell!

It is interesting to note that in 1987 there was some public concern over a British Aerospace facility in the Hafren Forest in Powis due, in part, to anomalous "strobe-like" lights being seen over the hill tops in the area. BAe refused, at the time to inform the locals about what was going on but did say that they had chosen the site (in a disused quarry in the middle of a huge forest) due to its distance from domestic and industrial electromagnetic "smog". We are currently investigating whether BAe is still operating at the site and its purpose - it certainly wasn’t or isn’t a conventional airfield or manufacturing site! However, it is possible that the UK Government has given permission to another government (USA?) for the Flying Triangle craft to be test-flown over Wales and elsewhere in exchange for technological know-how or additional defence facilities. It maybe that given the apparent massive discharges of electro-magnetic energy coming from this type of craft that it is not permitted to fly in certain countries, but that the UK is once again acting as the USA’s hand-maiden. With the UK’s secrecy laws and culture of denial in the civil service it would be easier to maintain a "plausible denial" of FT operations here.

Other considerations include: if they are of terrestrial origin who has given them permission to fly so low over populated and rural areas, with a propulsion system that is guaranteed to be spotted by anyone who is out and about (hardly stealth!) and so low that when it "flashes" it practically blinds any motorist who has the misfortune to be nearby. Further, to operate in British skies it would need to have been granted a certificate of air-worthiness, which should be publicly available for inspection. On the other hand some reports of ‘close encounters’ with purported Flying Triangle "crews" have suggested that they are flown by USA military personnel, but how reliable these reports are is a matter for conjecture and beyond the scope of this report. Elaborate hoaxes may not be beyond the bounds of possibility.

So, what to conclude? We are reluctant to suggest the extra-terrestrial hypothesis in the absence of any positive evidence but we cannot confirm the terrestrial alternative for similar reasons. However, a terrestrial alternative does seem the most likely and logical explanation given the evidence available to-date. Until further evidence is produced, the jury must remain out on the true nature and origin of these craft. One thing is most definitely certain - they exist and they are here!

Current Investigations

We are currently researching the possible propulsion system and power source/s of the Flying Triangle and hope to publish a further report on this subject in the future. We are willing to exchange information with others in this field and would welcome contact with like-minded researchers. Our local M.P. Mr Cynog Dafis (Plaid Cymru), has expressed an interest in our preliminary report and has agreed to actively pursue the matter further. It is hoped that the issue will be raised through the House of Commons Parliamentary Questions procedure.

Adam Whaley & Richard Alexander of The West Wales Paranormal Group, 23rd May 1997.

Tuesday 26th November, 17:50

Slight haze. A UFO investigator and writer from Ton-Pentre, was driving his car near Penderyn, in the company of two others, when he saw an object hovering over a hillside between the mountains to the south-south west, near a quarry. He described the object as having red strobing lights, oblong lights and two central lights. Lights strobing 7 – 10 hta. He reported the sighting to RAF St. Athan and local police.

defe-31-190-1 82
defe-31-190-1 83

Thursday 5th December, 23:30

"11.30 PM. Clear frosty night. A husband and wife were at home and saw through a window a very bright, pulsating, ‘rocket-shaped’ object with pink-red, white, blue and green lights. They observed the object with the naked eye and through binoculars. It was motionless in the sky close to the Plough for over an hour. There was no sound or smell associated with the object. The woman phoned local police and was advised by them for her to call Wiltshire Police, which covered the Warminster area!" (SUFON summary)

Friday 13th December, 19:30
Morriston Hospital, Swansea

Clear sky. The witness, of Swansea, was in a car at Morriston Hospital and saw an orange light about a third the size of the moon, and brighter than the moon, about 6 miles to the south at an elevation of 20 degrees.

Monday 16th December
A487, Aberystwyth

"Triangle 'chased by' tornado." Included in a sightings statistics report in BUFORA Bulletin #9, March 1999.

Monday 23rd December, c. 08:00
Cilfrew, Neath

A 'ball of flame' was seen moving towards the south. The coastguard said they had received no reports of sightings.

? 1996, 21:00 / 23:00
Govilon, Abergavenny

Lisa Dando (14) reported the same sighting twice to the website some 12 years later with slightly differing details, e.g. time of night. Lisa was standing on the side of the road talking to her dad and uncle, as they were leaving her uncle's house, when she noticed a large bright star above the sugar loaf mountain. After a while it began to move slowly across the sky, getting larger as it came closer. Suddenly it seemed to disappear. Then, a few minutes later, she saw a dark triangle shape with a dark shadowed circle in the middle directly overhead. It had no lights and made no sound, hovering for around five minutes before moving off and appearing to only just clear the top of the Blorenge mountain.

"Started out as a large bright star above the sugar loaf mountain. It was stationary for a long while until the star started to move across the sky. The light went out, but as I searched the sky and then my eyes got used to the dark, I saw a Triangle shape with a dark circle shape inside. When directly above us, in relation to size, it prob would have been as big as a folded A4 sheet if you held it at arms length above your head. | When the ufo was in light form it moved as quick as you would expect an aroplane to travel. As it changed to the dark triangle it sort of moved really slowly, hovered for about 5 minutes directly above us, then continued to move slowly over the blorenge mountain. | 00.10.00 | all times are approximate as i was 14 at the time, which is nearly 12 years ago now."


? 1996, between 23:00 - 00:00
St. Fagan's, Cardiff

Clear sky. Nathan Bond was with three friends, waling through woods near St. Fagans Castle. They came to a clearing and stopped to make a camp fire. They were talking amongst themselves when they suddenly noticed in the sky above them, a triangular-shaped object displaying a white light at each corner. It quickly stopped dead and then shot off in a straight course and disappeared. A few seconds later a helicopter flew over them. They couldn't believe what they had seen.

Duration of sighting: 10-20 seconds.

Source: SUFON Files. Witness submission on website - December 2020.

Parliamentary Question

defe-31-190-1 32
defe-31-190-1 33
defe-31-190-1 34
defe-31-190-1 35
defe-31-190-1 36
defe-31-190-1 37

bufora ufo times #44

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Click the pictures below to find full cover guides to various teen magazines (primarily collated to make scale miniature magazine covers but I figure they'll also be useful for collectors and anyone into media history) and scans from my own magazine collection. I've also got a couple of kids' books I didn't want to part with - The Squirrel and Little Owl Book of Pets . The unwieldy size of my bookmark folders convinced me I needed a reference post for online magazine archives. Or, more accurately, free online magazine archives. Whether you're looking for leisure reading or research avenues, you're bound to find something useful in this list. :) ☆ Archive for the Unexplained - UFO mags galore. ☆   The Magazine Rack - over 140,000 digitised magazines! ☆   Lantern - thousands of vintage film magazines. ☆ FANZINES  - a number of online archives now exist for these including  FANAC  (SF), ScoTpress  (Trek), Sandy Herald Collection  (media fandom, major

Free Fabric Samples x 200

Choosing upholstery and soft furnishings can be a nightmare - especially if it arrives and isn't quite what you expected. Fabric samples are a great way to avoid costly mistakes, as well as providing a fab source of material for your crafts box. Here are over 200 places offering completely free fabric samples in the UK:

Simply Cook Review

I kept seeing ads and deals for Simply Cook everywhere, so as there was a special offer on at OhMyDosh! Rewards (£3 for the box and £3.50 cashback) I figured I had nothing to lose by giving it a try. What Is It? Recipe kits packed into boxes which fit through your letterbox. The usual price is £9.99 for a kit of 4, with each one serving 2-4 people depending on your serving sizes. All you need to do is buy the fresh ingredients required and follow the instructions. Here is Simply Cook's own helpful diagram: Does It Work? For me, as the person just eating it, it was awesome. Everything tasted great - the mushroom penne in particular was so good I went back for seconds - and I liked that the sauces weren't as rich as Anthony would usually make them. For Anthony, who cooked them, they weren't as impressive. He complained that the food was bland and that it was actually quite a lot of faff, as Lidl didn't stock everything we needed which meant another trip ou